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Step Into A Vast Progressive Metal World With THE WRING’s “Stiletto” ft. Marco Minnemann Off New Album “Spectra” Out Dec 2022 via WormHoleDeath Records

Canada’s The Wring is gearing up to release a third album “Spectra” next month, which promises to be an assertive mix of different styles including hard rock, jazz, metal, classical, 80’s rock, 70’s rock, and probably a few other things. Solo artist Don Dewulf had the idea and with the help of accomplished musicians, the project has been brought to life. The next piece they are sharing is the single “Stiletto” ft. Marco Minnemann, which Dewulf outlines:

“This song is about the debilitating need for social media attention and validation. The blade goes in and you never even feel it, then you slowly bleed out. The verses are in 5/8 and ⅞ creating a somewhat jarring effect, and also speaking to the theme. Chandler does a killer job on the chorus vocal and there is a very peculiar odd-time breakdown before the solo. Very fun song to play.”

He also comments that “Spectra” is a bit like a 1970’s King Crimson album, but without any ethereal soliloquies and certainly with a more significant hard rock/metal influence. Compared to last year’s full-length “Project Cipher”, this new offering carries on in the same tradition and headspace, but the songs are fuller and cohesive.

The album got its name because Dewulf feels that it really touches on a wide range of musical styles and themes. The mixes are very layered with a lot of detail; you can listen to it many times and still continue to pick out intricacies and small details each time.

Dewulf is writing constantly as he always has a lot of ideas to flesh out and bring to the ears of listeners around the world. He has no intentions of stopping soon, so fans of “Spectra”should keep an eye out for new music. The Wring is recommended for fans of King Crimson, Dream Theater, and Opeth.

The music video for “Stiletto” ft. Marco Minnemann can be seen and heard via its premiere on Bravewords HERE.

Digital single –

“Spectra” is due out on December 16, 2022, via WormHoleDeath Records.

The album teaser can be heard at

Album digital pre-save available at

Track Listing:
1. Stiletto 4:40
2. Stones & Bones 4:58
3. The Prince 3.54
4. The Wolf 5:00
5. Tin Man 5:25
6. From Mars 4:43
7. Sins 4:43
8. Fallen 5:05
Album Length: 38:28

Album Recording Line Up:
Don Dewulf – Guitars
Marco Minnemann – Drums
Chandler Mogel – Vocals
Reggie Hache – Bass & Keyboards
Isamu McGregor – Keyboards

For more info:

““Wring² Project Cipher comes with a heavy, classic rock feel, but there’s an epic, questing nature to tunes like Sorceress, Steelier and Dose that pushes The Wring beyond metal norms and into prog territory.” – Prog Magazine

“The extreme professionalism on display throughout this entire album, although a labour of love, is a true master class of musicianship performed by musicians who are truly at the top of their game, making the industry what it is today. The sheer attention to detail is a credit to each and every performer as they tailor their craft neatly and precisely throughout every track, with nothing less than perfect being the order of the day.” – Stargazer Music Magazine

“Overall, the entire album is laden with a rich tapestry of sound and lyrics, well thought out and carefully developed by founder member and visionary Don Dewulf, taking the listener on that perfect journey of thought, and is a credit to its makers gathering no dust in any collection. 10/10” – Stargazer Music Magazine

“Thanks to his renowned session musicians and original compositions, The Wring is a refreshing discovery that offers a personal reading of modern metal. 4/5” – Music Waves

“What sounds at first to be a straight-forward rock album, turns out to be so much more. It’s a tad short, but sometimes less is more. You can hear many influences in these tracks, some of them familiar, but The Wring have stamped their own identity all over it. This should keep you going for the time being but expect more from Don Dewulf with The Wring3 already in the recording stage!” – The Prog Space

“Dewulf’s guitar work shines throughout, at times reminiscent of Alex Lifeson in his prime, such as his powerful solo on ‘Steelier’ which soars above the raging musical maelstrom below. There’s even a funk-infused breakout on ‘Dose’, which is infectious with its driving hook. It’s an absorbing record, one that takes time to soak in, but several plays ensure that it’s burnt deep into the memory. When those end-of-year lists come round, ‘Wring² Project Cipher’ is likely to be pushing for a slot.” – The Razor’s Edge 

“The Wring generally succeed at what they’re going for—Dewulf has produced a fun, catchy record. Particularly on the album’s middle section (“Cipher,” “Steelier” and “Dissension”), there’s some great songs with great riffs. If you’re after some new prog, you could do a lot worse than this album, and I found it quite hard to score.” – Angry Metal Guy

“The overall sound is something like the heavier side of Rush, with hooks and melodic elements smoothing out the guitar crunch, making this very accessible.” – The Progressive Aspect

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