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NILE are back with their first album in 5 Years Via Napalm Records

Photo Credit: Casey Coscarelli


Death Metal Icons to Release First New Album in Five Years, The Underworld Awaits Us All

Out August 23, 2024 via Napalm Records 

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New Single, “Chapter for Not Being Hung Upside Down on a Stake in the Underworld and Made to Eat Feces by the Four Apes”, Out Now 

World-renowned American death metal icons NILE return in 2024 with their highly-anticipated 10th onslaught, The Underworld Awaits Us All, out August 23 via Napalm Records. Boasting airtight technicality and unrelenting brutality, the new album pushes each member of NILE – founding mastermind/guitarist Karl Sanders, longtime drum master George Kollias, vocalist/guitarists Brian Kingsland and Zach Jeter, and bassist Dan Vadim Von – to their furthest extremes both in artistry and performance.

Once again produced and recorded at Sanders’ own Serpent Headed Studios in Greenville, South Carolina, the band returned to Vile Nilotic Rites engineer Mark Lewis (Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Whitechapel) for mixing and mastering.

In celebration of today’s announcement, NILE have dropped the album’s first new single, “Chapter for Not Being Hung Upside Down on a Stake in the Underworld and Made to Eat Feces by the Four Apes”, alongside a new official music video. Topped by killer screams and gutturals, the track is a winding hacksaw of brutal tech-death injections citing the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

NILE’s Karl Sanders comments on the new track and video:

“‘Chapter for not being Hung Upside Down’ is one of our favorite tracks on the new record. It’s a lot of fun to play, challenging and unpredictable, but with an infectiously brutal, unrestrained vibe that I am very certain will be a blast in the mosh pit during live shows.

We are super happy to be working with Tom Flynn for the video for this song – he is a visionary with insanely creative ideas and a really cool guy to work with. Very excited for people to see what he has been cooking up with this video.”

Watch the new official music video for

“Chapter for Not Being Hung Upside Down on a Stake in the Underworld and Made to Eat Feces by the Four Apes” 

Facing the planet’s inevitable end with their diehard fans at their side, NILE waste absolutely no time with histrionics on The Underworld Awaits Us All, distilling their trademark Egyptology driven tempest down to its most streamlined essence. Charging into battle as its namesake depicts, “Stelae of Vultures” makes an immediate impact with dissonant guitar chords and supernatural drumming, teasing the auditory evisceration to come. Topped by impressive screams and gutturals, the track leads into “Chapter for Not Being Hung Upside Down on a Stake in the Underworld and Made to Eat Feces by the Four Apes”, citing the Egyptian Book of the Dead’s 181st chapter. The album’s most succinct track, “To Strike with Secret Fang”, blends low-end punishment with blackened death metal inspiration, before album standouts such as “Naqada II Enter the Golden Age” and “Overlords of the Black Earth” breathe new life with thrash and fusion experimentation, as well as real human choirs – adding a raw element to the NILE fold. Each track soars as a technical tour-de-force – featuring career-defining extreme drumming from Kollias, as well as razor-sharp soloing from all three active guitarists and palpable bass exploration. A perfect example of this equation is pinnacle burner “Under the Curse of the One God”, combining sinister atmospherics with breakneck pacing and whirlwind, vicious riff acrobatics. 

Throughout the remainder of its 11 pummeling tracks and intricate interludes, NILE masters full-tilt speed and ferocious musicality. 30 years into their heavy reign, The Underworld Awaits Us All proves that NILE is marching onward and undoubtedly upward, bleeding metal for their fandom for as long as the sands of time will allow.

Karl Sanders says about the album:

“We are very happy to be sharing with fans Nile’s 10th album. We worked overtime making this record as killer as we could – because we sincerely felt fans deserved our best efforts. The Underworld Awaits us All – and we will see you there.”

The Underworld Awaits Us All‘s mind-bending art was once again envisioned and created by Michał ‘Xaay’ Loranc, with reference to the cycle of life and judgment at its end. 

The Underworld Awaits Us All track listing:
1. Stelae of Vultures
2. Chapter for Not Being Hung Upside Down on a Stake in the Underworld and Made to Eat Feces by the Four Apes
3. To Strike with Secret Fang
4. Naqada II Enter the Golden Age
5. The Pentagrammathion of Nephren-Ka
6. Overlords of the Black Earth
7. Under the Curse of the One God
9. Doctrine of Last Things
10. True Gods of the Desert
11. The Underworld Awaits us All
12. Lament for the Destruction of Time

The Underworld Awaits Us All will be available in the following formats:
-6 Page CD Digipak & Anubis Bust (limited to 500)
-2LP Gatefold MARBLED ORANGE RED BLACK w/ 24 Page Vinyl Booklet and Slipmat (limited to 200)
-2LP Gatefold SPLATTER DARK GREEN YELLOW (limited to 300)
-2LP Gatefold BLACK
-2LP Gatefold CLEAR (North American retail stores only – limited to 500)
-Cassette Tape Edition YELLOW (limited to 200)
-6 Page CD Digipak
-Digital Album

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NILE is:
Karl Sanders – Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards,
George Kollias – Drums
Brian Kingsland – Guitar, Vocals
Zach Jeter – Guitar, Vocals
Dan Vadim Von – Bass

Nile Online:

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THE ATLAS MOTH announce ‘Coma Noir’ graphic novel

Photographer credit: Matt Driscoll

Chicago, IL experimental metal band THE ATLAS MOTH has announced a graphic novel, titled Coma Noir, co-written by  Stavros Giannopoulous (guitar and vocals) and Nick Savage, with illustration by M. Ryan Arnold, inspired by the band’s 2018 album of the same name. The Coma Noir graphic novel is an 88 page color comic, which includes a proprietary custom bookplate badge and bonus gifts.

Revisit THE ATLAS MOTH’s Coma Noir album via
Apple MusicTIDALDeezerBandcamp and Spotify

Speaking on the announcement, Stavros comments: “I’d long been thinking of this story that was part horror and part noir, since before Coma Noir‘s album release. I’m a huge fan of both genres of film and comics so being able to tie both into my love of music was a perfect opportunity. I’ve gotten to release albums on some of the best metal labels ever and now I get to release a comic, yet another notch on my belt.”

Coma Noir‘s primary protagonist Detective Valentine wants nothing more than to drown his sorrows and self-pity at the bottom of a bottle. But a mysterious female named Nour Samman hires him to track down a priceless amulet. During the investigation, Detective Valentine finds himself dealing with a secret society, The Streets of Bombay, that seems to want him as a leader and an old friend who warns him of the dangers he’s gotten caught up in. His feelings for this mysterious woman push him to leave it all behind for her, but the fates have something else in store. Will he be the one who is damned, or will he be able to escape the dangers of The Streets of Bombay?


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Seth Pierce Through Shadows On New Single

Photo By @AndyJulia

SETH are the harbinger of a sound that’s steeped in the clandestine narratives of Parisian lore and rebellion. Today, the French black metal band are releasing “Dans le Cœur un Poignard”, from their upcoming album La France des Maudits. Their latest single is a dark ode to those who bear the mark of betrayal and suffering within their hearts.

