Ex-Divine Heresy Vocalist Travis Neal Launches A GoFundMe During Cancer Battle

Travis Neal, former vocalist of Divine Heresy, is battling cancer and has initiated a GoFundMe campaign to assist with his ongoing medical expenses. Having incurred significant out-of-pocket costs, he seeks support to stay afloat. Known for his tenure with Divine Heresy and collaborations with various bands including Dark Shift and Dirge Within, Travis plans to reward donors with his forthcoming music album as a token of gratitude. Visit the link to contribute and read Travis’ heartfelt message detailing his situation. Your help is deeply appreciated.

Donate Here:

Dear Friends and Colleagues, Neal was diagnosed with Leukemia stage 2 over 8 weeks ago . It is treatable but not curable.  Unfortunately, the cancer spread to his brain and resulted in three large legions and significant short term memory loss. He has completed 3 rounds of Chemo and is making good progress. They are planning 3 more rounds once every two weeks and then 6 more rounds once a month. Long term prognosis is good. He has HK medical insurance that will cover approximately 25% of medical cost. A dear friend of his has already raised $20K USD and Sheila and I will also donate $10K USD which will cover his medical expenses thru the first four rounds of Chemo that will be completed by the end of next week. Neal will need funds in December. 

Our dear friend has a huge heart and donated most of his wealth and also invested in numerous Start Up’s of which none have paid out to date. I’m sure if Neal is successful in one of these that he will try and reimburse everyone. 

Neal lives in Manila with his wife, Cheriza, and two young children.  Friends are working with them to make ends meet. We pray his health continues to improve.

Unfortunately, we can not set up a Go Fund Me page for him in the Philippines so I am setting up this Go Fund Me page on his behalf and will wire transfer 100% all funds received directly to Neal and Cheriza. Stewart. 

We greatly appreciated any support you can provide Neal.

Stay safe and take good care. Nate

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