Hardcore Singer Kicked Out For Allegedly Drugging Band Mate With Estrogen

Local hardcore band has gone viral thanks to a jaw-dropping saga involving gender manipulation. Allegedly, the band’s singer, identified as “Diego,” attempted to administer estrogen to his bandmate through spiked pre-workout drinks in a bid to woo away his fiancée.

Llorona, the band in question, shared the shocking revelation on their Instagram, detailing Diego’s purported scheme to induce a physical transition in his friend. His motive? To diminish the member’s masculinity in the eyes of their partner, allowing Diego to pursue them. A perfectly rational move, right?” The band condemned this regressive mentality as a “ridiculous caveman mindset devoid of logic.”

The vocalist supposedly confessed to this outlandish deed during a drunken episode, later reaffirming it via text message, according to the band’s insragram account which has since been deleted.

Due to admission of very disturbing and concerning behavior towards one of our band members and their partner,” wrote Llorona. “He has admitted to being obsessed with said partner, and has been attempting to sabotage their relationship by cutting pre workout he frequently gifts from his job with high amounts of estrogen in them.

“He has been attempting to force a transition onto him for the last 5 months, in hopes that would give him the opportunity to ‘swoop in’ once he looked stronger and more manly in comparison. (Stupid cave man mindset that makes zero sense) This tampering has caused confusion and thousands of dollars in medical bills the past months trying to figure out whats wrong.

“We would not know any of this unless Diego had gotten way too intoxicated and ousted himself, and then stated an admission to all of this via text. There are many more disgusting details that have been left out for the sake of privacy and general censorship.”

The band member also detailed their horrific experience, saying: “As for Diego‘s response, it cannot be further from the truth on the supplement side of things. The only sealed products he would provide were proteins, but the other products were always unsealed because they were tossed at his job if they couldn’t sell it hence why it was free.

“He also has easy access to steroids and hormones because of his gym practices. I am going to be seeing an endocrinologist over the next few months to track my hormonal fluctuations to see if my estrogen levels are extremely heightened and go back to normal over time. I have had physical changes from the hormones besides stomach ulcers, weight loss, and muscle fatigue that I will not get into, as well as notable mental changes.

“I will also be getting the last batch of pre workout he gave me tested for estrogen, I have about 2-3 full cups of it left. He will not pass off what he admitted to as a joke or confusion even in his state of drunkenness. What he did is disgusting and has had an immense negative effect on my life.”


“Breaking News: Legendary Band SLAYER Reunites After Five Years for Epic Comeback Tour!”

Photo By Christy Lee/UI

SLAYER has officially reunited and will return to the live stage in September.

For the first time since the band wrapped the last concert of its world tour back in November 2019, SLAYER — Tom Araya (bass, vocals),Kerry King (guitar),Gary Holt (guitar) and Paul Bostaph (drums) — will return to the stage this fall, headlining two major festivals, Riot Fest and Louder Than Life Festival.

“Nothing compares to the 90 minutes when we’re on stage playing live, sharing that intense energy with our fans,” Araya said, “and to be honest, we have missed that.” Kingadded: “Have I missed playing live? Absolutely. SLAYER means a lot to our fans; they mean a lot to us. It will be five years since we have seen them.”

So far the following dates have been announced:

Sep. 22 – Riot Fest – Chicago, IL
Sep. 27 – Louder Than Life – Louisville, KY

“We’re thrilled to announce that SLAYER will be reuniting for an earth-shattering performance at Louder Than Life,” says Danny Wimmer of Danny Wimmer Presents. “I was at their last show at The Forum in 2019 and have been working since then to bring them back to the Louder stage! With over 140 bands on five stages, we’re celebrating our 10th Louder Than Life with the biggest lineup yet!”

Earlier this month, Kerry said that he had not been in contact with Tom since SLAYERplayed its final show more than four years ago.

The 59-year-old guitarist discussed his band’s decision to call it quits while speaking to Rolling Stone about his new solo project.

Asked how he found out SLAYER‘s bassist/vocalist wanted to retire, Kerry said: “We were on tour and some kid was interviewing him, and he said something about, ‘I’ve got to get together with Kerry and talk before we talk about the next record.’ He should have just said, ‘I’m probably not going to do another record,’ or had that conversation with me before he mentioned anything like that. I was just assuming, ‘Oh fuck, what’s this going to be?’ And it was, ‘I’m done.’ Not what I expected. But if you made that decision, I’m not going to try to talk you out of it because your heart’s not going to be in it anyway.”

Regarding why Araya had decided to retire, King said: “I think just the wear and tear of the road. I think he wanted to be home. None of us are real spotlight seekers, but he’s certainly not. And when [late SLAYER guitarist] Jeff[Hanneman] was around, he was like a hermit. He did not want fame. I tolerate fame. Somebody’s got to be that guy.”

Kerry also confirmed that personality differences contributed to SLAYER‘s eventual split.