Watch the music video for “Dans le Cœur un Poignard” here: 

La France des Maudits is out July 14, on Bastille Day, through Season of Mist.

Pre-order & pre-save:

The haunting melody of “Dans le Cœur un Poignard” weaves through a labyrinth of Parisian despair, illuminating the darkest corners of a wounded heart. Lyrically, the track is a poignant narrative of anguish and defiance, serving as a siren call to those who navigate the treacherous waters of existence with a dagger sheathed within their soul. Seth, with their meticulous craftsmanship, etch a tale of sorrow and resilience, emboldened by the ethereal whispers of a love lost to the voracious appetite of betrayal.

“Dans mon cœur ce poignard. Toujours souffrir, Jusqu’à la mort!”, Saint Vincent echoes. It’s a stark reminder of the perpetual battle against the specters of our past, encapsulating the essence of human struggle, a relentless journey punctuated by moments of exquisite pain and sublime liberation.

Alongside the haunting melodies of “Dans le Cœur un Poignard”, Seth has commissioned a visually arresting music video, bringing the song’s themes of betrayal, anguish, and defiance to life with heart-piercing imagery. Helmed by the visionary Pierre Reynard, the video is a striking piece of art that beautifully accompanies the song’s melancholy.

1. Paris des Maléfices (5:09)
2. Et Que Vive le Diable ! (5:35) [WATCH]
3. La Destruction des Reliques (5:51)
4. Dans le Cœur un Poignard (5:30) [WATCH]
5. Marianne (2:59)
6. Ivre du Sang des Saints (5:37)
7. Insurrection (7:33)
8. Le Vin du Condamné (8:06)
9. Initials B.B. (Serge Gainsbourg Cover) (Bonus Track) (3:49)
Total runtime: 46:22

In the solemn shadows of a lyrically resurrected Paris, where the whispers of revolution still haunt the cobblestones and the phantom caress of the guillotine’s blade lingers in the air, stands a band – not merely of musicians, but of modern Marats, Robespierres in leather and lace, anointed with the spirit of insurrection. SETH, the harbingers of a dark yet fervidly awaited dawn, are poised once more to unleash a tempest upon the sanctified silence of the contemporary music scene with their newest auditory uprising, La France des Maudits.

The history of black metal formation Seth and Season of Mist spans back to the early days of the French metal scene. The band’s debut Les Blessures de L’Ame (1998) was one of the first releases on the label. This album is now regarded as a cornerstone in French black metal, pioneering the usage of their native tongue on a black metal record.

The release of Les Blessures de L’Ame quickly gained international attention and Seth built a solid fanbase. The French blasphemers signed a two-release deal with Osmose Productions and participated on the MAYHEM cult tribute album Originators of the Northern Darknessalongside IMMORTAL and BEHEMOTH. The second full-length The Excellence came out in 2000 and featured a contribution from none other than Fenriz (DARKTHRONE), who wrote the lyrics for the song Let Me Be The Salt In Your Wound.

Shortly after, the group recorded their third album Divine-X (2002) at the Excess Studios in Rotterdam (EPICA, AFTER FOREVER, SINISTER). This record demonstrated the ability of the band to mix gloomy and violent atmospheres and received extensive coverage from the international metal press at the time.

Returning to the Netherlands to record the fourth album Era-Decay (2004), two new members joined the ranks of Seth: vocalist Black Messiah and guitarist Cyriex. Afterwards, the band was invited to play at the prestigious Inferno festival in Norway in 2005.

A long hiatus followed, until the band returned in 2011 to play an exclusive show in Germany with the German cult act BETHLEHEM. The band re-joined the ranks of Season of Mist, eventually releasing The Howling Spirit(2013) and embarking on a European tour with PESTILENCE. Several appearances at major festivals followed, including Hellfest and Graspop Metal Meeting, concluded by a Canadian headliner tour with new vocalist Saint Vincent (BLACKLODGE).

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Les Blessures de L’Ame in 2018, Seth exclusively performed the entire album at festivals in Switzerland, Canada (Messe de Morts) and Belgium (Thronefest). The French label Les Acteurs de l’Ombre productions released a live recording of these shows, called 20 ans de Blasphème. The band’s new line-up features members of LOUDBLAST, ARKHON INFAUSTUS and MELTED SPACE.

In the twilight year of 2021, within Paris’ shadow-ridden crypt, Studio Sainte Marthe, an album was birthed from Seth’s tumultuous revelation, christened, La Morsure du Christ. Earning plaudits of wonder, it was no mere collection of hymns, but a solitary harbinger of deconstruction, a cataclysm of unseen proportions. Inspiration seeped from Notre-Dame de Paris—her skeletal frame ablaze in a 2019’s firestorm—an emblem of decaying faith for a godforsaken era. As heavy as the iron heart of a guillotine, La Morsure du Christ echoed through the chambers of 2021, reigning supreme in a multitude of international & French metal charts, as well as its inclusion on premier streaming platform playlists. Bold symphonies interwoven with razor-sharp lyricism and a sophisticated conceptual resonance that dared to envision black metal through a revolutionary lens.

Rooted deeply in the soil that once drank deeply of royal and commoner blood alike during the tumultuous fervour of the French Revolution, Seth presents their latest opus – a black metal gospel according to the damned and the outcast. An intricate tapestry of shadows and defiance emerges from the darkness of history’s recesses, swirling with the mists of apocalyptic visions and the ashes of fallen angels. La France des Maudits is a declaration of war, a call to arms for the souls still smouldering beneath the veneer of a world too long gripped in the cold hands of a moribund orthodoxy.

With the fractured bones of dead gods beneath their boots, Seth voyages through the forbidden and the occult, tracing the lines of ancient prophecies and the decadent whispers of La Grande Catin Écarlate, the scarlet woman of the apocalypse. Their songs, from Paris des Maléfices to Insurrection, resonate with the echoes of a Paris besieged not by armies, but by souls clamouring for liberation – a city where each stone tells a tale of defiance, where every shadow harbours the spirit of revolt.

Lyrically, La France des Maudits is dripping with the wine of condemned men and the blood of saints, narrating the epic saga of rebellion from the ashes of a fallen Notre-Dame. This is not the Paris of light, but of enlightening darkness, where the façades of grandeur crumble to reveal the raw flesh of true humanity, writhing in its eternal struggle against divine oppression. Here, in the very heart of darkness, Seth finds its muse among the cacophony of broken chains and shattered dogmas.Prepare to march beneath the banner unfurled by Seth, in the grand tradition of those unyielding souls who once stormed the Bastille and dared to dream of a world remade. La France des Maudits beckons – not to the gallows, but to glory.

