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Hard Hitting New York Melodic Deathcore Band GAINER Push Boundaries With Single “Violent Cycles”

New York’s Gainer was formed in the depths of COVID-19 in January 2021 originally as just a few guys getting together to jam and enjoy playing music together. Since then, they have released two albums “Cold Case” and “A Blackened Embrace”. Their primary focus is on playing catchy melodies and riffs and complimenting them with smashing breakdowns and build-ups that get people pumped and want to dance. Their latest single is “Violent Cycles”, a structured melodic progression that takes you through moments of pure aggression and filthy breakdowns to a powerful clean chorus that really puts you in the moment and makes you really feel the pain. The band comments:

“We are stoked about this upcoming single. We feel as a whole that it’s the best work we have done to date and the best version of Gainer that we could possibly be. This is definitely the style we have been working towards and plan to perfect moving forward. We will always love and appreciate our past but moving forward we feel like we are finally doing what we set out to do and that is to write dynamic music that appeals to the listener. The overall chemistry of the current members is next level and the efforts of each of us is equal across the board. We think each of us brings something of value to the table and are all using those tools and skills to perfect our sound and presentation.”

Despite Gainer‘s heavy background, they expect this new direction to be received well by long-time and new fans. They are intent on pushing towards a broader fan base while keeping the familiar heavy elements. On top of refined riffs and angelic choruses, the lyrical content has been streamlined to what they feel hits closer to home, to both fans and themselves. They are confident that this album will take us to new levels.

A well-rounded package, Gainer has a wide array of influences and as many elements in their music resulting in angry breakdowns, low and slow blackened bits, and a touch of ambient. They are recommended for fans of Fit For A King, The Acacia Strain, and Bodysnatcher.

Watch and listen to the lyric video for“Violent Cycles” via its premiere on TheCirclePit Youtube channel –

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