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ENBOR ARNASA’S New Self Titled Thrash, Death Metal Album Out February 14th Via Sliptrick Records

ENBOR ARNASA Shows Thrash And Heavy Influences On His Self-Titled Album

Enbor Arnasa is the self-titled album from the Basque Country heavy metal project. Innocence, the desire not to complicate the listener and a lot of magic imbue the adventure of the album and above all metal. The thrash and heavy influences are obvious, after the many years of contact with these genres. There is also a touch of death metal and rock. Enbor Arnasa’s sensitivity and velocity in the guitar solos are a strong feature in the tracks and very importantly, the songs are sung entirely in the Euskara language. It is an approach to the Basque world, from its nights, its mountains, its forests, its farmhouses…

The album was created during confinement due to the pandemic and recorded, mixed and mastered by the singer and instrumentalist Iñaki Espartza (technician and producer at Geure Gogoa Recording Studio).

This is the first course of, what will be, the following albums by Enbor Arnasa. The sound is defined here. The way is started here!

Track Listing

1. Bihotzez

2. Onarpena

3. Berpiztu

4. Arratsaldetan

5. Eguzki bila

6. Sekula ez dut ahazten

7. Izar hori gara

8. Sortzen

9. Zer moduz

10. Eginahalak

11. Ogi txingar

Enbor Arnasa | Released February 14th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records

Enbor Arnasa is:
Iñaki Espartza – Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Drums

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | On Sliptrick

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