Saint Vincent – Vocals (Blacklodge)
Heimoth – Guitar (Sinsaenum)
Drakhian – Guitar (ex-Loudblast, Griffar)
Pierre Le Pape – Keys (Melted Space)
EsX – Bass (Arkhon Infaustus, ex-Merrimack)
Alsvid – Drums (ex-Enthroned, ex-Ad Patres)

Recording Studio
Sainte Marthe Studio

Production Credits
Mixed, produced & mastered by Francis Caste

Sébastien Gamez

Cover Art
Andy Julia (Photography)

 Stream & Order:

Links/Follow Artist
Official Website:
Apple Music:

Available Formats
Digital Download
CD Digipak
Limited CD Clamshell Box
12″ Vinyl Gatefold – Black
12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Gold
12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Blue & Black Marbled
12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Red, White & Black Marbled
12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Crystal Clear
12″ Liquid-Filled Vinyl Gatefold – Bood Red Liquid

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HUNTSMEN, ‘The Dry Land’, out now

Photographer credit: Sam Porter

HUNTSMEN has today released their third album, The Dry Land, via Prosthetic Records. On The Dry Land, the Chicago, IL ensemble cover themes of purgatory and the liminal space between life and death via allegorical tales against a backdrop of Americana infused doom metal, with a newfound black metal influence in their sound. HUNTSMEN will be celebrating the release of The Dry Land this evening (June 7) at The Sleeping Village in Chicago, with support from Without Waves and Anatomy of Habit – more details below.LISTEN TO THE DRY LAND BELOW.
Stream The Dry Land via Apple MusicTIDALDeezerBandcampand Spotify.
Order The Dry Land here.

Speaking on the album release, Aimee Bueno-Knipe (vocals) comments: “After years of work, we are so proud to finally release our third full length album, The Dry Land. Through writing this album we addressed the fears, frustrations, and losses we suffered during the past few years to create an end product that we are each deeply emotionally invested in.

“This album holds particular significance to me as it is the first full length album that I have contributed to writing on as a full-time member of HUNTSMEN, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity. This album has seen us struggle, heal, grow, and change, and we hope it will help others do the same.”

Following the release of their sophomore full-length, Mandala of Fear, in 2020 and The Dying Pines EP in 2022 HUNTSMEN’s intervening years between studio albums were marked with devastatingly contrasting highs and lows. Whilst their body of studio work continued to garner acclaim from fans and critics alike, chronic illness would become a recurring uphill battle for the ensemble. As these jarring mixed fortunes reached their apex towards the end of 2022, the band reached towards each other outside of their craft as old friends. Taking stock of four years of tribulations led to a reevaluation of what it is to be creatives and, in turn, ushered in a collective rebirth.

Writing sessions for The Dry Land saw a number of artistic firsts for HUNTSMEN, most notably with the first full collaborative inclusion of vocalist Aimee Bueno-Knipe. The creative process soon saw HUNTSMEN adding more black metal influences into their Americana and folk tinged doom, evidenced most overtly on tracks such as This, Our Gospel and lead single In Time, All Things. Elsewhere, HUNTSMEN’s knack for finely crafted and richly layered melodies offer moments of resplendence on the slow burning Lean Times and closer The Herbsight.

Mirroring the circumstances and environment that led to its creation, The Dry Land’s pacing is one rooted in the art of rise and fall dynamics both musically and lyrically. Tales of escaping religious violence, malevolent apparitions and death incarnate all play key roles throughout the album’s narrative thread. HUNTSMEN treat each tale as both exorcism and exaltation, adding a pervasively unsettling quality to The Dry Land that is sure to stick long after the runtime is over.

The Dry Land was recorded and mixed by Pete Grossmann at Bricktop Studios before being placed in the hands of Brad Boatright for mastering, with the resulting sound adding a towering grandiosity to the album whilst simultaneously highlighting HUNTSMEN’s newfound corrosive qualities. The Dry Land’s striking cover art was created by Derek Setzer, depicting an immolating dancer in high contrast black and white amongst rusted gold.

Through the fire, HUNTSMEN find themselves reborn on The Dry Land.

Upcoming HUNTSMEN shows:
June 7 – Sleeping Village – Chicago, IL (The Dry Land album release show)
w/ Without Waves and Anatomy of Habit

The Dry Land tracklist:
1. This, Our Gospel
2. Cruelly Dawns
3. Lean Times
4. In Time, All Things
5. Rain
6. Herbsight

Chris Kang – guitar and vocals
Aimee Bueno-Knipe – vocals
Marc Stranger-Najjar – bass and vocals
Ray Bueno-Knipe – drums and vocals
Gavin Cushman – guitar and vocals
Kirill Orlov – guitar (on The Dry Landstudio recording only)

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WRAITH share new single, ‘Merchant of Death’

Photo credit: Christian Danner

Indiana’s WRAITH has today shared a new single, Merchant of Death, from their forthcoming album, Fueled By Fear, which is due to be released via Prosthetic Records on June 28. Merchant of Death is the third track to be taken from the blackened thrash / speed metal group’s latest full-length, and arrives ahead of WRAITH‘s upcoming summer North American tour dates in support of Exciter and Midnight this July and August.LISTEN TO MERCHANT OF DEATH BELOW.
Stream Merchant of Death via Apple Music | TIDAL | Deezer | Bandcamp and Spotify
Pre-order Fueled By Fear here.

Speaking on the single, WRAITH comments: “Clocking in at 2 minutes and 8 seconds, Merchant of Death doesn’t waste any time. This is one of the fastest songs the band has ever written. Both lyrics and music attack with an intensity not yet displayed on our previous albums.”

What started as a one-man band in 2016, WRAITH has evolved into a propulsive beast of a band. Channeling a reverence to classic metal from a bygone era, WRAITHincorporate their distinctively blistering sonic signature to create something urgent and contemporary. The band have previously described their collective mission as follows: a war of aggression on the dour confines of the modern metal scene and total sonic annihilation.

Fueled By Fear captures the raw punk edge of their previous releases; a sound that will already be familiar to converts who have caught the band live in all their full-throttled abrasive glory. The album was self-produced by the band in Griffith, Indiana, with engineering, mixing and mastering handled by CJ Rayson. Each member brings their own influences and stylistic flourishes to the table, combining to create a tightly wound, cohesive collection of scorching tracks that reflect their individual personalities and tastes.

Thematically the album explores a dystopian landscape where the boundaries between fiction and reality are blurred, and global and political tensions form in a powder keg of fraught possibilities. Whilst the tales they weave are rooted in reality and an interest in religion, history and political science, they have given themselves free reign to explore the outer reaches of nightmarish possibilities.

Back firmly in the real world, WRAITH have a busy year of live shows planned and every intention of getting heads banging with their mosh-ready brand of snarling heavy metal.

