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Rock Candy Magazine Issue 38 Out Now Featuring MOTLEY CRUE

MAY 31, 2023 — Mötley Crüe feature on the cover of issue 38 of Rock Candy Mag as legendary rock journalist Sylvie Simmons reveals exactly what it was like to be right at the heart of the action when the band first emerged onto Hollywood’s Sunset Strip back in 1981.

Simmons moved from the UK to Los Angeles in the 1970s to cover the US rock scene, and her timing couldn’t have been better as she got to witness first hand the rise of hard rock in the ’80s. “Mötley Crüe weren’t new wave, and Mötley Crüe weren’t nice,” she writes. “Mötley Crüe were delinquent and proud of it. But I could see that this band had something.”

Spearheading a new movement of young rockers who simply didn’t care about moral conventions or radio airplay, Mötley Crüe soon became buddies with Simmons, and she became one of very few people to be admitted into the band’s inner sanctum.

Reliving her first encounter with the band at The Starwood club in the spring of 1981, Simmons writes, “I was intrigued by a cluster of people I saw standing outside. They were pale – something that took serious commitment in sunny Los Angeles, with black Spandex pants and big shaggy hair.Inside the club, Mötley Crüe’s music sounded like someone had chopped up Sweet, Kiss, Alice Cooper and the Godz and put them all in a blender… They came across as deadly serious but at the same time trashy and a lot of fun.”

At her very first interview with the band, bassist Nikki Sixx was quick to tell Simmons about his unshakeable belief in Mötley world domination. “‘In five years maybe every band will look like us,’ he said. He couldn’t have imagined how accurate that was. Or that this group – which a local weekly newspaper would dub the worst band in LA –would spearhead an entire musical movement: glam metal, aka hair metal, the over-the-top, tarty, party scene that dominated a decade of US rock.”

You can read our 14-page Mötley Crüe special, together with many other fascinating stories about Extreme, King Kobra, Steve Lukather, and Desmond Child in issue 38 of Rock Candy Mag. For more details visit

Rock Candy Mag is a 100-page, full-colour bi-monthly rock mag, created in the UK. It covers the sights, sounds and smells from the greatest era in hard rock music, the ’70s and ’80s. The brainchild of: respected UK rock journalists Derek Oliver, Howard Johnson and Malcolm Dome – all frontline writers for the legendary Kerrang! magazine in the golden era.

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Power Metal Icons GLORYHAMMER Release Third Single, “Wasteland Warrior Hoots Patrol”

photo credit: Fernando Bonenfant

Sozos Michael (Angus McFife) – Vocals
Paul Templing (Ser Proletius) – Guitars
James Cartwright (The Hootsman) – Bass
Michael Barber (Zargothrax) – Keyboards
Ben Turk (Ralathor) – Drums

Power Metal Icons GLORYHAMMER Release Third Single, “Wasteland Warrior Hoots Patrol” + Official Video! | Watch HERE

New Album, Return to the Kingdom of Fife, to be Released Tomorrow via Napalm Records! | Pre-Order HERE

Before their new album, Return to the Kingdom of Fife, drops this Friday via Napalm Records, power metal titans GLORYHAMMER unleash their third new single – the fast yet heavy “Wasteland Warrior Hoots Patrol”! A catchy keyboard melody leads into the epic power metal track backed by strong metal drumming and topped with high-reaching vocals. Having gained millions of streams and video views throughout their very successful career and with their last album peaking at #6 on the official German charts, nothing less is to be expected from GLORYHAMMER‘s upcoming offering. “Wasteland Warrior Hoots Patrol” comes with a racing music video visualizing the band’s unique energy and staves off the final wait for the album’s unveiling!

“Alright you bunch of nuclear goblins, LISTEN UP! The Hootsman is coming to town, and he’s gonna cyber-detonate your brains to death with his hootatronic battle-saxophone! HOOTS!”

Watch the music video for “Holy Flaming Hammer Of Unholy Cosmic Frost” HERE

In the not-so-distant Kingdom of Fife, there lies a band like no other. GLORYHAMMER embodies the very essence of power metal and epic fantasy, with a sound so majestic and grandiose that it could only be the work of the gods themselves. Led by the manifestation of extreme trumpet-chaos in battle-mode, GLORYHAMMER has been waging a never-ending fight against the forces of Zargothrax since their formation in 2010.

With their soaring hyper-melodies, multitudinous orchestra-explosions and thunderous nano-guitar riffs, they have become the undisputed champions of the power metal scene, drawing in legions of fans from across the galaxy with their epic tales of intergalactic warfare, cosmic sorcery, and heroic deeds. It has been four years since the band’s last release, but the wait is finally over for another massive onslaught of power metal greatness.

With the journey back to Fife, Return to the Kingdom of Fife starts with trumpeting horns to lead them into battle, before jumping straight into “Holy Flaming Hammer of the Unholy Cosmic Frost”, telling the tale of reclaiming the lost Kingdom with the use of the mighty and majestic Holy Flaming Hammer. But the evil wizard has laid waste all over the Kingdom after the devastating war of Dundee, forming the nuclear wasteland of “Imperium Dundaxia”. Crossing through the diseased Kingdom, the mighty Hootsman and his warriors ride on nuclear motorbikes as the “Wasteland Warrior Hoots Patrol” fights goblins and controls the law of the land. The Grandmaster Proletius leads his “Brothers of Crail” to fight together and defeat the evil wizard Zargothrax. Rising to the occasion, the brave prince Angus McFife brings together warriors from across the land to fight in the name of “Fife Eternal”! Onwards on their journey, the mighty heroes must cross through the Dwarven Caverns and defeat the “Sword Lord of the Goblin Horde” to ignite the path to retrieve the legendary weapon known as the “Vorpal Laserblaster of the Pittenweem”…but our heroes are too late, for the weapon has been stolen by a great force of evil! The great journey comes to its climax as the evil sorcerer and master of nightmares, Zargothrax, wields ungodly power as the “Keeper of the Celestial Flame of Abernethy”, and the group of mighty warriors come together in one final attempt vanquish the evil double wizards from the Kingdom of Fife in “Maleficus Geminus (Colossus Matrix 38B – Ultimate Invocation of the Binary Thaumaturge)”.

