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Demented Heart unleash the superlative technical death metal of Frantic Epidemic through Brutal Mind!

Muhammad Avan – Vocals/Guitar
Fransisko Bagus – Bass
Maulana Raka – Lead Guitar
Humam Aliy – Drums

The needle pierces skin as you fight against the restraints that bind you; every muscle, every sinew contorted in a desperate fight to escape your fate. Then the poison hits your bloodstream, a flood of ice water racing through your veins, screaming towards your heart, where it explodes, ice transformed to fire. Total system overload ensues as rockets of adrenaline are unleashed into every part of your body. The restraints are gone in a shower of blood as skin tears and muscles rip. Bones shatter as paroxysms of incredible violence twist your frame beyond the point of endurance. Frantic, broken, howling, you ride the rush into the maw of unending night.

With no measured introduction, no wait or warning the first notes of Demented Heart’s Frantic Epidemic detonate in your ears – a blast of furious death metal unleashed! So begins a breathless journey through jagged, intricate riffing, gloriously melodic and superbly structured solos, dynamic rhythmic interplay and drums that thunder like implacable machines of death. Combining exceptional levels of dexterity and disciplined performance with a palpable focus and intent, Indonesian demi-gods of destruction Demented Heart have produced a second album of shocking intensity. Frantic Epidemic is like a seething speedball of serpents, each song a writhing, uncontrollable viper spitting venom between its cruel, curved fangs. ‘Abnormal Funeral’ delivers stabbing wound after stabbing wound, while ‘Terror And Destruction’ adorns its implacable drive with shimmering solos, flashes of silver in the darkness. The domineering vocals snarl across the staccato riffing of ‘Territorial Invasion’ while the grand designs of ‘Population Decline’ bring the album to a breathtaking conclusion. With Frantic Epidemic, Demented Heart have carved out a monumental statement, a truly accomplished testament to the enduring power of death metal.

Blessed with a fierce, scalding sound thanks in no small part to the mixing and mastering skills of Indra Komeng (Anthropophagus Depravity, Depraved Murder etc), Frantic Epidemic will be unleashed by Brutal Mind on May 31st. Adorned in the characteristically high impact artwork of Pedro Sena Lordigan(Zornheym, Fatuous Rump, Ingested etc) this album of masterful brutality and stunning musicality will scour your soul and inject its venom directly into your spine. Ferocious and formidable, cultured and crushing, Demented Heart have everything it takes to ascend to the very top tier of the death metal hierarchy.

Genre: Technical Death Metal
For fans of: Hate Eternal | Incinerate | Hour Of Penance | Depraved Murder

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