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Odium Records sign the atmospheric black metal entity HYL for a 2023 debut album release!

Italian/Polish atmospheric black metal entity HYL have signed with Odium Records for the early 2023 release of their debut album, Where Emptiness Is All. HYL was summoned into life by Rick Costantino (Deathwork, Krigere Wolf, Schizo etc) and he has been joined vocalist Shadow (Black Altar, Ofermod, Kriegsgott) and drummer Krzysztof Klingbein, known for his live work with Vader, Belphegor and Hate. Where Emptiness Is All radiates a freezing atmosphere as the music takes the listener on an introspective journey that explores the human condition and mankind’s relationship with the natural world. The dark sounds of solitude were captured by Dionysis Dimitrakos (Burial Hordes, Enshadowed etc) and ex-Marduk bassist Devo Andersson (Protector, Lord Vicar, Funeral Mist etc) while both the lyrics and chilling artwork were created by Claudia Sanza of Elysivm Art (Krigere Wolf).

For fans of Ruins Of Beverast, Vemod and Mgla this will be one of the most eagerly anticipated albums of 2023. Prepare yourself for the cold to come…

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