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SVNEATR, ‘Never Return’, Out Now Via Prosthetic Records!

Photographer credit: Savannah Bagshaw

Guitars/Vocals: Vitharr Monteith
Guitars: James Readman
Bass: Shawn Hillman
Drums: Matthew Logan

Progressive black metal band, SVNEATRhas today released their third album, Never Return, via Prosthetic Records. Covering themes of personal and collective turmoil, as well as perseverance in the face of uncertainty, Never Return arrives as the Vancouver, BC group celebrate ten years since their inception.LISTEN TO NEVER RETURN IN FULL BELOW.
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Speaking on the album release, guitarist and vocalist Vitharr Monteith comments: “The day has come and Never Return is here at last! We spent years crafting this record nailing every detail, from the music to the lyrics and it’s presentation. It is the manifestation of hard work, sacrifice and a willingness to unapologetically express ourselves. I am immensely proud of my bandmates and what we accomplished on Never Return.

“I am so stoked for everyone to be able to listen to this record, a weight has been lifted. Pick up a record and we’ll see you on the road!”

Ushering in the decade with climate emergency, a global pandemic and the ever growing corporate hegemony over community needs and spaces, the primary spark that brought Never Return to life was one of an internal and external world in a state of paralysis. Resignation in the face of despair, however, was never going to be on the cards for SVNEATR.

Commencing self-recording in 2022, with vocals and string arrangements recorded by Ryan Shepard at Little Red Sounds as well as mixing, the quartet’s ambitions for Never Return were realised in full thanks in part to a decade of honing their craft to a point of musical and self-actualization. Where previous releases saw SVNEATR display their dichotomous musicianship in atmospheric passages, Never Return shines with progressive influences taking up more presence.

Whilst black and death metal remain a large part of their musical DNA, Never Returnsees SVNEATR introduce cello and contrabass via Shawn Hillman (bass), as well as vocal chanting and clean singing from Monteith. These embellishments bring a celestial quality to their more excoriating passages – see …And When the Storm ComesReaper Of The Universe. Elsewhere the melding of the personal and political is found on the imposing title track, as Vitharr and James Readman’s guitar work shines atop bassist Shawn Hillman and drummer Matthew Logan’s palpably intense tempo changes.

Following mastering work by Brad Boatright, SVNEATR brought in self-taught Vancouver, BC artist Basia Swieczko to create the stark and ominous album cover. Through the tumult and toil that provided the impetus of its creation, Never Return stands as a defiant kickback against fatalism.

Never Return tracklist:
1. Mechanical Wolves
2. Never Return
3. …And When Comes the Storm
4. Omen
5. Blackout
6. Reaper of the Universe



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