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New Album Ominous Scriptures “Rituals of Mass Self-Ignition” On Willowtip Records

Siarhei Liakh – guitars, vocals
Pavel Lapkouski – guitars
Pawel Nalecki – vocals
Andrey Pilipenko – bass
Alex Navitski- drums

Formed in 2013, OMINOUS SCRIPTURES released their full-length debut, Incarnation of the Unheavenly, in 2015 via Permeated Records. The band later signed with Willowtip Records for the 2020 release of The Fall of the Celestial Throne. With the release of Rituals of Mass Self-Ignition, OMINOUS SCRIPTURES stands at the forefront of the new wave of brutal death metal.

Belarus brutal death metallers OMINOUS SCRIPTURES will unleash their third full-length album early next year on Willowtip Records. Rituals of Mass Self-Ignition features 8 relentless tracks of straightforward and blasphemous brutality rooted in the aural violence of early 2000s extreme death metal.

Willowtip Records will release Rituals of Mass Self-Ignitionon CD, vinyl and digital formats on January 27.

Track list
1 Demonic Totem I Am
2 Rituals of Mass Self-ignition
3 Enraged
4 Fanning the Flames
5 Serpentine Wisdom
6 Mangled Perception
7 Inhabitant of the Lacrimarium
8 Codex Rescriptus

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