Upcoming WRAITH tour dates:
w/ Exciter and Midnight

18 July – The Siren – Morro Bay, CA
19 July – La Santa – Santa Ana, CA
20 July – Brick by Brick – San Diego, CA
21 July – Nile Theater – Phoenix, AZ
22 July – Launchpad – Albuquerque, NM
24 July – The Rock Box – San Antonio, TX
25 July – White Oak Music Hall – Houston, TX
26 July – Come and Take It Live – Austin, TX
27 July – Echo Lounge – Dallas, TX
29 July – Turf Club – Minneapolis, MN
30 July – Reggies – Chicago, IL
31 July – Legends – Cincinnati, OH
01 August – Meadows – Brooklyn, NY
02 August – Middle East – Boston, MA
03 August – Foufounes – Montreal, QC
04 August – Lee’s Place – Toronto, ON

Fueled By Fear tracklist:
1. Asylum
2. Fueled By Fear
3. Horses and Hounds
4. Shame in Suffering
5. Code Red
6. Ice Cold Bitch
7. Warlord
8. Merchant of Death
9. Heathen’s Touch
10. Hell’s Canyon
11. Vulture
12. Shattered Sorrow
13. Truth Decay
14. The Breaking Wheel

Chris Petkus – Bass
Jason Schultz – Guitar
Matt Sokol – Vocals/Guitar
Mike Szymendera – Drums & Percussion


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ABHORIA share new music video, ‘The Inexorable Earth’

Photographer credit: Nicholas Dodge

ABHORIA has today shared a new music video for The Inexorable EarthThe Inexorable Earth is taken from the US dystopian black metal band’s latest full-length, Depths, which was released earlier this year via Prosthetic Records, and follows their recent spring tour in support of the album. WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO FOR

Stream Depths via Apple Music | TIDAL | Deezer | Bandcamp and Spotify
Order Depths here.

Speaking on The Inexorable Earth, Trevor Portz (guitar) comments: “The Inexorable Earth is ABHORIA in its purest form: relentless, blast-beat driven black metal with some melodic and death metal flourishes. This was the first song specifically written for Depths, and lays out the story that the album follows: Someone who has been locked inside, ignoring the nightmare that their world has become, finally ventures out… and it’s even worse than they expected. While it’s certainly not a political song, it was definitely influenced by the limitless destruction humans are hellbent on delivering to the planet and their fellow inhabitants. Pay close attention to Ben’s scream in the middle, which is insanely long and was done in one breath!”

While the groundwork for the lyrical content on Depths was laid in the dystopian-inspired songs of its predecessor, founder Trevor Portz’s vision is more fully realized on their second full-length. Whilst not quite a concept album, there is a thread that runs between each track; each unveils a different extreme scenario or revelatory terror for the surviving inhabitants in a hellish world. The nightmarish anthology details different Orwellian scenarios where the human condition is laid bare with all its ugly possibilities offered up for examination. How do they react when confronted with nearly inconceivable adverse events? How do extreme conditions shape their view of the world and of themselves?”

The band was inspired by many real life locations and situations, allowing their imaginations to embellish further fictional details to bring their bleak visions to life. The ominous, fantastical realm where ABHORIA’s storytelling exists is brought to life further still by the magnificent cover art by iconic artist, Dan Seagrave.

Standout track, The Well, tells the tale of a group of refugees escaping a compromised city in the aftermath of a war. Exhausted, dehydrated and losing hope, they come across a natural water source. Relieved, their thirst is slaked… but the relief is temporary, as they soon discover the water is tainted. Only one among their number doesn’t drink from the poisoned “well,” thus forced to watch helplessly as their friends perish agonizingly. The story was inspired by Montezuma Well in Arizona, where there is a high level of arsenic in the water, rendering it a tantalizingly dangerous prospect for many generations of people.

A reinvigorated line up has instilled a newfound confidence in the core members of ABHORIA. The result is an album rooted in the aggressive black metal core of its predecessor, but with new flourishes that push the boundaries of the band. Whilst recording took place in various locations, the resulting nine tracks are a cohesive, dynamic collection masterfully mixed by Zack Ohren. A fine balance of melody and intensity makes the album a compelling listen; for fans who were taken with the desolate black metal of their debut, there’s even more to embrace on Depths.

Abhoria tracklist:
1. Emergence
2. The Inexorable Earth
3. The Well
4. Within Our Dominion
5. They Hunt at Night
6. Devour
7. The Foundling
8. Ghost in the Smoke
9. Winter’s Embrace

Trevor Portz – Guitar
Ben Pitts – Vocals
Theo Romeo – Guitar
Igor Panasewicz – Bass
JS – Drums

Follow Abhoria Online:

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EVERGREY Joined by Jonas Renkse of Katatonia on New Single “Cold Dreams” + Official Video Unveiled!

Photo credit: Patric Ullaeus

Heavy Darkness Veterans EVERGREY Unveil Official Video for New Single “Cold Dreams” feat. Jonas Renkse of KATATONIA | Watch HERE

New Album, Theories of Emptiness, out this Friday, June 7, 2024 via Napalm Records | Secure Your Copy HERE

New EU Tour Dates Announced

Theories of Emptiness takes the Swedes’ music to a whole
 new level (…).”
– Metal Hammer Germany (Soundcheck #1) –

“appears as an early candidate for the honorary title of “hard rock album of the year”, as well as perhaps their best album ever.” 
– Sweden Rock (Soundcheck #1) –

“Another work of art between melancholy, lightness and complexity”
 – Rock Hard Germany (Soundcheck #1) –

“Evergrey are perfection personified.” 
– Powerplay (UK, album of the month) –

“…might be the band’s best work at the end of a very productive decade.”
– Decibel (US) –

EVERGREY, Gothenburg’s pioneering masters of darkness, have unveiled a new official video for “Cold Dreams” from their upcoming fourteenth studio album, Theories of Emptiness, set for release this Friday, June 7 via Napalm Records. This sonic majesty cut from the new album showcases an out-of-this-world vocal performance by band leader and vocalist Tom Englund, alongside a guest appearance by Jonas Renkse (KATATONIA) and Englund’s daughter, Salina – contributing lush backing vocals that enhance the song’s dynamics and highlighting another intense facet of the album.               

Theories Of Emptiness stands as the distinguished successor to their worldwide chart-topping release, A Heartless Portrait(The Orphean Testament), and is leaving critics breathless all over the world. Seamlessly blending dark, emotive themes with complex progressive elements and melodic heavy metal, the album is already making waves, ranking #1 in the soundcheck charts of German Rock Hard, German Metal Hammer, Aardschok and Sweden Rock. With Theories Of Emptiness, EVERGREY have crafted an absolute masterpiece and goose-bump generator, solidifying their legacy as they continue to shape metal history after 30 years in the industry. 

Tom Englund on “Cold Dreams”:             
“’Cold Dreams’ is probably the darkest piece of music on Theories of Emptiness. Its somber power is quite overwhelming. It’s a composition that honestly leaves me feeling a bit uneasy. To have Jonas Renkse of Katatonia singing words describing fates that we both encountered makes it even more special and intriguing. Jonas’ unique voice of sadness spreads like a disease and to hear him growl, again, is just fucking great! 
To balance the darkness, we decided to bring in some angelic qualities, and at the time of composing, I couldn’t imagine anything more suiting than my daughter Salina Englund’s voice. We cannot wait to hear what you feel after these 6 minutes and 46 seconds of soul searching. Enjoy!”

Watch the gripping official video for “Cold Dreams” HERE!

Theories of Emptiness was produced by Tom S. Englund and Jonas Ekdahl, and was mixed by Adam “Nolly” Getgood (ex-Periphery), who worked closely with the band from the start – bringing out the vividness of the album’s overall sonic profile. Rounding out the album’s production, mastering was helmed by Thomas “Plec” Johansson (Soilwork, The Night Flight Orchestra, Onslaught, The Gems, Eleine and many more).

