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17 Years Later The Opulent Ghost Reveries Remains Hauntingly Beautiful

The Opeth album Ghost Reveries turns 17 on August 29th and is considered by many to be the bands magnum opus. However the creative process during production wasn’t a smooth transition.

Ghost Reveries is the eighth studio album by Swedish progressive metal band Opeth. It was released on 29 August 2005. It was their first album after signing with Roadrunner Records. Over the years Opeth will become one of the most distinct sounding bands in metal music through their progressive metamorphosis pushing boundaries and taking huge risks.

The band as a collective wasn’t in a very good place during the time they were working on Ghost Reveries. Their then drummer Martin Lopez was struggling both mentally and physically. While his performances on Deliverance, Damnation, and Ghost Reveries were just legendary he was going through anxiety and stress and just wasn’t fully invested in the creative process. He eventually quit the band right in the middle of a US metal tour, Sounds Of The Underground. To make things even more stressful Long time guitarist Peter Lindgrens impending departure from the band also loomed which affected moral during this time period.

“We were a bit all over the place,” Mikael Åkerfeldt front man of Opeth said in an interview. “The connection between the members had disintegrated a bit. I was more on my own than ever before. I was writing on my own. I don’t think we were communicating that well. The excitement strictly came from writing music, which I guess is all I need in the end.”

“I guess it was really tough for Mikael,” said Méndez. “When the guitar player doesn’t seem to want to join in and the drummer was, shall we say, far away… We had all these possibilities for the record, but we weren’t working as well as we should’ve been.”

“Mike used a new guitar tuning when he wrote the songs and I believe that shaped the sound a lot,” said Per. “It wasn’t a majordifference, but it was big enough to generate a new vibe. Bringing in a new instrument such as keys changes a band’s sound by default. We kept the Opeth identity, but the sound developed a lot.”

Ghost Reveries was originally intended to be a conceptual album linking together the tale of a man’s inner turmoil after committing the unconscionable act of slaying his own mother and the psychological torture he later endured while coming to terms with what he’s done in Norman Bates fashion. The journey of the album evolved into something much more in depth. The album casts a spell on its listener. It conjures images of violence, the occult, demonic presence, and loneliness through supernatural story telling. Mikael had this to say about the album.

“I had intended to do a occult concept piece lyrically and got off to a great start with some downright evil lyrics like “The Baying of the Hounds” and “Ghost of Perdition”, then I did “Isolation Years” which had nothing to do with the intended concept but I liked it so much I decided to ease up on the concept idea in favour of this one lyric. Why I decided on a occult theme? Well, I’ve always been intrigued by it, especially Satanism and stuff like that. I studied some books that oddly enough my wife had in her collection like “Servants of Satan” as well as “Witchcraft and Sorcery” plus some more. I figured it’d be interesting to see what a mature 31 year old mind would make of this subject as opposed to the 16 year old kid who used to pose in front of his Bathory poster. I’m quite happy with them to be honest, and they’re … evil!”

Time to revisit Ghost Reveries and celebrate the albums anniversary!

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New Deicide Music is Coming

Glen Benton of Deicide was recently interviewed on The Garza Podcast and he talked about releasing a new album.

The record has been written since 2021 and the band is “getting ready to hammer this deal out right now and get this thing out.” As for how it’ll sound, Benton credits Steve Asheim for writing material that he feels is both anthemic and progressive which mean they will have a different sound.

“The new stuff that we’re writing now is really anthem-style stuff. It’s really good, man. There’s a lot of prog stuff in there, mixed in there. Steve‘s Asheim, drums our prog guy, man; he’s the progressive rock guy. He likes to write those really black metal riffs and the progressive stuff. He’s an amazing talent, man. He plays piano. He can play sweeps on guitar. He’s a drummer. Yeah, he can do it all.”

Their new record will be their first since Overtures Of Blasphemy in 2018, and first to feature guitarist Taylor Nordberg in place of Chris Cannella.

