Metal Lairs Seven Deadly Songs of The Week

Welcome to Metal Lair’s Seven Deadly Songs. A weekly series where we go down the rabbit hole and feature seven metal songs from all over the world.

1. ‘Bring Back the Plague’ from the album ‘Death Atlas’ by Cattle Decapitation via Metal Blade Records. The band’s seventh studio album from 2019 is one of their most highly regarded releases so far, the band really came into their own with this one. ‘Death Atlas’ contains all the aspects we’ve come to know and love about the band like their insane blast beats and groovy riffs, but they also really brought home the more chilling and melodic side to Travis Ryan’s vocals that makes this band so unique to the genre. ~Tom Alan

2. ‘New Found’ from theFortitudealbum, the most recent release from Gojira in 2021 through Roadrunner Records. The band creates an incredibly groovy blend by combining all of their classic sounds and tricks that they’re so well known for with their more experimental and themed aspects from the previous release, ‘Magma’. This album has an excellent combination of heavy and chill. ~Tom Alan

3. ‘The Infernal Resurrection’ by Skeletonwitch, from their 2011 album ‘Forever Abomination’ released on Prosthetic Records. A beautiful fusion of melodic death and thrash, one of those songs that makes you really wish there was a mosh pit in the immediate vicinity. ~Tom Alan

4. Survivalfrom the album ‘Serial Urbicide via Amputated Vein Records’ brought to you by the Russian Slam experts, Extermination Dismemberment. You want heavy? Here it is. Heaviest thing you’ve heard all week, guaranteed. It’s also worth noting that the outro to this track is particularly good, check it out. ~Tom Alan

5. Waters Run Deep from the monster album Malicious Intent by Malevolence via Nuclear Blast. Malevolence is a band to watch, they are making waves and putting out incredible music these days. The video for Still Waters Run Deep, follows the bands incredible journey from dive bars to arenas. Its an intimate look inside the bands climb through the UK underground scene. “This video is a deep dive into the history of Malevolence,” says vocalist Alex Taylor. “We dug through hours of old archive footage and picked out some highlights from over the years as the song is a tribute to the journey we have set upon together, and the bond it has formed between us. ~ Christy Lee

6. ‘Cancer’ off the album ‘Color Decay’ by The Devil Wears Prada via Solid State Records. Jonathan Gering said that lyrically, this song is about how many people he’s looked up to and idolized that ended up committing suicide. Musically its gritty, somber and poignant. The backdrop is dramatically dark to match the songs overall theme. It’s metalcore in its purest form. With aggressive highs and moody lows the band lets you get an intimate glimpse inside the meaning behind the song Cancer. The band will be on tour this summer. Check for tour dates near you. ~Christy Lee

7. NORMA JEAN,1994off the album Deathrattle Sing For Me via Solid State Records. This is the bands ninth full-length album. The first thing that comes to mind when watching this video is vintage heavy metal meets modern metalcore mixed with classic hardcore punk vibes. It looks like we are watching a montage of home videos spliced together in pure chaos. This is my favorite track on the album because its a wonderful oddity. The difference is the precise musical formula that I find very enticing. Check out their new album and thank me later. This band is currently in tour. Check for dates near you. ~Christy Lee

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