Metal Lair Reviews Marduk’s New Album Memento Mori

Daniel Rostén (Vocals)
Morgan Hakansson (Guitar)
Devo Andersson (Bass)
Simon Schilling (Drums)

In the eerie stillness of a moonless night, a chilling revelation began to creep over those gathered by the old, decrepit necropolis. The air grew heavy with a sense of foreboding doom. The words of an ancient, cryptic song echoed through the tombstones, like a sinister incantation. Shadows danced ominously, and the world seemed to shift. The realization struck like a dagger to the heart: Life resembled not a ticking timepiece but an ever-depleting sandglass. The atmosphere grew tense, as if Death himself were watching, playing a macabre game with the living. A blade drawn across the throat, a grotesque test of fate. Life slipped away through a sinister portal. In this cursed place, all certainty crumbled. Hopeless and helpless, they gazed upon the haunting expanse, as if staring into the abyss itself. The soil beneath them whispered of impending darkness, while the spectral flames revealed a truth long buried that no one can escape

The band proudly presents their latest single “Shovel Beats Sceptre,” off MARDUK’s 15th studio album, set to be unleashed on September 1st via Century Media Records offering a spellbinding glimpse into their forthcoming album.

Renowned icons of the pure black metal realm, Sweden’s Marduk have consistently traversed the tumultuous path of their genre, standing as both doyen’s and figures occasionally shrouded in controversy since their inception in 1990. Their fifteenth studio offering arrives as the audacious “Memento Mori.”

Marduk’s enduring forte has always been their unrefined, unwavering potency and unbridled wrath, the very foundation of their musical identity. Beyond the breakneck tempos and venomous guitar leads lies a belligerent, warlike spirit that barely abides by containment; their inherent violence is an insatiable element of their chaos.

Mortuus, known by his given name Daniel Rostén, remains the sole constant member since 1990, asserting that this new album both reflects their roots and takes bold strides forward. In essence, Memento Mori embodies unadulterated Marduk, an unrelenting onslaught of black metal that pushes the boundaries of extremity in every conceivable manner. Tracks like “Blood of the Funeral,” “Shovel Beats Sceptre,” and “Red Tree of Blood” epitomize the quintessential Marduk experience. While it may occasionally evoke a sense of familiarity, it must never be underestimated or taken for granted. The chaos within is meticulously structured, propelling the entire album with a sense of purpose and visceral energy that defines both the band and their craft. Time signatures shift, and a relentless sense of urgency propels tempos against a relentless onslaught of guitars and Mortuus’ ever-present antagonistic vocals.

The mechanical procession of the closing track, “As We Are,” heralds the resurgence of their industrial edge, a facet always welcomed by their fanbase. Coldly calculated, unapologetically confrontational, and dripping with hostile intent, “Memento Mori” is quintessential Marduk—an unyielding, merciless, and formidable force. It represents a menacing, thunderous return!

The renowned Swedish black metal band MARDUK is back with a new release entitled Memento Mori. Today, MARDUK release the video for their latest single “Shovel Beats Sceptre”.

  • Ltd. Deluxe Gatefold Ultra Clear-Black Splatter Vinyl With Alternative Cover Artwork (Incl. LP-Booklet, Art-Print & Poster) (Limited to 2,000 copies / All Outlets)
  • Red Gatefold Vinyl (Limited to 300 copies / Available at Century Media Shop)
  • White Gatefold Vinyl (Limited to 500 copies / Available via Century Media Shop)
  • Golden Gatefold Vinyl
    (Limited to 500 copies / Available at Levykauppa ÄX, Bengans, Supreme Chaos)
  • Silver Gatefold Vinyl (Limited to 500 copies / Available at EMP & Nuclear Blast)
  • Black Gatefold Vinyl (All Outlets)
  • CD Mediabook (All Outlets)

Commenting on the album, MARDUK frontman Daniel Rostén shares:
“Memento Mori is, all at once, a bold leap forward, a calculated sidestep, and a wistful backward glance. Meaning, we have broken new ground without forgetting our legacy or the journey that brought us to this point.”

Pre-Order Memento Mori Here:

Commenting on the album, MARDUK frontman Daniel Rostén shares:
“Memento Mori is, all at once, a bold leap forward, a calculated sidestep, and a wistful backward glance. Meaning, we have broken new ground without forgetting our legacy or the journey that brought us to this point.”

MARDUK online:


“Take Me Back To Eden: A Serene Journey Through The Dreamscapes” Album Review


It was a sleepless night, and I found myself wandering through the otherwordly soundscapes crafted by Sleep Token on their latest album, “Take Me Back To To Eden.” As the notes gently reached my ears, I was whisked away into a tranquil realm where emotions melded with melodies, and time lost its grip on me.

From the very beginning, Sleep Token’s genre bending style of alternative rock and progressive metal had me transfixed. The album is a musical kaleidoscope that creates an eidos of mesmerizing vocals, atmospheric guitars, and roaring synths. Its a sonic landscape that is both captivating and introspective.

The opening song, “Chokehold,” embodies the quintessential essence of their eerie, emotionally charged, and melodically captivating metal style. The track serves as a testament to the band’s undeniable talent, showcasing a fusion of colossal, rhythmic riffs and pulsating grooves.

Front and center is the captivating, enigmatic, frontman, Vessel, whose croon possesses a vocal gift that can only be described as angelic. Each note he delivers is infused with raw emotion, drawing listeners into a world of pure enchantment.

To complement the journey, the accompanying animated video takes us on a visually stunning and unsettling ride. We find ourselves engrossed in a dark realm, where a formidable arachnid creature, adorned in imposing armor, wields an imposing axe high above its head. Emerging from the shadows, this strange and ominous beastie exudes an aura of mystery and intrigue, further deepening the song’s enigmatic atmosphere.

Prepare to be enthralled by the artistry of Sleep Token’s “The Summoning.” This progressive metal gem effortlessly surpasses all expectations set by their previous surprise hit, “Chokehold,” striking a harmonious balance between brutality and melody.

In this masterpiece, Sleep Token showcases their unparalleled ability to seamlessly blend disparate elements. The result is a delightful fusion of heaviness and funkiness, where neither aspect overshadows the other. The cohesion of the track is nothing short of impressive, a magnum opus that flawlessly intertwines various musical dimensions.

