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Saskatoon’s DESPITE THE REVERENCE Question Existence Trough “Human Obsolete” Off “Stress Of Evolution” Out April 2023

Despite The Reverence, hardened by the cold climate of Canada has been pumping out heavy albums for over a decade now and at last, has another full-length album to add to its discography. “Stress of Evolution” consists of 12 tracks full of melodic riffs, groovy bass lines, and thundering drums that you’ll feel in your gut. So far, they have released four singles which show a wide variety of techniques they have honed in their years together. Now, the single “Human Obsolete” is ready for ears. The band explains:

“This is another very interesting track and more of a surfer-style hard rock song. Their lyrics as they indicate are about the growing obsolescence of the human race. This song finds the groove right away and carries it all the way through making it a real head-banger. The guitars, bass, and drums follow the groove while the lyrics tell a story.”

Despite The Reverence was originally the cover band of guitarist Johnny Fast and vocalist Tom Liska who decided to rise to the challenge of writing original music and exclusively performing it. After finding bassist, Jordan Poelzer and drummer, Brad Zimmer, the idea took form and a name was hatched. Very professional live with big production, backdrops, and lighting, they play with high energy and intensity.

The band primarily incorporates a lot of groove metal and thrash metal into their sound but also draws from many other types making their sound multi-dimensional. They are recommended for fans of The Muse, Tool, and Porcupine Tree.

Listen to “Human Obsolete” at

Digital – https://despitethereverence.bandcamp.comSpotify​

“Stress Of Evolution” comes out on April 14th, 2023.

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Track Listing:
1. Cyborg – 5:41
2. Khali Yuga – 4:33
3. Surprise Kill Vanish – 4:42
4. Primate Centurion – 6:11
5. Killing Plebs – 3:54
6. Fears Of Our Fathers – 1:45
7. Stress Of Evolution – 5:02
8. Human Obsolete – 4:24
9. Thinning The Herd – 3:56
10. War Machine – 4:55
11. At My Door Knocks Death – 5:43
12. Disco Death Tech – 4:01
Album Length: 54:53

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