This is an album for the ages – power metal shines brighter than ever on the thrilling and action-packed Return to the Kingdom of Fife!”

GLORYHAMMER on the album:
“Hoots! We are proud to teleport you all to as-of-yet unknown mountaintops of extreme-trumpet-confoundry with this new opus! Several orchestras were maimed during the production process, which we think reflects adequately in the hyper-sonic nano-recordings we have inscribed on disc for you to peruse. Many battles await!”

Pre Order Your Copy NOW!

Return To The Kingdom Of Fife Tracklist:
Incoming Transmission
Holy Flaming Hammer of Unholy Cosmic Frost
Imperium Dundaxia
Wasteland Warrior Hoots Patrol
Brothers of Crail
Fife Eternal
Sword Lord of the Goblin Horde
Vorpal Laserblaster of Pittenweem
Keeper of the Celestial Flame of Abernethy
Maleficus Geminus (Colossus Matrix 38B – Ultimate Invocation of the Binary Thaumaturge)

CD 2 contains the orchestral version ofReturn To The Kingdom Of Fife.

Return To The Kingdom Of Fife is available in the following formats:
Wooden Deluxe Box (2-CD Digipak, 7” Single for “Fly Away”, Cards + Dice + Flag + Collector’s Card)
2-LP Gatefold Marbled
2-LP Gatefold Black
2-CD Digipak + Shirt
2-CD Digipak

Make sure to catch GLORYHAMMER live in 2023!
Festival Dates:
10.06.23 ES – Z! Live Rock Fest / Zamora
13.08.23 BE – Alcatraz / Kortrijk
15.08.23 AT – Dornbirn / Conrad Sohm
16.08.23 DE – Burglenfeld / VAZ
17.08.23 CZ – Rock Castle / Moravsky Kumlov
18.08.23 DE – Koblenz / Festung Ehrenbreitstein
19.08.23 NL – Dynamo Metalfest / Eindhoven
20.08.23 CH – Rock The Lakes / Lake Morat
15.09.23 Baltic Sea – Full Metal Cruise / Kiel

Napalm Records

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Death Metal Machine CRYPTA Announces New Album, “Shades of Sorrow”, with First Single “Lord of Ruins”

photo credit: Estevam Romera

Fernanda Lira – Bass, Vocals
Jéssica di Falchi – Guitar
Tainá Bergamaschi – Guitar
Luana Dametto – Drums

Death Metal Machine CRYPTA Announces New Album, Shades of Sorrow, out August 4, 2023 via Napalm Records | Pre-Order NOW!

First Single “Lord of Ruins” + Music Video Out Now | Watch HERE!

Brazilian death metal outfit CRYPTAare preparing to unleash their second beast of an album, Shades of Sorrow, on August 4, 2023 via Napalm Records! Formed in 2019 by former NERVOSA members Luana Dametto (drums) and Fernanda Lira (vocals), and now featuring guitarists Tainá Bergamaschi and Jessica di Falchi, CRYPTA broke the charts with their highly praised very first album, Echoes of the Soul, in 2021. The album received massive critical and fanbase acclaim for a debut release (including landing at #55 on the Official German Album Charts and debuting at #15 on both the US Hard Music Albums and Top New Artist Albums charts).

On Shades of Sorrow, the band stays true to their unique sound that was introduced on their first full-length, blending classic and modern death metal with significant extreme and black metal elements. Straight from the burning gates of death metal salvation, their brand new single, “Lord of Ruins”, serves as a relentless harbinger of what the new album has to offer and a smashing dose of true CRYPTA sound, leaving the listener breathless.

The song is highlighted by a demonic, captivating official video that showcases the full power of the matchless combination.

Luana Dametto (drums) on “Lord of Ruins”:
“‘Lord of Ruins’ was our pick for a first single ’cause it combines both melodic and aggressive melodies that are present throughout the whole album. So we thought it’s a good representation of what to expect of the whole piece. It’s also the final song of the record and it has a very impactful meaning. It’s the closure of the whole album concept and it also fits perfectly with the artwork concept we had in mind.”

Watch the official music video for thrilling “Lord of Ruins”HERE:

As a raging monster on its own, Shades of Sorrow begins with the instrumental piano intro track “The Aftermath”, creating an ominous atmosphere before “Dark Clouds” kicks straight off with feral growls to drop jaws, showcasing the full extent of the band’s striking interplay from the very first second. “Poisonous Apathy”features electrifying guitar sounds and prominent hard-hitting bass, creeping into the listener’s brain. Ruthless “The Outsider” unleashes a massive drum attack and another ferocity of coals, before it fades into a softer outro that melts seamlessly into the intro of “Stronghold”, one of the slower and more melodic tracks on the album. Outstanding death metal drumming on “The Other Side of Anger” sets the scene for threatening vocals, evoking an uncontrollable storm. Dark and deep instrumental piano interlude “The Limbo” acts as an intro to the impressive guitar work on “Trial of Traitors”. Following the eerie, haunting “Lullaby for the Forsaken” comes “Agents of Chaos”, showcasing the undeniable talent of the band with its many changes. Relentless death metal tracks “Lift the Blindfold” and “Lord of Ruins” offer the last dose of true CRYPTA sound, leaving the listener breathless before the beautiful instrumental outro “The Closure” wraps the album up.

