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MEMORIAM: Rise To Power Full-Length From UK Death Metal Titans Out Today On Reaper Entertainment; New Video Now Playing

Photo by Tony Gaskin

Karl Willetts – vocals
Frank Healy – bass
Scott Fairfax – guitar
Spike T. Smith – drums

Today marks the official release of Rise To Power, the latest studio offering from UK death metal titans, MEMORIAM!

Founded by former Bolt Thrower singer Karl Willetts and Benediction bassist Frank Healy — living legends of old-school death metal — MEMORIAM stands among the most creative bands of the genre. In celebration of the release of Rise To Power, today the group unveils a lyric video for the record’s timely title track. 

The band elaborates, “So here we are with our fifth album release Rise To Power. For us, it is a new level to our style and approach to the music and lyrics contained within it. New styles and moods weave in and out of each track and we have a great feeling of accomplishment on this release. As with all our previous album releases, the messages contained lyrically are full of hope but also warnings. We do not preach but just hope that the listener can take something from the words and maybe think about the messages. As the famous quote says, ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,’ [philosopher George Santayana]. We hope you enjoy listening to Rise To Power as much as we enjoyed making it. There are plenty of mood shifts from almost melodic to full on brutality so there’s something for everyone! Onwards.”

Watch MEMORIAM’s “Rise To Power” lyric video at THIS LOCATION

View MEMORIAM’s previously released lyric video for “Total War” HERE and “All Is Lost” HERE.

MEMORIAM’s Rise To Power is available on CD, vinyl, and limited-edition boxset. Find ordering options at THIS LOCATION.

With Rise To Power, MEMORIAM builds upon their signature sound with additional dynamics. From brutal grooves to moments of doomy melodic parts to aggressive Nordic riffing, Rise To Power is a wholly varied album. The record was produced by Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, At The Gates, Amorphis) at Parlour Studios in the UK and features artwork by renowned visual artist, Dan Seagrave (Benediction, Dismember, Hypocrisy, Suffocation) who’s work adorned the covers of MEMORIAM’s previous works.

“Easily MEMORIAM’s finest work to date.” – Decibel Magazine 

“Rise To Power is the next step in their impassioned yet herculean existence; a death metal album with enough intensity and variety, to keep fans coming back for more each playthrough.” – Heavy Music Headquarters

“Rise To Power sees the band continuing their trajectory of injecting venom into the old school death metal formula, and album #5 might be the best offering yet, from the agonizing harmonized leads that kick off ‘Never Forget, Never Again (6 Million Dead)’ to the absolute bludgeon of closer ‘This Plan.’ – Nine Circles

“…a must and extremely enjoyable listen for any old-school death metal fan…” – Ghost Cult

“The band is lean, hungry, and focused. It’s another high-quality release from some of the UK’s most seasoned and professional musicians.” – Metal Talk

“Rise To Power is all the proof you need that MEMORIAM are undisputed kings of death-doom.” – Distorted Sound


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