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Finnish Thrash Metal Pioneers NATIONAL NAPALM SYNDICATE Release New Murder Ballad Video ‘Venomous Encounters’!

Finnish Thrash Metal Pioneers NATIONAL NAPALM SYNDICATE Release New Murder Ballad Video ‘Venomous Encounters’!

Finnish thrash metal pioneers NATIONAL NAPALM SYNDICATE have released their new official video ‘Venomous Encounters’ taken from the band’s latest “The New Hell” album, released on April 22nd 2022 via Iron Shield Records.

Jukka Kyrö, guitarist and founder of the band had this to say about ‘Venomous Encounters’:
“Here’s a bit of different kind of song from our latest “The New Hell” album. I call it a ”murder ballad”. It’s not thrash metal but it was gloomy and doomy enough to find its place on the album. One of my personal favorites. The video was made by our Mr. Hevander, a man of talents and morbid visions. We are currently writing the follow up album for “The New Hell” and I have plans to include a part 2 on the next album. The video leaves us with questions and I need to answer the questions. Please check the video out, share and support the underground.“

Watch ‘Venomous Encounters’ at

On September 16th 2022, NATIONAL NAPALM SYNDICATE performed at Tukikohta in Oulu, Finland, playing also ‘We Are In Hell’ from “The New Hell” album, for the first time live. The full show footage is now available on YouTube. The video was shot by Tuure Heikkinen. In case you missed it, watch it here:

00:00 We Are in Hell
03:35 Bringer of Pain
08:05 Lucy
13:33 Anger
18:21 Determination
22:25 God Plutonium
28:22 Naulapää
32:26 Deathwish
36:38 Pain of Pleasure
39:45 Poison Crown
45:40 Life Is Pain

Just previously NATIONAL NAPALM SYNDICATE announced that their new album is already in the works! More details will be revealed soon, Stay tuned for the next chapter in thrash metal!

Check out below NATIONAL NAPALM SYNDICATE’s videos from “The New Hell”, released on April 22nd 2022 via Iron Shield Records.

We Are In Hell –
Poison Crown –
God Plutonium –
Naulapää ––e42PS9Co

Order your physical copy of “The New Hell” at

NATIONAL NAPALM SYNDICATE’s first self titled album is available for the first time digitally on all major streaming platforms! Now you can listen to the album that started it all back in 1989. The vinyl version is extremely difficult to find and on CD this gem haven’t been available for at least ten years! Now with the co-operation with the Finnish Universal Music this important piece of Finnish metal history is available again!

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National Napalm Syndicate was formed in 1986. After few line-up changes and couple of demos later they found themselves signing a major label deal with EMI / Capitol Records.

The band was one of the very first speed/thrash metal acts to emerge from Finland. Their debut album “National Napalm Syndicate” was released in 1989.

Over the years National Napalm Syndicate have released a number of full albums and EPs, but now 2022 all the missing pieces of the puzzle were found and the band is a meaner than ever, a true killing machine ready to unleash the thrash metal storm upon the metal world.

The National Napalm Syndicate sound is a interesting combination of traditional heavy metal, NWOBHM, hardcore punk and old school thrash metal. As a bonus they have a very unique way of writing memorable choruses and addicting riffs. A truly original sound which only a country like Finland and a cold Finnish weather could have given a birth.

Vesa Mänty – vocals (2020-)
Jukka Kyrö – guitar (1986-91, 2002-)
Ville Hanhisuanto – drums (2016-)
Harri Lampinen – guitar (2012-)
Niko Karppinen – bass (2013-)

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