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Swedish Black Metal Band Marduk Have Parted Ways With Bassist After Controversial Performance At Incineration Fest

A video has surfaced out of Incineration Fest in London at the Camden Electric Ballroom showing Marduk bassist Joel Lindholm doing the Nazi salute on stage.

The rest of Marduk announced that Lindholm has “vacated his position in the band” and that ex-bassist Magnus “Devo” Andersson will temporarily fill in while the band finds a replacement. According to their post on social media regarding the change, the band said Lindholm was “very drunk” when he did the Nazi salute — not that that’s an excuse.

“Following a variety of intolerable stage antics by a very drunk Joel at Incineration Fest last week, he has vacated his position in the band. Our old friend and bass player Devo has agreed to step in on a temporary basis, so this is unlikely to affect any of upcoming shows.”

The incident happened just as they were finishing up their performance of “Beyond the Grace of God,” about 45 minutes into their set. As you can see in the video below, Lindholm is on the right side of the video when he blatantly performs the salute apropos nothing.

This is yet another incident involving Marduk and Nazi-based controversies. Back in 2018, a Swedish newspaper found vocalist Daniel Rostén and now ex-drummer Fredrik Widigs on a leaked database of customers that purchased Nazi propaganda from the Nordic Resistance Movement, a “Pan-Nordic Neo-Nazi Movement.” The band denied the allegations.

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