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Stabbing return with their full length debut album, the shocking force of Extirpated Mortal Process!

Having hit the world where it hurts with their Ravenous Psychotic Onslaught EP last year, Stabbing are back with their debut full length album, Extirpated Mortal Process. Harder, faster, heavier and even more merciless that its predecessor, Extirpated Mortal Process delivers a relentless assault, infused with blood chilling atmosphere and possessing an imposing, fear inspiring presence that will shake you to the core. All the threat and promise of Ravenous Psychotic Onslaught has been fulfilled and Stabbing now stand in a position of intimidating power in the brutal death metal scene. The new pretenders to the throne are set to become the new dark gods of destruction.

With drums recorded by Josh Vasquez of Malignant Existence at JMTX Productions, guitars and vocals by Chris Kritikos (Oceans Of Slumber etc) at Southwing Audio and mixing and mastering duties handled by Januaryo Hardy (Pure WrathWaking The CadaverBrodequin etc) Extirpated Mortal Process sounds utterly monstrous. Every venomous beat, every guttural roar, every skull crushing riff is delivered with a delicious, malicious clarity that allows the sheer savagery of the songs to rain down upon the listener like a torrent of black blood. From the skin crawling, teeth grinding tension of opener ‘Inhaling The Dead’ to the last brutal blow of ‘Pulsing Wound’, via the sanguine splendour of the band’s signature track, ‘Stabbing’, this album is brutal, bloody perfection. Stabbing have delivered the crimson nightmare the dark side of your soul has been yearning for.

With the power of the Comatose Music machine behind them Stabbing are set to drown the world in gore. When Extirpated Mortal Process rampages from its lair on December 9th, complete with eye-scouring artwork by Daemorph Art (Aborted FetusThe Black Dahlia MurderIron Fire etc) the hierarchy of brutality will be reshaped forever in Stabbing’s magnificent, grotesque image. Once again, it’s time to give yourself up to the knife!

Feel the blade now at Slam Worldwide – where first single ‘Razor Wire Strangulation’ is streaming now! more information on Stabbing click here
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