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Hertfordshire Alt-Rockers THE LATE APRILS bring up becoming a version of yourself you never wanted to be with “EVIL” Single

Vocals: Mike Jones
Guitar: Greg Simmonds
Bass: Louee Dessent-Jackson
Drums: George McIntyre

Hertfordshire Alt-Rockers THE LATE APRILS bring up becoming a version of yourself you never wanted to be with “EVIL” Single with SODEH Records.

The writing of ‘Evil’ evolved from the sinister opening guitar riff and became a song about the pitfalls of not realizing your full potential. Everyone has dreams and ambitions that fall by the wayside as life plays out, but who wants to face that reality? The verses play into the idea of disorientation, both musically and lyrically, with a riff that feels hard to pin down. Then comes the explosive clarity of the chorus; the moment you admit you’ve become a version of yourself you never wanted to be. That’s the kind of ‘evil’ the song addresses, the creeping kind that can be experienced by anyone in a dead-end job, stale relationship or cycle of bad habits. “The main chorus hook ‘I don’t remember’ is intentionally ambiguous,” says lead guitarist Greg Simmonds. “Do you really not remember who you wanted to be? Or are you just telling yourself that?” Dawning realization can always slip back into denial. But despite its ominous message, the song remains a favorite for live performances due to its massive musical crescendo and rip-roaring vocals. At its core it’s still a rock song you can’t help but sing along to.


The Late Aprils are a four-piece alt-rock band from Hertfordshire, UK with a signature sound anchored in jagged riffs and soaring, anthemic choruses. Telling authentic stories of personal heartbreak and social upheaval, the band’s vitriolic but melodic style feels both razor-sharp and relevant.

After forming in the spring of 2019, the trio of guitarist Greg Simmonds, bassist Louee Dessent-Jackson and drummer George McIntyre forged the band’s song-writing direction, before completing the line-up with singer Mike Jones in the summer of 2020. The band have since collaborated with producer Adam Horrell to write and record a number of ambitious tracks, with recent singles ‘Clouds’ and ‘Filthy’ receiving critical acclaim in the UK and further afield. ‘Evil’ is the band’s first release since they signed with SODEH Records in December 2022.

“Filled with vibrant pace, euphoric textures, and killer hooks throughout, these guys are firmly on their way to becoming the next hot ticket on the UK’s alt-rock scene.” Indie Is Not A Genre

“They have the accessibility needed for mainstream success with the crunch and bite that appeals to the diehard rock community.” Emerging Rock Bands Magazine

“A solid signature sound that’s cemented in big riffs & absolutely soaring, anthemic choruses” XS Noise

“Melodic hooks, plus talent across the board & an ability to earworm, bodes well for this upcoming act!” Uber-Rock

“I reckon they’re going to be one to keep an eye on in the future” – Mark Cridland, The Rock Out Radio Show

“They give me a bit of a Hollowstar vibe, which is a huge compliment” – Tim Willet, Cambridge 105

“I think they’re brilliant” – Christian John, Radio Wigwam

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