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Severe Torture Inflict Peak Punishment on New Single

Photo By Thijs Van Larhoven

Dennis Scheurs – Vocals
Patrick Boleij – Bass
Damiën Kerpentier – Drums
Marvin Vriesde – Guitars Right & Leads
Thijs van Laarhoven – Guitars Left

Inflict Sonic Annihilation on “The Pinnacle of Suffering”

Severe Torture unleash another brutal beating on Torn from the Jaws of Death, their upcoming sixth album. Today, the veteran Dutch band are releasing its third single, which grinds and twists into a raw pinnacle of death metal.

Listen to “The Pinnacle of Suffering”:

Torn From The Jaws of Death comes out June 7 on Season of Mist.


With all the sublety of a warhammer, Severe Torture hit upon the purest, most ferocious strain of brutal death metal. Torn from the Jaws of Death emerges from the grim embrace of Torture Compound Studios, where it was sharpened to diabolic perfection under the fiendish expertise of Mendel bij de Leij.

On “The Pinnacle of Suffering”, Severe Torture wields the macabre like a rusty chain. Marching to a blistering beat of drums, these death masters drag you into a shadow world where no one can hear you scream.  

Cover Art Pär Olofsson

1. The Death Of Everything (4:07) [WATCH]
2. Marked By Blood And Darkness (4:14)
3. Hogtied In Rope (3:23)
4. Torn From The Jaws Of Death (4:27) [WATCH]
5. Christ Immersion (3:30)
6. Putrid Remains (4:29)
7. The Pinnacle Of Suffering (3:09) [LISTEN]
8. Through Pain And Emptiness (3:30)
9. Those Who Wished Me Dead (2:26)
10. Tear All The Flesh Off The Earth (5:21)
Total runtime: 38:36

Style: Brutal Death Metal
Country: Netherlands
FFO: Defeated Sanity, Brodequin, Aborted

For over 25 years, SEVERE TORTURE has embodied the ethos of Brutal. Death. Metal. A genre-defining titan, they’ve held a commanding presence in the metal universe since 1997, blending intense performances with a relentless commitment to their visceral, raw sound.

Born from the bowels of the Dutch underground, the band emerged onto the world stage with their debut album Feasting On Blood, hailed as an epic watershed in the nascent wave of brutal death metal in 2001. Their hard-hitting, merciless sound has since rippled across North and South America, Europe, and Mexico; their trail marked by five ground-breaking releases over the past quarter-century.

Remaining relevant in the ever-evolving realm of metal is no small feat, a task Severe Torture met by continuously levelling up. In pursuit of rejuvenation and to capture the aggression and energy befitting of a new era, they amicably parted ways with original drummer Seth in 2018, bringing Damiën Kerpentier into the fold. The move signified a new chapter for the seasoned ensemble, marking a seismic shift that breathed fresh air into their creative process, leading to some of their darkest, most profound work yet.

This invigorated spirit came to life in 2022 with the release of the EP Fisting The Sockets – the band’s first release in an astounding 12 years. The record served as a triumphant herald for their resurgence, re-signing with Season of Mist and rekindling the flame of their brutal origins amidst a pandemic-stricken world.

Now, in 2024, Severe Torture is set to escalate to new heights of sonic savagery with their sixth full-length album, Torn from the Jaws of Death. Recorded at the infamous Torture Compound Studios, the album stands as a testament to the raw energy, blood, sweat, and relentless brutality that the band represents.

From the aggressive whirlwind of riffs in The Death of Everything, to the haunting black metal nuances of the title track Torn from the Jaws of Death, the album is a death metal cogitation on murder, torture, and the madness of organized religions. Crafted with an unwavering commitment to the genre, Torn from the Jaws of Death is a grim reflection of the world, drenched in the band’s signature brutal death metal sound.

As the anticipation mounts for the release of Torn from the Jaws of Death, you can be sure Severe Torture remains alive and thriving in the heart of brutal death metal, pushing boundaries, and refusing to bow to conventions. A quarter-century in, these stalwarts of the scene are just getting started. Stay tuned to witness their relentless progression as they continue their incessant march through the annals of metal history.

Recording Studio
Torture Compound Studios

Production Credits
Damiën Kerpentier – Engineer
Mendel bij de Leij – Mixing & Mastering Engineer


Available Formats:
Digital Download
CD Digipak
12″ Vinyl Gatefold – Black
12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Gold & Black Marbled
12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Transparent Red & Black Marbled

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