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Introducing Thunderflix — The First All-Metal App Delivering Content in All Forms



A Netflix for metal that costs $6.66 and promises to pay the bands more than other streaming services made by metalheads for metalheads.

Born out of the inability to find high-quality, heavy metal to entertain himself as a lifelong music fan, Samuel Douek has created and released the world’s very first on-demand library of content that metalheads everywhere will bang their heads to. Enter THUNDERFLIX, Douek’s answer to quench a thirst for metal entertainment. A complete library, filled to the brim with documentaries, films, interviews, live concerts, behind-the-scenes features of some of heavy metal’s best and brightest, accessible on any device, at any time.

With a fully-subscription based model, THUNDERFLIX will be available worldwide at the very apropos price of $6.66 per month and $66.60 per year. This enables the app to ditch the bootleg and welcome in the crisp visuals of the blood and sweat that go into the creation of any and all things heavy.

Explore and download the app today through the official THUNDERFLIX website, here.

We’re not talking about just any ol’ bands, by the way. THUNDERFLIX will be granting subscribers with “Making Ofs” with Iron Maiden, directorial debuts of short films featuring Watain, and legendary documentaries on the shock-rock king himself Alice Cooper. This is just a small dip into the massive library of this powerhouse app. Out now, it’s time for fans of all music to dive into this first-of-its-kind app. More familiar faces you’ll be running into on THUNDERFLIX? Rage Against The Machine, Slipknot, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, and Velvet Revolver just to name a few…

Innovator and acquisition rights specialist Douek puts it simply: “Imagine a Netflix, but all metal.” Examining the fan experience, he goes on to explain, “YouTube had stuff plagued with ads. Some are really low resolution… and just not enjoyable..,” noting his plan as “THUNDERFLIX to be the main library of official concerts and films that have come out in the last 30+ years. Concerts that only existed on VHS or DVD, even those DVDs we got on the Ltd Edt digipaks with bonus concerts or making ofs.” In a world that can be muddled by big business, metalheads can bang their head in approval, as Douek provides everything “from Death Metal to Speed to Black to Thrash and Power and Folk… all metal. It’s important people know, THUNDERFLIX is made by metalheads for metalheads. We’re not a big corporation, we’re metalheads that want to enjoy our concerts and documentaries! We want to pay artists and labels their fair amount. And we want everyone to enjoy it!”

In the name of metal, THUNDERFLIX salutes you!

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