“Me and Tom have never been on the same page,” he said. “Like if I want a chocolate shake, he wants a vanilla shake. ‘Kerry, what color is the sky?’ Blue. ‘Tom, what color is the sky?’ White. We’re just different people. The further on in years we got, it just became more.

“Am I going to hang out with Tom? He likes tequila a little bit and I’m a big tequila-head, so I’ll have my shot with him, and we’ll part ways. We’re not going to hang out or anything because we are very different people. And together, we made great music and a great live show.”

Asked if he has talked to Tom at all since the last SLAYER show,” Kerry said: “Not even a text. Not even an e-mail. I’ve talked to everybody else from the band on the phone, text, or e-mail. If Tom hit me up, I’d probably respond. It probably depends on what he hit me up for, but I don’t wish him dead at this moment.”

Pressed about whether he and Tom could make another SLAYER album, Kerry said: “I can pretty much a hundred percent say no because I have a new outlet, and it’s not SLAYER, but it sounds like SLAYER. I’m making the music I like to make still, so I don’t need to do that. Records don’t sell anymore anyway. It’s just a means to have a product out so people know what I’m playing when I come to town.”

As for the possibility of SLAYER touring again, Kerry said: “I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen. Could SLAYER play a show again? I’m sure there’s a scenario. Am I looking for it? No, I’m just getting ready to start my career. So if that happens, it happens. But I’m going to be doing this [solo band] for the next 10 years at least.”

SLAYER played the final show of its farewell tour in November 2019 at the Forum in Los Angeles. One day later, Kerry‘s wife Ayeshasaid that there is “not a chance in hell” that the thrash metal icons will reunite for more live appearances.

Tickets for both shows are on sale now, so if you want to catch this show, you better act quick.


“Metal’s Paradox: Gatekeeping and the Perils of Success”

Written By Tristan Cardinelli

Kurt Lewin, a social psychologist first introduced the Gatekeeping theory in 1943. Gatekeeping occurs at all levels of the media structure, from a reporter deciding which sources are presented in a headline story to editors choosing which stories are printed or covered.

A gatekeeper is a person who perceives control or access to something based on their personal preference with complete disregard for individual inclination.

For the younger generation, their esteem is defined by peer approval which can present a challenge in developing their own individuality which hinders their ability to develop their own personal preferences.

In the realm of heavy metal, a peculiar phenomenon often unfolds – the paradox of gatekeeping. Metal, a genre built on rebellion and counterculture, seems to face a unique challenge when its bands achieve mainstream success. Fans, who once reveled in the underground nature of the music, can sometimes turn against the very bands they once championed.

The roots of gatekeeping in metal lie in its rebel origins. Metal emerged as a rejection of mainstream norms, with fans finding solace in its abrasive sound and anti-establishment ethos. However, as certain bands ascend to commercial success, they inadvertently become part of the establishment they once revolted against. This shift triggers a response from fans who fear the dilution of the genre’s authenticity.

Metal fans, notorious for their dedication and passion, form close-knit communities around obscure bands and sub-genres. When a band gains widespread acclaim, some fans feel a sense of ownership over the genre, leading to resistance against perceived interlopers. The achievement of a metal band can be seen as a betrayal to those who embraced the genre as a refuge from mainstream conformity.

Many bands have emerged from obscurity, starting with local shows and gradually gaining widespread popularity and tremendous success. However, this surge in fame often led to a backlash from fans who felt betrayed by the newfound popularity and acclaim.

Moreover, the scrutiny intensifies when bands experiment with their sound or incorporate elements from other genres. Metal fans, protective of the genre’s purity, may interpret these ventures as betrayals of the core values that defined their musical sanctuary. This tension often results in vocal criticism and rejection from the very fan base that once celebrated the band’s originality.

The metal community’s gatekeeping tendencies are a complex interplay of passion, nostalgia, and a desire to preserve the underground spirit. While success is the ultimate goal for many musicians, navigating the fine line between staying true to one’s roots and embracing broader recognition becomes a tightrope walk. Metal bands find themselves caught between the loyalty of their origins and the allure of a broader audience.

In conclusion, the paradox of gatekeeping in metal sheds light on the delicate balance between authenticity and success. As bands navigate the treacherous path to mainstream recognition, they face the challenge of retaining the support of their die-hard fans while reaching new audiences. The tension between staying true to the genre’s rebellious roots and adapting to a changing landscape showcases the intricate dynamics within the metal community – a paradox that continues to shape the evolution of metal.


POWERWOLF Honors OZZY OSBOURNE’s 75th Birthday by Covering Legendary Hit “Bark At The Moon”!

Photo Credit: Matteo vDiva Fabbiani

Attila Dorn – vocals
Falk Maria Schlegel – organ
Charles Greywolf – guitar
Matthew Greywolf – guitar
Roel van Helden – drums

POWERWOLF Honors OZZY OSBOURNE’s 75th Birthday by Covering Legendary Hit “Bark At The Moon”

Watch the Official Lyric Video HERE

Get Your Tickets to POWERWOLF’s Biggest Tour Ever, the Wolfsnächte 2024 Tour, Now!