Deicide will release their upcoming Roadrunner Years vinyl box set in early 2023. The set includes (but isn’t limited to) the first-ever worldwide vinyl releases of In Torment In Hell, Insineratehymn, and When Satan Lives, as well as first-ever North American vinyl releases of Serpent Of The Light and Once Upon The Cross.

Deicide is touring playing their 1992 record Legion in full with Kataklysm and Inhuman Condition.

8/23 Denver, CO Summit Music Hall
8/24 Lawrence, KS The Bottleneck
8/25 Minneapolis, MN The Cabooze
8/26 Chicago, IL Bottom Lounge
8/27 Columbus, OH King of Clubs
8/28 Indianapolis, IN Irving Theater
8/29 Pontiac, MI Crofoot Ballroom
8/30 Cleveland, OH Odeon Concert Club
8/31 Toronto, ON Lee’s Palace
9/1 Quebec City, QC Impérial Bell
9/2 Montreal, QC Théâtre Corona
9/3 Hartford, CT Webster Theater
9/4 New York NY Gramercy Theater
9/6 Reading, PA Reverb
9/7 Richmond, VA Canal Club
9/8 Greensboro, NC The Blind Tiger
9/9 Atlanta, GA Center Stage
9/10 Tampa, FL The Orpheum

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Black Sabbath album cover location Mapledurham Watermill damaged by vandals

Mapeldurham Watermill

Mapledurham Watermill, the building that featured on the cover of Black Sabbath’s self-titled debut album 52 years ago, has been vandalised.

The picturesque 1970 debut cover of Mapledurham Watermill in Oxfordshire is the scene on Black Sabbath’s album ‘Black Sabbath’, with a mysterious woman wearing a black cloak standing in front and is one of the most famous images in heavy metal.

Police said the windows of the mill, in Mapledurham, Oxfordshire, were smashed, with significant damage to the wooden frames. Officers have linked five boys and one girl to the incident. They are believed to be between the ages of 15 and 16 and are from the Purley area.

The building dates back to 1690 and remains the only one on the River Thames still producing stone-ground flour.

The model on the infamous album cover was Louisa Livingstone, who told Rolling Stone magazine it was a really cold day and she was literally freezing. was when photographer Keith Macmillan did the shoot.

She said she had to get up at 4:AM and Keith was throwing dry ice into the water for atmosphere but it wasn’t working very well so they ended up using a smoke machine.

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Dope Release New Video Believe

Right after the announcement of their seventh studio album Blood Money Part Zer0 being released on February 24, 2023; New York City electro metal pioneers Dope have released their first music video for the track “Believe” (feat. Drama Club). The video was directed by Edsel & Co Directed by Matt Zane. The video for “Believe” featuring Drama Club.

The video stars Fivel Stewart, who is best known for her work in the acclaimed series “Atypical” and recently in the Sam Raimi produced/Sandra Oh starring horror film “Umma.” The clip co-stars Johnnie Guilbert, a solo acoustic artist who has amassed over a million followers on multiple platforms. The video follows Fivel and Johnnie on a psychedelic journey into the desert and beyond, while the band powers through their performance during a snowstorm. The energy of the song is very dark, but ultimately, it resolves to help the listener to find peace. Edsel delivers the lyrics of: “We live and learn, die and burn, so in the end. I believe in love, cause that’s where it all begins.“

You can pre-order the new album here:

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Heilung Records The world’s Oldest Song

I first discovered Heilung through a search for the band that did music for the History channels hit series Vikings. They are featured in episode 10 of Season 6 featuring multiple fragments of the tracks ‘Fylgija Ear’, ‘Hamrer Hippyer’ and ‘Alfadhirhaiti’. I since went fiwn the rabbit hole and listened to more of their music.

Germanic-Nordic group Heilung, before their formation met at a Viking re-enactment societies and formed the band with Kai Uwe Faust, a Viking-inspired tattoo artist, in 2014. Its safe to say this band is very familiar and experienced with Viking style theatrics, elaborate costumes and authentic music. Their music videos are hauntingly beautiful and visually stunning.

