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NUUTTI HANNULA RADIANSSI’s New Single ‘Kahden Maailman Rajalla’ Out Now!

Today, December 2nd, NUUTTI HANNULA RADIANSSI have unleashed their new single ‘Kahden Maailman Rajalla’ to major digital platforms. The song is a combination of progressive metal with Finnish lyrics.

Nuutti Hannula shared on the single lyrics:
“The lyrics of ‘Kahden maailman rajalla’ are based on Ukraine war and the feelings what I had when I first time heard about the Russian attack. The base idea of the lyrics are unconscious thoughts and how those kind of mental pattern can take a form in material world. 
The composition of the song is influlenced by progressive rock, metal core and instrumental bands like Intervals. The song was instrumental at first, but then I decided to add vocals to it.”

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Single credits:
Composition and lyrics: Nuutti Hannula
Arrangement: Nuutti Hannula Radianssi
Producers: Matias Lehtoranta, Ilari Hannula, Janne Väätämöinen and Nuutti Hannula
Mixing and mastering: Matias Lehtoranta
Drum recording: Rosku Lohineva (Sonic pump studios)
Guitar, bass and vocal recording: Matias Lehtoranta
Sound engineering: Matias Lehtoranta
Keyboard recording: Ilari Hannula and Nuutti Hannula

NUUTTI HANNULA RADIANSSI is a new band of former Fireproven drummer and composer Nuutti Hannula. The other members of the band are former Fireproven keyboard player Ilari Hannula and guitarist Matias Lehtoranta.

Promopic: Sanna Solanterä
Cover art and logo: Petri Lampela

Nuutti Hannula Radianssi are:
Nuutti Hannula: Drums, vocals, rhythm guitar and bass
Ilari Hannula: Keyboard
Matias Lehtoranta: rhythm guitar and solo guitar

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