Yesterday, December 3, POWERWOLF honored the 75th birthday of the Prince of Darkness himself, the legendary Ozzy Osbourne, by releasing a cover of one of the Black Sabbath vocalist’s most famous solo tracks, “Bark At The Moon”! The title track of Ozzy’s celebrated 1983 album, Bark At The Moon, is an immortal classic, and the wolves’ cover of the song is performed in true POWERWOLF style while fully respecting the original version. The cover arrives with an accompanying official lyric video.

Watch the Official Lyric Video for “Bark At The Moon” HERE:

POWERWOLF are undoubtedly one of the most celebrated and successful heavy metal bands of the last decade. Multiple #1 album chart entries, gold and platinum records, huge sold-out arena shows, as well as headline slots at the biggest festivals have paved their way. In less than 20 years of band history, POWERWOLF has made it to the very highest league of heavy metal.

POWERWOLF has conquered countless stages at the world’s biggest summer festivals, and their last Wolfsnächte headline tours (2019, 2022), as well as their highly anticipated North American debut in early 2023, were almost completely sold out – resulting in a massive triumph. They have performed headlining sets at Wacken and Summer Breeze, as well as held premium slots at genre festival giants such as Hellfest, Graspop, Masters of Rock and many more, captivating enormous audiences. No other German metal band has been able to write a success story even remotely comparable in recent years!

POWERWOLF Wolfsnächte 2024:
w/ HammerFall, Wind Rose
04.10.24 DE – Hamburg / Barclays Arena
05.10.24 NL – Amsterdam / AFAS Live
06.10.24 BE – Antwerp / Lotto Arena
10.10.24 LU – Esch Sur Alzette / Rockhal
11.10.24 DE – Stuttgart / Schleyerhalle
12.10.24 DE – Frankfurt / Festhalle
14.10.24 IT – Milan / Alcatraz
16.10.24 CH – Zürich / The Hall
17.10.24 FR – Paris / Zenith
18.10.24 DE – Oberhausen / Rudolf Weber Arena
19.10.24 DE – Berlin / Velodrom
21.10.24 PL – Krakow / Tauron Arena
22.10.24 HU – Budapest / MVM Dome
23.10.24 AT – Vienna / Gasometer
25.10.24 DE – Munich / Olympiahalle
26.10.24 CZ – Prague / Sportovni Hala Fortuna

Tickets are now on sale via all known ticket agencies.

POWERWOLF is a name that instantly brings tears of joy to the eyes of metal fans worldwide. The story of the frontrunners of today’s German metal scene, which began in 2004, only knows one direction: ever upwards! It may seem like something out of a fairytale, but it is the result of embodying the highest quality in the heavy metal universe. Outstanding album productions, bombastic live shows and the tireless drive for perfection on and behind the stage as well as the perfect integration of new developments are representative of this exceptional band.

POWERWOLF boast a remarkable collection of Gold and Platinum awards, with many of their albums – including a live streaming event – landing at the top of the Official German album charts, where they remained in the top 100 for months. In 2018, they achieved Gold status in the Czech Republic for the first time with their album Blessed & Possessed, while both its direct predecessors, Preachers Of The Night (2013) and the subsequent masterpiece The Sacrament Of Sin (2018), as well as the groundbreaking streaming event The Monumental Mass: A Cinematic Metal Event (2022), entered the Official German Album Charts at #1. In addition, the thrilling DVD, The Metal Mass (2016), secured the #1 spot on the German DVD charts, as well as #4 on the album charts. The new studio album, Call Of The Wild, entered the album charts at #2 and remained there for 17 (!) weeks, while the hit single “Dancing With The Dead” added another entry to their collection of Platinum records. The Best Of album, Best Of The Blessed (2020), also successfully entered the German charts at #2, while the special album, Interludium, reached #3.

Over the course of their career, the band has not only fascinated metal fans, but has also won over international press and critics. Countless cover stories in the most important magazines, critics’ awards such as the Metal Hammer Award, and effusive album and concert reviews underpin POWERWOLF‘s outstanding international status.

With the current studio album, Call Of The Wild, the special album, Interludium, and the upcoming Wolfsnächte Tour 2024 with support from HammerFall and Wind Rose, as well as a new studio album in 2024, it is clear that the metal world continues to be under the spell of the Wolfpack. POWERWOLF‘s holy mass in the name of heavy metal is unstoppable!




After record-breaking attendance over four days in 2023, Welcome To Rockville returns to Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida to kick off the festival season bigger and better than ever May 9-12, 2024. Festival producer Danny Wimmer Presents is excited to announce the addition of a fifth music stage and 50 additional bands, bringing the total music lineup to an impressive 150 bands for Welcome To Rockville 2024.

