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Canada’s FALL OF EARTH Is Now Streaming Intriguing Hybrid Album “From The Ashes” + May Show Dates w/ Allegaeon

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Fall of Earth is:
Alex Rye – Lead Vocals
Brodie Bauer – Guitar, Vocals
Brendan Meilleur – Drums, Vocals
Aaron Winklmeier – Bass, Vocals

Fall of Earth, based in Edmonton, Alberta, is a hybrid metal band led by the growls, screams, and soaring clean vocals of Inuit frontman Alex Rye, who captivates every audience member with his energy and showmanship. The flying fingers of axe slinger Brody Bauer produce a dizzying array of sounds that regularly elicits screams of rapture from the audience. The progressive and primal low end is provided by bass wielder Aaron Winklmeier, as he muscles his way (both literally and figuratively) around the stage. Brendan Meilleur brings the elite combination of high-energy drum fills and expressive grooves, all while contributing vocal harmonies. This intrepid quartet already has one solid release under their belts and now they have returned to deliver another – “From The Ashes”. They get into the details:

“The album is a consistent ride full of ups and downs, with no breaks. We’ve taken our heavy sections and made them heavier, and taken our softer sections and made them more impactful. We have carefully calculated all the dynamics and structures of each song so each second of every track serves a purpose. This record has pieces of us personally etched into the music, so we could share who we are and what our minds look like on an audio basis. As far as the listening experience goes, with all this being said, we hope for our fans to feel the love and importance that music has had on our lives, and pass that onto them through our own interpretation.”

Fall Of Earth is a play on words that reflects their core belief that the world is experiencing a multitude of issues including climate change, war, and mass extinctions that is leading us all to a darker place as a society. The band hopes to use the power of music to help the world recover. “From The Ashes” was produced, mixed, and mastered by Diego Fernandez at Oracle Recording Studios, and the album artwork was done by the band. It is recommended for those who enjoy Trivium, Mastodon, and Gojira.

“From The Ashes” is now available as of April 21, 2023 at

Watch Lyric Video – “Block Out The Sun

Upcoming Show Dates:
May 21 – Edmonton, AB – Starlite Room w/ Allegaeon, The Judge The Juror, Ages of Ashes
Mat 22 – Calgary, AB – Dickens w/ Allegaeon, Whorrify, Wych
Aug 6 – Drumheller, AB – Loud As Hell Festival w/ Jungle Rot, The Convalescence, Pound, Wormwitch, W.O.R., Nomad

Track Listing:
1. Medusa (8:25)
2. The Dead And Soon To Be (5:54)
3. Block Out The Sun (4:24)
4. Path To Self Destruction (6:40)
5. Crossroads (9:35)
6. From The Ashes (5:14)
7. Shores Of War (5:49)
8. Purgatory (6:00)
9. Into The Woods (6:33)
Album Length: 58:39

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“Fresh Tracks: Fall of Earth offers a smorgasboard of metal on From the Ashes… What if a band took numerous metal genres and combined them to form a monstrous kaiju? This is the modus operandi of Edmonton’s Fall of Earth. Known more succinctly as “hybrid metal,” Fall of Earth’s sound encompasses death, thrash, progressive, metalcore; you name it, they have it cranked to 11″ – Edmonton Journal

“It is an extreme variety of the form we get here, and one that at the core level is defined by seamless transitions between extreme metal, thrash metal and power metal. But in between we also get quirkier parts more aligned with progressive metal, and more interestingly from a progressive point of view we also get a liberal array of acoustic and semi-acoustic passages and interludes with a more delicate and atmospheric laden style, form and orientation. The vocals come with the same amount of versatility, with harsh and melodic lead vocals being the main forms used. A production to seek out by those with an interest in a powerful and vibrant variety of extreme progressive metal expanded with a liberal array of delicate and atmospheric laden interludes.” – Progressor

“The nine songs present some real diversity in the genre by embracing several different approaches” – Metal Temple

““Medusa,” hits hard and powerful a song that immediately grabs the listener by the throat and never lets go.” – The Median Man

“Fall of Earth are gradually gaining more and more of the city spotlight” – E-Know

“Fall of Earth, is bolting through the scene with their magnificent stage presence and performance. High energy and a sure crowd-pleaser that will leave you wanting more. I’ll admit, these guys blew my mind! I’m a big fan now for sure! Some awesome individuals as well that genuinely show a passion for their craft and a desire to deliver a live show you won’t forget!” – Heavy Metal A Way of Life

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