Heilung resurrect the music of Viking, iron age and bronze age cultures, inspired by an extensive library of artefacts and texts owned by Franz, who is also the band’s archivist.

“I think that we can learn something by looking backwards,” says Juul, speaking alongside Franz in an interview with The Guardian. “A lot of what we do is about respecting the ground under our feet and, also, some basic human emotions that I think – if you are too busy, living in this too-hectic reality – might get lost to you. Turning back time also slows time down.”

Juul was the son of a goði. A priest of Norse paganism. “In Scandinavia, it’s still an accepted religion to work within the old beliefs,” Juul explained. “My father married people and baptised children. We did the blót” – a Norse pagan ritual to mark the start of the summer and winter half-years – “twice a year. It was completely normal.”

The oldest piece of written music found is 4,000 years old and despite being a complete song, Hymn to Nikkal has been a subject of controversy since it was published in full in 1968. There are many disagreements on how to play it. The song is written in Hurrian language and it baffles archaeologists. The Germanic-Nordic experimental folk band Heilung have taken on the challenge with their forthcoming third album, Drif.

Nikkal, Heilung’s interpretation of Hymn, the wife of the moon god worshipped in the ancient Middle East. “Most songs are created as a way to remember,” says Juul. “We’ve seen it in Iceland, where people have composed these incredibly long songs that repeat over and over again, created as a way to detail a lineage. I’m pretty sure that a song like Hymn to Nikkal would have been written down to teach adults and children about this subject: this moon goddess.”

For Heilung, the preservation of Hymn to Nikkal is all the more important. “My wish is that people will really feel the emotion behind the ancient pieces we are reinterpreting,” she continues, “because we’re travelling through the whole spectrum of human emotion. Music is one of the tools that we can use to reconnect with ourselves, our surroundings and the people around us.”

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Comatose Music unleash Sermon Of Mockery’s mind rending Crippler Crossface Murder Suicide

Back in 2014 vocalist Johnny Paoline (Mortal Decay) joined forces with a Ukrainian band that in 2017 would adopt the name Sermon Of Mockery. Together they recorded an EP of furious, brutal death metal that combined supreme extremity, bludgeoning blunt force trauma and a wickedly chaotic, off kilter creativity. And then time drifted and the affairs of the world intervened, leaving this EP to gather dust instead of victims…until now. Now the wait is finally over and the terrifying insanity of Crippler Crossface Murder Suicide is set to be released!

In the years since Crippler Crossface Murder Suicide was recorded the extreme music scene has evolved and countless bands have pushed at the boundaries of brutality. Yet these four tracks have lost none of their shocking impact and their ability to leave listeners beaten, bloody and breathless. With the application of massive, reality warping force, Sermon Of Mockery have stepped from the past and blasted their way straight into the vanguard of the most challenging practitioners of the deathly arts. Disconcerting riffs land bruising blows from unexpected angles, while the human tornado, Lev Kurgansky (Horror GodEzophogothmiaex-Fleshgore) propels the songs forward with his remorseless drum battery. Above the wild cacophony Johnny Paoline spews tales of murder, twisted experimentation and amphibious beasts! The result is a grotesque outburst of musical insanity that will drag you to the limits of your endurance and toss you unceremoniously over the edge.

Once Comatose Music had unearthed the bloodstained treasure of Sermon Of Mockery in their endless explorations of the deepest catacombs of extremity, it was only a matter of time before Crippler Crossface Murder Suicide would be unleashed. The date of your destruction has now been decreed – on October 7th Sermon of Mockery will launch their attack, sinking their jagged, broken teeth into your quailing, defenceless sanity

Experience the madness of Sermon Of Mockery at Slam Worldwide – where first single ‘Paralytic Wakening’ is streaming now!