Theories of Emptiness follows its chart-topping and critically acclaimed predecessor, 2022’s A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament), which entered charts worldwide at #3 in Sweden (Metal), ranked #5 on the Top New Artist Albums charts in the United States, entered #7 in Finland and #12 in Germany.

Pre-order your copy of Theories of Emptiness HERE!

Theories of Emptiness tracklisting:
1. Falling From the Sun
2. Misfortune
3. To Become Someone Else
4. Say
5. Ghost of My Hero
6. We Are the North
7. One Heart
8. The Night Within
9. Cold Dreams
10. Our Way Through Silence
11. A Theory of Emptiness

“For us, progression is paramount”, states Tom S. Englund when discussing the eleven track opus, Theories of Emptiness“We’re dedicated to ensuring that our music remains innovative and avoids stagnation. With each album, we strive to introduce something new — a unique flavor, a different key or chord, fresh voices in our writing, or innovative production techniques.” In fact, no stone has been left unturned. Tracks are created to balance each-other mutually: from the aggressive tones of “Misfortune“ contrasting the light-hearted opening of “To Become Someone Else“, to the ballad “Ghost of My Hero“ leading into the furious riffs of “We Are the North“. Album opener “Falling From the Sun” and “Say” interweave heaviness with mesmerizing keyboards and unpredictable instrumental parts, as also heard on “The Night Within“.  Ending on a quiet note, Theories of Emptiness depicts exactly what emptiness is about, first with the immersive “Our Way Through Silence“, and then with “A Theory of Emptiness” which, with timid piano, makes us rationalize our innermost feelings. Navigating realms of darkness and light, Theories of Emptiness takes listeners on a carefully balanced roller coaster ride – showcasing EVERGREY‘s ever-evolving sound in 2024 and beyond.             

Tom Englund adds:
“Our new album is soon to be yours! We can’t wait for that to happen, there are so many new and refreshing elements on it as well as respect paid to every part of our past. We have just refined what we always have done and tried to make it as contemporary as we possibly could to please ourselves and our sonic expectations. With the presence of Adam ”Nolly” Getgood, we felt fired up, hungry and eager to do our utmost to ensure that we would write the best songs we possibly could – I really feel we have achieved that. Sound quality wise we feel that it is on par with the best the world has to offer today. It is a brave statement that I will stand behind for the rest of my life. Taking EVERGREY into a new cycle feels just as when I did it the first time. We are more motivated than ever, and with a lot of touring to be announced very soon, we cannot wait to come and play this new music for you.
Finally, we need to mention that we couldn’t be prouder to announce our guest vocalist for this album. Jonas Renkse has graced KATATONIA’s music with his unique atmosphere for decades. Now we in the band and the fans of EVERGREY get to experience the same and we couldn’t be more excited! You might even get to hear Jonas growl for maybe the first time in many years… 
Much love, Tom”

Theories of Emptiness will be available in the following formats:           
– Deluxe Bag
 incl. 1CD Digisleeve, 1CD Cardboard Sleeve with 2 Bonus Tracks, Pendant, Patch Album Artwork, Sunglasses with band logo, Artprint DIY Puzzle, all packed in exclusive cotton bag – Napalm Records Mailorder exclusive (strictly limited to 400 copies worldwide)
– 1LP Die Hard Gatefold PURPLE/WHITE SPLATTER incl. 24pp booklet, record butler – Napalm Records Mailorder exclusive (strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide)
– 1LP Gatefold TRANSLUCENT – Napalm Records Mailorder exclusive (strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide)
– 1LP Gatefold BLACK
– Digisleeve
– Digital Album

Deluxe Bag – Napalm Records Mailorder exclusive (strictly limited to 400 copies worldwide)

EVERGREY Live 2024:
Latin America Tour 2024
11.06.24 MX – Mexico City / Foro Veintiocho
13.06.24 CO – Bogota / Ace of Spades
14.06.24 PE – Lima / Teatro Kantaro
16.06.24 CL – Santiago / Club Chocolate
18.06.24 AR – Buenos Aires / El Teatrito
20.06.24 BR – Brasilia / Toinha
22.06.24 BR – Sao Paulo / Carioca Club
23.06.24 BR – Limeira / Mirage

Emptiness Over Scandinavia
Support: Cyhra
12.09.24 SE – Göteborg / Pustervik
13.09.24 SE – Örebro / Frimis
14.09.24 SE – Stockholm / Naten
15.09.24 NO – Oslo / Parktreatret
17.09.24 DK – Copenhagen / Pumpehuset
18.09.24 SE – Malmö / Babel
19.09.24 DK – Kolding / Godset
20.09.24 SE – Skövde / Valhall
21.09.24 SE – Helsingborg / The Tivoli
24.09.24 FI – Helsinki / Ääniwalli
25.09.24 FI – Tampere / Olympia
27.09.24 SE – Östersund / Rock Fest
28.09.24 SE – Lulea / Rockfest
30.09.24 SE – Eskilstuna / Lokomotivet
01.10.24 SE – Uppsala / Katalin
02.10.24 SE – Kristianstad / Bilijardkompaniet  

Emptiness Over Europe               
Special guest: Klogr       
+ Virtual Symmetry (02.11.2024 – 01.12.2024)                   
+ Tba support (03.12.2024 – 22.12.2024)              

02.11.24 NL – Apeldoorn / Brain Storm Festival
03.11.24 DE – Herford / Kulturwerk
05.11.24 DE – Bochum / Zeche
06.11.24 DE – Siegburg / Kubana
07.11.24 CH – Sarnen / Urrock Musik Festival
08.11.24 CH – Monthey / Pont Rouge
09.11.24 ES – Barcelona / Sala Boveda
10.11.24 ES – Madrid / Revi Live
11.11.24 PT – Lisbon / RCA Club
12.11.24 PT – Porto / Hard Club Room 2
13.11.24 ES – Mos / Sala Rebullion
14.11.24 ES – Valladolid / Porta Caeli
15.11.24 ES – Vitoria-Gasteiz / Urban Rock Concept
16.11.24 FR – Nantes / Le Ferrailleur
17.11.24 FR – Paris / Petit Bain
19.11.24 DE – Würzburg / Posthalle
20.11.24 DE – Hannover / Musikzentrum
21.11.24 DE – Leipzig / Hellraiser
22.11.24 DE – Hamburg / Bahnhof Pauli
23.11.24 DE – Weissenhaeuser Strand / Metal Hammer Paradise
24.11.24 DE – Berlin / Lido
25.11.24 PL – Poznan / 2Progi
26.11.24 PL – Crcow / Kwadrat
29.11.24 BG – Sofia / Mixtape 5
30.11.24 GR – Thessaloniki / Principal Club Theater
01.12.24 GR –  Athens / Kyttaro Live
03.12.24 RS –  Belgrade / Dorcol Platz
04.12.24 HR – Zagreb / Mochvara Club
05.12.24 BH – Banja Luka / Sports Hall Obilicevo
06.12.24 HU – Budapest / Barba Negra
07.12.24 DE – Burglengenfeld / VAZ Pfarrheim
08.12.24 AT – Dornbirn / Conrad Sohm
10.12.24 DE – Munich /  Backstage Halle
11.12.24 DE – Mannheim / 7er Club
12.12.24 DE – Trier / Mergener Hof
13.12.24 BE – St. Niklaas / De Casino 
21.12.24 DE – Andernach / Live Club
22.12.24 NL – Helmond / Cacaofabrik

EVERGREY on their upcoming EU tour: 
“We are so extremely happy to announce our European tour, it’s a long one and we are coming pretty much everywhere! We also have 10 more dates to be announced for Europe this year! With us as special guest we have KLOGR and you should go and check them out immediately, as well as our friends in Virtual Symmetry opening the first month of the tour! We cannot wait, now go get your tickets and we will see you in the fall!”

