Metal Lair’s Se7eN Deadly Songs of The Week

We have curated a list of the best songs for January 28th 2023. Without further adieu here is our inaugural list of deadly songs.

1. Screaming Suicide by none other than Metallica off their highly anticipated new album, 72 Seasons which will be released on April 14, 2023. It will be the second album to be released through their own Blackened label. Props to Metallica for helping keep metal alive. This new song really slaps.

2. The Summoning off the album This Place Will Become Your Tomb via Spinefarm Records by anonymous British collective Sleep Token. Other than the fact this band is taking the internet by storm and gaining massive popularity, the song ‘The Summoning’ in particular seems to be making everyone horny. Aside from that, the vocalist has a very distinctive voice and possibly one of the greatest singers in modern history. We think its pretty good.

3. Pestilence by Arched Fire via Wormholedeath Records featuring Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens. This song is literally fire. It screams of classic heavy metal Judas Priest meets modern day metal. Its a fun musical collaboration to head bang and play air guitar to. The members of Arched Fire keep up with Tim’s crooning with blazing hot instrumentation.

4. Violence No Matter What, a powerhouse Duet With Avatar and Lzzy Hale. This is an exciting metal collaboration with the masked marauders and the fair maiden who goes hard in this song. Both Johannes Eckerström and Lzzy Hales vocals mesh well together to create a high octane power ballad fueled with angst.

5. Lucyfer Prime Evil by Lordi off their latest effort Screem Writers Guild via Atomic Fire Records. LORDI are one of the major Finnish rock/heavy metal acts of our time. Mr. Lordi and his monster clan have created a devilishly delicious new track and we are looking forward to hearing the rest of the album this spring.

6. Exorcism by Belle Morte off the album Crime of Passion via Wormholedeath Records. Exorcism is in the category of symphonic metal but its more of an auditory vacation! This song is opulent, and beautifully layered with exquisite Eastern inspired soundscapes.

The unique and skillful instrumentation of abowed stringed instrument called mornin khuur and subtle khuumei (throat singing) in the backdrop both performed by Ulziisaikhan Khoroldamba are nothing short of next level musicianship. Ulziisaikhan’s much welcomed addition to this composition brings this piece to a melodic climax and quantifies the brilliance with imagination. We are in love with this piece!

7. Propaganda Machine by Demonstealer featuring members of Kataklysm, Ne Obliviscaris off his new album Monolith of Hate via Black Lion Records. Demonstealer, India’s premier metal musician Sahil Makhija’s (of Demonic Resurrection) solo venture is full of a stellar line-up of metal musicians across the globe. Demonstealer is one of the hardest working people in metal today and it clearly shows when you listen to the music. Propaganda Machine is a heavy hitting brutal death metal song with thought provoking lyrics and a barrage of intense metal riffs and beats.

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