For more information on Sermon Of Mockery click here
Head to the Comatose Music Bandcamp page
Visit Comatose Music here

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PANTERA Teases a Clip For Upcoming Reunion Tour

The official PANTERA social media page has posted a teaser for the band’s upcoming reunion tour. The clip features the opening for PANTERA‘s classic song “Cowboys From Hell”.

There’s no official announcements yet but there are rumors that PANTERA might be playing Brazil’s Knotfest in Mexico’s Hell & Heaven Metal Fest in December.

Last month, it was confirmed that PANTERA‘s surviving members Philip Anselmo (vocals) and Rex Brown (bass) will be noined by guitarist Zakk Wylde (OZZY OSBOURNE, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY) and drummer Charlie Benante (ANTHRAX) for a Pantera world reunion tour.

They will headline major festivals in North America and Europe and stage some of their own headlining shows.

According to Billboard, the lineup has been given a green light by the estates of the band’s founders, drummer Vincent “Vinnie Paul” Abbott and guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, as well as Brown, who last year said Wylde wouldn’t tour with PANTERA if a reunion were to happen. It’s unclear what changed his mind.

Up until his passing, Vinnie remained on non-speaking terms with Anselmo, whom the drummer indirectly blamed for Dimebag‘s death.

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New banger from the fresh supergroup: VENTED (musicians Daath, Chimaira, Sinsaenum, Bleed The Sky)

You might have already heard about Vented. They are an international supergroup which started out with the mighty Joey Jordison last year and features musicians from Daath, Chimaira, Bleed The Sky and Sinsaenum. This was the last project Joey Jordison was working on before his untimely death and the world lost a huge talent way too soon. Vented brings their own flavor of groove with hints of classic American heavy metal which are very tasty and brutal. It takes you back in time to the finest era of groove metal with pure sonic aggressiveness, soul squeezing melodies, wall breaker riffs and insane drumming.

Vented has started to work on their debut record in 2021 originally with the mighty Joey Jordison (ex-Slipknot/Vimic/Sinsaenum) on drums and french music producer HK Krauss (Sinsaenum, Betraying The Martyrs, Dagoba…etc) but due to the unfortunate tragedy, Austin jumped behind the drums to keep Joey’s legacy.

‘Cruelty And Corruption’ will contains 13 bangers which showscase the rawness and sonic brutality of the band!

They just dropped a brand new music video “The End Game,” from the upcoming full-lenght debut album “Cruelty And Corruption” which will be released in 2022.

Sean Zatorsky – vocals
Gergo Hajer – guitars & bass
Austin D’Amond – drums
Simon C. Bondar – keys & samples

Follow Vented Online:

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NARCOTIC WASTELAND Announces USA Tour With ACCEPT + New Single “Morality and The Wasp”

Dallas Toler-Wade, long-standing 18-year member of the brilliantly Egyptian-themed metal band, Nile, composed the music for hit songs such as, “Execration Text” (NILE – “Execration Text” (Official Music Video), which featured the band’s second video release on MTV Headbangers Ball and the Uranium channel. The video was well received and aired for several weeks. “Permitting the Noble Dead to Descend to the Underworld”, is also a fan favorite. The video release was long after the demise of Headbangers Ball. Dallas also composed music for many other hits like, “Lashed to the Slave Stick”, Evil to Cast Out Evil NILE – Evil To Cast Out Evil (OFFICIAL TRACK & LYRICS) ), “Wind of Horus”, “The Eye of Ra” and many others. Toler-Wade was also featured in Guitar World magazine alongside founding member and guitarist/vox/songwriter Karl Sanders,

Dallas Toler-Wade started Narcotic Wasteland while he was in between tours with Nile. He started writing music that was a little more similar to things he was doing in a previous band and since then he has completed writing for the third album and is currently finishing up the recording process. Ahead of that, they have released the single “Morality and the Wasp” and going on a US tour with German heavy metal legends Accept

Toler-Wade shares his hope for the single’s reception: 

“I think fans will really enjoy it. The band has grown majorly and this album sounds like a band that is focused on writing, recording, and performing the very best we can., but also I think I am getting better at just writing stuff that is meaningful and powerful.”