08.08.24 UK – Catton Park, Derby / Bloodstock Open Air
17.08.24 RO – Caransebes / Gugulan Rock Open Air
31.08.24 GR – Rethymno, Island of Crete / Rethymno Rocks Open Air
02.11.24 NL – Podium Gigant, Apeldoorn / Brainstorm Open Air
07.11.24 CH – Sarnen / Urrock Musik Festival
22.-23.11.24 DE – Weissenhäuser Strand / Metal Hammer Paradise       

Tom S. Englund – Vocals, Guitar
Henrik Danhage – Guitar
Rikard Zander – Keyboard
Jonas Ekdahl – Drums
Johan Niemann – Bass
EVERGREY online:
Napalm Records

Music News

Kingcrow Announce New Album with Hard-Grooving Single “Kintsugi”

Photo by Riccardo Nifosì

Embark on a journey of resilience and reinvention with KINGCROW as they soar to new progressive heights on their upcoming eighth album Hopium. Catch the high-flying Italian prog-metal band as they display their eagle eye for poignant lyrics and grooving melodies on the album’s powerful lead single, “Kintsugi”. 

Watch the video for “Kintsugi”

Hopium is out August 23 on Season of Mist.

Pre-order & pre-save:

Hopium continues Kingcrow’s steadfast commitment to exploring the depths of emotion, a trait that has solidified their standing in the hearts of music enthusiasts across the globe. With “Kintsugi”, listeners are invited into a world where imperfections are not merely accepted but celebrated with golden seams of strength.

Drawing inspiration from the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken pottery, “Kintsugi” beautifully parallels life’s ability to recover from adversity, a theme that’s intricately woven throughout Hopium. The single is an anthem for anyone who has ever faced defeat, only to rise again with a renewed sense of purpose and beauty.

The music video for “Kintsugi” was masterfully crafted by Riccardo Nifosì and Devilnax.

Cover Art Devilnax

Tracklist1. Kintsugi (3:53) [WATCH]
2. Glitch (3:56)
3. Parallel Lines (6:46)
4. New Moon Harvest (3:30)
5. Losing Game (5:28)
6. White Rabbit’s Hole (6:55)
7. Night Drive (5:48)
8. Vicious Circle (4:21)
9. Hopium (8:24)
10. Come Through (Bonus Track) (4:21)
Total runtime: 53:27

Country: Italy
Genre: Progressive Rock
FFO: Caligula’s Horse, Leprous, The Pineapple Thief, Haken

The first incarnation of the band  was originally founded in Rome, Italy, by brothers Diego Cafolla (guitars) and Manuel Thundra Cafolla (drums) under the name of “Earth Shaker”.

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “Raven” and driven by a will of change, the band’s name was soon altered into KINGCROW and a couple of self-produced demos/albums where recorded under the KINGCROWmoniker: Something Unknown(2001), Insider (2004) and Timetropia (2006).

In the early months of 2010 the band finished recording their new album “Phlegethon” that was released in June of the same year under the “Scarlet Records” label.

It was considered on an international level as a relevant masterpiece and was classed as one of the elite progressive metal albums of the year. It has been near the top of the “album of the year” charts in some international prog-rock websites. Phlegethon promotion lasted for about two years and a half.

During the same year, the band recorded the new album “In Crescendo” that was released in February 2013 by the American label “Sensory Records.

The band toured  along with Pain Of Salvation in North America  in April and May, 2013. In 2015 the band released the album “Eidos” and toured Europe as Headliners. Meanwhile KINGCROW signed a management deal with GlassVille Music, house of very well known progressive acts like Pain Of Salvation and Riverside among others.

The band recorded the new album titled “The Persistence”.

The album was released on September 7th via Sensory Records and received great reviews and ended on a lot of “best of 2018” lists on magazines and webzines.

The upcoming album “Hopium” marks another step forward in pushing boundaries remarking the restless progressive  attitude of the band in incorporating countless influences into a personal sound.

Describing the band today is quite a difficult task, but one could state that the influence of different kinds of music, from progressive rock , ambient music, alternative rock and metal are all present in the music of KINGCROW.

With each release KINGCROW has taken a step further away from their original roots and is regarded today as one of the most exciting bands that Italy has to offer.
Diego Marchesi – Vocals
Diego Cafolla – Guitars, Keys, Backing Vocals
Ivan Nastasi – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Riccardo Nifosì – Bass, Backing Vocals
Thundra – Drums, Percussions

Recording Studio
Sound Under Pressure (Rome, Italy)

Production Credits
Produced by Diego Cafolla & Thundra Cafolla
Sound Engineer – Diego Cafolla

Mixed by Giampiero Ulacco at Holofram Studios (Francavilla al Mare, Italy)

Mastered by Marco Vannucci at Spitfire Mastering Studio (Italy)

Guest Musicians
Vikram Shankar – Piano solo on “Hopium”

Pre-save & Pre-order:

Links/Follow Artist:
Official Website:
Apple Music:

Available Formats:
Digital Download
CD Digipak
12″ Vinyl Gatefold – Black

Music News

Sanguisugabogg Share “Permanently F**ked” Video




Ohio’s notorious, boundary-pushing, and bloodsucking death metal outfit Sanguisugabogg — Cody Davidson, drums; Drew Arnold, guitars/bass; Devin Swank, vocals; and Ced Davis, guitars/bass — have shared the video for the brand new and gloriously irreverent single “Permanently Fucked.” The video finds the band in performance mode… with some bloody imagery woven throughout. 

Watch it here

“The meaning of the song is a drastically blown out of proportion way of showing how much you love someone,” the band states. “We got inspiration of the song from the 2018 horror film Pet where Dominic Monaghan’s character volunteers himself as a vice for Ksenia Solo’s character so she can torture and humiliate them and they’re bound to their cage so she doesn’t free the urge to murder someone instinctively and doesn’t get arrested or imprisoned for killing people.”

This is the first taste of new music since last year’s 2023’sHomicidal Ecstasy. That album followed 2021’s Tortured Whole. The band continues to slice up uncompromising, in-your-face, and not-for-the-weak death metal that siphons inspiration from early to mid-’90s and early ’00s death metal and brutal death metal/grindcore presented in their own style with a unique twist that pleases every style of metal maniac.