Fernanda Lira (bass, vocals) on Shades of Sorrow:
Shades of Sorrow is a semi-concept album which describes a journey through the depths of our psyche when facing tough battles. It’s a trip to the many shades of pain we sometimes have to face while enduring our lives’ challenges. The songs are the perfect gloomy, dark, emotional soundtrack for this journey.”

Pre-order the hard-hitting Shades of Sorrow NOW:

Shades of Sorrow tracklisting:
1 The Aftermath
2 Dark Clouds
3 Poisonous Apathy
4 The Outsider
5 Stronghold
6 The Other Side of Anger
7 The Limbo
8 Trial of Traitors
9 Lullaby for the Forsaken
10 Agents of Chaos
11 Lift the Blindfold
12 Lord of Ruins
13 The Closure

It is clear that the talented women of CRYPTA have created another impressive masterpiece with Shades of Sorrow, presenting the very best of their technical ability and songwriting skills on this 13-track onslaught. Shades of Sorrow was recorded at Family Mob Studio, mixed by Daniel Bergstrand at 33 Stockholm, Sweden and mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studio.

Shades of Sorrow will be available in the following formats:
Deluxe Wooden Box Set (incl. 1 CD Digisleeve, Pendant, Guitar Pick, Shaped Woven Patch, Flag) – ltd. to 500 copies worldwide
1 LP Gatefold SPLATTER RED YELLOW BLACK (incl. Slipmat) – ltd. to 500 copies worldwide
1 LP Gatefold SUN YELLOW – ltd. to 400 copies worldwide
Music Cassette (BLACK w/ Gold print) – ltd. to 200 copies worldwide
1 CD Digisleeve + T-Shirt bundle
1 CD Digisleeve
Digital Album

Deluxe Wooden Box Set (incl. 1 CD Digisleeve, Pendant, Guitar Pick, Shaped Woven Patch, Flag)
– ltd. to 500 copies worldwide

1 LP Gatefold SPLATTER RED YELLOW BLACK (incl. Slipmat) – ltd. to 500 copies worldwide

01.06.23 SK – Kosice / Collosseum
02.06.23 AT – Vienna / Escape
03.06.23 CZ – Plezen / Metalfest Open Air
04.06.23 DE – Erfurt / From Hell
05.06.23 DE – Hamburg / Logo
06.06.23 DK – Copenhagen / Beta
08.06.23 BE – Diest / Hell
09.06.23 BE – Kortrijk / DVG Club
10.06.23 DE – Weinheim / Cafe Central
11.06.23 DE – Frankfurt am Main / Nachtleben
13.06.23 DE – Torgau / In Flammen
14.07.23 DE – Berlin / Cassiopeia
15.07.23 AT – Loeben / Area 53 Open Air
16.07.23 AT – Salzburg / Rockhouse
19.07.23 ES – Vitoria / Urban Rock Concept
20.07.23 ES – Valladolid / Porta Caeli Club
21.07.23 ES – Cangas Do Morrazo / Kanekas Metal Fest
22.07.23 PT – Almada / Club Cine Incrivel
23.07.23 ES – Madrid / Revilive
24.07.23 ES – Lleida / Cafe del Teatre
28.07.23 SI – Tolmin / Tolminator Metal Fest
30.07.23 IT – Padova / Padova / Metal Fest

CRYPTA online:
Napalm Records

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Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta Drops”Assimilation Agenda” — New Jasta Single Feat. Steve “Zetro” Souza


JAMEY JASTA has just dropped a single and visualizer for “Assimilation Agenda,” a brand-new JASTA track, featuring Steve “Zetro” Souza from Bay Area legends Exodus. The banger is the first new music from JASTA since the release of the well-received project, The Lost Chapters, Volume 2, which dropped in 2019.

Watch and listen here and here.

“The whole album is a love letter to thrash but this song in particular is a great example of what’s to come and one of my favorites,” says Jasta. “A duet with Zetro that will get the circle pits going HARD!!!”

The song was recorded/mixed/mastered by Nick Bellmore at Dexters Lab Recording in Milford, CT. It’s the first track from JASTA’s forthcoming new album, due out later this year. Stay tuned for more info.

The name “Jasta” represents one of music’s most prolific and powerful reputations. As founder and frontman for GRAMMY-nominated monoliths Hatebreed alongside his countless collaborations, Jasta’s reputation extends worldwide and well beyond music. From stints as the three-year host of MTV’sHeadbanger’s Ball to his own popular podcast, the 2016-launched The Jasta Show, he has become synonymous with both heavy music and hardcore culture. He remains the leading voice of the scene and amongst his peers.


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DIETH Releases New Single Featuring David Ellefson’s First Ever Solo Lead Vocal Performance, Entitled “Walk With Me Forever”

photo credit: Maciej Pieloch

Guilherme Miranda – Vocals, Guitar
David Ellefson – Vocals, Bass
Michał Łysejko – Drums

DIETH Releases New Single Featuring David Ellefson’s First Ever Solo Lead Vocal Performance, Entitled “Walk With Me Forever”

Watch a New Music Video HERE

DIETH: New Death-Thrash Band of Metal Icons
David Ellefson, Guilherme Miranda and Michał Łysejko

New Album, To Hell And Back, out this Friday, June 2, 2023
Pre-Order HERE

Death thrash force DIETH – featuring Grammy Award winning bassist David Ellefson, Swedish Grammy nominated guitarist/vocalist Guilherme Miranda (ex-Entombed A.D.) and drummer Michał Łysejko (ex-Decapitated) – will release their debut full-length, To Hell And Back, this Friday, June 2, 2023 via Napalm Records!

