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Portuguese Stoner Doom Outfit CIGARETTE VAGINA’S Highly Anticipated Debut Cosmic Empathy Out Now On All Streaming Platforms!

Artwork By Lone Scarecrow

Cigarette Vagina is a Stoner Doom band from Pinhal Novo, Portugal and they bring slow and heavy riffs, fast passed sections, and a pitch of Post Metal.

They have shared the stage with bands like The Black Wiards, Vircator, Earth Drive, Bizarra Locomotiva. Serrabulho, and Simbiose.

Formed in 2015, after lots of highs and lows and several member changes, in 2022 they decided to take the project to a higher standard and finally release their first album.

In April of 2023, they released their debut album “Cosmic Empathy” which had a pre-release on the Youtube channel “Stoned Meadow of Doom” with over 16 000 views and 800 likes in a week as well as over 2 000 plays, and 400 listeners on Spotify.

Photo By Rita Azenha

Cosmic Empathy Tracklist:

1. Intro (Tokyo Wanderer)
2. Catz of Giza
3. Perhaps, All We Need is Help
4. Demons Around Me
5. You’ve Been Sleeping
6. Doomsday
7. My Hell
8. Flirting With Death
9. Quicksands
10. The Space Between Me and The Door
11. Cosmic Empathy


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