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Enter The Dark World Of DEAD FIELDS of WOOLWICH With Their Video “I’ve Made It To Hell” Off Self-Titled Debut Album

Dead Fields of Woolwich is:
Kye Bell (All Instruments and songwriting)
Alyssa Boere (Vocals)

Dead Fields Of Woolwich has its beginnings going back to the autumn of 2020 in North Bay, Ontario, Canada when multi-instrumentalist Kye Bell (Withing Nostalgia, Falamh) created a gloomy, doom metal project focused on dreary lyrics and a gothic-laden sound. Now, the band, though still considered a solo project at heart, has grown from an individual entity to a dark twosome with the addition of Alyssa Broere for session vocals and the upcoming release of the self-titled debut album. Thus, far they have released two videos and are following them up with “I’ve Made It To Hell”, which Bell comments on:

“I chose this one to showcase as the single for the album because it has a great dirgy riff until it hits a catchy chorus. Probably more simple than other songs but packs a great punch with its contrasting riffs of heavy and catchy especially as the last chorus comes around. This one deals with the idea of transitioning to the afterlife and being stuck there. I took the phrase “let me know when you’ve made it there safe” and applied it to the afterlife.”

Dead Fields Of Woolwich hopes that their initial offering will be met with praise and excitement. According to Bell, it was very fulfilling to create an album that is truly his own and he hopes there is a positive reception to the gothic elements fused with the heavy doom. His love of gothic culture is interwoven in all of his songs to deliver a feeling of something haunting and heavy.

“I’ve Made It To Hell” is faster than the other six tracks on the album and is an excellent introduction to the dark and at times, bleak record. Its themes focus on acceptance of death and personal struggles from within and also touch on dark romanticism and twisted love all while trudging along with heaviness and memorable hooks.

Melodic and melancholic, it is recommended for fans of Paradise Lost, Type O Negative, and Katatonia.

Watch and listen to the music video for “I’ve Made It To Hell” via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.

The self-titled album is due out on July 28th, 2023, and is available for pre-order on Spotify

Track Listing:
1. To Those Who Flower in Darkness – 4:43
2. Midnight In The Garden Of Earthly Delights – 6:42
3. Winters For Poets – 5:04
4. Casualties of Circumstance – 8:23
5. 31 Days For 31 Curses – 8:24
6. I’ve Made It To Hell – 6:28
Album Length: 39:47

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