Today, the band is thrilled to release their new single and bassist David Ellefson’s first ever solo lead vocal performance of his career, “Walk With Me Forever”. The touching ballad – which premiered yesterday via Loudwire Nights – holds very special meaning on this US Memorial Day week, as it explores the intense loss of a loved one and their memory providing the strength to carry on.

The track’s haunting accompanying music video, also out today, shows David Ellefson narrating a story of love and loss, directed by Oskar Szramka and starring notable Polish actors Jan Napieralski and Agnieszka Goździewicz.

Ellefson states about the track:
“We’ve all experienced loss and grief at some point in our life, and this song expresses that feeling as well as the gratitude we find when accepting, letting go and carrying the beauty of that person’s life with us as we move on.”

Watch the music video for “Walk With Me Forever”HERE:

DIETH marks the exciting resurgence of three renowned musicians, coming together as a new musical force after years of silence. Produced by DIETHwith mixing and mastering by Tomasz Zed Zalewski at Zed Studios in Chechło, Poland, To Hell And Backrepresents new beginnings – musically, lyrically and for the band members themselves.

Weaving a sinister thread of unrelenting tech-steeped death metal, rapid thrash bangers and even boasting the first ever lead vocal performance by David Ellefson on a track, the members of DIETH have pushed beyond the stereotypes of their former genres to create an unexpected yet charismatic and dynamic new sonic footprint.

Pre-Order To Hell And BackHERE:

To Hell And Back track listing:
1. To Hell And Back
2. Don’t Get Mad … Get Even!
3. Wicked Disdain
4. Free Us All
5. Heavy Is The Crown
6. Walk With Me Forever
7. Dead Inside
8. The Mark Of Cain
9. In The Hall Of The Hanging Serpents
10. Severance

Opening with an entrancing acoustic introduction, first track “To Hell And Back” quickly slams in with a punishing death metal attack. Tracks like “Dead Inside” and “Don’t Get Mad … Get Even!” showcase the thrash-infused side of DIETH, while death metal anthems such as “Wicked Disdain” and “The Mark of Cain” lean diabolical with hair-raising solos and breakneck paced rhythms backed by crushing walls of aggression. Standout “Free Us All” flirts with the record’s pace by blending winding passages and aggression with throwback bass-driven interludes with psychedelic production, followed by “Heavy Is The Crown” – a slow and low grinder featuring stoner metal groove, a swaying chorus and a blues-infused solo. Pensive, powerful ballad “Walk With Me Forever” showcases David Ellefson’s lead vocal performance debut, singing about the intense loss of a loved one and their memory providing the strength to carry on.

Ending with intensely beautiful “Severance”, To Hell And Back proves that DIETH isn’t just another side project or “supergroup”, but rather the collective reincarnation of three renowned heavy metal forces who, by harnessing their own pain and conflict, have delivered an exciting next chapter no metal fan will want to miss!

To Hell And Back will be available in the following formats:
-1CD Digisleeve
-1LP Gatefold Black
-Limited 1LP Die Hard Vinyl (Marbled Red/Black) w/ wristband, embroidered patch, signed autograph card – Napalm mail order only, limited to 300
-Digital Album

Limited 1LP Die Hard Vinyl (Marbled Red/Black) w/ wristband, embroidered patch, signed autograph card – Napalm mail order only, limited to 300]

DIETH live:
05.06.2023 DE, Berlin / Columbia Theater (supporting Testament + Voivod)
16.06.2023 DE, Hannover / Capitol (supporting Testament + Voivod)
15. – 18.06.2023 BE, Dessel / Graspop Metal Festival
06. – 08.07.2023 CZ, Velke Mezirici / Fajtfest
03. – 05.08.2023 PT, Vagos / Vagos Metal Fest
20.08.2023 FR, Carhaix / Motorcultor Festival

DIETH online:

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German Metalcore Upstarts SETYØURSAILS Release Brand New Standalone Single “Best of Me”

photo credit: Bastian Scholl

Jules Mitch – vocals, songwriting
Andre Alves – guitar, songwriting
Henrik Kellershohn – drums
Nicolai Hoch – bass

After successfully dropping their second album and label debut, Nightfall, in January 2022, followed by extensive touring with Annisokay, Emil Bulls and Cypecore, German metalcore upstarts SETYØURSAILSaren’t slowing down – offering another special treat with their brand-new standalone single “Best of Me”, out today. On this intense new offering, the Cologne-based outfit led by vocalist Jules Mitch skillfully balances beautiful melodic and fierce heavy parts, leading to an intense breakdown.

“Best of Me” is underlined via an intense official music video, capturing the song’s essence and attitude in the best way. With a new visual surrounding the song, it also represents the next chapter in the band’s history and keeps the anticipation high for everything that is about to come! “Best of Me” is now available via all streaming services HERE.

Jules Mitch on “Best of Me”:
“With ‘Best of Me’, we herald a new era for SETYØURSAILS. We have once again unconsciously pushed the boundaries of different genres in search of our sound and our soul. We hope that with this single we can get the necks headbanging and the venues shaking.
Same as our last album, Nightfall, ‘Best of Me” also tells of my personal struggle with depression and the daily challenges that come with it. I hope that people can identify with this track and I wish everyone who struggles with mental health a lot of strength and power!


