Metal Lair’s Seven Deadly Songs List

Welcome to ‘Metal Lair’s Seven Deadly Songs’ series where we go down the rabbit hole and feature seven metal songs from all over the world past, present and future.

Acacia Strain – Untended Graves. Genre: Metalcore/deathcore
Origin: Chicopee, Massachusetts
Label: Rise

The Acacia Strain are having a Deliverance and Damnation moment by dropping not one but two albums, both in stark contrast of each other. Vocalist Vincent Bennet has an explanation of both records here. They have different sounds. One is slow and sludgy (Failure) while the other (Light) is heavy and fast.

“This is a split timeline between both albums. Which side of the coin did you end up on?,” says Bennett.

Incredible love for the new TAS material has been intense and copious! The band “goes harder than absolutely everybody else.” Both albums show the massive talent and diversity The Acacia Strain possess within their wheelhouse. Buy Failure Will Follow and Step into The Light here:

Cattle Decapitation – A Photic Doom. Genre: Technical death metal. Origin: San Diego, California
Label: Metal Blade

Cattle Decapitation’s new album Terrasite is both melodic and blistering but this is largely the heavy beast that Cattle Decap always are. Travis Ryan wanted to go from doom to “daylight horror” and the album delivers that.

From total annihilation to rebirth, “Terrasite”takes you on a journey from anthropogenic ecocide, (Death Atlas) to a new beginning, (Terrasite).

Terrasite is an intense and provocative album that continues Cattle Decapitations tradition of exploring environmental and animal welfare issues through their music. The bands unique signature blend of death metal, grindcore, and progressive metal is on full display. A Photic Doom is the latest video installment from the album. Buy Terrasite here:

Blackbraid – Moss Covered Bones On The Altar of The Moon. Genre: Native American Black Metal. Origin: Adirondack Mountains, US. Label: Independant

Sgah’gahsowah the indigenous one-man Native American black metal band has a new single “Moss Covered Bones on the Altar of the Moon”. The single is off his sophomore album Blackbraid II due out July 7. The song is an ambient, Native American, black metal blend thats cohesive. The original sound this artist puts out is nothing short of beautiful and magnificent. Purchase Moss Covered Bones on The Altar if The Moon here:

Devildriver – This Relationship Broken. Genre: Groove Metal. Origin: Santa Barbara, California. Label: Napalm Records

Devildriver have released their new album Dealing With Demons Vol. II. The new album represents celebrated frontman Dez Fafara’s psyche and the final purging of his demons that have long haunted the band’s music. Devildriver delivers metal ferocity and continues to keep their fans satiated with amazing music. Buy Dealing With Demons Vol. II here:

Feuerschwanz – Berzerker Mode. Genre: medieval comedy” band. Origins: Erlangen (Franken), Germany. Label: Napalm Records

Feuerschwanz kicks off with outstanding opening track “SGFRD Dragonslayer”. Lyrical references to the legendary Siegfried Dragonslayer combine with heavy riffing and Nordic mythology. The band continues to deliver stunning medieval renaissance style music coupled with lush instrumentation of the highest caliber. The new Album, Fegefeuer, is out July 7, 2023. Get Your Copy of Fegefeuer NOW.

Conquer Divide – WelcomeToParadise2. Genre: hard rock, metalcore. Origins: Us, Canada & UK. Label: Mascot Records

Conquer Divide is an all girl metalcore 5 piece with vocals ranging from clean, hypnotic melodies to deep, guttural growls. Instrumentally they are extremely talented and hold their own. As an up-and-coming all female metal band in a male dominated industry these women are role models for girls who dream of being in a band. Musically Conquer Divide possess talent, perseverance and adrenalin pulsing aggression. They have released a new song, Welcome To Paradise 2 off their up-coming album Slow Burn out September 8, 2023. The song touches on the detriment humans are inflicting on our planet. Preorder Slow Burn Here:

Walk With Titans – Herakles. Genre: Power Metal. Origins: Montreal Canada. Label: Rockshots Records

Walk With Titans is an epic power metal outfit with a twist of Greek Mythology. They will be releasing their debut album “Olympian Dystopia” on May 26th, 2023 via Rockshots Records. Preorder Olympian Dystopia here: Efficient, well executed, heavy, and mythical, this is what power metal fans hunger for and this band dishes it up in spades. Check out their newly released single Herakles below.

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