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Italian progressive metallers Even Flow present their stunning new EP, Mediterraneo!

Formed in the late ‘90s by guitarist Pietro Paolo Lunesu and his brother, drummer Giorgio LunesuEven Flow announced themselves to the world with their 2008 EP, Dream Weaver. The Italians quickly established themselves as purveyors of magnificent progressive metal, balancing technical wizardry with finely crafted songs, rich in melody and emotion. Each of their subsequent releases has seen the band reaching new peaks, refining their art and opening up new horizons – something that has never been truer than on new EP Mediterraneo

The five songs that make up Mediterraneo are gloriously uplifting anthems that draw you from your world of cares and worries into an exhilarating musical realm of dreams. The songs are concise and finely honed, yet seem to contain an ever expanding universe to explore within their duration. Title track, ‘Mediterraneo’, is perhaps the EPs crowning glory, building through multiple layers, each more captivating than the last, but in truth every note from the first bombastic chords that usher in opener ‘Ocean Lies’ to the final spiralling guitar solo of ‘Mediterraneo’ are sheer melodic, progressive metal perfection. Immaculately mixed and mastered by Michele Guaitoli (Visions Of AtlantisTemperance etc) and adorned in the spectacular artwork of Mickael Briot of Mythrid Art(Nightmare etc) Mediterraneo is a glittering treasure, just waiting to be uncovered.

Even Flow have stolen the hearts of rock and metal fans around the world with their incredible albums and breathtaking live performances alongside the likes of Orphaned LandKatatoniaFirewindPain Of Salvation and many, many more diverse and revered artists. With the October 3rd release of Mediterraneo more music fans will fall under their spell and flock to their banner. This is a majestic new level of achievement for Even Flow and the beginning of the exciting next chapter in their remarkable career.

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