Watch the Official Music Video for “Best of Me” HERE:

Claim your copy of Nightfall NOW!

SETYØURSAILS recommend themselves as the most promising newcomer of the German metalcore and post-hardcore scene.”
Fuze Magazine, GER

Young, enraged and standing steadfastly against hate – SETYØURSAILS perform uncompromising yet melodic post hardcore-influenced metalcore, convincing both live and on record. The unit has already performed at well-known festivals (Reload Festival, Traffic Jam Open Air) and converted fans alongside genre greats like Bullet for My Valentine, Hatebreed, Jinjer and Walls of Jericho with their unbeatable live energy.

SETYØURSAILS about their latest album, Nightfall:
“This album is the most honestly written work we could get out of ourselves. It reflects the struggle of dealing with oneself, fear and life itself. It’s dark, it’s loud and it hurts. But most importantly- it’s true.”

02.06.2023 CH Hallau / Open Air Hallau
09.06.2023 DE Zwickau / Alter Gasometer
10.06.2023 DE Bischofsmais / Rock the Hill Festival
29.07.2023 DE Vechta / Afdreiht un Buten
31.07.2023 DE Aschaffenburg / Colos-Saal
17.08.2023 DE Dinkelsbühl / Summer Breeze
26.08.2023 DE Langelsheim / Rock am Beckenrand
01.09.2023 DE Merseburg / Merseburger Rocknacht
02.09.2023 DE Montabaur / Pell Mell Festival

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Prevail Drop “Deep End” “Stripped” Video



Platinum-certified and twice GRAMMY-nominated Michigan rock powerhouse I PREVAILBrian Burkheiser (vocals), Eric Vanlerberghe (vocals), Steve Menoian (guitars/bass), Dylan Bowman (guitars), and Gabe Helguera (drums) — released their monumental new record TRUE POWER via Fearless Records last year. It was followed by a sold out, two-leg tour across the U.S. and Canada.

Today, the band has shared the video for the gorgeous, stripped version of their latest single “Deep End.” This version of the song is laced with a haunting piano melody. Watch it here.

‘”Deep End” showcases I Prevail’s deftness with dynamics, vacillating between tempos and emotions before the final fadeout. The song’s message is as powerful as its melody, and that’s precisely why the song takes hold from start to finish.

“‘Deep End’ felt special from the day we wrote it,” the band says. “Being one of the most introspective tracks on the record, it became a reflection on an attempt to stop battling certain things about yourself and instead learning to accept them as a part of who you are. There’s a peace to be found in that. Overall, this track allowed us to evolve the softer side of our band and we’re incredibly proud of it.”

There’s Fear In Letting Go
Body Bag
Bad Things

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Symphonic Metal Force SIRENIA Reveal Third Single “Wintry Heart” & Performance Music Video

Photo Credit: Cécile Delpoïo

Morten Veland – Vocals, guitars, bass, synth, programming
Nils Courbaron – Solo Guitar
Emmanuelle Zoldan – Vocals
Michael Brush – Drums

Symphonic Metal Force SIRENIA Reveal Third Single “Wintry Heart” & Performance Music Video | Watch HERE!

New Album, 1977, out May 26, 2023 via Napalm Records
Pre-Order Your Copy NOW!

The symphonic metal icons effortlessly merge 80s rock and synthwave elements on their immense 11th studio album!

International symphonic metal force SIRENIA reveal their third and final new single, entitled “Wintry Heart”! Ranking at the top of their genre for more than 20 years, the band will release their eleventh studio album, 1977, on May 26, 2023 via Napalm Records. Led by mastermind Morten Veland, SIRENIA gathered worldwide press coverage with their previous releases and toured throughout Europe, Latin America, North America, Asia and Australia.

Fast-paced new single “Wintry Heart”gives a bittersweet taste of early 90’s vibes, roaring guitars and synth melodies, exploring a new style like never before. The single comes with an exciting performance music video.

Morten Veland on “Wintry Heart”:
‘Wintry Heart’ is a powerful, melodic and more up-tempo song. I also find it to be very energetic – it’s definitely one of the songs on the 1977 album that I really look forward to performing live. The chorus also has a great hook line. I hope you’ll enjoy it!”

Watch the Official Music Video for “Wintry Heart” HERE:

Pre-Order 1977 HERE:

1977 Tracklist:
1. Deadlight
2. Wintry Heart
3. Nomadic
4. The Setting Darkness
5. A Thousand Scars
6. Fading to the Deepest Black
7. Oceans Away
8. Dopamine
9. Delirium
10.Timeless Desolation
11.Twist in my Sobriety (Bonus track)

1977 will be available in the following formats:
Digipak Album
Digital Album

Captivating album opener “Deadlight”is followed by “Wintry Heart”, and“Nomadic” that represents SIRENIA‘s characteristic dark and heavy side as shredding guitar riffs alternate with playful interludes while relentless drums and symphonic electronic elements go hand in hand with one another. “A Thousand Scars” marks a totally new fusion for SIRENIA, as heavy symphonic tunes dressed as remarkable rock riffs and poppy rhythms dance together with the feathery light vocals of Emmanuelle. With the eerie and epic tunes of “Fading to the Deepest Black”, the song is reminiscent of their last album, Riddles, Ruins & Revelations (2021). Kicking off with vertiginous blast beats and a mesmerizing performance by Emmanuelle Zoldan, a warm vocal interlude by Morten Veland supports the song’s stunning atmosphere before it leads into an impressive guitar solo. Following their operatic symphonic highs, the heavy side of SIRENIA is not forgotten and appears especially towards the end of their 11th record.