For Toler-Wade, who is the primary songwriter for the band, the main goal is to give the listener music and lyrics that are deeply emotionally charged. Anger, sadness, and triumph are put to music the best way he knows how. The new album has a lot to say about human behavior and unchecked egos as well as his own personal philosophies about life.

The tour with Accept consists of 18 dates across the US during October (dates listed below). Those who attend will get to experience the full onslaught of Narcotic Wasteland. Always well rehearsed, they deliver a tight performance including dual guitars. From harmonies to counterpart melodies it gives the band some of that traditional metal style. They are also not afraid to challenge the audience with an array of styles from whiplash-inducing fast metal to infectious arena metal.

Tour Promo Video –

A decisive blend of thrash, death, and black metal with a hearty dose of punk for good measure, Narcotic Wasteland keeps listeners engaged with full-throttle riffs, punchy bass lines, and relentless drums. They are recommended listening for fans of Vader, The Crown, and Nile.

The single “Morality and the Wasp”can be heard at the following links:

Digital –

Sept 29 – Nashville, TN – Brooklyn Bowl
Oct 1 – Houston, TX – The Concert Pub North
Oct 2 – Fort Worth, TX – Rail Club
Oct 4 -San Antonio, TX – Espee
Oct 5 – El Paso, TX – Rockhouse
Oct 7 – San Juan Capistrano, CA – The Coach House
Oct 8 – West Hollywood, CA – The Whisky A Go-Go
Oct 9 – Las Vegas, NV – Count’s Vamp’d
Oct 11 – Denver, CO – The Venue
Oct 13 – Milwaukee, WI – The Rave Ballroom
Oct 14 – St. Charles, IL – The Arcada Theater
Oct 15 – Westland, MI – The Token
Oct 16 – Toronto, ON – The Phoenix Theater
Oct 18 – Vineland, NJ – Landis Theater
Oct 20 – Jim Thorpe, PA – Penns Peak
Oct 21 – Patchogue, NY – Stereo Garden *
Oct 22 – Peekskill, NY – Paramount Theater *
Oct 22 – Brooklyn, NY – Lucky 13 Saloon # Narcotic Wasteland Only
Oct 23 – Teaneck, NJ – Debonair Music Hall *
Oct 24 – Wallingford, CT Cherry St. Station # Narcotic Wasteland Only
Oct 25 – New York City, NY – The Gramercy
Oct 26 – Derry, NH – Tupelo Music Hall
Oct 27 – Harrisburg, PA – XL Live
Oct 29 – Columbus, OH – The King of Clubs

For more info:


Narcotic Wasteland started as a side project Dallas Toler-Wade had been working on the past few years when he was not touring or in the writing/studio with metal heavyweights “Nile.”

‘So I just started writing some songs kind of more in the style of things I was playing before my time in Nile. The more we started working on these demos the more we wanted to complete an album and take it to the stage!!! Our observation of what was going on in parts of the town we grew up in and in other parts of the world fueled a new level of angst for me personally.” DTW

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Mayhem, “A Series Of Unfortunate Events”

Sordid, Disturbing, Darkly Comedic Tales From The Murky Annals Of Black Metal.

Black metal is perhaps the most bizarre, esoteric movement in modern music. The subgenre, a predominantly Scandinavian phenomenon, skyrocketed from the dingy basements of Norwegian black metal bands to worldwide notoriety on the back of a series of disturbing events.

The 90’s Norwegian black metal scene was infamously violent towards Christianity and churches. Did this antagonism originate within the metal subculture, or did it have roots in other movements of the time?

In the early 90s, black metal musicians in Norway were famously anti-Christian, explicitly promoted Satanism and Paganism, and were collectively responsible for a string of church burnings and violence.