The initial music lineup for the 13th year of Welcome To Rockville is the festival’s most powerful collection of artists yet and features an array of talent not-to-be-missed including FOO FIGHTERS, MÖTLEY CRÜE, SLIPKNOT, JELLY ROLL, DISTURBED, LIMP BIZKIT, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, JUDAS PRIEST, GRETA VAN FLEET, EVANESCENCE, FALLING IN REVERSE, A DAY TO REMEMBER, BREAKING BENJAMIN, BAD OMENS, THE OFFSPRING, MUDVAYNE, KOE WETZEL, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, PRIMUS, CYPRESS HILL, SUM 41, a rare appearance by MR. BUNGLE, and many others. Look for festival producer Danny Wimmer Presents to announce additional bands in early 2024, including the campground kick-off party lineup.

Welcome To Rockville passes are on sale now with payment plans available for just $24 down at

Nikki Sixx of MÖTLEY CRÜE said: “We couldn’t be more excited to come back to Florida. Welcome To Rockville is one of the biggest festivals in the world, and it’s going to be a highlight for us in 2024.”

Welcome To Rockville isn’t just a music festival, it’s where the magic of rock meets the essence of community, creating an unforgettable experience that resonates with fans around the globe,” says Chamie McCurry, chief marketing officer at Danny Wimmer Presents. “2024 marks an exciting year for us as we have our biggest lineup ever with over 150 bands (50 more than in 2023)! We’ll be welcoming MÖTLEY CRÜE to the Rockvillecommunity for the first time, celebrating 25 years of SLIPKNOT, 50 years of JUDAS PRIEST, the return of FOO FIGHTERS, and so many more must see moments!”

“The record-breaking number of fans certainly proved that when it comes to rock music, there’s no place better than Daytona International Speedway,” said DIS president Frank Kelleher. “This past Welcome To Rockville produced one of the most electric atmospheres we’ve seen at The World Center of Racing, and we’re looking forward to welcoming all those fans back next year alongside a seriously talented lineup of performers.”

The current Welcome To Rockville 2024 music lineup is as follows, with more to be announced:

SUM 41

In addition to 150 music artists and five stages during the four-day event, Welcome To Rockville also offers amusement rides, a giant water slide, artwork installations, partner experiences, award-winning spirits, and delectable eats.

Metal Injection called Welcome To Rockville“the undeniable crown jewel of large-scale musical events” and WKMG-TV praised it as “a heavy metal and rock fan’s paradise.”

All passes for Welcome To Rockville are on sale now, after selling out the Early Bird allotment, setting the stage for the biggest Rockville yet. Festivalgoers are encouraged to buy early to save, as pass prices increase throughout the coming months, based on quantities of each pricing level. A limited number of specially priced tickets for military personnel and first responders are on sale now via GovX, while supplies last.

Festival attendees can enhance their Welcome To Rockville experience by camping right on the field at Daytona International Speedway. Camping offers the quickest access to the stages and comes with in and out festival privileges. The festival campgrounds are open Wednesday, May 8 through Monday, May 13. Details for the official Welcome To Rockville pre-party for campers and the 2024 camping theme will be announced early next year. RV and tent camping passes are on sale now as an add-on to festival pass purchases. Driver/Owner Lot and Red RV camping passes are sold out, but a waitlist is available. Camping amenities include indoor restrooms and showers, in and out privileges, and a general store for supplies.

The JamPack hotel package also allows patrons to bundle festival passes, hotel and more and save up to 41%. Fans are also invited to experience the thrill of Welcome To Rockville in an enhanced way with a VIP experience pass. VIP passholders have access to an array of exclusive privileges that elevate the festival experience to a new level. VIP passholders have access to all GA areas as well as a commemorative VIP laminate and wristband
for access to dedicated Festival VIP Fast Track entrance lanes, and exclusive access to all VIP lounges, which feature shaded patio areas with misters, comfortable furniture, and live audio and video streams of both headliner stages. VIPs will have dedicated viewing areas at each main stage, access to a private festival merchandise booth**, dedicated guest services team, private locker rentals with charging capabilities**, air conditioned and flushable restrooms, and premium food and drink offerings** (**for additional purchase).

In addition, the coveted Daytona Owner’s Club VIP returns and offers exclusive access to an enclosed air-conditioned lounge with a private hosted bar, comfortable seating, and live audio and video of both main stages, as well as access to an elevated and shaded platform to view a main stage. Additional amenities include complimentary hors d’oeuvres and light bites curated by renowned Chef Anthony Lamas during lunch and dinner hours, a dedicated festival merchandise booth**, complimentary Wi-Fi, air-conditioned and flushable restrooms, private locker rentals with charging capabilities**, a dedicated “Owner’s” services team, dedicated Owner’s Club Fast Track entrance lanes, and one premium parking pass included with each Daytona Owner’s
Club Pass order (**for additional purchase).

Welcome To Rockville is produced by Danny Wimmer Presents, one of the largest independent producers of destination music festivals in America.


Official CANNIBAL CORPSE Coloring Book Coming In December

U.K. independent publisher Rock N’ Roll Colouring has unveiled the first official coloring book from CANNIBAL CORPSE, death metal’s most notorious, explicit and successful band.

