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Montreal’s SANGUINE GLACIALIS “Welcome” Fans To New Music Off Third Album “Maladaptive Daydreaming”

Photographer Credit: Philippe Quinn

L-R – Jonathan Fontaine (Guitar & Back Vocals), Jérémy Racine (Drums & Back Vocals), Maude Théberge (Vocals, Keyboard & Violin), Marc Gervais (Bass & Back Vocals), Alexandre Lépine (Guitar & Back Vocals)

Montreal, QC’s Sanguine Glacialis (ft. members of Valfreya, the Growlers Choir, The Monster Factory) have a new lyric video to reveal the first single “Welcome” from their forthcoming album “Maladaptive Daydreaming” planned for release later this year to follow the band’s 2018 record “Hadopelagic”. Influenced by a vast array of musical styles such as jazz, classical, folk, symphonic, death, and black metal, the new full-length is a concept record about mental illness and an imaginary world that lives in the head of its main character, a subject that opens the door to many, many different ideas on the album.

“We’ve never been this hyped about a new album. The pandemic was great for this at least: we really took the time to compose and write to make the best album possible, and it shows. We pushed our limits once again to explore new styles and instruments. It’s a catchy melodic death metal album, yet progressive and dark as well. The lyrics are about an imaginary world created in someone’s mind to hide from reality, and how this world can suck you completely out of reality. It talks about different aspects of mental illness and how it’s lived inside someone’s mind. As a person with mental illness myself, I have a ton of content to work on. ” adds Maude Théberge (Vocals, Keyboard & Violin).

Today, the band presents the first single, “Welcome”, a track with many different surprises and invited guests. It sets the world in which the concept record takes place. It’s the perfect representation of what’s to come from their new album “Maladaptive Daydreaming”. The single starts with a clean intro with the violin, then switches to a catchy gang vocals chorus. There’s a saxophone and a guitar solo, and it ends with a brutal breakdown.

“Welcome is about the imaginary world calling for the lead character, but that world is not as fun and fulfilling as it may seem,” says Maude Théberge (Vocals, Keyboard & Violin).

Fans of Fleshgod Apocalypse, The Agonist, and Diablo Swing Orchestra will likely be interested in the genre-bending sounds of Sanguine Glacialis.

Watch and listen to “Welcome” via its premiere TheCirclePitYouTube Channel –

“Welcome” is available on the following platforms:, Apple Music, Spotify.

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“It’s rather difficult to slot Sanguine Glacialis into one specific style because they utilise a good amount of approaches and genres into their music, such as death metal and symphonic metal, as well as more unusual styles such as classical and jazz. They have a very interesting sound as a result and it definitely helps them to stand out from the crowd…” Soundscape Magazine

“Sanguine Glacialis threw me a bit of a curve ball as I was expecting a similar showing stylistically, primarily because I could hear the singer warming up her falsetto backstage. To my delight, the group launched into a more groove filled progressive black metal vibe that was thoroughly entertaining. Singer Maude Théberge navigated her tiny frame through the cramped stage to play the role of both soprano and banshee while providing intermittent piano sections. The band’s performance, energy, and crowd interaction won the crowd and me over, and I’m excited to hear their new album in the fall.” – Bucketlist Music Reviews

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