The Summoning” elevates every element to extraordinary levels, taking the listener on an exhilarating journey. From the devastatingly powerful instrumentals in the intro and breakdown to the irresistibly groovy outro, Sleep Token demonstrates their musical prowess. Vessel’s vocal performance mastery shines brilliantly, marking a new pinnacle in his career.

“Take Me Back To Eden,” exudes an exquisite sense of sophistication, thanks in no small part to the artful inclusion of piano throughout the record. The gentle interplay of piano with the supple vocals and tender guitars in tracks like “Aqua Regia” elevates the musical experience to a whole new level, infusing it with a touch of refinement.

The talented ensemble of Sleep Token venture into diverse musical territories, masterfully blending elements of harsh vocals in “Ascensionism,” blackgaze in “Vore,” and metalcore in “Rain.” Remarkably, despite the wide array of styles, the album maintains an impressive cohesiveness that ties it all together seamlessly.

One of the stand out moments of the album for me is the song “The Apparition.” With its ghostly atmospheric rendition. It serves as a brief respite amidst the captivating chaos of the surrounding tracks. Its in these serene moments that Sleep Token showcases their ability to balance intensity with tranquility, evoking a sense of emotional catharsis.

The album’s closing track, “Euclid,” showcases versatility, driving the song towards a breathtakingly beautiful climax. Meanwhile, the incorporation of sweet acoustic guitar melodies in “Are You Really Ok?” adds an celestial quality, causing the song to soar with a resonant allure.

Take Me Back To Eden” stands as a remarkable body of work, skillfully uniting various genres under the Sleep Token banner. The band’s ability to navigate through this melody mosaic with finesse and precision is truly commendable, creating an album that leaves a lasting impact on listeners.

Lyrically, Sleep Token explores themes of vulnerability, loss, and self-discovery, inviting listeners to dive deep into their own retrospection. The enigmatic nature of the band adds an extra layer of intrigue, leaving room for interpretation and personal connection.

“Return To Eden” offers a refreshing take on the bands signature sound, exhibiting a refined and evolved musicality that takes listeners on a captivating odyssey.

While “Return To Eden” is an immersive and captivating album, it may not be everyones cup of tea. Its themes tropospheric and often melancholic nature requires a certain mood and mindset to fully appreciate. However for those willing to embark on this sonic pilgrimage, prepare to be jolted from the depths of your musical slumber. This melodic symphony will surge through your veins, injecting life into your dormant senses.


05. VORE
10. RAIN


London-Based Five Piece Blackened Hardcore Outfit CALLIGRAM Has Released Position|Momentum Via Prosthetic Records

Photo Credit: Andy Ford

Matteo Rizzardo – Vocals, Ardo Cotones – Drums / Vocals, Bruno Cambiaghi – Guitar, Tim Desbos – Guitar, Smittens – bass

I find myself reviewing yet another artist from Prosthetic Records’ arsenal of extraordinary minstrels. Their roster is brimming with luminaries. The musical offerings provided are unmatched and serve as a delectable feast for fans of metal.

Introducing Calligrams Latest Opus: “Position|Momentum”

Calligram unleashed their mordacious new album, “Position|Momentum,” presenting an axiom that finds solace and joyous moments within the depths of darkness. A departure from their debut, “The Eye is The First Circle.” This new record draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences.

The album’s Latin-titled compositions, such as “Sur Dolore” (meaning ‘In Pain’) and “Frantumi In Itinere” (translated as ‘Fragments on The Road’) eschew oddity in favor of a relentless infernal intensity. Matteo Rizzardo’s throat-ripping vocals, delivered in his native tongue, are the driving force behind these inexorable arrangements. While atmospheric noise, D-beat punk, and grindcore find their way into the mix, courtesy of seasoned producer Russ Russell (known for his work with Napalm death and At The Gates), the true essence of the album lies in its unyielding hellfire.

As “Position|Momentum” unfolds, it reveals its multifaceted nature. “Per Jamie” offers a cursed respite, that whips the listener from swashbuckling gallops to funeral dirges and sheer black metal bludgeoning. The mournful trumpet acts as a blinding thread, weaving through the shifting soundscape. “ Ex-Sistere” seamlessly blends these elements into a furious whirlwind that threatens to tear flesh from bone, an unstoppable force capable of overpowering all in its path.

The album’s second half truly opens up, inviting listeners to immerses themselves fully in Calligram’s dark aural tapestry. “Ostranenie” spans an ambitious seven minutes, guiding the audience through a tumultuous journey that transitions from relentless speed to sorrowful solemnity, punctuated by a melancholy trumpet. The closing track “Seminario Dieci” deliberately paces itself, interweaving heavy ascendancy and offering a sense of closure, leaving you torn between adoration and bewilderment.

Calligram’s “Position|Momentum” dictate a visceral antiphon. Its caustic chalice overflow’s with a sensory concoction that defies categorization. With every sip, the listener is challenged by the raw intensity and unapologetic tenebrosity that permeates the album. This is a record that will either repel or captivate, leaving you either lost in its labyrinthine corridors or kneeling at the altar of Calligram’s twisted brilliance.

The multi-national quintet, decamped to The Parlour Studios in Kettering to record Position | Momentum with Russ Russell (NAPALM DEATH, DIMMU BORGIR, AT THE GATES) during the summer of 2022. The follow up to 2020’s The Eye Is The First Circle doesn’t ease up on intensity; if anything, giving the chaos a little more room to breathe has shaped CALLIGRAM into something even more formidable than before.

Music is often seen as medicine; a balm to soothe what ails you. With no intention to use Position | Momentum as a crutch, CALLIGRAM has crafted the opposite – a caustic celebration of pain, death and chaos.

Position | Momentum is out now via Prosthetic Records.

Position | Momentum was recorded by Russ Russell in July 2022, at The Parlour Studio, and mastered by Grant Berry. Artwork is by Deborah Sheedy

Track Listing:
Sul Dolore
Frantumi In Itinere
Per Jamie
Seminario Dieci



Artisan Prog Cyber Metal Group ‘A DARK HALO’ Drop New Album “Omnibus One,” Release New Video “Thin Be The Veil”

Dave Lowmiller – Lead vocals, bass guitar
Melrose (MECHINA) – Lead vocals, guitar
Christopher M. Jones – Guitars, back-up vocals
Abe Robertson – Lead Guitar, back-up vocals
Kaye Papale – Drums

A DARK HALO, the cyber metal act with a progressive edge, has unleashed their new album delivering explosive electronics, hard hitting rhythms and delicate melodies, A DARK HALO manifest a diverse and dynamic sound that will leave you wanting more.

