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Out Now! Black Metallers LORD OF HORNS Release Their New Album The Forest At Dusk

Album: The Forest At Dusk
Country: USA
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Sliptrick Records
Release date: November 8th, 2022

LORD OF HORNS Find A Way Through ‘The Forest At Dusk’

Infusing eerie horror movie-esque ambiance with disturbing melodies, Lord Of Horns captures the atmosphere, terror, and intensity of classic black metal from the late 80’s and early 90’s. Adding to the unsettling nature of the music, tortured shrieks and growls echo in rhythm and disharmony narrating a nightmare-fuelled journey through moonlit woodlands.

On The Forest At Dusk, grinding guitars and crunching basslines are accentuated by ambient and often majestic keyboards shaping moods of ominous omens and drastic dread; all the while, pounding drums build and maintain the torrents of suspense. Sombre occasions of calming melodies juxtapose and reaffirm the grim harshness of the encompassing compositions.

Tracklist:01. The Forest At Dusk 
02. Nightmare Castle
03. The Screaming Woods
04. Purveyour Of The Black Book
05. Graveless Wraiths
06. Witch Of The Wood
07. Ritual Hunt
08. Through The Woods
09. Screams Of The Oskorei
10. The Sacrifice
11. Nocturnal Crusade

The Forest At Dusk | Released November 8th, 2022 via Sliptrick Records

Lord Of Horns is:
Lord of Horns – Guitars/Bass/Keyboards/Vocals/Drums

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick

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