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STREET TOMBS: Reclusive Decay Debut From Santa Fe Death Metal Outfit; LP “To See” Out Now Via Carbonized Records

Photo by Caitlyn Stuart

Damian Jacoby – guitar, vocals
David McMaster – guitar, vocals
Ben Brodsky – drums
Galen Baudhuin – bass

Formed in 2017, STREET TOMBS was forged in the flames of the legendary underground venue, The Cave, where the band hosted numerous shows for the DIY punk/metal community of Santa Fe and surrounding cities. The collective has released three demos since 2018. Combining the death metal grit of early Sepultura and Bolt Thrower with the rabid d-beat/street punk of Discharge and G.B.H., Reclusive Decay presents a unified vision for all that is dark, heavy, and fast. As death and disease rage through our modern world, STREET TOMBS rip the abyss of suffering.

Reclusive Decay was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Augustine Ortiz at The Decibel Foundry with additional recording by Galen Baudhuin, cover art by Todd White, additional interior artwork by Lucas B, and logo by Ben Brodsky.

Reclusive Decay is released on CD, LP, cassette, and digitally. Find preorders at the Carbonized webshop HERE or Bandcamp HERE.

“…ripping New Mexico death metal…” — Decibel Magazine

“The record feels like a cross between early thrash and punk rock mixed with some serious Bolt Thrower vibes for an experience that’ll put you right into the ground.” — Metal Injection

“The music on Reclusive Decay leaves a film on your face and in your mouth, a gritty, ashen mix that doesn’t taste great and feels like the back end of an alley fight… This is brutal, scathing stuff that leaves bruising and bloodied clothing behind, with you left to pick up what’s left of your physical and mental health.” – Meat Mead Metal

“…a powerhouse surge of obliteration, coupled with riffing that both blazes and contorts in insectile fevers, with colossal, cavern-deep vocals that add to the horrors. The convulsions in the riffage become even more lunatic, and the rhythm section keep pace, delivering their own pulse-pounding mechanisms of obliteration.” – No Clean Singing 

“…if fans are seeking something that provides copious swathes of impact and crushing, crunching tone, then Reclusive Decay may just be an album to be checked out.” – The Razor’s Edge

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