Sanguisugabogg are touring Europe this month. Dates are below.

6/5 — Gdask, PL — Mystic Festival
6/6 — Wolfsburg, DE — Juha oST
6/7 — Hamburg, DE — Headcrash With Acranius
6/8 — Leeuwarden, NL — Into the Grave
6/9 — Kassel, DE — Goldgrube
6/11 — Martigny, CH — Sunset Bar
6/12 — Padova, IT — Sherwood Festival
6/13 – Ljubljana, SI — Kino Siska
6/14 — Hradek Kralove, CZ — Rock for People
6/15 — Bratislava, SK — FUGA
6/17 — Wiesbaden, DE — Schlachthof With Necrotted
6/18 — Utrecht, NL — De Helling
6/19 — Oberhausen, DE — Kulttempel With Speed
6/20 — Copenhagen, DK — Copenhell
6/21 — Grafenhainchen, DE — Full Force
6/22 — Bourbon, FR — Rock in Bourbon
6/23 — Dessel, BE — Graspop
6/24 — Strasbourg, FR — La Laiterie
6/25 — Paris, FR — Balaclan
6/27 — Viveiro, ES — Resurrection Fest
6/28 — Bilbao, ES — Groove
6/29 — Clisson, FR — Hellfest


Music News

WORMED Crush the Cosmos on New Single “Protogod”


Prepare yourself earthlings; a monumental wave of technical death metal is hitting the cosmos today. Wormed are releasing the next transmission off their highly anticipated fourth album Omegon. “Protogod” packs so much galactic force that it could break the space-time continuum. 

Listen to “Protogod”:    

Omegon comes out July 5 on Season of Mist

Pre-order & Pre-save:

On Omegon, Wormed writhe deeper into their nesting ground of brutal, brain-crushing sci-fi. Their new album continues the intergalactic legend of shadowy hacker Krighsu as he battles against civilizations from across all dimensions in search of the mysterious Omegon, a cosmic substance that defies the grasp of mere mortals. 

“Protogod” comes screaming across the cosmos, beckoning anyone who’s adventurous enough to have their mind blown. Eerie, dissonant riffs crush through an asteroid field of blast beats. With his bottomless death growl, Phelgeton summons enough dark force to swallow all the stars from the sky.  

1. Automaton Virtulague (4:13) [WATCH]
2. Pareidolia Robotica (4:56)
3. Protogod (4:48) [LISTEN]
4. Pleoverse Omninertia (3:44)
5. Malignant Nexus (1:58)
6. Virtual Teratogenesis (4:28)
7. Aetheric Transdimensionalization (4:53)
8. Gravitational Servo Matrix (4:25)
9. Omegon (7:31)
Total runtime: 41:00

Country: Spain (ES)
Genre: Brutal/Technical Death Metal

Space – the final frontier. Yet, when WORMED reach out into the void, the results sound far more like a dark space opera inhabited by bizarre aliens, genetically and technically evolved meta-humans struggling for power and survival in galactic empires. Now, the nano-technological war has been unleashed in the void to defeat the last sower of human life, Krighsu!

Odd-time signatures, avalanches of breaks and complex rhythmical as well as melodic patterns will excite every aficionado of extreme technicality, while growls down-tuned strings and double-bass assaults will more than satisfy extreme metal connoisseurs. While being outstandingly skilled musicians WORMED are avoiding any self-indulgent show of prowess for its own sake. Instead, the five-piece from Madrid clearly lays its emphasis on creating atmospheric songs, which develop and grow along the underlying story.

Originating from Spain’s capital Madrid in 1998, WORMED immediately made an impact in the death metal scene with the release of their ‘Floating Cadaver in the Monochrome’ MCD (1999). Following a promo CD under the title ‘Voxel Mitosis’ (2001), the first studio album ‘Planisphaerium’ received high acclaim by critics and fans alike in 2003. In the wake of their debut full-length, the Spanish received invitations to international festival shows and touring around the globe. WORMEDperformed in Japan alongside GORATORY and VOMIT REMNANTS and afterwards hit Europe with MALIGNANCY and DESPONDENCY.

A creative hiatus, partly due to line-up changes and filled with re-issues of their previous released as well as the single ‘Quasineutrality’ (2010) finally ended, when their sophomore album ‘Exodromos’ came out in 2013. On their third full-length ‘Krighsu’ (2016), the fast-rising Spanish Sci-Fi tech death prodigies are telling a dystopian cosmic story with lyrics and music joined into an overarching concept. Its intense brutality, dissonant dynamic riffing, and tremendous heaviness combined with an amazing futuristic concept, which introduced the character Krighsu – last human in the cosmos, harvested top reviews and saw WORMED headlining in the US and co-headlining in Europe.

In the summer of 2019, WORMED brought their ultra-technical cosmic sonic onslaught to new heights on their 4-track EP ‘Metaportal’, released through Season of Mist. Praised as a monstrously satisfying addition to their catalogue, the EP bridged the gap between their previously released 2016 ‘Krighsu’ and their newest project. Atmospheric yet faithful to the skull-crushing mindboggling textures they’ve given fans over the years, ‘Metaportal’ allowed WORMED to come to terms with the loss of Guillermo Calero in 2018 and move forward.

On ‘Omegon’, WORMED’s upcoming 2024 release, they continue the story of Krigshu, a timeline hacker entangled in manipulation by cosmic forces. As viciously as the aggression they bring on their technically impressive instruments, Krigshu battles his way to unlock the mysteries of Omegon, a mysterious cosmic substance holding ultimate power. With 9 tracks of ultimate interstellar chaos, a story unfolds and WORMED prove yet again that they reign supreme on the technical death metal genre.

Phlegeton – Vocals
Migueloud – Guitars
D-Kazar – Guitars
Guillemoth – Bass
V-Kazar – Drums

Recording Studio
BlackStorm Studios (Karrantza, Basque Country)

Production Credits
Ekaitz Garmendia – Producer & Sound Engineer
Mixed & Mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth, The Thousand Caves (Queens, NY, USA)
Editing by Simon Da Silva at The Empty Hall (Madrid, ES)

Cover Art
Phlegeton – “Phlegeton Art Studio

Stream & Order:

Follow Wormed
Official Website:
Apple Music:

Available Formats:
Digital Download
CD Digipak
12″ Vinyl Gatefold – Black
12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – White
12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Transparent Blue
12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Blue, Black & White Marbled

Music News

DRAGONFORCE Release New Song, “A Draco Tale”, in Honor of New Brawl Stars Game Character “Draco”

Photo Credit: Travis Shinn

Grammy-Nominated Power Metal Band DRAGONFORCE Releases Exclusive New Song, “A Draco Tale”, in Honor of New Brawl Stars Game Character “Draco” | Watch the Music Video NOW
Order the Latest Album, Warp Speed WarriorsHERE

