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Sad News From Carpathian Forest Bassist Daniel Vrangsinn

Norwegian black metallers CARPATHIAN FOREST have issued the following update:

Dear friends and beloved enemies

After a lot of thinking and consulting with my beloved bandmates, I have decided to take a break from CARPATHIAN FOREST.

There are many reasons for this. My health has been quite bad lately. I have had problems with my arms for several years and at times I can hardly play instruments anymore.

Lately Iv’e also had a lof of “interesting” mental issues. Not only your usual depressions, but hearing voices, having visual hallucinations, etc. I think it is perhaps time to figure out what the hell this is all about. Because the world is beginning to look a bit freaky to put it mildly.

Third but not last. I have criminal charges to deal with. I will most likely end up in prison for growing cannabis. That one is something I am absolutely not sorry for doing. No matter how hard they decide to punish me, I did nothing wrong.

I Knowingly broke the law and I understand the state has a duty to punish me and I am ok with that. I am however not sorry, not ashamed and I believe it should be the duty of each and every man to break the law when the law is immoral.

So basically just fuck you all!

I want to thank my bandmates for being understanding and supportive and always standing behind me 100%. You guys are the best. I fucking love you!

I also need to stress that I am not leaving the band. I will just not be doing any more live shows until I am physically and mentally well enough to do so. I will continue to work with them musically in the studio, contribute with writing music and so on.

And perhaps some day you will see me on stage with the band again. Stranger things have happened in this old brew of a world we live in.

The upcoming gigs in Germany this weekend will your last chance to see me live with Carpathian Forest for the unforeseeable future.

In the meantime I will try to see friends, work with my tiny Vrangsinn and the arsonists project, do a few club gigs as a vocalist with them, record an album and whatever awaits around the next corner.

Best regards

Vrangsinn (Birthname Daniel Salte) is a Norwegian musician, best known as the bassist of Carpathian Forest (1999–2014/2019 to present.

Vrangsinn is also a poet and video and graphics artist. He is most known for his bizarre stage stunts while performing on stage. He also does other art forms like concrete art, jewelry, steel crosses and pentagrams.

Vrangsinn is the president of Misantrof ANTI Records, a non-profit organization he established in 2007. Through this organization, he releases his own music and many other bands freely to the general public with a creative commons license. Vrangsinn sometimes also sells physical copies of releases, but according to his official homepage, Vrangsinn believes art should belong to humanity as a whole and that everyone should have equal rights to access and share the art.

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