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BREED “In Your Head” Brand New Music Video Unleashed


J Nieto: Lead Vocals
Matt Bloom: Lead Guitar
Jake Blachura: Bass
Tito Blaze: Drums
Bentley "Fitz": Rhythm Guitar

BREED are a young, hungry, and aggressive rock and roll band formed by Jake Blachura (bass) and Matt Bloom (guitar). After searching for a drummer, they eventually met Tito Blaze at an underground show where they asked him to become a member of the band. Tito accepted and became an official 3rd member of BREED.

The band then went on to search for a vocalist, they eventually found BREED frontman Jay Nieto. Over the course of a year, BREED started gigging and writing original music and by late 2020 they went on to record and release their first Ep “27”

Breed was formed in Orlando Florida in early 2019 by Jake Blachura (bass) and Matt Bloom (lead-guitar). Over the course of a year, Breed started performing live shows and writing original music. By late 2020, they went on to record their first EP “27.”

As of 2022 Breed has made a big name for themselves in the local Orlando music scene by showing off their true in-your-face, high energy live shows.  

On April 22nd, 2022, they released their crowd favorite single “Only World.” With their organic fanbase growing exponentially, Breed is composing new music, booking shows and dedicating time to reaching their people. Discover Breed’s music on all streaming platforms, and get an insight on who they are by visiting their Youtube channel.

Breed online:

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