A Dark Halo has unleashed their highly anticipated new album, “Omnibus One.” With their unique blend of atmospheric textures, intricate song structures and crushing riffs, ‘A Dark Halo’ delivers a captivating and immersive experience that pushes the boundaries of the progressive metal genre.

Omnibus One” showcases A Dark Halo’s evolution and growth as musicians, further cementing their position as a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene. The album kicks off with an intense opener, ‘Thin Be The Veil,’ instantly setting the tone for the journey that lies ahead. From the very first moments it becomes evident that A Dark Halo has crafted a meticulously constructed piece of art that demands the listeners undivided attention.

The musicianship displayed throughout the album is nothing short of exceptional. The band effortlessly weaves byzantine guitar melodies with pulsating bass lines and thunderous drumming, creating a rich labyrinth of sound that constantly metamorphoses and surprises. The progressive elements are masterfully executed, seamlessly transitioning between complex time signatures and tempo changes without ever sacrificing coherence.

One of the stand out features of ‘Omnibus One’ is the bands ability to incorporate electronic and industrial elements into their music. The cyber metal aspect truly shines through, as haunting synthesizers and futuristic soundscapes merge with aggressive guitar- driven sections. This fusion of styles adds depth and unique flavor to the album.

“Omnibus One” is an album that requires multiple listens to fully grasp its intricacies and appreciate its brilliance. Each track stands as a testament to A Dark Halo’s creative prowess.

With the opening track, “Thin Be The Veil”, a darkness manifests with eerie vocals that elicit a feeling of uncertainty. Written about the feeling of being at the precipice of madness, contrasting harsher verses and anthemic choruses result in an enticing sound. “Starfall” featuring Kathleen Cylkowski, sees beautiful piano melodies and stunning clean vocal harmonies inject an ethereal element into the powerful metal instrumentation. An emerging sense of anticipation arises from the orchestration and lead synths in the intro to “I, Revenant”. It draws you in, before a fierce display of ludicrously heavy guitars and percussion thunders into life. Concluding Omnibus One with “The Disquiet”, this track is an acknowledgement of anxieties we face, and holds hope for a better time to come. Musically, “The Disquiet” has an impactful arrangement that ebbs and flows with heavy and light instrumentation to produce a heighten effect. A DARK HALO bring all aspects of their distinctive style into this song, and end with a bang with an utterly unapologetic breakdown.

Founded by Austin, TX, based Dave Lowmiller and Christopher M. Jones in 2005, A DARK HALO (ADH) is a cyber-metal project with an intensely hook-driven and accessible sound, a large and fiercely loyal fan base, and forward-thinking production. The name, A DARK HALO, is derived from the cosmological concept of “dark matter halos” and serves as a metaphor to remind us that much of the most important information in our universe still remains unseen. Sometimes there is light even in the darkest of places. Musically, the band draw inspiration from the likes of SCAR SYMMETRY, FEAR FACTORY, IN THIS MOMENT, and DREAM THEATER.

1. Thin be the Veil
2. Starfall
3. Vector Unknown
4. Flame Betide
5. I, Revenant
6. It Never Sleeps
7. Afterworld
8. The Disquiet

Catalyst (Album) – 2006
“Starfall” (Single) – 2019
“I, Revenant” (Single) – 2019
“Vector Unknown” (Single) – 2020
“Flame Betide” (Single) – 2021
“Afterworld” (Single) – 2021
“It Never Sleeps” (Single) – 2022
Omnibus One (Album) – 2023

All mixes have been updated and remastered by Tommie Bonajo of Tomster Studios.



Kataklysm Releases New Formidable Track “Die As A King” Off Their Up-Coming Album Goliath

Die As A King,” the latest single released by the illustrious purveyors of melodic death metal, Kataklysm, is a powerful track that showcases the band’s signature intensity and musical prowess. “Goliath” is set to be released on August 11th, 2023. This song sets high expectations for whats to come.

Die As A King” emanates an unyielding and thunderous sonic tapestry, expertly woven by the virtuosic musicianship of Kataclysm. From the very outset, the song ensnares the listener with its scorching and relentless energy propelled by the resolute and thunderous rhythm section orchestrated by the indomitable bassist Stephane Barbe and the percussive dexterity of Max Duhamel. Their cohesive and precise playing intertwine seamlessly, driving the song forward with an inexorable momentum.

Guitarist Jean-Francois Dagenais delivers a barrage of razor-sharp riffs and searing solos that exhibit the technical mastery of his instrument. His playing is an arsenal of scintillating and incisive riffs, igniting a pyre of fury that blazes with technical craft. 

The vocals of Maurizio Iacono is nothing short of awe-inspiring. His delivery of ferocious growls and impassioned screams, exudes a commanding presence, endowing the lyrics with venomous and resolute conviction. 

Sonically “Die As A King” is a testament to Kataklysm’s meticulous attention to detail, boasting a pristine production that impeccably balances the raw aggression of their sound with a crystalline clarity. 

In its entirety, “Die As A King” stands as a tantalizing glimpse into the sonic majesty that awaits within the realms of Kataklysms forthcoming album, Goliath. 

Vocalist Maurizio Iacono shared the following:

‘Die as a King’ is the prequel to the first single ‘Bringer of Vengeance,’ the song shows the fall of King Richard I ‘Lionheart’ and the message is one of standing tall for your convictions until the end, even when facing certain death. The song embodies some of the KATAKLYSM melodic trademarks with a brutal undertone and groove-ladened rhythmic section that intertwined with each other.

As the band’s 15th studio effort, Goliath was produced and engineered by J-F Dagenais, though Chris Clancy and Colin Richardson mixed and mastered the entire thing. The album will feature 10 new tracks in total.

1. Dark Wings Of Deception
2. Goliath
3. Die As A King
4. Bringer Of Vengeance
5. Combustion
6. From The Land Of The Living To The Land Of The Dead
7. The Redeemer
8. Heroes To Villains
9. Gravestones & Coffins
10. The Sacrifice For Truth

Goliath will be released on August 11 via Nuclear Blast Records, though you can preorder and/or presave your copy today.