Power metal legends DRAGONFORCE have teamed up with Brawl Stars, a hit multiplayer mobile game with over 1 billion downloads, to celebrate a brand new character entering the game with an electrifying new song “A Draco Tale” and music video! Rocking his way into the Brawl Stars universe starting today, Draco is the game’s first guitar-wielding Legendary Brawler. With Draco’s love for heavy metal, extreme sports and Dungeons & Dragons, DRAGONFORCE’s new exclusive original track is the perfect headbanging song to welcome this dragon-rider in the most epic, heavy metal way.
DRAGONFORCE co-founder Herman Li, famed for lightning-fast guitar solos inspired by video game soundtracks, is a lifelong gamer who has amassed an impressive Twitch following. The collaboration came about as the game team at Supercell, the company behind Brawl Stars, are huge fans of DRAGONFORCE and invited the band to announce the addition of a new character. The song blends DRAGONFORCE‘s high-octane sound with the chaos of Brawl Stars and is being released on the game’s YouTube channel, which boasts 16.5M subscribers. The epic music video features the five-piece band and special animations of the new character Draco – make sure to check it out below!
Herman Li says: 
“Brawl Stars is a hectic, fast-paced game that I love playing in my spare time so when the developers asked us to record a new song about a heavy metal-loving character, we jumped at the chance. I think Brawl Stars fans are going to love this new Legendary Brawler.”
Drew Haycock, Supercell community manager, adds:
“I’ve personally been a fan of DRAGONFORCE for almost 20 years now and was stoked when they said they’d record a new song for Draco. Working with the band was an awesome experience and it was incredible seeing them do their thing at the video shoot! They were hyped about the project from the start and are the perfect band to bring Draco’s quirky charm into the musical world.”

Watch the Music Video for “A Draco Tale” HERE:

Get Your Copy of the Latest Album, Warp Speed WarriorsNOW!

Warp Speed Warriors Tracklist:
1          Astro Warrior Anthem
2          Power of the Triforce
3          Kingdom of Steel
4          Burning Heart
5          Space Marine Corp
6          Doomsday Party
7          Prelude to Darkness
8          The Killer Queen
9          Pixel Prison
10        Wildest Dreams (DragonForce’s Version) – bonus track on select formats

Warp Speed Warriors is available in the following formats:
2CD Deluxe Box incl. Bonus Jewel Case CD with 5 bonus tracks, wristband (embroided), poster flag (100x70cm), gaming coin keyring/pendant (with leathercord), packed in a gym bag (Napalm Records Mailorder exclusive) – strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide – SOLD OUT!
1LP Gatefold TURQUOISE marbled Vinyl incl. slipmat, record butler (Napalm Records Mailorder exclusive) – strictly limited to 200 copies worldwide – SOLD OUT!
1LP Gatefold PURPLE Vinyl (Napalm Records Mailorder exclusive) – strictly limited to 400 copies worldwide – LAST COPIES!
1LP Gatefold ORANGE Vinyl (Retail UK exclusive) – strictly limited to 300 copies
1LP Gatefold BLACK Vinyl
1CD Digisleeve incl. 1 Bonus Track
Digital Album incl. 3 Bonus Tracks

31.07.2024 RO – Braşov / Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2024
02.08.2024 SE – Rejmyre / Skogsröjet
03.08.2024 DE – Wacken / Wacken Open Air
04.08.2024 NL – Amsterdam / Melkweg
06.08.2024 DE – Saarbrücken / Garage Saarbrücken
07.08.2024 DE – Würzburg / Posthalle GmbH
08.08.2024 AT – Feldkirch / Poolbar Festival 2024
09.08.2024 DE – Karlsruhe / Substage
10.08.2024 DE – Cologne / Live Muic Hall
12.08.2024 PL – Krakow / Studio
13.08.2024 SI – Bratislava / Majestic Music Club
14.08.2024 DE – Regensburg / Eventhall Airport
16.08.2024 DK – Horsens / Jailbreak 2024
17.08.2024 DE – Sulingen / Reload Festival 2024
18.08.2024 SE – Vallamand / Rock The Lakes 2024

Formed in 1999, DRAGONFORCE has captivated audiences worldwide with their highly successful records and iconic singles, including the platinum-selling hit “Through the Fire and Flames” – the ultimate challenge for gamers on the legendary “Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock”. Renowned for their epic compositions that expand the boundaries of heavy metal, on their highly anticipated new full-length, DRAGONFORCE explore a wider range of varying musical styles than ever before, evolving their sound throughout the exciting musical journey.

Herman Li – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Sam Totman – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Marc Hudson – Vocals
Alicia Vigil – Bass, Backing Vocals
Gee Anzalone – Drums, Backing Vocals


Herman Li online:

Music News

SABATON – ‘The Tour To End All Tours’ in cinemas on October 11th!

This year SABATON releases ‘The Tour To End All Tours‘ concert film in partnership with All Things Live! The film will hit theatres on October 11, 2024, and tickets will be released on August 26, 2024.

Titled ‘Sabaton – The Tour To End All Tours‘, this concert film holds a special place in SABATON´s hearts. It was recorded at the sold-out Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, where thousands of fans gathered to watch the band. For those who know SABATON well, you’ll understand the profound significance of this concert. When they first performed in the Netherlands six years after the formation, they played to a small crowd – only a handful of people. Reflecting on this incredible contrast from then to now truly blows SABATON´s minds!

Now, SABATON invite you to embark on a heavy metal journey like no other and celebrate the largest tour to date! ‘Sabaton – The Tour To End All Tours‘ will throw you straight into the heart of their explosive live performance. If you’re looking for energy, pyrotechnics and heavy metal with a side of history, look no further! SABATON´s got you covered.

Watch the trailer for ‘Sabaton – The Tour To End All Tours’ here:

Pär Sundström says: “In 2023, we embarked on our biggest tour ever, and in Europe alone, we covered over 50,000 kilometres with a dedicated team of 170 amazing people, 9 buses, 12 trucks, and even a tank! “The Tour To End All Tours” was an unforgettable journey for each of us – unique, thrilling, and deeply eye-opening. We wanted to share this extraordinary experience with everyone, especially those who couldn’t attend our live shows for whatever reason.”

“Coming from humble beginnings, performing at the sold out Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam was a surreal and monumental achievement for us. We hope you enjoy the Sabaton experience and we’re confident you won’t be disappointed! October 11th. Mark that date on your calendar,” Pär adds.

Gather your fellow metalheads, and prepare for the metal event of the year!
For more detailed information on this project, visit!

In the more than two decades since their launch, Swedish metallers, SABATON, have achieved quadruple-platinum sales, headlined major festivals and sold-out arena concerts across the globe, and earned a legion of loyal fans by carving out a reputation as one of the hardest working bands in rock.  SABATON combines standout stage design and production with epic concept albums, linking real-life historical war events with classic kick-ass metal. To date, the band has released ten studio albums, amassed six Gold, two Platinum, and one four-times-Platinum awards, seen eight of its albums score Top 10 international chart status, and six claim the Top 5. The band has earned eight Metal Hammer/Golden Gods Awards nominations, taking home the award for “Breakthrough Artist” in 2011 and “Best Live Band” in three different years, and a Grammis nomination (Swedish equivalent to the U.S. GRAMMY) as Best Heavy Metal band. SABATON has also accumulated more than two billion streams across all streaming platforms.