SIRENIA online:
Napalm Records

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OBLIVION PROTOCOL Reveals First Video/Single, “Forests In The Fallout;” The Fall Of The Shires Debut Album To Be Released August 18th Via Atomic Fire Records

Richard West – vocals, keyboards
Ruud Jolie – guitars
Simon Andersson – bass
Darby Todd – drums

OBLIVION PROTOCOL — the new project led by Threshold keyboard player and songwriter Richard West — today unveils “Forests In The Fallout,” the first single from their forthcoming debut album, The Fall Of The Shires, due out on August 18th via Atomic Fire Records.

Written as a sequel to Threshold’s 2017 concept album Legends Of The Shires, The Fall Of The Shires delivers a dense, climactic sound somewhere between Rush, Steven Wilson, The Dark Side Of The Moon-era Pink Floyd, and hard rock masters Ghost, all the while providing the listener with clever little nods, bows, and references to the first installment.

OBLIVION PROTOCOL mastermind West elaborates, “At the end of Legends Of The Shires, the protagonist considers a number of possible futures – ‘maybe a painter, a guide, a clerk, a maker, or maybe a writer, a king, a star, a fighter.’ So the sequel tells the story of him becoming the king and the consequences of that choice where he decides that the only way to control the population is to suppress and control them, so the shires become a much darker place.”

The cover art for The Fall Of The Shires was designed by celebrated artist Thomas Ewerhard who was responsible for so many of Threshold’s classic covers such as Hypothetical and Subsurface, and depicts the downfall. The record’s first single, “Forests In The Fallout,” is told from the perspective of the suppressed people and is the perfect introduction to this new progressive metal masterpiece.

Watch OBLIVION PROTOCOL’s lyric video for “Forests In The Fallout” at THIS LOCATION. Stream/purchase the track HERE

OBLIVION PROTOCOL’s lineup is completed with three renowned musicians: guitarist Ruud Jolie (Within Temptation), bassist Simon Andersson (Darkwater), and drummer Darby Todd (Devin Townsend). Additionally, Threshold’s Karl Groom has contributed some truly enthralling guitar solos to the record.

The Fall Of The Shires will be available in CD-digipak, LP (Green), and digital formats. 

Preorder The Fall Of The Shires in the physical format of your choice, presave it on your preferred DSP or preorder it digitally to receive “Forests In The Fallout” instantly at THIS LOCATION.

The Fall Of The Shires Track Listing:
1. The Fall (Part 1)
2. Tormented
3. Public Safety Broadcast
4. This Is Not A Test
5. Storm Warning
6. Vertigo
7. Forests In The Fallout
8. The Fall (Part 2)


Music News

ICE AGE: New York City Progressive Metal Quartet Releases Epic “Riverflow” Video; Waves Of Loss And Power Out Now On Sensory Records

photo by Roy Somech

See ICE AGE’s “Riverflow” video HERE.

New York City progressive rock/metal quartet ICE AGEpresents a new video for the epic track “Riverflow,” the opus found on the band’s dynamic third album Waves Of Loss And Power, out now on Sensory Records.

ICE AGE’s first in twenty-two years, Waves Of Loss And Power showcases vocalist/keyboardist Josh Pincus, guitarist Jimmy Pappas, drummer Hal Aponte, and bassist Doug Odell wearing their varied influences confidently on their collective sleeve. The band conjures the spirits of Kansas and Genesis (“Riverflow”), fleeting shades of Queensrÿche, Rush, and Fates Warning (“The Needle’s Eye,” “Together Now”), and flexes their “hit song” muscle with the infectious hooks of “All My Years” and “Float Away.” In true prog tradition, ICE AGEcontinues the epic sagas begun on the first two albums with abiding narrative nods to the musical motifs and thematic tapestries of “Perpetual Child” (from The Great Divide) and “To Say Goodbye” (last visited on Liberation). In all respects, Waves Of Loss And Power is a seminal masterwork of catchy, thoughtful, and bonafide progressive songwriting.

Engineering for Waves Of Loss And Power was principally handled by Jimmy Pappas with mixing and mastering exquisitely dialed-in by auditory guru Rich Mouser (Spock’s Beard, Transatlantic, Dream Theater). The cover art concept and booklet design were brought to life by Bjorn GooBes of Killustrations, with a fresh new band logo by Thomas Ewerhard.

The video for the nearly eleven-minute “Riverflow” was conceived and edited by Wayne Joyner. With “Riverflow,” the band channels the spirits of their 1970s prog rock heroes while still maintaining a muscular, metallic edge. The song speaks of finding our way home, both individually and collectively, as we navigate the winding rapids of life, which often take us in unexpected and unfamiliar directions.

Watch ICE AGE’s epic “Riverflow” video now at THIS LOCATION.

Waves Of Loss And Power can be purchased at the Sensory Records web-shop HERE and the digital at Bandcamp – the standard version HERE and the 24-bit hi-res version HERE – as well as through all other digital outlets. Also watch the previously issued “The Needle’s Eye” video HERE.

ICE AGE is confirmed to perform at the 2023 edition of ProgPower USA. The massive festival runs from September 6th through 9th and will see the band sharing the stage with the likes of Kamelot, Caligula’s Horse, Myrath, Delain, Green Carnation, Doro, Cynic, Swallow The Sun, and many more. Watch for additional regional dates to post shortly.