Featuring iconic artwork and instantly recognizable images all printed on high quality paper in a square format officially licensed and fully endorsed by both CANNIBAL CORPSEand artist Vince Locke, these amazing designs have the potential for hours of satisfying coloring in. The book encourages you to revel in every horrific detail of Vince Locke‘s unhinged imagery, letting your imagination run riot as you create your own personalized versions of your favorite nightmarish CANNIBAL CORPSE designs.

The book contains painstakingly created renderings of each image with detailed outlines ready for you to unleash your artistic skills using pens, pencils or paint. Including artwork from genre classics such as “Tomb Of The Mutilated”, “Butchered At Birth” and “Eaten Back To Life”, right up to the band’s latest album “Chaos Horrific”, the book contains some of the nastiest, sickest, gore-filled and blood-drenched designs ever. Working closely with artist Vince Locke, who personally curated the book, these images are not for the faint hearted, but are perfect for fans of graphic horror fantasy art, coupled with devotees of the most deranged death metal in history.

Celebrating the release of his first coloring book, Vince enthuses: “Going over art for the book, it was surprising to see just how much 30 years of collaboration yielded. It’s rare that I see it all compiled together. There are a few pieces that had to be included, some that were favorites of myself or the band, and some that just lent themselves well to coloring. I’m always playing, trying different materials and techniques. Hope you do the same with these coloring pages. Try watercolor markers, crayons, and colored pencils, adding your own details. You’ll probably go through a lot of red, but be creative, have fun, make it your own.”

Reflecting on his band’s unlikely entry into the world of coloring books, CANNIBAL CORPSE bassist Alex Webster says; “This book is a great new way for CANNIBAL CORPSE fans to enjoy the incredible artwork of Vincent Locke.”

Devised and created by two lifelong rock and heavy metal devotees and coloring book fans, Rock N’ Roll Colouring was formed by fans for fans. Every effort has gone into making sure this book does justice to the legacy of CANNIBAL CORPSE and their sensationally graphic art, courtesy of the incredible Vince Locke, painstakingly re-creating some of the most controversial death metal images of all time to ensure that fans everywhere get the most shocking creative experience possible.

Coloring has proven significant mental health benefits including mindfulness, relaxation and increased focus and can be enjoyed by any age group. These books provide hours of creative and restful activity that combines the love of the music with the love of the art.

The CANNIBAL CORPSE book follows on from the previous Rock N’ Roll Colouring releases from heavy music icons such as IRON MAIDEN, ALICE COOPER, MOTÖRHEAD, JUDAS PRIEST, THIN LIZZY and MEGADETH.

The book is published on December 1, 2023, available for worldwide shipping* (*except Germany, where the book is not available),and can be exclusively pre-ordered via Eyesore Merch. A limited number of the books will be available with an exclusive postcard hand signed by Vince Locke.


From Metal to Keto: The Multifaceted Journey of Sahil Makhija,s Headbangers Kitchen

Sahil is the master chef behind Headbanger’s Kitchen. He hates writing up recipes because he’s a man of few (written) words, but when he’s on camera, he’s all about the jibber jabber.

Sahil Makhija, a maestro of metal, a wordsmith, and the culinary virtuoso behind a YouTube cooking realm, is a man adorned with an eclectic array of talents. His saga commenced in his teenage years when he birthed Demonic Resurrection, an acclaimed death metal ensemble hailing from the bustling streets of Mumbai. Their name was etched in the annals of fame, gracing a documentary known as “Global Metal” alongside giants like Sepultura and Lamb of God.

But it isn’t just music that sets his heart ablaze. His deepest passion transcends the sonic realms and ventures into the delectable world of gastronomy. Behold, Headbanger’s Kitchen, a YouTube sanctuary boasting 645K fervent disciples. It’s no ordinary channel; here, keto recipes reign supreme, concocted by Sahil, infusing each dish with distinctiveness and delectation. His culinary journey commenced at the tender age of 12.

However, music was not his initial muse. In his early years, Sahil’s heart danced to the rhythm of food. School hobby classes witnessed his culinary ambitions for two to three years. The dream of donning the chef’s hat and opening a restaurant thrived in his young mind. But Bollywood’s siren call also tantalized him; the silver screen beckoned with its allure. Elocutions and drama classes added their own twist to his tale, but destiny had a different tune.

“One of my earliest food memories is from the time I was 11 or 12; we had gone on a family vacation with our family friends and their kids. I cooked breakfast for around 18 people, and it was eggs — whether they all wanted omelets or scrambled eggs, I cooked for them.” Sahil”Demonstealer”Makhija

Across time and space, from his enchantment with the delectable to a dalliance with acting, Sahil’s path took an unexpected turn. Computers beckoned, and a decision to tread the realms of computer science engineering was made. Yet, destiny had its own machinations. Little did he fathom that a serendipitous encounter with heavy metal would sweep him off his feet, birthing the metal maestro we know today.






Over the years I’ve noticed some very troubling behavior from the metal community that isn’t actually driven by them. Rather, it’s been driven entirely by social media. Now before you start throwing insults in the comment section, let me be very clear. I’m not referring to personal decisions to not listen to bands based on allegations of criminal behavior or offensive remarks that one might not agree with. That’s personal and I respect that. My issue here however, is with many younger metal heads who seem to have formed this bizarre collective of personal taste regarding bands. The tier-list generation is clearly responsible for this and even though those are assumed to have been made in good fun, I feel that maybe some metal heads are taking tier-lists a tad too seriously. It was upon seeing a post in a heavy metal group that I knew something was wrong here and troubled me so much that I had to write an article about it. I’m no stranger to this genre, I’ve covered thousands of records and have interviewed a great deal of bands. That being said, it wasn’t the only genre I covered and there were dozens of non-metal records being submitted to my inbox for personal critique. I’ve always been about expanding one’s musical palette and it’s good to see that others are doing the same. However, I saw a post where a young man stated that his taste in music was “shit” back then, but he also said that he found it nostalgic.

Let us move back just a little bit here. Clearly, this gentleman has nostalgia for this band that may be as others claim, a low-tier act. He also seems to have erroneously self-corrected himself like I once did when I was a younger man, because these acts that he enjoyed denote low quality and therefore may reflect on him as a person. When you’re young, especially in today’s clout-chasing social media generation, simple things like music taste seem to matter a whole lot more than they ever have. People constantly make memes (often in good fun) to spite certain bands that others might enjoy, perhaps even a few covered right here on this website! That being said, it’s a subtle form of peer pressure that ultimately allows one’s own taste in music to be controlled by this sort of heavy metal collective.

In other words, if you say you’re a fan of a more celebrated act like Blut Aus Nord, you would be considered to have great taste in music. I’ve seen several artists comment on just how monumental they felt their latest album was and you’d almost be patted on the back for enjoying it. The same can be said with an act called Agriculture whom some saw almost as the second coming of Christ. There are of course many good taste bands that one could describe, but say what if you wanted to give an old Slipknot record a listen? Sure, times have changed a bit and even some of the downright haters have eased up a little on Corey and company as well as the rest of Nu-Metal in general (I see a lot of praise for Static-X now, for instance) but when I was a teenager, listening to these kinds of bands wasn’t very popular with the metal community. I was called a “poser banger” even though I had been listening to some of the more obscure Nu-Metal acts at the time. Due to this, I simply stopped listening to a lot of the music that I loved. I stopped listening to Limp Bizkit, which was one of the bands who got me into heavier music as a younger man. Once again, the consensus has changed a bit on them since the release of the EP “Still Sucks” last year. Suffice it to say, I started listening to the band again recently after many years and found I still enjoy them and can quote far more of their old cuts nearly word for word than I ever would’ve believed. Hold on a second there, dear reader. That doesn’t mean I’ve thrown the greats in the garbage, as well as all of those black, death, doom, Viking, sludge, etc. bands into the waste bin. I still remember when Amon Amarth were good! That being said, the modern version of the band seems to be a hit and they seem like they’re having a fun time out there playing music for the fans. I’m not here to dunk on anyone, because I’ve been a musician before and I know how difficult it is to make it out there.

Getting back to the point, I’ve listened to just about every kind of act you can think of and will say for all it’s worth, that we shouldn’t allow tier-lists and the opinions of others to derail us from what we really enjoy. There are too many younger fans unironically allowing others to decide what their playlists should consist of and band shaming each other for it. It’s great to see people recommending new and cool acts (not so much the mainstream pop stuff) but not so much when they’re shunning and degrading other acts. I think there’s a certain level of immaturity when one says “Ewe! I can’t believe you listen to Nickelback” for example. Rest assured, some of their hate is definitely warranted, but they’ve had decent songs here and there as well as acts like Creed in the past and so on. I grew up with many of these bands, so they will definitely appear on my playlist along with all of the best that the latter eras of the genre had to offer and then some. Chances are, maybe you did too. Perhaps you grew up with emo and even though it may be shunned now, you still go back to those songs in your later years. I see this a lot with young hip hop fans. At my workplace, the guys are allowed to listen to music on a large portable speaker and they choose playlists that consist of everything from modern hits to old classics. I haven’t really heard anyone complain about it, unlike metal heads when there’s a song they don’t want to hear. Perhaps this is why hip hop became as big as rock in it’s prime and why many of the old rockers are calling the genre dead. Maybe we’ve more or less killed it by complaining about music taste all of the time. If you don’t want to listen to bands that you consider in poor taste, that’s completely fine, but don’t tell others that they have to subvert their tastes just to match what everyone else thinks is cool and trendy. This in my opinion, sets up a level of conformity that this genre just simply isn’t about.

Now I know there will be some people in the comments section who might say, “GATEKEEP EVERYTHING!” and I have no issue with one’s personal philosophy regarding that. We just shouldn’t expect that out of everyone in this entire genre. There are people who won’t listen to albums just because they think the album cover art is bad – not offensive, but just plain bad art. That to me is insane and demonstrates why I think this piece needed to be written. If you’re letting your peers, the online collective or just plain bad album art dictate your music taste, then you’ve utterly missed the point about heavy metal and the spirit of rebellion. Feel free to listen to who you want, when you want, how you want. Anything less is simply just not metal.


Chris McMahon’s Abrupt Exit from Thy Art Is Murder: A Social Media Saga”

Australian extreme metal titans “Thy Art is Murder” officially announced McMahon’s departure from the Band and revealed that they had replaced his contributions on the new album with those of a new vocalist. Godlike was released today (Friday, September 22) via Human Warfare, with CJ‘s replacement having “finished re-recording vocals on the new album earlier this week”.In their statement, Thy Art Is Murder stated that this decision had been brewing for a while, alleging that McMahon had threatened to harm the band if they didn’t endorse his extreme views.

McMahon has commented on his dismissal from the group, adding that he only found out about it through their statement.

“I just woke up and saw the news. Yes this is how I found out. And yes it’s not the whole story. I’ll be going live tomorrow at 5PM Sydney, Australia time,” McMahon wrote, ending the post with, “Burn everyone to death.”

The latter part of McMahon’s post is in reference to the initial anti-trans comments he made in the first place. He’d reportedly reposted a video that was originally shared by political commentator Matt Walsh where a mother asked her child if they were a boy or a girl, and the child answered “both.” McMahon proceeded to comment that the mother “should be burned to death” for accepting the response [via MetalSucks].

This ongoing saga promises to continue, with McMahon planning an Instagram live session at approximately 3 a.m. EST. It’s bound to be an event worth keeping an eye on.


Two Major European Festivals Have Removed Pantera from Their Lineups

The controversial Pantera reunion has hit its first major roadblock as two of Europe’s biggest festivals have decided to remove the band from their lineups.

Organizers for the Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park festivals, both of which take place in Nürburgring and Nürnberg from June 2 to June 4, have decimated Pantera from their lineups. The announcement was made Monday evening on the festivals’ Twitter accounts.

“The band Pantera will not perform at Rock Im Park and Rock Am Ring 2023 as announced.”

This allegedly comes from an incident in 2016 when Phil Anselmo attended a “Dimebash” event at the Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood. The event was to honor “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, but quickly became marred in controversy when video came out of Anselmo apparently saying “white power” and making a Nazi salute during the performance of “A New Level.”

The festivals, which take place June 2-4 in Nürburgring and Nürnberg, will feature appearances from Rise Against, Limp Bizkit, Kings Of Leon, Tenacious D, Bring Me The Horizon, Machine Gun Kelly and many more.

Pantera’s reunion – featuring original members Phil Anselmo on vocals and Rex Brown on bass, with Zakk Wylde and Charlie Bentate filling in on guitar and drums respectively – has proven to reveal very divisive reactions from fans. Many are delighted at the opportunity to see classic Pantera tracks played live once again, while others remain cynical at the idea of any kind of Pantera tour taking place without the presence of the much-missed Abbott brothers, Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul, the latter of whom was vocally against a Pantera reunion before his death in 2018.


Humanity Shows Their Dark Side Over A Rainbow For PINK FLOYDS Album Anniversary Design

This week, the legendary Pink Floyd announced a special 50th anniversary reissue box set of the Dark Side of The Moon. To launch the new box set, the band shared an updated version of the art for the album as their official Facebook profile picture. It sees the prism with ’50’ written inside it. Within the ‘0’ is the colours of the rainbow, calling back to the original ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ artwork. However, some fans saw the new profile picture as a statement of advocacy for the LGBTQ+ movement, and shared their anger at what they believed was a “woke” move.

The iconic 1973 Dark Side Of The Moon album features a prism refracting a rainbow on the cover. This was one of Pink Floyds famous albums of all time. The design was featured on shirts, posters, stickers and many other items. Apparently a large group of people are confused and angry over the new anniversary album reissue design and are accusing the band of going full woke and want Pink Floyd cancelled.

“Lose the rainbow, you’re making yourself look stupid!” comments an angry fan on Facebook.

“Sad to see a band that was once great has gone full WOKE!!!.” writes another fan. “I loved your music before, NOT LISTENING NOW!”

“What is the connection between pink Floyd master piece & LGBT ??? WTF….” says another.

“Are you going woke with rainbows?” another angry fan added. “Is there a straight flag? I want equal representation, don’t get me wrong, we should all be true to who we are.”

In response, a number of Floyd fans laughed at the misguided anger, with one writing in the comments section:

“I thought it was a joke and had to come see for myself. Are people really having tantrums over the rainbow that has ALWAYS been there in that cover?”

Another added: “You know you’re homophobic when you get mad at the rainbow that has always been Pink Floyd’s logo. It shines out of the triangle; represents the start of life and all the paths taken and influences over a lifetime.”

The new ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ box set will arrive days after the 50th anniversary of its UK release (which was on March 16, 1973) on March 24 and will celebrate the seminal record through a newly remastered version of the original release. The reissue will feature a CD and gatefold vinyl of the album, plus Blu-Ray and DVD audio featuring the original 5.1 mix and remastered stereo versions.

In addition, it will also include another Blu-Ray disc of Atmos mix plus CD and LP of ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon – Live At Wembley Empire Pool, London, 1974’. The live recording will also be released independently on CD and vinyl on the same day as the box set, marking the first time it will be available as a standalone album.

A book titled Pink Floyd – The Dark Side Of The Moon: 50th Anniversary will also arrive on March 24. Curated by photographer Jill Furmanovsky and created in collaboration with the band, it will feature rare and previously unseen photos taken during the Dark Side Of The Moon tours between 1972 and 1975.


Quirky Anecdote’s About Cannibal Corpse For Your Amusement

If any death metal band is a household name these days, it’s Cannibal Corpse. While Cannibal Corpses 1988 formation came a few years after the genre began to take shape folowing bands like Possessed and Death, they are nevertheless a quintessential death metal band. Their down-tuned riffs, growling vocals, and horror-film-obsessed lyrics provide a blueprint for American death metal. Theres also a lot of interesting stories surrounding the band. Here are a few ‘fun’ facts.

Cannibal Corpse are the top selling death metal band in history (according to the records of Soundscan) They are the first death metal group to have platinum status in the world.

Because of various complaints from teachers and parents who claimed Cannibal Corpse would be dangerous to children due to their cover art and lyrical content the band were not allowed to play any song from the first three albums live in Germany until 2007.

The song “Hammer Smashed Face” was written by Alex Webster and Paul Mazurkiewicz, after one of their countless fights with their vocalist, Chris Barnes.

In the 2003 film School of Rock, a large Cannibal Corpse sticker is visible in Dewey Finn’s sleeping area.

Comedian Andrew Hansen of ABC’s Chaser’s War on Everything made a lounge jazz arrangement of Cannibal Corpse’s song “Rancid Amputation” after the Australian government banned the band’s touring of the country.

In May 1995, then-United States Senator Bob Dole mentioned the band by name and accused them of violating human decency.

Cannibal Corpse NEVER did a “duet” with Tori Amos on “Stripped, Raped, and Strangled”. This was a rumor started by filesharing. The “Stripped, Raped, and Strangled” Tori Amos mix is a joke that someone uploaded to filesharing networks after overdubbing Cannibal Corpse’s song with anti-rape comments made by Tori Amos.

George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher is an active player of the MMORPG World of Warcraft, claiming that aside from his family it is probably his strongest passion. In the liner notes of the booklet for Cannibal Corpse’s 2006 album ‘Kill’ he goes so far as to write “Fuck The Alliance!” – referencing the rival clan to his Horde character in the game.

George Fisher does guest appearances in the animated series Metalocalypse where he voices the Metal Masked Assassin. He was also the inspiration for the character Nathan Explosion, the lead vocalist for Dethklok. Nathan shares a similar physical appearance to George, headbangs in a windmill fashion, and was also born in Florida, although Fisher was born in Baltimore and moved to Florida later in life.

Blizzard Entertainment implemented a non-player character named “Gorge the Corpsegrinder” into World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King after George Fisher’s interest in the game was revealed in interviews.

George Fisher is a fan of the San Antonio Spurs and the Dallas Cowboys.

The band’s 2009 release, Evisceration Plague, cracked the Billboard Top 100, peaking at #66. It also reached #6 on the Top Independent Albums chart, making for three sixes.

Before joining, Corpsegrinder was the original vocalist for Monstrosity, performing on their first two records, Imperial Doom and Millennium, the latter of which was released just a few months after Vile. He also has done numerous guest appearances for other extreme metal bands, and is a member of the deathrash supergroup Voodoo Gods and a former member of melodeath band Paths of Possession.

Pat O’Brien was actually a promoted fanboy. He was a huge fan of Cannibal Corpse well before he joined.

The physical releases of Violence Unimagined feature a dedication note to Mazurkiewicz’s father, Paul Mazurkiewicz Sr., who had died two years before the album’s release.

Jim Carrey has a favourite Cannibal Corpse song. Cannibal Corpse hit the big screen in 1994, with a surprising guest cameo in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Turns out Jim Carrey is a fan; the band play “Hammer Smashed Face” in the flick (look closely to see the guys from Malevolent Creation in the audience during the clip). “I remember when we met Jim Carrey, he was talking about “Rancid Amputation” [off Butchered at Birth],” says drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz. “To this day, for us, it’s like, ‘Man, did that happen?’ Surreal.” As mentioned in the band’s Centuries of Torment DVD, Jim Carrey is also a fan of the bands AC/DC, Deicide, Napalm Death, and Pantera.

When Pat O’Brien was investigated following an arrest police found multiple firearms and human skulls in his home.

December of this year George Corpse grinder Fischer played the role of Santa scoring a plethora of stuffed animals from the Walmart claw game to donate to charity. Along with photos of him with armfuls of plush toys, the singer wrote, “The last two trips to my local Walmart … have been very productive!