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Japanese Gore-Revivalists FESTERDECAY ‘Reality Rotten To The Core’ Out February 24th

KK2 – vocals
Haru – guitar, vocals
亀頭 – bass, guitar
Ryozy – drums

FESTERDECAY ‘Reality Rotten To The Core’ (February 24th 2023)Overview/Bio:
After releasing demos, splits and singles, the Japanese gore-revivalists FesterDecay finally arrived at the deadly appointment with their debut album! The weirdos will serve you delicious, rotting and gory grindcore plates from the menu of “Reality Rotten To The Core”. Tasty!

FesterDecay formed in Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan in 2015 with the aim to revive goregrind the way Carcass did with “Reek of Putrefaction”.
The Japanese goregrinders, after releasing 2 demos, a split with Crash Syndrome and a single, and after having built up a solid live reputation in their own country, are finally ready to unleash worldwide their debut album! Please enjoy “Reality Rotten To The Core”!

2016 – ‘FesterDecay Demo’ (Demo)
2017 – ‘Carcasses Revenge’ (Demo)
2020 – ‘Encyclopedia of Putrefactive Anomalies’ (Split w/ Crash Syndrom)
2021 – ‘Carcasses Revenge’ (Comp)
2021 – ‘Aborticide’ (Single)

For fans of:
early Carcass, Dead Infection, Sick Sinus Syndrome, Pharmacist

Track listing
1. Rotten Fester Decay 2:16
2. Hash the Tongue 1:36
3. Fall in Grind 2:07
4. Disintegration of Organs 2:13
5. Aborticide 2:17
6. Stench of Decay 3:38
7. Psychopharmacist 1:06
8. From the Dark Tomb 2:45
9. Exposing the Skin Tissue 1:47
10. Carcasses’ Revenge 2:38
11. Cryptic Wounds 1:26
12. Liquidized Gallbladder 0:44
13. Scum’s Karma 2:28
14. Reconstruction of Malignant Miasma 3:53

Formats available:
– CD
– Tape
– Vinyl (mid 2023)
– Digital



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