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Gore House Productions – TORN THE FUCK APART Releases Brutal New Single “Stuck In The Trunk” Off New Album “Kill.Bury.Repeat” Out October 2023

L-R – Brandon Mitchell (Bass), Michael Langner (Guitar / Vocals), Dylan Watt (Drums)

Photo Credit – Jeffrey Sisson

Since the formation of Kansas City, USA’s Torn The Fuck Apart in 2006, the band has been busy ripping people’s faces off with a relentless onslaught of brutal death metal and gory horror themes. To date, they have released five studio recordings (an EP and four albums), with the sixth “Kill.Bury.Repeat.” on the verge of climbing out of the mire to devour everyone later this year. Produced with esteemed music engineer Robert Rebeck (Origin), TTFA unleashes the first glimpse of the savagery to come in the single “Stuck In The Trunk”, which the band comments on:

“Stuck in the Trunk” is an infectious toe-tapper. A song that all fans of metal can enjoy. Nothing too complicated, just right-to-the-point death metal. A song about the horrors of being kidnapped, bound and gagged, and tossed in a car trunk by a demented menace, only to feel the momentary weightless terror as the car rolls off some cliff.”

Guitarist/vocalist Michael Langner, bassist/vocalist Brandon Mitchell, and drummer/vocalist Dylan Watt are all stoked to bring fans “Kill.Bury.Repeat.”, which is a collection of horror stories spawned from either their own imaginations or inspired by true events. They believe this album represents the next level of brutality that they have worked to achieve over the years not only musically, but also lyrically, something that any fan of metal can enjoy.

TTFA started writing music for this album back before the Covid pandemic, and during the course of developing songs, they wanted to shoot for quality over quantity. They used this mindset to utilize what they had put together to formulate this collection of songs. They are excited to step into a new era of TTFA as a three-piece, and they strive to provide an entertaining live experience with studio-quality performance.

Brutal, gory, fast, and technical, “Kill. Bury. Repeat.” is due out on October 6th, 2023 via Gore House Productions and is recommended for fans of Dying Fetus, Deicide, and Suffocation.

Listen to “Stuck In The Trunk” at the following links:

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Track Listing:
1. Corrosive Form – 3:28
2. A Statement Of Malicious Intent – 2:32
3. Something Went Wrong – 4:06
4. Stuck In The Trunk – 4:20
5. Submerged In Human Compost – 4:26
6. Kill.Bury.Repeat. – 4:26
7. Dead But Delicious – 4:19
8. Autopsy Report (Inconclusive) – 4:19
9. Scratch The Bone – 5:43
10. Unleashing The Bloodthirsty – 3:55
Album Length: 41:38

Torn The Fuck Apart is
Michael Langner ( Guitars / Vocals )
Brandon Mitchell ( Bass / Vocals )
Dylan Watt ( Drums / Vocals )

“The Kansas City brutal death dealers are incredibly good at what they do: song titles that could’ve come from the darker recesses of Jeffrey Dahmer’s mind, technical riffs, blast-happy drumming and grunted vocals.” – Emily Bellino – Decibel Magazine

“The band offer up a visceral blend of technical ferocity and rolling aggression, augmented with punishing grooves and even the occasional blood-red splash of melody.” – Wonderbox Metal

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