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Saudi One Man Prog DUSK Shares First Single “Lethal Perspectives” ft. Aron Harris (Solemn Vision) Off First Full-Length “Spectrums” Out February 2023

Saudi Arabia’s one-man prog metal unit DUSK (from the mind of Meshari Sangora) is unveiling the first single “Lethal Perspectives” ft. Aron Harris (Solemn Vision) from the upcoming full-length entitled “Spectrums”. The album follows two previously unleashed EPs “To Where I Belong” (2021) and “Ascension” (2020) along with multiple stand-alone singles that were used to introduce the project’s music to the world in 2020.

The album’s first single talks about someone who suffers from Megalomania and is a message to remind them that they are not a god. DUSK goes into further detail about how the track came to be.

“I got to know Aron Harris, the vocalist for Solemn Vision from my friend Gigi Arabia of Heavy Arabia. She pitched Aron to me when we were looking for a vocalist for Lethal Perspective, and as soon as I heard Aron’s vocals I knew he was a perfect fit for the album. He’s got a raw scream that can really get you hyped! and with what I had in mind for songs on the album, I knew that he be the right fit and he sure did deliver vocally and lyrically 100 percent!”

The single can be heard at

Digital (Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music) –

For “Spectrums”, DUSK recruited various many guests such as Saudi musicians Khalid C (Entropia) and Abdulrahman Elghazali (who was a featured guest on EP ‘To Where I Belong”) along with international artists such as Aron Harris of the New York death metal based band Solemn Vision and the great Jaani Peuhu, previously known as a member of Swallow The Sun and his current band Ianai. The album features 12 tracks and is a multi-lingual expression with various songs sung by its contributors in English, German, Finnish, and Arabic.

DUSK comments on the forthcoming album:

“As a musician and one of the pioneers in the local Saudi Scene, I wanted to bring more creativity to the game and make this project an inspiration standpoint to the new upcoming bands and musicians who look up to me both locally and internationally, so right then and there, I decided to make this album into two different themes, something that will speak to every music lover out there, from the heavy and raw guitar tones to the Synth-ish spacy sounds that ease the listener to a very dynamic and emotional ride.”

Once a college DJ in UAE, that time in his life lead to his rediscovery of all forms of metal and was just the beginning of creating his own music as a self-taught musician and producer. DUSK created the new album to be listened to as Side A and Side B. The first half of the album (Side A) is aggressively sounding, and more guitar-focused and has a build-up of more hostility to each track while the listener moves forward. The second half (Side B) aims for a new sound from DUSK infusing more of the electric/EDM-ish sound where it’s more focused and digitized sounding and widely more appealing to the non-metal listener, all while keeping the same aggression level building up with each track.

“I wanted to bring more to the table and make this album a possible gateway to new audiences and perhaps fans from both sides, the metal heads & the non-metal listeners. I think all people who enjoy music will be interested in it, with all that has been added and all the different genres mixed in. What I’m trying to do with this record is to make everyone experience their own feelings and their own journey, the topics for this project are big and very stretched, some of the topics deal with real issues like betrayal and disposition, Love, Hate, and Hope.” adds DUSK

Recommended for fans of Currents, Born of Osiris, Novelists, and Deftones, along with everything under the vein of progressive metal, metalcore, and djent, “Spectrums” will be released on all digital platforms including vinyl on February 17th, 2023.

The album was fully written & recorded at Dusk’s studio with the mixing and mastering done by Tom Haberland of Crushing Waves Studio. Album artwork created by Giannis Nakos from Remedy Studios.

Album pre-order –

Track Listing:
1. The World We Used To Know ft. Abzy & Khalid C – 5:42
2. Digging Deeper ft. Alex Hamilton – 4:05
3. Breath In, Breath Out ft. Adnan – 4:20
4. Hatred ft. Alex Hamilton – 3:12
5. Lethal Perspectives ft. Aron Harris – 3:02
6. Agnes Of Rome ft. Abzy – 5:00
7. Burning In My Mind ft. Moe Steiger – 3:31
8. Karma Will Find You ft. Moe Steiger – 4:19
9. Someone To Trust ft. Jon Thomas – 3:38
10. Only You ft. Jaani Peuhu – 5:39
11. Celestials ft. Iman Ahmed & Abudlrahman Elghazali – 4:37
12. Absence Of Full (Album Outro) – 2:18
Album Length: 50:00

For more info:

About Album Guests: Abzy, Khalid C, Alex Hamilton, Adnan, Aron Harris, Moe Steiger, Jon Thomas, Jaani Peuhu, Iman Ahmed, Abdulrahman Elghazali

ABZY is a Self-taught singer-songwriter who started in 2007 Located In Kuwait city. Band (WAZIN), SOLO Project (SARAI)

Khalid C is an electric guitar player located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and is one of the founders of the band Entropia along with his new rock solo project Astrofrog.

Adnan Mryhi is a singer and a Twitch streamer located In Dubai, UAE, Adnan also helped and still helping to build the Metal Scene in the UAE since 2006. Solo Project (Unmuted)

Alex Hamilton is a Canadian musician who operates Nova Nine Productions and offers session musician services, mixing/ mastering, and recording. His band is Wazmo.

Aron Harris also known as AceSirBell is the vocalist for the band Solemn Vision and the band telochvovin666 and the founder of Visionary Booking, a booking company focused on helping out-of-town bands break into NYC, and build lasting connections through different scenes.

Jaani Peuhu is a Finnish musician, producer and songwriter. Jaani has worked with artists like Before the Dawn, Swallow The Sun, To/Die/For, Thunderstone, Wiidakko and Anna Eriksson. More info –

Iman Ahmed is an Arab/British singer and bass player who is the founder of Unicorn Squad – a global music community for unsigned artists and bands within the rock/ metal/alternative scene.

Abdulrahman Elghazali is an electric guitar player located in Riyadh, Suadi Arabia, previously featured on the “To Where I Belong EP” and a guitar player for the local thrash metal band Dune.

Moe Steiger is a session vocalist located in Germany. Editing and mixing engineer.

Jon Thomas is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and session musician based in Canada.

Jonathan Hammond has solo projects Dark Horse and Thrifted Souls.

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