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Swiss post-rock/prog/post-metal quintet When The Light Dies streamed new EP ‘Into The Unknown’ // Out now on LP/Digital via Vitruve Records.

About 5 years after the release of the full-length effort ‘Wailing of the Leonids’ (2017), conceived as the story of a true sidereal epic research of a new home for humanity, When The Light Dies finally released a “sequel” and dystopic epilogue of the album called ‘Into The Unknown’.

A new 20 minutes one-track EP released on limited vinyl edition & Digital via Vitruve Records(Grand Tétras, Nevborn, etc.) and available right now on physical but also full-streaming on Bandcamp.Stream / Buy the full ‘Into The Unknown’ EP on Bandcamp

…For the record…

Born in 2009 around the city of La-Chaux-De-Fonds in Switzerland, When The Light Dies is a post-rock/post-metalcollective which released its debut and self-titled EP in 2013. 

4 years later, as a quartet, the band gave birth to its first full-length album called ‘WAILING OF THE LEONIDS’ released on physical/digital through Vitruve Records.

During the Covid-19 pandemic (2020/2022), the band added a fifth member to its line-up and then released the EP ‘Into The Unknown’ (Fall 2022), again in close collaboration with Vitruve Records.

For fans of If These Trees Could Talk, Mono, Red Sparowes or Russian Circles….

Stream/Buy The Full EP Into The Unknown On Bandcamp

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