Symphony of The Gods: The Mythological Pantheon in The Realm of Metal


Metal music delves into a plethora of captivating themes, ranging from war and personal anguish to hatred, corruption, love, mental health and, my personal fascination, mythology. Capturing the essence of metal and mythos, weaving legends through heavy sounds.

While it is impossible to encompass every band that explores this subject, heres a glimpse of some noteworthy bands that embrace this theme, acknowledging that many more exist beyond this list.

Mythology has been a captivating and enduring theme in metal music, weaving its way through the genre’s history and inspiring countless bands and artists. From the early pioneers to the modern masters, metal musicians have drawn inspiration from various mythological tales, gods, and creatures, infusing their music with epic narratives and mystical imagery. Let’s dive into the sphere of mythology in metal music throughout the years.

Early Foundations: In the 1970s, the roots of metal were taking hold, and bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin began to explore mythological themes in their music. Led Zeppelin’s fascination with Norse mythology can be seen in songs like “Immigrant Song,” referencing Valhalla and Viking conquests. Black Sabbath delved into occult and mystical themes, drawing inspiration from various folkloristic and mystical sources.

Norse Mythology: As metal grew in popularity, bands submersing into Norse mythology, finding inspiration in the tales of Viking gods and warriors. Bands like Bathory and Enslaved embraced the Viking spirit, crafting intense and atmospheric music that painted vivid scenes of battles, heroism, and ancient Norse rituals. Bathory’s album “Blood Fire Death” is considered a milestone in Viking metal, with its valiant soundscapes and mythological lyrics.

Greek Mythology: Greek mythology also found its way into metal music, offering a rich tapestry of gods, heroes, and legends. Bands like Symphony X and Firewind incorporated Greek mythology into their songs, showcasing the powerful stories of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Symphony X’s album “The Odyssey” is a notable example, adapting Homer’s poem into a progressive metal masterpiece. The band Kawir are stalwarts of the Greek black metal scene with their folkish take on the genre.

Celtic and Folklore: The folklore and mythology of Celtic cultures have also had a significant influence on metal music. Bands such as Primordial and Eluveitie draw inspiration from Celtic mythology, forging sacred legends of warriors, druids, and forest spirits into their music. The ghostly musical passages and lyrical themes create an atmospheric experience that entrances listeners to enchanted realms.

“The Moor” is an enthralling and enigmatic song by the Swedish progressive band Opeth, featured on their acclaimed album “Still Life.” Rooted in folklore and mythic tale. The song unfolds as a multi-layered journey, showcasing Opeths signature fusion of aggressive metal passages and serene interludes. Lyrically its a chilling narrative revolving around a tragic figure who wanders through desolate moors, burdened by guilt and haunted by spirits of the past. The song resonates with depth, emotion and darkness.

Mythological Creatures: Metal musicians have also explored the realm of mythological creatures in their music. From dragons to werewolves, bands like Iron Maiden and Powerwolf have embraced these fantastical beings, incorporating them into their lyrics and album artwork. Iron Maiden’s “Flight of Icarus” and Powerwolf’s “Werewolves of Armenia” are examples of how otherworldly denizens dwelling at the nexus dance on the fringes of our perceptions and come to life through powerful metal anthems.

Mythopoetic chronicles and Concept Albums: Metal has a penchant for epic storytelling, and mythology provides the perfect backdrop for conceptual albums and grand narratives. Bands like Blind Guardian and Amon Amarth have conjured sprawling sagas inspired by mythological origins, orchestrating ornate and immersive musical engagements. Blind Guardian’s “Nightfall in Middle-Earth” draws from J.R.R. Tolkien’s mythology, while Amon Amarth’s discography chronicles the Viking Age and Norse mythology.

Modern Innovations: In recent years, metal has continued to evolve, and new bands have emerged, exploring lesser-known mythologies and infusing them with their unique styles. Bands like Wardruna and Heilung delve into Norse and Germanic ancestral mysticism, utilizing traditional instruments and primal incantations to summon echos, enshrining the essence of forgotten epochs. This fusion of metal and ancient mythology pushes the boundaries of the genre and captivates listeners. Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of ancient European traditions, their evocative compositions enthrall the listener into the hidden recesses of collective consciousness, awakening dormant ancestral connections through wisdom of nature. Boundaries of time and space dissolve as deities and spirits are invoked behind the veil between the mundane and interconnectedness of all things.

Sleep Token’s lyrical content is often metaphorical and open to interpretation, it frequently blends symbolism, references to mythological figures, deities and spiritual concepts. The band’s genre bending elements of rock, metal and ambient soundscapes create a captivating backdrop. Its important to note that Sleep Token has diverse discographies, and while mythology and folklore are recurrent themes, their music touches on personal retrospection, emotional struggles, and existential questions.

The mythology in metal music has served as a catalyst for creativity, allowing artists to explore timeless stories, evoke emotions, and create larger-than-life musical experiences. It continues to be a source of inspiration for musicians and a captivating realm for fans to immerse themselves in, converging legends with music.

Written By Christy Lee


The Top 8 Things You Need To Watch On Thunderflix

For those of you in the metal community living under under a rock, Thunderflix, the first streaming service thats been dubbed the metal Netflix is full of great content. There are new things being added on a weekly basis including documentaries, live concerts and feature films. Creator Samuel Douek has created a metalhead oasis where you can escape the mundane and immerse yourself in metal culture. Below Metal Lair’s list of 8 things you need to watch now!

1. Death – Death By Metal: Released 2016 and Directed by Felipe Belalcazar Produced by Mental Pictures.

This documentary follows the story of how legendary founder and front man Chuck Shouldiner, founder of the band Death broke boundaries and created a whole new genre of metal. You hear the boundary-crushing metal he wrote and performed for his band Death and follow his never-ending pursuit for musical perfection.

Born May 13, 1967, he was an American musician from Orlando, Florida. He founded his band in 1983, in which he was the lead vocalist, guitarist, primary songwriter and only continuous member until his death in 2001.