9/06/2023 ProgPower USA @ Center Stage – Atlanta, GA [info]

“…one of the best albums of the genre in recent years.” – Profil Prog

“These eight songs continue the fine depth of stellar musicianship, synchronizing interplay, tempo shifting, as well as executing killer hooks and melodies to cohesively express musical ideas in such a way that the appeal isn’t just for the trained set, but also the ardent progressive mavens… this feels like ICE AGE could be the comeback act of the year through this amazing album. 9.5/10” – Dead Rhetoric

“…a welcome return for ICE AGE. The band have managed to defy the years, sounding as good – if not better – than before.” – The Progressive Aspect

“…for those of us who have had our appetite for this genre embedded deep within us, and who get to satisfy it so rarely today, this album is a true blessing. It is a love letter to a sub-genre that is falsely maligned, and which has much of everything that’s great about progressive metal as its very bones. God bless you ICE AGE for this album! Thank you for keeping the flame of heavy, dark, progressive metal alive.” – Heavy Blog Is Heavy

“Despite the lengthy sabbatical, it seems like the band picked right up where they previously left off… This is great news for long-time ICE AGE followers as there is certainly no question as to whether or not the band’s still got it. Undeniably, the songs are strong and the performances remarkable. If anything, the band is more of a powerhouse than they were at the turn of the century.” – Sonic Perspectives

“Like these forefathers, ICE AGE is full of talent, both in songwriting and performance. In fact, I would go so far as to say that they have brought a bridge between the past and the present with this album. I don’t know how many albums the band has put out, but you can hear their mature seasoning here. Any fans of Progressive music will surely find a lot to love.” – Metal Temple

Music News

KAMELOT Reveals Enchanting Music Video for New Track “New Babylon”, Featuring Melissa Bonny

photo credit: Tom Couture

Tommy Karevik – Vocals
Thomas Youngblood – Guitars
Oliver Palotai – Keyboards
Sean Tibbetts – Bass
Alex Landenburg – Drums

Modern Symphonic Metal Icons KAMELOT Reveal Enchanting Music Video for New Track “New Babylon”,
Featuring Melissa Bonny | Watch HERE

New Album, The Awakening, Out Now | Order HERE

North American Headline Tour, Featuring Support from Special Guests Battle Beast and Labelmates Xandria, Begins August 17!

Catch KAMELOT at Sweden Rock Festival in TWO WEEKS!

Modern heavy symphonic metal leaders KAMELOT recently released their most introspective, uplifting, vital release to date – their first full-length in five years, The Awakening. The album, which debuted at #2 on the US Current Hard Music Albums chart and #27 on the Current Album Sales chart, connected with fans and critics alike – touted by many as the best late-era KAMELOT release to date!

Today, the band is thrilled to reveal an exciting new live music video for the new fan-favorite anthem “New Babylon”, featuring none other than the enchanting Melissa Bonny (Ad Infinitum, The Dark Side Of The Moon). The new video features high quality live footage from the band’s recent European tour, adding an electrifying touch to the track’s already massive sound.

KAMELOT founder and guitarist Thomas Youngblood states:
“Melissa Bonny joined us on this new album and massive tour, and she has been amazing to say the least. We are really excited to have her in this new video and also on the upcoming tour in North America!”

Watch the music video for “New Babylon” HERE:

This new video arrives on the heels of KAMELOT‘s recent announcement of their 2023 “Awaken The World” North American headline tour, featuring special guests Battle Beast and additional support from labelmates Xandria! The tour kicks off in Silver Spring, MD on August 17, visiting several major cities in the US and Canada before coming to an end on September 9 in Orlando, FL. Tickets are on sale now, so visit the official KAMELOT website or local venue websites for tickets and more information.

See below for all current KAMELOT performance dates!

Spring/Summer Festivals:
June 8th – Solvesborg, SE @ Sweden Rock Festival
December 1st – Mexico City, MX @ Life After Death Horror Festival

“Awaken The World” North American Headline Tour Dates
w/ Special Guests Battle Beast
+ Additional Support from Xandria
August 17th – Silver Spring, MD @ The Fillmore
August 18th – Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
August 19th – New York, NY @ Webster Hall
August 21st – Montreal, QC @ Corona Theatre
August 22nd – Toronto, ON @ The Opera House
August 24th – Chicago, IL @ The Vic Theater
August 25th – Minneapolis, MN @ Varsity Theater
August 26th – Kansas City, MO @ The Truman
August 27th – Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre
August 30th – Seattle, WA @ The Showbox
September 1st – San Francisco, CA @ The Regency Ballroom
September 2nd – Los Angeles, CA @ The Wiltern
September 3rd – Phoenix, AZ @ The Van Buren
September 5th – Houston, TX @ House of Blues
September 6th – Dallas, TX @ The Echo Lounge & Music Hall
September 8th – Atlanta, GA @ Center Stage (ProgPower USA) – SOLD OUT! *KAMELOT ONLY
September 9th – Orlando, FL @ Hard Rock Live

Order The Awakening HERE:

The Awakening tracklisting:
1. Overture (Intro)
2. The Great Divide
3. Eventide
4. One More Flag in the Ground
5. Opus of the Night (Ghost Requiem)
6. Midsummer’s Eve
7. Bloodmoon
8. NightSky
9. The Looking Glass
10. New Babylon feat. Melissa Bonny
11. Willow
12. My Pantheon (Forevermore)
13. Ephemera (Outro)

10/10 “Masterpiece!”
– Metal-Temple

The Awakening is KAMELOT’s best album in almost 20 years…”
– The Prog Mind (US), 9/10

The Awakening is KAMELOTperforming at the top of their game.”
– New Noise Magazine (US)

The Awakening is probably the hottest candidate for the (melodic) metal album of the year.”
– Rock It! (DE) – 10/10

The Awakening enters the KAMELOTlegacy as their most massive and diverse offering yet – mixing symphonic, gothic, melodic, progressive and power metal styles while yielding some of the heaviest tracks in the band’s history. Having reigned supreme with the release of internationally top-charting melodic metal pinnacles such as The Fourth Legacy (1999), The Black Halo(2005), Silverthorn (2012), Haven (2015, #1 US Hard Rock Albums), and most recently 2018’s acclaimed The Shadow Theory (#2 US Hard Music Albums), KAMELOT‘s intense brand of ultramodern gothic and symphonic theatricality is amplified further and with more emotionality than ever on The Awakening.

