Extreme Sludge Doom Metal Band RAUM KINGDOM Breaks Barriers With Their New Single ‘Red Admiral’

Dave Lee – Vocals
Andrew Colohan – Guitars
Niall Gregory – Bass
Mark Gilchrist – Drums

Irish atmospheric Post-Metal, Sludge and Doom quartet RAUM KINGDOM has a new and very Impressive EP coming out titled Monarch to be released January 27th 2023. Dave Lee leads the pack with his unreal and haunting vocals.

After the tragic and sudden passing of bass player Ronan Connor in March 2021, RAUM KINGDOM wanted to release music to honor Ronan’s memory.

The song Red Admiral is a tale of woe and regret, the antagonist is in a self imposed prison dealing with intense guilt and angst. The intro is a utopian dreamscape sound that carries the listener deep into the trenches of misguided sadness and fear. The song hits in waves of melancholy despair and peaks of ferocious hard hitting metal.

This is an album you must have in your collection. This album is well written and composed. Raum Kingdom adeptly maneuvers the listener into a auditory hallucination.

Grateful and humbled by the inundation of positive reviews and attention from music critics, webzines and fans from across the globe, haunting, fearful, Raum Kingdom continue to create hype in the community by doing what they passionately enjoy doing.

RAUM KINGDOM started out in late 2013 on the east coast of Ireland when singer Dave Lee and guitarist Andrew Colohan set out to create a soul crushing experience of sonics. When long time friends, bassist Ronan Connor and drummer Mark Gilchrist joined the line up, the project was ready to express itself.

Exploring their collective passion for all heavy genres of music, the four-piece began to channel that energy into what would turn out to be RAUM KINGDOM’s first, self-titled five track EP, self-released in April 2014. Taken unawares by the instant and positive critical response, RAUM KINGDOM‘s ability to resound with their audience comes from their heart for turning negativity into positivity and the ethos of having a blast doing what they have a passion for. To date, the band has completed numerous shows on the Euro circuit, and released an EP, a split EP with Belgian group All We Expected, and their much acclaimed debut album ‘Everything & Nothing’, a one hour sonic journey of redemtion and hope.

After the sudden and sad passing of bass player Ronan Connor in March 2021, RAUM KINGDOMwanted to release their last recordings and writings in respect for Ronan’s memory. 

Their new effort is something beyond everything: emotive, melodic, atmospheric and hypnotizing. A musical journey for our deep senses.

Pre-order Monarch here:

Red Admiral


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