We hear commentary from musicians, label executives, bandmates, friends and family. There’s candid footage of Chuck. We see interviews, hear entertaining anecdotes by those who knew him well and see Death live in concert. A very interesting and intimate look at his life.

2. Until The Light Takes Us: Directed by Aaron Aites and Audrey Ewell. Released 2018.

A grim and frostbitten documentary that touches on the history Norway’s infamous, artistic and cultural black metal underground music scene. This is a subgenre of music born from figures with lifestyles and back stories that rival the Nordic folklore often associated with the style.

The film is framed around how the real-life deaths of Mayhem’s Aarseth and Per Yngve Ohlin contributed to the reputation of black metal.

Directors Aaron Aites and Audrey Ewell gain access to Burzum’s Varg Vikernes, Darkthrone’s Gylve Nagell, Mayhem’s Jan Axel Blomberg, and Satyricon’s Kjetil Haraldstad. The film covers rituals and violence within the black metal mythology and reveals what these artists are raging against. The documentary closes with a performance art suicide by Satyricon’s Kjetil Haraldstad.

3. God Bless Ozzy Osbourne: A 2011 film Directed by Mike Fleiss, Mike Piscitelli. Written and produced by Jack Osbourne.

The documentary chronicles Ozzy Osbourne’s life with footage of the Sabbath days. His rise, to fame. The Randy Rhoads days. Candid interviews with band mates, friends, musicians and family members. His struggle with sobriety and everything else in between.

Its definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already seen it.

4. Powerwolf The Monumental Mass: A cinematic metal event. Release date: July 8, 2022.

At the end of 2021, POWERWOLF – the most successful German metal band to date – fascinated with a streaming event of unprecedented dimensions. Those who thought they had seen everything in the live sector were instantly proven wrong with unmatched audio production and visuals that can only be described as simply breathtaking.

The concept of THE MONUMENTAL MASS – A CINEMATIC METAL EVENT was conjured by POWERWOLF mastermind Matthew Greywolf, who is also involved in the screenplay, while Jörg Michael is responsible for the cinematic production. The artwork was once again created by Zsofia Dankova, with audio production, mixing and mastering by Kristian “Kohle” Bonifer.

5. Truth To Power: Released 2020.

Serj Tankian — lead singer of System of a Down uses music as a voice for social and political change. Serj Tankian, the Grammy-winning lead singer of System Of A Down leads with exclusive interviews, adventures, and original footage personally filmed by Serj, TRUTH TO POWER allows audiences backstage access to an international rock star whose faith in music not only revolutionized heavy metal, but also world events. Throughout his life, the musician has pursued social justice, harnessing the power of his songs and celebrity for real political change. Serj’s voice is equally likely to take on American corporate greed as lambast the corrupt regime of his homeland. His decades-long campaign for formal U.S. recognition of the Armenian Genocide was finally approved by Congress in 2019.

Set to an original soundtrack composed by Serj, his critically acclaimed solo work, as well as the iconic music of System Of A Down, TRUTH TO POWER is also an artist portrait with a revealing look at the musician as he writes music—from inception to recording—and pursues ambitions outside of the band.

6. Megadeth – A Night in Buenos Aires

A live concert event from metal legends Megadeth performing in Argentina 2005 before a thousands of adoring fans! Founder/ vocalist Dave Mustaine leads his band through several of Megadeth’s best loved tracks including

“Symphony Of Destruction,” “Tornado Of Souls,” and “Holy Wars…The Punishment Due” PLUS several tracks from the then brand new album The System Has Failed!

7. Mötley Crüe – The End – Live In Los Angeles: Released 2014, Directed by Christian Lamb.

On January 28, 2014, Mötley Crüe held a press conference at Beacher’s Madhouse Theater in Hollywood, where they announced a final tour. The band became the first to sign a binding legal document known as a “cessation of touring” contract, preventing them from touring under the name Mötley Crüe past the year 2015.

The tour eventually ended with three nights at the Staples Center in the band’s hometown of Los Angeles on December 28, 30 and 31st of 2015.

The visually stunning and final concert of Mötley Crüe’s final tour, Mötley Crüe: The End was captured with 30 cameras in Ultra HD 4K in front of a sold out crowd of die hard Mötley Crüe fans.

The film, which features documentary footage shot by “Jackass” Creator and Director Jeff Tremaine and the full concert performance directed Christian Lamb (Madonna, Rihanna, Taylor Swift) is a one of a kind and unique experience for Mötley Crüe fans and beyond!

8. Super Duper Alice Cooper: 2014 Canadian biographical documentary film about shock rock musician Alice Cooper, written and directed by Sam Dunn, Scot McFadyen and Reginald Harkema.

Super Duper Alice Cooper is the twisted tale of a teenage mad scientist whose cloning experiment ran amok. It is the story of Vincent Furnier, preacher’s son, who struck fear into the hearts of parents everywhere as Alice Cooper, the ultimate rock star of the bizarre. From the advent of Alice as frontman for a group of Phoenix freaks in the sixties to the hazy decadence of celebrity in the seventies to the winking comeback as glam metal godfather in the eighties, we will watch in wonder as Alice and Vincent battle for each other’s souls.

The story is told in the from of a “doc opera”, a dizzying blend of documentary archive materials and rock opera. In a culture marked by defining figures, Super Duper Alice Cooper will cement the myth of Alice Cooper.


Metal Lair’s Seven Deadly Songs List

Welcome to ‘Metal Lair’s Seven Deadly Songs’ series where we go down the rabbit hole and feature seven metal songs from all over the world past, present and future.

Acacia Strain – Untended Graves. Genre: Metalcore/deathcore
Origin: Chicopee, Massachusetts
Label: Rise

The Acacia Strain are having a Deliverance and Damnation moment by dropping not one but two albums, both in stark contrast of each other. Vocalist Vincent Bennet has an explanation of both records here. They have different sounds. One is slow and sludgy (Failure) while the other (Light) is heavy and fast.

“This is a split timeline between both albums. Which side of the coin did you end up on?,” says Bennett.

Incredible love for the new TAS material has been intense and copious! The band “goes harder than absolutely everybody else.” Both albums show the massive talent and diversity The Acacia Strain possess within their wheelhouse. Buy Failure Will Follow and Step into The Light here:

Cattle Decapitation – A Photic Doom. Genre: Technical death metal. Origin: San Diego, California
Label: Metal Blade

Cattle Decapitation’s new album Terrasite is both melodic and blistering but this is largely the heavy beast that Cattle Decap always are. Travis Ryan wanted to go from doom to “daylight horror” and the album delivers that.

From total annihilation to rebirth, “Terrasite”takes you on a journey from anthropogenic ecocide, (Death Atlas) to a new beginning, (Terrasite).

Terrasite is an intense and provocative album that continues Cattle Decapitations tradition of exploring environmental and animal welfare issues through their music. The bands unique signature blend of death metal, grindcore, and progressive metal is on full display. A Photic Doom is the latest video installment from the album. Buy Terrasite here:

Blackbraid – Moss Covered Bones On The Altar of The Moon. Genre: Native American Black Metal. Origin: Adirondack Mountains, US. Label: Independant

Sgah’gahsowah the indigenous one-man Native American black metal band has a new single “Moss Covered Bones on the Altar of the Moon”. The single is off his sophomore album Blackbraid II due out July 7. The song is an ambient, Native American, black metal blend thats cohesive. The original sound this artist puts out is nothing short of beautiful and magnificent. Purchase Moss Covered Bones on The Altar if The Moon here:

Devildriver – This Relationship Broken. Genre: Groove Metal. Origin: Santa Barbara, California. Label: Napalm Records

Devildriver have released their new album Dealing With Demons Vol. II. The new album represents celebrated frontman Dez Fafara’s psyche and the final purging of his demons that have long haunted the band’s music. Devildriver delivers metal ferocity and continues to keep their fans satiated with amazing music. Buy Dealing With Demons Vol. II here:

Feuerschwanz – Berzerker Mode. Genre: medieval comedy” band. Origins: Erlangen (Franken), Germany. Label: Napalm Records

Feuerschwanz kicks off with outstanding opening track “SGFRD Dragonslayer”. Lyrical references to the legendary Siegfried Dragonslayer combine with heavy riffing and Nordic mythology. The band continues to deliver stunning medieval renaissance style music coupled with lush instrumentation of the highest caliber. The new Album, Fegefeuer, is out July 7, 2023. Get Your Copy of Fegefeuer NOW.

Conquer Divide – WelcomeToParadise2. Genre: hard rock, metalcore. Origins: Us, Canada & UK. Label: Mascot Records

Conquer Divide is an all girl metalcore 5 piece with vocals ranging from clean, hypnotic melodies to deep, guttural growls. Instrumentally they are extremely talented and hold their own. As an up-and-coming all female metal band in a male dominated industry these women are role models for girls who dream of being in a band. Musically Conquer Divide possess talent, perseverance and adrenalin pulsing aggression. They have released a new song, Welcome To Paradise 2 off their up-coming album Slow Burn out September 8, 2023. The song touches on the detriment humans are inflicting on our planet. Preorder Slow Burn Here:

Walk With Titans – Herakles. Genre: Power Metal. Origins: Montreal Canada. Label: Rockshots Records

Walk With Titans is an epic power metal outfit with a twist of Greek Mythology. They will be releasing their debut album “Olympian Dystopia” on May 26th, 2023 via Rockshots Records. Preorder Olympian Dystopia here: Efficient, well executed, heavy, and mythical, this is what power metal fans hunger for and this band dishes it up in spades. Check out their newly released single Herakles below.


“Eco-Metal Mayhem At Its Finest: CATTLE DECAPITATION’s ‘Terrasite’ Emerges From The Ruins of Post-Apocalyptic Earth”

As the repulsive creature with a twisted, insectile form and human-like intelligence emerged from its ootheca stage, it felt an insatiable hunger gnawing from its insides. Its limbs, elongated and grotesque, twitched with newfound power, and its once human eyes shimmered with an otherworldly luminescence. As it took its first trembling steps, the hybrid, sentient being was startled by the eerie silence that surrounded it. It could feel the weight of a thousand eyes on its back, and it knew it was not alone. A primal rage surged through its body, and it roared in anger, sending shockwaves through the desolate wasteland that was once Earth. The nymph stage had just begun, and it was already a force of nature.

Terrasite (noun)
“terra-“ (Latin = “earth”) + “-sitos” (Greek = “food”) Definition:
1. A devourer or destroyer of land or earth.
2. Post-Anthropocene humanity

The title is a word invented by Ryan that brings together “Terra-“ meaning “earth” and “-site” derived from the Greek word “-sitos” which means “food.” “The combination of the two means ‘earth-eater.’ It’s a metaphor for humanity’s role in the destruction of the planet and is a play-on-words of the very fitting word ‘parasite.”

Fierce Cacophonist’s Cattle Decapitation are a five piece metal faction. Their niche is death-grind with a lyrical emphasis on activism. Their career encompasses almost 20 years of consistant mastery. The band have released a brand new album, Terrasite Via Metal Blade Records.

From total annihilation to rebirth, “Terrasite” takes you on a journey from anthropogenic ecocide, (Death Atlas) to a new beginning, (Terrasite).

Terrasite is an intense and provocative album that continues Cattle Decapitations tradition of exploring environmental and animal welfare issues through their music. The bands unique signature blend of death metal, grindcore, and progressive metal is on full display. Their sound on this album is so unique, its as if they’ve spawned a new genre altogether. From the opening moments the listener is immediately plunged into a world of unrelenting brutality and unyielding aggression.

What sets Terrasite apart from the bands other works is the emphasis on melodic atmospheric sound while perduring incontrovertible savagery.

One way the band distinguishes itself is through the vocal technique of frontman Travis Ryan which involves a form of tunnel throat with an interesting spin of melodic banshee wails and glottic distortion. Travis smoothly transitions from raspiness to dinosaur screams. His elocution abilities are unparalleled. Travis captivates the audience by drawing them in through strong song writing, compelling vocal delivery and emotional depth. He projects clarity and conviction through his lyrics. The spectator is able to connect to the music on a personal level which creates a powerful musical experience.

The guitars provide a subtle, textured, ambient fusion thats meant to create a divergent sound. Josh Elmore’s leads are known for his technically skilled and innovative approach to guitar. Theres a combination of intricate layering and solos with high gain tones that cut through the mix. The tapping and legato strategies add depth and complexity.