Even if you’ve never listened to Norwegian black metal, you probably know about the infamous band Mayhem. Their reputation not only precedes them but lives on through lore.

The original singer, Dead sliced his wrists, cut his throat and, because he was probably not convinced he was getting the job done properly he blew his brains out with a shotgun in 1991. The note that was found next to him started “Sorry about the blood” and continued “Nobody will understand me, but as a brief explanation, I am not human, this is a dream and I am about to wake up” …Their guitarist Euronymous, who discovered Dead’s corpse rearranged his body and took photos. Oh! He would also take a few pieces of his skull to make necklaces, so that the other members of the band could wear them during their shows, like good luck charms. Do you think this is morbid? But, wait, there is more…

Euronymous was subsequently stabbed to death by former friend (and notorious white supremacist) Varg Vikernes of Burzum. His body was found in the stairwell on the first floor with 23 stab wounds—two to the head, five to the neck, and 16 to the back. The band was also linked to the burning of a number of ancient Christian stave churches across Norway.

Per Yngve “Pelle” Ohlin known by his stage name Dead. Dead was known for his morbid personality and obsession with death. He hoarded dead birds, wore shirts with funeral announcements printed on them, and wore corpse paint. Acquaintances described Ohlin as difficult to befriend or understand. Already intensely introverted and depressed, Dead’s personality and demeanor would only become worse leading up to his death. He participated in self harm on a regular basis and would cut himself during shows. He eventually committed suicide April 1991 at the age of 22.

According to Mayhem bassist Jørn “Necrobutcher” Stubberud, Dead initially sent the band members a small parcel containing a demo tape, a letter detailing his ideas for the future, and a crucified mouse. Although Necrobutcher lost the package itself, he kept the tape which had Dead’s contact details. At that point, Dead moved to Norway in early 1988 and became the new vocalist for Mayhem.

For concerts Dead was known to go to great lengths to achieve the image of death. He used corpse paint to actually appear dead. He would also bury his stage clothes in decrepit earth and dig them up a few minutes before a show to have the scent of fresh graveyard and wear them. He even asked the band to bury him once so his skin would become pale. Dead’s appearance would haunt the band’s history in many years to come.

According to Hellhammer:

During one tour with Mayhem, he found a dead crow and kept it in a plastic bag. He often carried it about with him and would smell the bird before going onstage, to sing “with the stench of death in his nostrils.” He would also collect dead geese, and keep them underneath his bed.

Stian Johannsen “Occultus”, who took over the vocals after Dead’s demise, had said about him that “He did not see himself as a human, he thought he was a being from another world. He had many visions, he believed that the blood was frozen in his veins, that he was dead. He knew he was going to die”.

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TYRANTS OF CHAOS Shares Their Judas Priest Inspired “Slay The Hostages” Off Upcoming Album “Relentless Thirst for Power” Out Aug 19th

Lethbridge, Canada’s Tyrants of Chaos have been pillaging across Alberta with their old-school classic heavy metal and are now amping up the ante with 10 new bangers on their third studio album “Relentless Thirst for Power” set to be unleashed this coming August.

Earlier this July, they shared their first single “T.O.C.” and are ready to share their second track off the record to preview to fans. Entitled “Slay the Hostages”Tyrants of Chaos present a Judas Priest style, ear piercing, balls-out metal assault. Lyrically similar to “T.O.C.”“Slay the Hostages” sounds like a song about committing crimes and sacrifices, but it is simply about playing metal shows and entertaining the crowd as can be witnessed in the music video for the single via its premiere on Metal-Rules HERE.

Tyrants of Chaos new album “Relentless Thirst For Power” covers a lot of topics lyrically, listeners will be able to dive into songs such as the classic Teutonic power metal track “Indoctri-Nation”, which focuses on mental health issues to the “No Lives Matter” ballad that forces one to confront their mortality; and the classic “Lucky Dog” that is reminiscent of the 80s sounds of the Big 4.

