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CURSE OF CAIN Releases Music Video For “Blame;” Self-Titled Debut Album Out Now On Atomic Fire Records!

The Soulkeeper – vocals
The Timekeeper – guitars
The Pirate – bass, vocals
Rainbow – vocals, percussion
The Mechanic – drums

In what can safely be described as one of the most theatrical and dramatic approaches found in modern metal music, enigmatic Swedish collective CURSE OF CAIN brings innuendo and embellishment to the scene with their self-titled debut album, out TODAY on Atomic Fire Records.

To celebrate its release, the band reveals their official music video for new song “Blame.” A metal stomper where good, evil, light, and darkness magically flow together in neatly balanced, anthemic ode, the track wholly demonstrates CURSE OF CAIN’s cunning musical and theatrical prowess.

Comments the band, “When we played this song live for the first time, we realized that ‘Blame’ is a really catchy tune! During the second chorus, the audience was already singing along, this made it a natural choice for a focus track.”


Check out the band’s videos for “Alive,” “Embrace Your Darkness,” and “Hurt” as well as companion live editions, at THIS LOCATION. Find karaoke editions of the tracks HERE.

View the first four segments of the band’s genesis at the CURSE OF CAIN YouTube page HERE.

Curse Of Cain is available on CD, LP on Orange vinyl, and digitally. Order your copy today at THIS LOCATION.

Subscribe to Atomic Fire Records on YouTube HERE. Listen to “Blame” as well as other new tracks in the AFR New Releases playlist on Spotify HERE.

Elaborating on the ecclesiastical and bloodthirsty story of Cain, son to Adamand Eve and thought by some to be the father of all vampires, Curse Of Cainfollows this cursed character through his immortality in a ruinous and crumbling world.

Curse Of Cain is a world of its own, more theatre play than metal record, a dystopian narrative set in a lost world. “Everyone in the band has the urge to do something more than just music on stage. We all love movies and dreaming ourselves into a fantasy world,” the collective say of their creed. “We want to play music that fits to the visual aspects and could fairly well be a soundtrack, too.”

Recorded between 2017 and 2020 in their own studio with Alexander Backbend handling producing and mixing duties, Curse Of Cain is the overture to an epic poem the world of heavy metal has not yet seen. The Pirate’s former bandmate Ken Kängström (Follow The Cipher) contributes some songwriting and Tommy Johansson (Sabaton, Majestica) tracked a guitar solo for opening track “The Mark.”

“Embracing aggressive melodic death metal and ominous soundscapes, and sprinkled with

enough synth and futuristic effects to dive into full-blown movie blockbuster territory, the band have managed to write an engaging and cohesive album.” — Metal Hammer UK

“It’s like an epic but dark story being told in a beautiful and heavy music style that makes you wanna listen to the unique sound that CURSE OF CAIN have created more and more!” — Tommy Johansson (Majestica, Sabaton)

“It sounds as if The Devil Wears Prada and In Flames had the most beautiful child ever. On steroids.” Johan Johansson (Brothers Of Metal)

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