Belisario Dimuzios adds palm-muted power chords and intricacy that perfectly felicitate Elmore’s leads. One of the stand out aspects of Belisario’s guitar playing is his use of dissonant chords and atonal melodies, which add to the albums overall sense of unease and atrocity.

The craft of Olivier Pinard’s bass playing style is characterized by proficiency, versatility and his ability to create a thick and heavy foundation. The rapid-fire bass lines are one of many stand out aspects. The range of tonal textures and dynamic coupled with his use of effects peddles apply contrast and helps to anchor the music and drive it forward with relentless energy.

David McGraw’s ferocious drumming with use of polyrhythms, odd time signatures and unconventional phrasing add a sense of unpredictability. The blast beats, double bass and fills create a sense of chaos and vociferousness. He’s known for his impeccable timing, use of dynamic range and seamless transition from quiet, sparse sections to explosive full-throttle sections.

Lyrically the album emerges from total annihilation to rebirth although what has risen is very disturbing. The soaring choruses and haunting interludes add an extra layer of depth to the album’s already powerful music.

Lyrically “Terrasite” is as biting and incisive as ever, with the bands recurrent themes taking aim at everything from climate change denial to factory farming. A searing critique of humanities destructive impact on the planet.

Terrasite is a fantastic addition to the bands already impressive discography. With its combination of musical virtuosity and social commentary, its an album that demands to be heard.

Overall Cattle Decapitation’s album Terrasite is a powerful and stimulating work of art that’s a cautionary tale aiming to raise awareness about the critical environmental challenges facing the world today, and to inspire people to take action to protect the planet for future generations.


CATTLE DECAPITATION will support Dark Funeral on the tenth annual Decibel Magazine Tour. The journey will commence on May 11th in Santa Ana, California and run through June 10th in Los Angeles, California. Additional support will be provided by 200 Stab Wounds and Blackbraid.

CATTLE DECAPITATION w/ Dark Funeral, 200 Stab Wounds, Blackbraid:
5/11/2023 The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA
5/12/2023 The Nile Theater – Mesa, AZ
5/13/2023 El Rey – Albuquerque, NM
5/15/2023 Granada Theater – Dallas, TX
5/16/2023 Empire Control Room – Austin, TX
5/17/2023 The Warehouse – Houston, TX
5/19/2023 The Orpheum – Tampa, FL
5/20/2023 Variety Playhouse – Atlanta, GA
5/21/2023 The Underground – Charlotte, NC
5/23/2023 Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD
5/24/2023 Irving Plaza – New York, NY * No Blackbraid
5/26/2023 Club Soda – Montreal, QC
5/27/2023 Phoenix Concert Theatre – Toronto, ON
5/28/2023 Crofoot Ballroom – Pontiac, MI
5/30/2023 The Metro – Chicago, IL
5/31/2023 First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN
6/02/2023 The Summit – Denver, CO
6/03/2023 The Complex – Salt Lake City, UT
6/05/2023 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
6/06/2023 The Vogue Theater – Vancouver, BC
6/07/2023 The Roseland Ballroom -Portland, OR
6/09/2023 The Regency Ballroom – San Francisco, CA
6/10/2023 Regent Theater – Los Angeles, CA



“Stream The Lightning: Thunderflix’s Resounding Call for Quality Metal in The Mainstream”

Thunderflix is the latest platform to hit the streaming scene, catering specifically to metalheads. Let me tell you, as a music aficionado, Thunderflix does not disappoint.

Spanning across all metal sub-genres the platform offers a vast selection of music, documentaries, behind the scenes footage and concerts. Its the worlds first on-demand metal streaming service. The best part is that its all ad- free!

Thunderflix is the conception of mastermind Samuel Douek who’s worked in film most of his life. Samuel is a die-hard metalhead who has been passionate about the metal genre since his teenage years. Growing up in a small town in Mexico City with limited access to metal music, he turned to the internet to discover new bands and connect with other metalheads. It was through this online community that he realized the need for a streaming service that caters specifically to metal fans.

Samuel spent years researching and studying the music industry, learning about the challenges faced by metal bands and their fans. He took note of how the mainstream media often overlooked and ignored metal and how metal fans had very limited resources to access their favorite bands and content. This led him to the idea of creating Thunderflix, a stage that would provide a space for metalheads to celebrate their love of the metal genre.

Thunderflix is a subscription based model aptly priced at $6.66 a month and they are always adding new content. Thunderflix can be streamed from any mobile device or TV with streaming access. Explore and download the app on the Thunderflix website here:

The platform’s interface is sleek, and easy to navigate, making it a joy to browse through the extensive library of metal content. Thunderflix has not forgotten about the importance of quality. The audio is top notch, allowing viewers to fully immerse themselves in the metal experience.

One of the many stand out features of Thunderflix is their selection of live performances. The platform offers concerts from some of the biggest names in the metal industry such as Metallica, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Behemoth and Iron Maiden just to name a few. They also have performances from up-and-coming bands. This gives everyone a chance to experience the energy and excitement of live shows from the comfort of their own homes.

For metal connoisseurs, having a premium rostrum such as Thunderflix is essential for several reasons. Firstly, metal music is a genre that demands high-quality sound. The intricate guitar riffs, thunderous drums and mastery of soaring vocals need to be experienced with crystal clear audio to truly appreciate the power and intensity of the music. Thunderflix is a touchstone that provides just that.

Secondly metal is misunderstood and misrepresented by mainstream media. Metalheads have been subjected to lack of exceptional metal content for far too long. Thunderflix addresses this issue by setting the stage for metal to showcase the diversity of the genre and offers a wide variety of content that has been overlooked by other streaming services.

In creating Thunderflix, Samuel Douek sends a powerful message about the inequality and lack of metal. He is challenging the mainstream narrative that has neglected metal for far too long.

Overall, Thunderflix is an excellent podium that delivers on its promise to provide a quality streaming service catered to metal fans. Thunderflix emphasizes on metal content, high- quality sound and video, and its user friendly. Thunderflix is a must have for any metal fan.


Metal On The Margins: Exploring The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Ongoing Snub of Metal

It seems like The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has forsaken metal. The Rock Hall has inducted only three metal bands during their almost 40-year tenure, Metallica, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath. Iron Maiden has been nominated twice and snubbed and there’s been many other metal bands that have failed to make the cut.

Has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame become an antiquated mausoleum? Some people may argue that the institution has lost its relevance over time and is no longer an accurate representation of the current music landscape. Others may view it as an important establishment that continues to honor the legacy of prestigious bands and artists.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s selection process and criteria for inducting artists are determined by a nominating committee composed of music industry professionals, historians, and journalists. While the Hall of Fame has included several deserving acts in the past, there’s been wide spread criticism in the last few years over bands and musicians being over looked and under represented.

Additionally, there has been vituperation of the Hall of Fames approach with partisanship against certain genres, most notably hard rock and metal. There’s also a tendency to favor established, commercially successful artists over critically acclaimed ones.

One possible reason for this could be that the Hall of Fame’s focus has historically been on artists who have had significant impact on the development and evolution of music. While metal is undoubtedly part of the broader spectrum, there are also distinct sub-genres with their own unique sounds, histories, and cultures. Some critics argue that metal has been marginalized in the Hall of Fame because they are often associated with more extreme and controversial subject matter, and have been seen by some as being less influential or important than other music genres.

Another factor to consider is that the Hall of Fame’s selection process is somewhat opaque, with decisions made by a relatively small group of industry insiders. This can lead to accusations of bias or favoritism, particularly when it comes to genres or artists that are perceived as being outside the mainstream or not widely understood or appreciated by the general public.

Ultimately, the reasons behind the Hall of Fame’s discerning bias against metal bands are complex and multifaceted. This likely reflects a combination of factors including industry politics, cultural prejudice and subjective judgements about what constitutes “good” or “important” music.

The metal communities percipience of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame varies. Some fans and musicians view the Hall of Fame as a meaningless organization that doesn’t properly represent their music authentically.

Others in the metal community acknowledge the significance of being recognized by the Rock Hall, but still believe they still have not done enough to honor the contributions of metal and the profound impact the genre has had on music.

Its difficult to predict how the future will look with regard to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and metal music. As the genre continues to evolve and gain favor, its possible that more metal acts will be recognized and inducted.

  • Kate Bush
  • Sheryl Crow
  • Missy Elliott
  • George Michael
  • Willie Nelson
  • Rage Against the Machine
  • The Spinners

Metal Lair’s Seven Deadly Songs

Welcome to our “Seven Deadly Songs” series where we feature a song from different bands each week. We go down the rabbit hole exploring metal both past and present. Enjoy the trip!

Deathcore Massachusetts metal band The Acacia Strain’s new tune “FRESH BONES” off the album STEP INTO THE LIGHT via Rise Records. Theres a powerful message to be heard here about the dark side of humanity and decay of morality. Not that we need reminding of this fun fact but none the less the lyrical content is very well written. Musically this song is brutal with sludgy breakdowns and Vincent Bennett’s signature vocal stylings that we have come to love over the years. Overall Im never disappointed by anything this band puts out.

Belgian sludge/doom metal band PREDATORY VOID – ‘Endless Return to the Kingdom of Sleep’ off the album ‘Keys to the Discomfort of Being’ via Century Media Records. Dont let Lina’s angelic voice fool you, shes luring the listener into a psychosis fueled dimension filled with nightmares, sleep paralysis and subconscious fears. As the song progresses the singing goes from melodic to tortured guttural screams. The narration takes you down a rabbit hole of despair and fear. This is not a happy tune. This song reminds me of watching the movie ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ where eventually you will do anything to keep from falling asleep. Its dark and heavy and should definitely be on rotation.

Alabama metal band Gideon share the new song ‘Take Off’ from the album ‘More Power More Pain’ via Equal Vision Records. This song is an experimental fusion of groove, funky beats, nü-metal which is seeing a huge insurgence, and a dash of electronic hip hop flavor to add to the mix. It sounds a bit strange but it really works. As the vocals layer into the fray, the evolution of the breakdown progress and is insane. The monstrosity of Daniel McWhorter’s crooning is the perfect pairing with the high octane formula of the band. Listening to the song ‘Take Off’ transposes you into a conceptualized auditory getaway.

The band Strigoi dropped a new tune on us this week titled ‘The Construct of Misery’ via Season of Mist records. Its an exclusive stream on the Decibel flexi series only at Decibel Magazine at THIS LOCATION. The new song is an unsettling barrage of blackened death doom frills and shrills that take the listener on a rollercoaster ride of eccentric riffs, chaotic vocals and grizzly themes. Fasten your seat belt.

Japanese Gore-specialists FESTERDECAY’S new album Reality Rotten To The Core via Everlasting Spew is an explosion of metal. FesterDecay formed in Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan in 2015. The song Rotten Fester Decay is a deadly goregrind track with an intro that sounds like someone has just stumbled into a bloody disgusting crime scene to their great horror. As the climactic build-up progresses there’s screaming, ear piercing guitar riffs that lead into something that surprises you (is this Dimebag Darrell guitar influences Im picking up?) which is no easy feat when you’re submerged into metal every day. The vocals are guttural and ferocious. This band is a force du jour and I foresee them becoming huge in the metal scene.

DUSK Agnes of Rome off the album Spectrums via Dusk studio. Dusk is a one man band with Saudi Arabian artist and architect Meshari Sangora. Spectrums is the debut full-length which features 10 guest vocalists by Saudi and Kuwaiti musicians. The song Agnes of Rome features a collaboration with ABZY, a self taught singer-songwriter from Kuwait city. The talent and arduous work that was put into this album collectively is impressive. The international flavors and languages in which each song is performed I find irresistible. Im a person who enjoys all genres of metal and if the piece of music in question is well done even better. I dont shy away from diving into metalcore or any other genre to experience a piece of music. This album is uniquely designed with multiple genres, styles and influences. Agnes of Rome is no exception and the bridge is a beautifully written piece of music with clean melodic vocals. The subject matter is a very interesting piece of literary history. The whole album is worth digesting.

Witchrot band, ‘Burn Me Down’ off the album Live in The Hammer. This band is one of those hidden gems you stumble across. An avant- guard, psychedelic rock meets doom metal outfit. They are a twist of retro and modern music. Lea Reto’s contralto vocals are reminiscent of early Grace Slick as she belts out powerful Sirenic and hypnotising lyrics. The musical theme is dark and disturbing as they unravel a tale of woe and despair.