Formed in 2013 for the love and passion of music by guitarist Curtiss Vaselenak and to fill a gap in the local scene, the band originally started as a fun hard rock and metal cover band. After some shuffling, he is now joined by guitarist Arik Wagner, bassist Sean Simpson, drummer Ryan Dyck, and vocalist Phil Sirias who complete the current lineup. With many years of experience between them, they bring professionalism and solid musicianship to both the stage and the studio.

Tyrants of Chaos already have two albums under their belts, “The Calm Before The Storm” (2016) and “Into Oblivion” (2019), and this new offering consists of ten fist-pumping, head-banging tracks that were written specifically for this album. It is just scratching the surface of what the band has in store, they don’t intend to slow down anytime soon.

Heavy and loud, Tyrants Of Chaosdelivers a solid pummeling of pure heavy metal. No gimmicks, no gags, just passion, and honesty. They are recommended listening for fans of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Megadeth.

The album “Relentless Thirst For Power” will be out on August 19, 2022.

Album pre-order –

Track Listing:
1. T.O.C 4:35
2. The Black Gap 5:01
3. Mourning Sickness 5:12
4. Skull Crusher 5:05
5. Slay the Hostages 5:12
6. Red Rage 4:17
7. Nightmare Machine 5:04
8. Indocri-Nation 3:59
9. No Lives Matter 3:49
10. Lucky Dog 4:36
Album Length: 46:55

Tyrants of Chaos is:
Phil Sirias – Vocals
Curtiss Vaselenak – Rhythm / Lead Guitar
Arik Wagner – Rhythm / Lead Guitar
Sean Simpson – Bass
Ryan Dyck – Drums

For more info:

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The Circle Pit Presents Video For NAMELESS KING’s Dark Souls Inspired “Amalgamated Kin”

Inspired by the trials and tribulation that can only be found in the Kingdom of Lothric, Vancouver’s Nameless King spin trashy, melodic tales about the people and places of Dark Souls 3. Back in March, they released their debut EP “Order of the Black Flame”and now a video is ready for this track “Amalgamated Kin”.

The EP is a fast, in-your-face collection of four songs that are dynamic with many tempo changes and contain elements from different subgenres including melodic death metal, thrash metal, and even hints of prog, black, and deathcore. The track tells the story of one of the bosses featured in the game – a horrific beast-like creature, Oceiros, the Consumed King. Musically, it re-enacts the dramatic and frantic fight that ensues with the player – it’s mostly pure melodic death, accented with a very black metal chorus along with a hardcore two-step feel to the solo section. The band explains the EP in their own words:

“With this EP we really wanted to set the best first impression possible with quality production and songwriting that wouldn’t feel out of place in a playlist with staple bands of the genre. We feel that even though it’s still early in the band’s life, we’ve already managed to carve out a sound that perfectly describes our identity and what we want to get out of creating music. It’s a perfect sum of all our different influences and the direction we want the band to keep going in. The response from people so far has been far beyond what we expected, and we don’t intend to ever stop that momentum.”

So far the reception to “Order of the Black Flame” has blown away Nameless King. They have new songs in the works with more of the same style of heavy riffs, along with a bit more focus on melodic and hardcore elements. They are certain that fans of the first EP will love the new material when it comes out.

The EP was produced, mixed, and mastered by Jeff Black and its artwork was done by aleh_z.

Nameless King delivers trashy melodeath with occasional breakdowns that complement the horror themes throughout. They are recommended listening for fans of At The Gates, Mors Principium Est, and The Black Dahlia Murder.

The video for “Amalgamated Kin” can be seen and heard via its premiere on TheCirclePit –

“Order of the Black Flame” was released on March 26, 2022 and available at and Spotify.

Track Listing:
1. Amalgamated Kin – 5:06
2. Imprisonment – 4:21
3. Order of the Black Flame – 5:41
4. Grand Executioner – 6:53 ft. guest guitar solo Joey Hockin (Apprentice)
EP Length: 22:02

For more info: