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DEIQUISITOR’s Apotheosis
Out Now

From beyond the confines of measurable knowledge, Apotheosis has arrived. Fast, brutal, and unearthly 90s-inspired death metal, the fourth full-length from Denmark’s DEIQUISITOR is out now on Extremely Rotten Productions and Night Shroud Records.

Comprised of veterans of the Danish scene, Apotheosis includes nine new songs recorded at Phlegm Studios in Lejre and mixed and mastered by Greg Wilkinson of Earhammer Productions. Continuing the band’s occult-driven cosmic journey, Apotheosis takes the DEIQUISITOR brand of death metal without losing the uncompromising fist-to-the-face approach heard on previous albums. Apotheosis dwells on occult science, ancient mysteries, and apocalyptic themes.

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Apotheosis is available on vinyl, CD, and cassette via Extremely Rotten Productions and Night Shroud Records.

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Striving for Destruction
The Eyes of Worms
Reflected by the Void
Atomic Assassins
Praise the Lord

DEIQUISITOR was formed in 2013 by Henrik B.C and Thomas F.J, both of whom spent time in several Order of the Nonagram bands such as BLODFEST and WOLFSLAIR. The duo has returned to its roots in old-school death metal. Those familiar with Henrik and Thomas’ work in the Danish underground scene will recognize elements of the part appearing in their new material. DEIQUISITOR is fast-paced, aggressive, and atmospheric death metal influenced heavily by the sound and style of bands who ruled the genre in the early 90s.

Drums: Henrik B.C
Guitar and vocals: Thomas F.J
Bass and vocals:Daniel A

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