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Melancholy Rock With A Glimmer of Hope. ATROCIFER Release New Track “No One”

ATROCIFER has dropped their debut animated lyric video ‘No One,’ from their up- coming EP Devour The Yellow Heart. Atrocifer has seemingly appeared out of no where but boy does this song pack an existential punch!

Atrocifer is a progressive rock solo act out of West Palm Beach, Florida. All music for Devour The Yellow Heart was written and arranged by Joe Evin. Ending guitar solo performed by Shaun Rosario.

Joe Evin explains what the song is about.

The meaning of the song and basically the entire EP conceptualizes the thought of doing what you know you’re not supposed to be doing in life. Instead, just performing what you need to do in order to survive.

The song starts off with the realization that I’m cementing a path that I really don’t wish to follow. The song then goes on to metaphorically tie the corporate world “the pig” to my personal world.

The dream phase in the center of the song is when I get to escape my mundane work life to enjoy what really makes me feel accomplished, that being creating music.

Progressive music happens to be one of my absolute favorite genres and this song has that in spades. You can hear musical influences from Opeth, The Beatles. Pink Floyd and Dream Theater coming through. The lyrics are thought provoking, the orchestration is grandiose and the production is immaculate.

You can watch No one here:

Atrocifer Online:

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