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Streaming Now! Canada’s THE WRING Release Concise, Humble Progressive Album “Spectra” via WormHoleDeath Records

The Wring, hailing from Sudbury, Canada is proud to be releasing their third album “Spectra”, which is an assertive mix of different styles including hard rock, jazz, metal, classical, 80’s rock, and 70’s rock. Solo artist Don Dewulf brought the idea to a myriad of professional players to form the full-length and the wide range of influences are apparent on the record with a vivid progressive sound that is tight, concise, and well-executed with interesting melody, rhythm, and lyrical themes. He comments on the album:

“I am very proud of the compositions on this album. Prog music can tend to be grandiose; I wanted this album to be the opposite of that. I like to think that the guitar parts are interesting and somewhat unique and span a very wide range of styles, influences, and execution. The vocals come straight out of the 80s with great melody and delivery, offering a very grounded counterpoint to the, often, odd time and melody structure. There are also keyboards hidden in the mix that offer an almost subliminal base on which everything else is built. The cover has a cool 70’s vibe that is simple but offers a depth of meaning that will be very personal to each observer; a reflection of the musical content within.”

Dewulf is local to Sudbury, Canada, and the project is his vision. In order to see it through, he hired Marco Minnemann – a world-renowned drummer, member of The Aristocrats, and successful solo artist who is one of the best rock/prog drummers in the world. Chandler Mogel – amazing singer with a great 80’s vibe who has performed with a ton of bands and projects. Reggie Hache – a Canadian bass superstar who does his own thing and contributed incredible parts for this album and Isamu McGregor– a session keyboard player with great vision and feel.

“Spectra” was produced by Don Dewulf, mixed by Francis Perron at Radicart Studios, mastered by Yannick St-Amand, and the album artwork was done by Gord Woolley.

The performances are tight and meaningful covering a wide range of approaches, but still cohesive and very accessible for any kind of listener. They are recommended listening for fans of Opeth, Porcupine Tree, and Rush.

Listen to “Spectra” in full via its premiere on MetalInsider HERE.

“Spectra” is due out on December 16, 2022, via WormHoleDeath Records.

Album digital pre-save available at

Music Video – “Stiletto” ft. Marco Minnemann –

Music Video – “From Mars” ft. Marco Minnemann –

Track Listing:
1. Stiletto 4:40
2. Stones & Bones 4:58
3. The Prince 3.54
4. The Wolf 5:00
5. Tin Man 5:25
6. From Mars 4:43
7. Sins 4:43
8. Fallen 5:05
Album Length: 38:28

Album Recording Line Up:
Don Dewulf – Guitars
Marco Minnemann – Drums
Chandler Mogel – Vocals
Reggie Hache – Bass & Keyboards
Isamu McGregor – Keyboards

For more info:

“Here’s one for prog dorks. This outfit’s third outing (Spectra) features drums by Marco Minnemann so you know the rhythms are mad. The regulars in the band ain’t slouches either though. This is intricate and melodic prog done well.” – Metal Injection

““Wring² Project Cipher comes with a heavy, classic rock feel, but there’s an epic, questing nature to tunes like Sorceress, Steelier and Dose that pushes The Wring beyond metal norms and into prog territory.” – Prog Magazine

“The extreme professionalism on display throughout this entire album, although a labour of love, is a true master class of musicianship performed by musicians who are truly at the top of their game, making the industry what it is today. The sheer attention to detail is a credit to each and every performer as they tailor their craft neatly and precisely throughout every track, with nothing less than perfect being the order of the day.” – Stargazer Music Magazine

“Overall, the entire album is laden with a rich tapestry of sound and lyrics, well thought out and carefully developed by founder member and visionary Don Dewulf, taking the listener on that perfect journey of thought, and is a credit to its makers gathering no dust in any collection. 10/10” – Stargazer Music Magazine

“Thanks to his renowned session musicians and original compositions, The Wring is a refreshing discovery that offers a personal reading of modern metal. 4/5” – Music Waves

“What sounds at first to be a straight-forward rock album, turns out to be so much more. It’s a tad short, but sometimes less is more. You can hear many influences in these tracks, some of them familiar, but The Wring have stamped their own identity all over it. This should keep you going for the time being but expect more from Don Dewulf with The Wring3 already in the recording stage!” – The Prog Space

“Dewulf’s guitar work shines throughout, at times reminiscent of Alex Lifeson in his prime, such as his powerful solo on ‘Steelier’ which soars above the raging musical maelstrom below. There’s even a funk-infused breakout on ‘Dose’, which is infectious with its driving hook. It’s an absorbing record, one that takes time to soak in, but several plays ensure that it’s burnt deep into the memory. When those end-of-year lists come round, ‘Wring² Project Cipher’ is likely to be pushing for a slot.” – The Razor’s Edge 

“The Wring generally succeed at what they’re going for—Dewulf has produced a fun, catchy record. Particularly on the album’s middle section (“Cipher,” “Steelier” and “Dissension”), there’s some great songs with great riffs. If you’re after some new prog, you could do a lot worse than this album, and I found it quite hard to score.” – Angry Metal Guy

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