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CARBELLION’S Highly Anticipated New American Heavy Rock Album ‘Weapons of Choice’ Out Now Via Eclipse Records

Carbellion lineup
Brandon Bauer (guitar), Cameron Kellenberger (vocals), Brent Nimz(drums), Jamie Damrow (lead guitar), Steve Sheppard (bass guitar)

Rock certainly isn’t dead. As you groove to CARBELLION’s new album “Weapons of Choice,” Their high octane brand of heavy rock rips through your speakers and gives you feel good vibes reminiscent of days gone by when the rock genre was on top and the moniker of rockstar actually meant something. Cameron Kellenberger’s vocals are powerful and melodic as he belts out catchy well written tunes. Both the guitar and bass playing by Jamie Damrow and Steve Sheppard provide skillful rhythm and flow that make you want to play the air guitar and head-bang. The precision percussions pummeling you from Brent Knimz hands are seemingly on fire. I highly recommend pre-ordering their new album Weapons of Choice!

American heavy rock metal band CARBELLION’S new album entitled Weapons of Choice is out now. It was produced by Chris Djuricic (Nonpoint, Soil, Novembers Doom), and mastered by Andy VanDette(Beastie Boys, Porcupine Tree, Rush). This is band’s third full-length album that’ll make you feel like tearing down an open road late at night.

Watch the band’s first three music videos from the album, “Pity the Backseat”, “Barfight”, and “Listen for Ghosts“.


1. Barfight
2. Listen for Ghosts
3. Pity the Backseat
4. Spaces
5. Weapons of Choice
6. Preacher
7. Jungle Song
8. Origin
9. Seasons of Failure
10. Stalemate (live)

Press Quotes:
(9/10) “Carbellion proves that rock and roll is not dead and in fact breathes new life into it with Weapons of Choice” – Amplify the Noise
(4/5) “Once again, Carbellion have managed to take subgenres of our beloved rock music and put together a very pleasing set that will satisfy existing fans and should gain them some new ones” – RAM Zine
(8.5/10) “grooving heavy metal songs that will please the mosh and bang factions” Obliveon Magazine
(8/10) “a slap in the face telling you that Heavy Rock is alive and well, an extremely solid album that will just sound better with age” – Rock You Show

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