Showcasing the incomparable, stage-seasoned vocal acrobatics of Tommy Karevik and increasingly airtight, renowned technical teamwork of guitarist Thomas Youngblood, drummer Alex Landenburg, keyboardist Oliver Palotai and bassist Sean Tibbetts, KAMELOT‘s score-like 13th studio album is accented by guest contributions from the likes of Melissa Bonny (Ad Infinitum) and renowned instrumentalists like violinist Florian Janoske and cellist Tina Guo.

The Awakening features crystal clear modern production helmed by the band and longtime producer Sascha Paeth, plus mixing and mastering by Jacob Hansen of Hansen Studios.

The Awakening is available in the following formats:
Digital Album
CD Digipak
CD Digipak + Shirt Bundle – Napalm Records exclusive
2-LP Gatefold Vinyl Black
2-LP Gatefold Vinyl in Splatter Red + Black – Napalm Records exclusive (European webstore), limited to 500
2-LP Gatefold in Marbled White + Black – Napalm Records exclusive (North American webstore), limited to 300
48p Earbook with 7” Vinyl Single – Napalm Records exclusive, limited to 500
Wooden Boxset with Envelope Opener, Flag, Patch and Band Postcard – Napalm Records exclusive, limited to 1000
Music Cassette – Napalm Records exclusive, limited to 100

KAMELOT online:

Music News

Belgian Rock Jewel BLACK MIRRORS Premieres Brand New Music Video for “Tears to Share”!

photo: Sébastien Van Malleghem

Marcella Di Troia (Vocals)
Pierre Lateur (Lead Guitar)
Yannick Carpentier (Drums)
Pierre Guillaume (Guitar, Synths, Backing Vocals)

Belgian Rock Jewel BLACK MIRRORS
Premieres Brand New Music Video for “Tears to Share”

Watch the New Music Video HERE

New Album, Tomorrow Will Be Without Us, out on Napalm Records
Order HERE

On Tour in Europe this Fall

Following their latest, critically acclaimed studio album, Tomorrow Will Be Without Us, (released in November 2022 via Napalm Records), Belgian rock act BLACK MIRRORShas premiered a new music video for the song “Tears to Share”.

The band comments:
Our latest single, ‘Tears to Share,’ has just been released! This song has always held a special place in our hearts, and based on your incredible response during our live performances, it seems that you love it just as much as we do.

Guitarist Pete adds:
I absolutely love every aspect of that tune. The vintage soul song vibe, the guitar full of reverb, and I also have to admit, it features my all-time favorite guitar solo that I’ve ever recorded. On top of that, what about Marcella’s vocal performance? It’s simply flawless. From her soulful and gentle delivery during the verses to the raw and commanding bridge, she absolutely nailed it. She gave it her all and created something truly remarkable.

Watch the new BLACK MIRRORS clip for “Tears to Share” HERE:

BLACK MIRRORS’ sophomore album is a deep, soulful and vividly textured 90’s inspired rock record with umpteen layers begging to be picked apart with each spin, and lyrically, traverses humankind’s increasing apathy towards the world around them. Are we killing our own planet? No, BLACK MIRRORS doesn’t believe that we as humans have the power to destroy mother earth. However, as the album cover below portrays, it’s clear who will end up burning – all living creatures, us. Tomorrow Will Be Without Us is a clear statement impacting every single one of us living on our planet.

The album’s grunge-infused guitar lines meld in harmony, giving way to memorable riffs, rhythmic gems, big grooves and the addictive, beautifully unchained vocals of Marcella Di Troia. It fluxes from fierce and blustery to often gentle and calming – channeling the flavor of MTV’s glory era of acts like Nirvana, Radiohead, Hole, Alain Johannes, Alice In Chains and beyond – showcasing BLACK MIRRORS’ unforced, versatile and organic talent.

Together with the touch of worldwide-acclaimed producer Alain Johannes(Eagles Of Death Metal, Queens Of The Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, No Doubt,…), BLACK MIRRORS have reset the bar to unexpected heights, and their latest album left its mark on today’s rock scene worldwide. One can be sure, the music world of tomorrow would be a lonely place without BLACK MIRRORS, and Tomorrow Will Be Without Us locks them at the top!

Order Tomorrow Will Be Without Us HERE!

Tomorrow Will Be Without Us will be available in the following formats:
– CD Digisleeve
– LP Gatefold BLACK
– LP Gatefold Marbled BLACK/GOLD (ltd. 300)
– Digital Album

Album Track Listing:
01. Snake Oil
02. Lost in Desert
03. Tomorrow Will be Without Us
04. Hateful Hate, I’ll Kill You
05. Ode to my Unborn Child
06. Through the Eyes of a Giant
07. Collapsology (Raise Your Voice), feat. Alain Johannes
08. Anthropocene
09. Tears to Share
10. Say it Again

LP Gatefold Marbled BLACK/GOLD

Following several recent live dates with UK’s finest The Answer, and in support of Tomorrow Will Be Without Us, BLACK MIRRORS has announced a European headline tour for the fall of 2023! Tickets are now available at – Make sure to catch the band live at the following dates: