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Norway’s TONIC BREED Celebrate The 10 Year Anniversary Of “Outsold” With The Re-Imagined Cut Of “Strife”

Sarpsborg, Norway’s Tonic Breedannounces the 10th-anniversary re-release of their 2014 thrash album “Outsold”. The first revisited single from this milestone release is titled “Strife” providing fans with a fresh perspective on the album that left a lasting impact on the metal scene. While some of the tracks have subtle changes and remixing, “Strife” has been changed the most, including a nearly two-minute intro cut, as Patrik K. Svendsen explains:

“Strife is the shortest track on the album. Originally, with a more extended synth intro, this song is now shortened to a more effective and explosive song. It’s one of the songs on the album with some kind of an actual hook chorus. This song could easily have been made with a traditional song structure, but I chose to spice it up a little with a couple of twists in the songwriting process.”

While Tonic Breed‘s original line-up is no more, sole remaining member Svendsen has poured his passion into this anniversary re-release. The band is not reuniting, but Svendsen, the composer of all songs, expresses his love for the album and the desire to introduce it to a new audience, one single at a time.

“Outsold” was a significant achievement for Tonic Breed, earning the title of “Album of the Year” by The Metal Reviews in 2014. The album’s unique blend of Old Bay era thrash, groove, melodic, and heavy elements captivated metal enthusiasts worldwide. Expressing the darker themes of life, politics, and our inner demons, the album is recommended for fans of Slayer, Pantera, and Metallica.

Listen to the revisited version of “Strife” at the following links:

YouTube –

Spotify –

Tonic Breed reinforces my growing belief that music, and particularly metal, can one day survive and even thrive without need of the corporate machine.” – Metal Disciple (Outsold – LP)

“For an unsigned act Outsold has one of the best productions I have heard in a long time. Simply put it’s a fantastic album.” – Teeth of the Divine (Outsold – LP)

“TONIC BREED could easily advance up the ranks thanks to this impressive release.” – Metal Temple (Outsold – LP)

“10/10. Album of the year 2014.” – The Metal Review (Outsold – LP)

For more info:

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METAL DE FACTO Unveils “Rise Amaterasu” Off New Album “Land Of The Rising Sun Part. 1” Out Feb 2024 Via Rockshots Records

Exploding onto the metal scene in 2019, Finnish power metal band Metal De Factomade their debut with “Imperium Romanum”, a full-length with a theme-driven collection of songs about Ancient Rome that was bombastically nostalgic old-school power metal. These fresh but familiar songs quickly caught the attention of metal listeners worldwide, notably with the first single ‘¨The Conqueror’ amassing over 200,000 video views and over 600,000 streams on various streaming platforms.

In early 2020, the band held their first headlining show in Helsinki, which attracted fans from all over the world to attend the show in a packed On the Rocks club. This success quickly led the band to continue performing live, opening for prime moving metal bands Ensiferum and Beast in Black.

Consisting of guitarists Esa Orjatsalo (ex Dreamtale) and Mikko Salovaara (Kiuas), bassist Sami Hinkka (Ensiferum, ssSHhh), keyboardist Benji Klint-Connelly (Everfrost) and drummer Atte Marttinen (ex Kivimetsän Druidi). It was announced however in 2022 that former vocalist Mikael Salo (ex Thy Row, ex Dyecrest) would no longer be the band’s singer. On the same day, the band’s new vocalist Aitor Arrastia hailing from Spain was announced along with the announcement of the band’s upcoming second full-length album, “Land of the Rising Sun Part 1.” The album will be the first of two parts, themed after Japanese culture.

Metal De Facto‘s latest single, “Rise Amaterasu” is a triumphant anthem that showcases their distinctive power metal sound. With robust and resonant tunes, the track captures the core of the band’s celebrated style. This release introduces the band’s new vocalist, Aitor Arrastia, highlighting their musical craftsmanship.“Rise Amaterasu” assures an engaging and dynamic expedition, maintaining the band’s legacy and enthralling listeners with its compelling storyline and impressive expertise, embodying the enduring essence of power metal. Together, let’s revive the grandeur of Power Metal!


YouTube –

“Land of the Rising Sun Part. 1” will be released on February 9th, 2024 in CD Jewel Case, Vinyl Black and Transparent Splatter Vinyl.


CD –

Vinyl –

Vinyl Transparent Splatter –

Previous single – “Code of The Samurai” –

Track Listing:
1. Rise Amaterasu
2. Code of the Samurai
3. Heavier Than a Mountain
4. Slave to the Power
5. Divine Wind
6. Tame the Steel
7. Superstars
8. 47 Ronin

To celebrate this momentous occasion Metal De Facto will play shows on the release weekend with Dreamtale and Everfrost (Everfrost only in Helsinki) in Finland!

Show Dates:
Feb 9, 2024 – Yo-talo, Tampere, FIN (with Dreamtale) – Ticket info here.
Feb 10, 2024 – On the Rocks, Helsinki, FIN (with Dreamtale and Everfrost) – Ticket Info here.



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Rockshots Records – Singapore’s NOPROPHECY Exorcise Their Aggressive Tendencies With “Broken” Off Debut Album “As The Bridge Collapses” Out Nov 2023

Set to release their first full-length “As The Bridges Collapses” at the end of November on Rockshots Records, NOPROPHECY is offering up their next slab of music with the single “Broken”, an intense and aggressive song, fueled with harsh vocals that spit and exorcise from start till its end.

Visualizer –

Spotify –

Established in 2013 by Alveria Sykes, Singapore’s NOPROPHECY has emerged as a formidable force in modern metal. The band’s inception was fueled by a collective passion for music and a desire to unite their musical abilities in a band setting. Each member looked up to revered musicians, aspiring to bring their own unique touch to the musical landscape.

During its formative years, NOPROPHECYsaw a rotation of musicians, but by the release of “After Life Comes EP” in 2016, the band had solidified its lineup, setting the stage for what would become a promising musical journey.

Describing their sound in five words – Aggressive, Melodic, Intense, Groove, and Dynamic – NOPROPHECY has consistently pushed boundaries, showcasing their signature blend of fierce intensity and melodic artistry.

NOPROPHECY anticipates that its upcoming album As The Bridge Collapses” will captivate fans with its versatility. Promising a multifaceted experience, the album will delve into the band’s signature melodic style while exploring various stylistic shifts across metal genres.

“There are so many variations the band incorporates into its songwriting with this album and we believe there is something for everyone. We feel an album should always have a flow from start to finish and that is what we’re trying to achieve with this album. We definitely played around with the choruses more this time, keeping in mind to engage more crowd participation for this album cycle. We want to give the fans a refreshing experience, yet something that is relatable on a personal level.” adds the band

NOPROPHECY invites fans and metal enthusiasts alike to join them on this exciting and diverse musical venture. With their dedication to delivering a powerful live experience, NOPROPHECY incorporates backing tracks during performances to elevate the audience’s engagement. Sykes, now the full-time vocalist, further enriches their live shows through enhanced interaction and increased crowd participation.

Recommended for fans of Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, and As I Lay Dying, “As The Bridge Collapses” is due out on November 24th, 2023 from Rockshots Records.

Album Order –

Previous Single – “Ghost Of Yesterday”
Lyric Video –
Spotify –

Track Listing:
1. Convelescent 0:38
2. As The Bridge Collapses 3:05
3. Ghost Of Yesterday 4:28
4. Sorrows 4:03
5. Burn It Down 3:33
6. Broken 3:31
7. Set Me Free 4:15
8. Voices 3:39
9. Higanbana 3:29
Album Length: 29:21

For more info:


BLACK PESTILENCE Kick-Off Western Canadian Tour Dates (AB, SK, MB) w/ Citizen Rage New Album “Chaotic Wisdom” Out Now!

L-R – Daniel Toews – Guitar, Valax – Bass & Vocals, Davey Hellfire – Drums
Photo Credit – Wikked Twist Media

Tour Dates w/ Citizen Rage
Sept 15 – Calgary, AB – Dickens – info
Sept 16 – Red Deer, AB – The Vat – info
Sept 17 – Edmonton, AB – Starlite Room – Temple – info
Sept 18 – Drumheller, AB – Neighbours Pub – info
Sept 19 – Saskatoon, SK – D’Lish Cafe (All Ages) – info
Sept 21 – Prince Albert, SK – The Spice Trail – info
Sept 22 – Brandon, MB – East Side Eatery – info
Sept 23 – Winnipeg, MB – Bulldog Events Centre – info

Canada’s Black Pestilence returns with their ferocious seventh studio album “Chaotic Wisdom”. The band started out as very chaotic black metal with small hints of punk rock and lots of noise. After, it slowly evolved into a punk rock structure with black metal vocals. Now it is much more catchy with shorter song lengths. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly the sound that Black Pestilence is now. There are more electronic samples, simple verse/chorus song structures, and much less traditional black metal elements other than occasional blast beats and tremolo picking. Vocalist/bassist Valax comments on the album:

“I knew that following up “Hail the Flesh” would be a tall order. “Chaotic Wisdom” is a Satanic d-beat. The music is formulated around typical punk rock song structures while being projected through the playing style of black metal. Greater emphasis was placed on the samples used on this album in the form of additional percussion and cacophonous electronics. Many of the song lyrics touch base on various themes related to Satanic philosophy, societal stratification, and general debauchery.”

“Chaotic Wisdom” contains seven Satanic d-beat anthems. It is the result of three years of writing and recording and is the pinnacle of the Black Pestilence catalog. Similar to previous releases, this album is fast, infectious, and straight to the point. However, experimentation with dissonant tones, industrial electronics, and auxiliary percussion was emphasized to a greater degree on this album. This is not a stylistic change from Black Pestilence, but represents an elevation to the next level of chaotic noise.

The album was mixed and mastered by Sacha Laskow and the album artwork by Juha Vuorma. It is recommended for all black metal fans especially those who enjoy Impaled Nazarene, Acidez, and Midnight.

Released on September 8, 2023, “Chaotic Wisdom” is available digitally plus CD and cassette at

Spotify –

Music Video – The Devil’s Connection –

Music Video – Mortal Rift –

album artwork by Juha Vuorma

Track Listing:
1. Mortal Rift (3:29)
2. A Life of Evil (3:06)
3. The Devil’s Connection (3:29)
4. Chaos and Carnality (3:18)
5. Aspect of Darkness (3:06)
6. Infernal Might (feat. Mark Russell) (2:35)
7. Animus (5:50)
Total Length: 24:53


““Crushing” is indeed the first word that comes to mind when hearing the massive mauling tones of the riffs, like rock being excavated by some humongous machine. That machine drives forward with snapping punk beats, laced with a sinister yet glorious guitar melody. The music itself also becomes more vicious as the riffs start rapidly jabbing and then seething. But the music also channels darker and more despairing moods, before those two solos kick up the pulse and transform the music into an experience of evil ecstasy. The thing turns out to be a very catchy beast too.” – The Devil’s Connection (single) – No Clean Singing

“I seriously can’t get enough of this. It’s big, nasty, and as rough as a badger’s arse. The black energy it creates is like a massive middle finger to the world and it says – you don’t like me, you don’t like my music or all the things I stand for – go and fuck yourself! This is real and this is as honest as it gets. Fantastic – more, please! 9/10” – My Global Mind”weave in some catchy hooks and melody especially on “Chaos of Carnality” and “The Devil’s Connection,” songs I can easily imagine crowds shouting along to.” – The Metal Crypt

“These Canadian metallers have returned with their seventh full-length offering, executing a unique blend of chaotic black metal and punk rock with electronic samples and catchy, shorter song lengths. This album, the result of three years of work, presents seven satanic-esque anthems that push the boundaries of their signature sound. While retaining their fast and infectious style, Chaotic Wisdom, also experiments with dissonant tones, industrial electronics, and auxiliary percussion, taking Black Pestilence’s chaotic noise to the next level. The album, mixed and mastered by Sacha Laskow, features artwork by Juha Vuorma, making it a must-listen for black metal enthusiasts, particularly fans of Impaled Nazarene, Acidez, and Midnight.” – Metal Insider

“While speed or thrash metal to the core, there’s a bit of punk about Black Pestilence. The band dances the fine line between thrash and punk with a destructive ease. That thrash punk blend can be heard in “Infernal Might” featuring Mark Russell and closing track “Animus”. And before one knows it, Chaotic Wisdom is over. It clocks in at a mere twenty-four minutes. Get distracted and you might not hear the entire album and that would be quite a shame. As fast as it is, Chaotic Wisdom is quick, melodic, and a great listen. MUST LISTEN TRACKS: “The Devil’s Connection”, “Aspect of Darkness”, “Infernal Might”, “Animus”” – Amplify The Noise

“Black Pestilence has its own approach to Black Metal, blending a raw, Punk-influenced base with strange futuristic elements. Chaotic Wisdom is very short, but provides a good overview of the band’s rage.” – Acta Infernalis

“Maintaining its Mad Max side, primitive and low-brow, Black Pestilence offers us a significantly more modern and exalted version of its furious mixture bathed in d-beat, Toxic Holocaust and Venom. Many new followers should easily join their cult.” – Eklektik Rock

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Cabrakaän’s Metal Documentary Takes A New Look At Their Mexican Folklore Genre And Its Cultural Implications Plus New Album “Aztlán” Out November 2023

Photo Credit – Angela Ambrose – Lunar Ring Sound & Graphics Inc.

Cabrakaän is a Mexican metal band that is now based in Calgary, Canada. They formed in 2011 and have made it their mission to infuse metal with traditional instruments and folky elements. This year they are releasing an album “Aztlán” and to complement it have produced a documentary further explaining their musical background and heritage. They share their thoughts on the video explanation:

“We hope that it will be engaging to people who aren’t necessarily metal fans, who are interested in music and culture. A lot of the music is a blend between our previous releases and stem tracks from our upcoming release. We hope that this helps to tell our story and to get audiences interested in how our album will sound.”

The overall goal of the documentary is to showcase the band’s story to existing and new audiences. It’s about how they use music to hold on to their Mexican cultural roots while setting their foundation in a new country through storytelling in their music, incorporating folk themes, and collaborating with Canadians as they weave their cultures together. The film is presented in Spanish with English subtitles and features interviews with professional instrument makers and an anthropologist.

Watch the documentary at the following link:

In addition to the documentary, this past August, Cabrakaän released its music video for the first single “Mictlán” (pronounced mickt-lahn) off their forthcoming album “Aztlán. The track details the nine levels of the underworld in Aztec mythology through which the dead must overcome a series of challenges before reaching their final resting place. Musically, “Mictlán”features nylon string instruments to emulate the sound of a vihuela (Spanish guitar), hompak (Mayan trumpet), and orchestral arrangements. The band explains more:

“Through haunting melodies and thunderous rhythms, “Mictlán” delves into the depths of Mictlán, painting a sonic landscape that takes listeners on a journey through the nine levels of the Aztec underworld. With its powerful and energetic sound, the song captures the essence of Mictlán, enveloping the audience in an otherworldly experience. Mictlán is a concept that is still relevant today in understanding the meaning of our lives. The song contains the musical elements that make Cabrakaän who they are: a fusion of folkloric themes, orchestral arrangements, and, of course: heavy metal.”

Music Video – “Mictlán” at

Spotify –

Cabrakaän’s sound and style were initially influenced by popular metal acts like Nightwish, Amon Amarth, and European folk metal bands. Soon after, the band established a distinct sound, style, and ambition to tell the forgotten pre-hispanic folk stories, mythologies, histories, and traditions of Mexico’s sociocultural past and present.

The lyrics and music on “Aztlán” are thematic and are heavily inspired by Mexican culture, history, and mythology. In the past, band founder and drummer Marko Cipäktli and vocalist Pat Cuikani’s lyrics have engaged with Aztec and Mayan mythology. Lyrics from “Aztlán” will engage with a mix of themes related to the Spanish conquest and more mythological concepts. It is recommended for fans of Nightwish, Epica, and Equilibrium.

“Aztlán” is due out on November 17, 2023, and available for pre-order at

Track Listing:
1. Tonantzin – 3:50
2. Fuego – 5:28
3. Tlaloc – 4:01
4. Luces y Sombras – 3:51
5. Malintzin – 5:16
6. Mictlán – 4:25
7. Yolot – 5:16
8. Xóchitl – 2:42
9. La Cigarra (featuring Reed Alton) – 5:31
10. Mictlán (English Version) – 4:25
11. Fuego (English Version) – 5:28
Album Length: 50:13

Album Credits:
– Produced by Marko Cipäktli and Cody Anstey
– All songs mixed by Cody Anstey at Clarity Recording & Mixing (Osyron, Ravenous E.H., Wu-Tang Clan)
– All songs mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios (Nightwish, Children of Bodom, Amorphis)
– All lyrics by Pat Cuikani & Marko Cipäktli

Album Band Line-up:
Pat Cuikani, Vocals
Marko Cipäktli, Drums & Rough Vocals
Alex Navarro, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
David Saldarriaga Tobón – Bass, Classical Guitar

Live Band Line-up:
Pat Cuikani, Vocals
Marko Cipäktli, Drums & Rough Vocals
Alex Navarro, Lead Guitar
Brendan Wilkinson, Rhythm Guitar
David Saldarriaga Tobón – Bass, Classical Guitar

For more info: | |

“In the world of metal music, where genres often blend and boundaries are pushed, there emerges a band that beautifully merges traditional folk elements with the raw power of heavy metal. Enter Cabrakaän, a Mexican folk metal band on a mission to reconnect with their ancestral roots and preserve the rich cultural heritage of Mexico.” – Infrared Magazine

“CABRAKAÄN has released an amazing, fun, well-written album with influences from various folk styles aligned with Death Metal. It’s definitely one of the best releases of the year in the style and the band deserves all the attention they are getting from the media and the public. 10/10” – Metal Temple (review 2019 – Cem Anahuac My Home)

“While the band may celebrate cultures that are unknown to most Canadian metal fans, Cipäktli says live performances by Cabrakaan are an immersive experience. The band, who wear face paint and costumes to conjure up the “time of the Aztecs,” like to give audiences both a visual and sonic feast.”

-Calgary Herald: “Symphonic Metal Band Cabrakaän Brings Spirit Of Ancient Mexico To Calgary”

“The use of traditional, lesser-known instruments that rarely leave Central/South America jamming along with metal instruments – in a way that would make Ozzy Osbourne in his prime proud – is the last thing Calgary expected to experience, and yet Cabrakaän is here.”

– Calgary Journal: “Cabrakaän, Calgary’s friendly neighbourhood Mexican folk metal fusion band”

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SHORES OF NULL Show No Regrets With Video For Single “Darkness Won’t Take Me” Off Latest Album “The Loss Of Beauty” Plus EU Festival and Tour Dates

Shores Of Null is:
Davide Straccione – Vocals
Gabriele Giaccari – Guitars
Raffaele Colace – Guitars
Matteo Capozucca – Bass
Emiliano Cantiano – Drums

“The Loss of Beauty” is Shores Of Null’s fourth album and follows the acclaimed “Beyond The Shores (On Death And Dying)”, unanimously considered by fans and critics as one of the Doom Metal gems of recent years. The lyrics celebrate beauty in imperfection and transience and are meant to be an invitation to seek beauty in little things, especially those unexpected and ephemeral. Today, the band presents their latest music video in support of this release, “Darkness Won’t Take Me”, which vocalist Davide Straccione details:

“While I was collecting ideas for the album’s lyrics, I remember having a chat with Martina of Sanda Movies about possible topics, starting from visual ideas. Martina knows us very well, in fact, she contributed since our first album to create our visual identity through the videos she made for us. She showed me a painting by the Italian artist Verdirosi, portraying an old man, tired and hunchback, pulling a barrow with the grim reaper patiently sitting on it, and immediately connected with that vision. I imagined a man that had lived his life to the fullest, his time has come but he’s holding back death for a little longer ‘cause he’s so attached to life. He will leave this world on his own terms, and without regrets.”

Watch and listen to “Darkness Won’t Take Me” via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.

The band goes on to share that stylistically, “The Loss of Beauty” continues along the sulcus set forth by “Quiescence” and “Black Drapes For Tomorrow”, its melancholic dark metal with a wide range of influences, from gothic metal to doom metal and melodic black/death metal, with frequent use of vocal harmonies and deep growls. The lyrics celebrate beauty in imperfection and transience and are meant to be an invitation to seek beauty in little things, especially those unexpected and ephemeral.

The album consists of 13 songs, while the LP version only contains 11, the two extra tracks are bonus tracks that can be found on the CD version as well as on the streaming platforms. Dark and heavy, tinged with feelings of despair and melancholy, “The Loss Of Beauty” was released on March 24th, 2023, and is recommended for fans of Swallow The Sun, Borknagar, and Paradise Lost.

In additional news, the band will perform at various European Festivals this coming Fall along with plans for an Italian Winter Tour to be announced at a later date (dates listed below).

Album Stream:

YouTube –

Spotify –

Album order (Digital, CD, Vinyl) –

Tour Dates:
09/09/2023 – Summer Metal Festival – Rieti (IT)
30/09/2023 – Metal Gates – Bucharest (RO)
04/11/2023 – Fall Fest – Helsinki (FI)
09/12/2023 – Scumm – Pescara (IT)
12/01/2024 – tba (IT)
13/01/2024 – Metal Symposium – Waves of Doom Fest II – Bari (IT)
01/03/2024 – Ziggy – Torino (IT)
02/03/2024 – The Academy – Mantova (IT)
15/03/2024 – Rework – Perugia (IT)
16/03/2024 – Slaugther – Milano (IT)

Track Listing:
1. Transitory – 1:20
2. Destination Woe – 4:52
3. The Last Flower – 4:59
4. Darkness Won’t Take Me – 4:14
5. Nothing Left To Burn – 4:55
6. Old Scars – 4:23
7. The First Son – 2:17
8. A Nature In Disguise – 6:26
9. My Darkest Years – 4:56
10. Fading As One – 5:19
11. A New Death Is Born – 4:54
Album Length: 48:40
Bonus Tracks (CD and digital only)
12. Underwater Oddity – 4:18
13. Blazing Sunlight – 1:57

For more info: | | | |

About: Shores of Null stand out from their contemporaries with their ability to blend seemingly disparate elements into their sound, overwhelmingly heavy and soothing at the same time: blackened aggression stands alongside gothic-doom sections without either sounding out of place. Their music can be both melancholic yet majestic, made of chorale-like guitar textures across the instrument’s entire range, sustained by a powerful rhythmic section and punctuated by a refined mixture of clean and growled vocals, along with extensive use of pleasing vocal harmonies which have become the band’s trademark through the years.

The Rome-based metal band has been an unwavering presence within the metal underground since their musical outset in 2013, churning out three impressive records: the melodic and somber “Quiescence” (Candlelight, 2014), the darker and more complex “Black Drapes For Tomorrow” (Candlelight/Spinefarm, 2017), and finally their most ambitious work to date “Beyond The Shores (On Death And Dying)” (Spikerot Records, 2020), a 38-minute long opus which continues to prove the band’s willingness to go off the beaten path while creating their ultimate doom manifesto.

The band’s fourth album “The Loss Of Beauty”, recorded during the same sessions of “Beyond The Shores”, is expected to be released in March of 2023.

“Once again, Shores of Null continue to impress with yet another slab of high-quality doom/death that seems the quintet on an upwards trajectory. Their “Alice in Chains gone doom” recipe needs no repairing, thank you kindly, and while they’ve been around for nearly a decade, it’s still exciting to see where they go from here, because it still feels like The Loss of Beauty is hinting at even greater things to come. Add this to your overcast morning breakfast coffee moments, or your sunny afternoon chillout sessions.” – Angry Metal Guy

“With The Loss of Beauty, Shores of Null have released a hot contender for my album of the year, which I can warmly recommend to every fan of melancholic metal with doom, gothic, melodic death and black metal influences! I give this masterpiece the highest grade!” – Soundmagnet Magazin

“I highly recommend spending a quiet hour listening to the record with headphones.” –

“It is a highly entertaining set of songs that comes together well nonetheless and leads to an emotional impact upon the listener. Fans of melancholic doom metal will find a lot to like here.” – Metal Bite

“with this new work, the Shores Of Null have shown all their majestic talent: The Loss Of Beauty is an album that mixes evil and joy, clarity and impurity, melodies and distortions with extreme dexterity. An album that will attract you thanks to its enchanting idyllic and romantic scores but which will make you unleash as soon as the rough and atrocious parts come into play: a record capable of transporting the interlocutor into a mystical and fairy environment but simultaneously unhealthy and distressing. Nothing to add: listen to them and I’m sure you will have yourselves confirmed everything I said!” – Metal Wave

“”The Loss Of Beauty” has not lost its beautiful melodies And it is exactly this mix that SHORES OF NULL keep to the end of the album… “The Loss Of Beauty” convinces by far Stretches through its refreshing heterogeneity. Straccione’s very strong vocal performance does the rest.” –

“The Loss Of Beauty offers melancholic dark metal with a wide range of influences, from gothic metal to doom metal to melodic black/death metal. With frequent use of clean vocals and deep growls. A must for fans of Paradise Lost, Amorphis and Enslaved.” – Metalogy

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Out Now! El Paso’s CIRCA ARCANA Drops New EP “F.U.C.K.Y.O.U.” + New Video “500 Likes” + Tour Dates

El Paso, Texas’ Circa Arcana‘s new EP is a straight-up “F.U.C.K.Y.O.U.” to all their recent true life events and the mentality of not giving a f*ck anymore. With a mixture of melodic aggressive vocals, bouncy breakdowns, and hard-hitting riffs, the American metalcore fourpiece is releasing the hounds and declaring their most unforgiving, aggressive, and meanest recording of the year.

Introducing its first cut “Switchblades and Fistfights” earlier this year, the high-octane song, like the EP as a whole, is meant to get your blood pumping and let loose all the pent-up anger that falls on deaf ears.

“Our first EP was very emo, more of a heartfelt fan-to-fan moment, and with this record, after touring and seeing how shitty people are, we wrote this one in a dark place. We want the listener to really express their rage for modern-day society. I think it’s something that everyone needs right now.” adds vocalist Kevin Cangas.

For the EP’s release day, the band is also sharing their latest video for the track “500 Likes” along with kicking off “The Summer of Vengeance Tour” with Unveil The Strength(dates listed below).

Mandatory listening for fans of Wage War, We Came As Romans, and Attila, Circa Arcana‘s EP “F.U.C.K.Y.O.U.” is now available as of September 1, 2023, on all digital platforms at

Lyric Video – “500 Likes” –

Music Video – “Switchblades and Fistfights” –

Summer of Vengeance Tour w/ Unveil The Strength
Sept 2 – Lawton, OK – The Railhead Saloon
Sept 3 – San Marcos, TX – Wake The Dead Coffee House
Sept 4 – Fort Worth, TX – Big Rob’s
Sept 5 – Birmingham, AL – The Nick
Sept 6 – Jacksonville, FL – Jack Rabbits
Sept 7 – Crestview, FL – Jimmy’s Jukebox
Sept 10 – Austin, TX – Come and Take It Live

Track Listing:
1. 500 Likes – 2:53
2. King’s Wench – 3:06
3. Dybuk – 5:01
4. No Fucks Left – 3:40
5. Switchblades and Fistfights – 3:38
EP Length: 18:10

More Info:

“this EP swept me up in a wave of nostalgic feelings with its mixture of heavy guitar riffs, melodic choruses, crushing vocals, and the occasional somber and more emotional moments. The tracks on this EP showcase everything that got me into this style of music” – Mike Leighton, Metal Epidemic (EP Review)

“Since 2021, Circa Arcana has been working the grind: they opened up for Limp Bizkit at Rebel Rock & went back to perform in Florida this year, April 23rd, to perform at the Earthday Birthday 2022 festival. That was the same festival that groups such as Godsmack, Three Days Grace, Black Veil Brides, Ice Nine Kills & Jelly Roll performed.” – Daniel Paulus, KLAQ

“Needless to say, Circa Arcana hit all the right notes here, so if you’re looking for something familiar yet fresh, this might be the one for you.” – New Fury Media

“Circa Arcana’s debut EP was released on February 18 for the world to hear. With a cacophony of breakdowns juxtaposed with infectious choruses that are easy to sing along to, the EP is a fast-paced rollercoaster to the face with the songs flowing together and showing a strong diversity in their music styles.” – HEAVY Magazine

“Circa Arcana presents a solid first effort and is recommended for fans of Wage War, Like Moths To Flames and We Came As Romans.” Keith Clement, – Metalheads Forever Magazine

“a nice melding of the emo and hardcore styles. The 5 song EP shows Circa Arcana performing at the top of their abilities. Bridget Viginti is a nice showcase of some hardcore influenced tracks that are given an injection of melody… There are sing-along moments to be found here and they blend in nicely. There is catchiness and it leads to memorability.” – Heavy Music Headquarters

“A short and sweet explosion of American Metalcore, ranging from personal struggles with addiction and personal demons to stories of occult legends and disassociated dreams.” – The Headbanging Moose

“Drawing very much on the spirit of metalcore pioneers such as Killswitch and 36 Crazyfists, while also strongly referencing latter day proponents such as BMTH and We Came As Romans, Circa Arcana could well prove to be one of those bands that make you re-evaluate your assessment of what you believed to be a dying sub-genre by bringing a whole new level of excitement and re-invigoration to it. Fuck, they even throw anthemic power punk into the eclectic recipe, with obtuse sidebar of ‘Luna’.” – Uber Rock

Music News

Rockshots Records – INFERNALIZER New Video “What We Do In The Shadows” Off New Album “After Dark” Coming October 2023

Infernalizer is the brand new creature conceived and brought to life by the creative mind of Claudio Ravinale to portray his own take on the heavy metal genre. Ravinale is best known as the vocalist of Italian death metal veterans Disarmonia Mundi, who has achieved worldwide recognition with their high-octane melo-death throughout two decades and featuring Bjorn “Speed” Strid (Soilwork) among their ranks, along with being in other recognizable bands such as The Silverblack, 5 Star Grave and The Stranded.

Heavily influenced by 80’s metal acts such as Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, and Danzig, Ravinale‘s new project Infernalizer relies on the use of gloomy keys and eerie samples, paying homage to more somber gothic rock acts like Type O Negative and The Sisters Of Mercy. Vocally closer to contemporary acts like Rob Zombie and Wednesday 13, the range of influences also includes evocative cinematographic soundscapes that provide Infernalizer‘s songs with a more solemn and nocturnal atmosphere.

Ready to follow up the 2021 debut album “The Ugly Truth”, Infernalizerpresents the new full-length “After Dark” set to be unleashed in October 2023 via Rockshots Records.

Constantly balancing between aggressive moments and gothic atmospheres properly supported by deep crooning vocals and more irate outbursts. This new record is deeply rooted in 80’s metal and often prone to arena rock choruses, sets an eerie and nocturnal mood especially when it comes to the use of keyboards, often reminiscent of classic horror movie themes.

The desire to go towards more gothic rock territories on this new offering is fully represented by tracks like “Death Wish”, “This Is My Yard” or “Falling In Slow Motion”, while the planned-to-be-released singles “What Did You Expect?” and “What We Do In The Shadows” (both mastered at Sterling Sound Studio in Nashville by legendary Grammy-winning mastering engineer Ted Jensen) are open-heart love letters to 80’s hard rock. There’s no shortage of bangers as well with songs like “The Dark Passenger”, “Moon of Blood” or the title track providing the more muscular edge of the album.

Infernalizer frontman Claudio Ravinale comments:

“People that loved the previous album are gonna dig this new one because we basically took our time to refine the formula, focus properly on how we wanted the record to sound, and had a starting point to evolve from. Usually with the first album you simply take a leap in the dark and see how it goes, with the second one you already have a layer of bricks to build on and that’s exactly what we did. This is pure and simple entertainment. I’m not here to preach, I’m not here to make the world a better place, I simply want people to have a good time listening to this music, nothing else.”

Today, Infernalizer presents the new video for the second single “What We Do In The Shadows”.

“Right after we finished writing “WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?”, the band wrote this one and as soon as it was finished we immediately decided it was going to be the second single. It somewhat mirrors on the B side of the vinyl what “WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?” does on the A-side. It has been mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound Studio in Nashville as well. While the intro of the track might have a little Ghost vibe it was originally intended as a tribute to Deep Purple. As soon as the song kicks in the whole 80s metal vibe explodes again into another modern-day tribute to what is widely considered the best era of metal and hard rock. The chorus clearly represents the intention to write an arena rock-style anthem to sing with fists in the air, the lyrics focus on the inner fascination with the darker sides of human nature. If you dig Ghost, Lordi, Wednesday 13, and Alice Cooper this one is for you!” adds Ravinale.

Watch and listen to the video for “What We Do In The Shadows” at

Spotify –

Infernalizer’s sophomore album “After Dark” is due out on October 27, 2023, and available for pre-order on vinyl at

Music Video – “What Did You Expect?” –

Track Listing:
1. Season Of The Witch – 3:09
2. The Dark Passenger – 3:30
3. What Did You Expect? – 3:18
4. Moon Of Blood – 3:18
5. After Dark – 4:29
6. What We Do In The Shadows – 3:00
7. Death Wish – 3:54
8. This Is My Yard – 4:16
9. Falling In Slow Motion – 4:08
10. Sky Burial – 2:52
Album Length: 35:58

More info: | |

Music News

FALL OF EARTH Announces “Road To Purgatory” Coast To Coast Canada Tour In Support of New Album “From the Ashes”

L-R – Brody Bauer – Lead Guitar, Vocals, Myles Packer – Bass, Vocals, Alex Rye – Lead Vocals, Brendan Meilleur – Drums, Vocals, Matthew Lindholm – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Photo Credit: Darla Woodley, Red Socks Photography

Edmonton’s Fall Of Earth will be hitting the road for their first coast-to-coast Canada Tour of 2023 and the fourth of the year since touring across Eastern Canada earlier this year. Venturing across the country in support of their sophomore album “From the Ashes” released this past April, this forthcoming tour also welcomes rhythm guitarist Matthew Lindholm to enhance the band’s live sound and new bassist Myles Packer to replace Aaron Winklmeier who is on the band’s latest album.

The “Road To Purgatory Tour” will kick off on September 8th in Peace River, AB, and head towards British Columbia, and then go East pushing forward to Halifax, NS to trek across 9 Canadian Provinces for two months of 40-plus performances that will head back West and wrap up in Saskatoon, SK on November 18th (dates listed below).

Fall of Earth has embraced labeling itself as “Hybrid Metal”, as its sound is a contagious mélange of genres, that is continuously being refined. The primary elements come from progressive, death, and thrash, and over time, they find a lot of their tracks becoming longer, more epic, and more dynamic becoming more melodic and groove-oriented, as well as utilizing a healthy balance between heavy sections and clean sections. The latest iteration of the Canadian quartet can be experienced with their recently released sophomore album “From the Ashes”.

Since writing this second album, Fall OF Earth says that they have a better understanding of what they want their music to become and where to steer the direction of their future works. All across the board, their lyrics come from a very personal place and hold a serious connotation.

Creative, unpredictable, and melodic, with a wide variety of influences, Fall Of Earth offers a little bit of something for everyone.

“From The Ashes” was released on April 21, 2023, and is available at

Lyric Video – Block Out The Sun –

Music Video – From the Ashes –

Road To Purgatory Cross Canada Tour:
Sept 8 – Peace River, AB – Sharks
Sept 9 – Fairview, AB – New Grand Hotel
Sept 12 – Vancouver, BC – Lana Lous
Sept 14 – Nanaimo, BC – The Queens
Sept 15 – Victoria, BC – Phoenix Bar & Grill (Headlining 3n1gmatic Island Takeover Festival
Sept 16 – Maple Ridge, BC – The Wolf Bar
Sept 17 – Port Coquitlam, BC – The Bennett
Sept 18 – Chilliwack, BC – Whiskey Richards Bar & Lounge
Sept 21 – Kamloops, BC – The Blue Grotto
Sept 22 – Penticton, BC – Clancy’s Pub
Sept 23 – Salmon Arm, BC – Solid Urban Studio
Sept 28 – Calgary, AB – Blox Art Centre
Sept 29 – Lethbridge, AB – The Slice
Sept 30 – Taber, AB – The Pin
Oct 1 – Regina, SK – The Exchange
Oct 3 – Winnipeg, MB – Bulldog Event Centre
Oct 4 – Kenora – Bob’s Burger Bar
Oct 6 – Sault Ste. Marie, ON – Soo Blaster
Oct 8 – Kingston, ON – Overtime Sports Bar
Oct 11 – Ottawa, ON – House Of Targ
Oct 12 – Montreal, QC – Piranha Bar (lower level)
Oct 13 – Victoriaville, QC – Chanvra En Ville
Oct 14 – Rimouski, QC – Underground Rimouski
Oct 15 – Woodstock, NB – Montieth Manor
Oct 18 – Clark’s Corner, NB – The Hollywood Star Room
Oct 19 – Fredericton, NB – Broken Record Bar
Oct 20 – Saint John, NB – Panic Room
Oct 21 – Moncton, NB – Igloo Beverage Room
Oct 22 – Halifax, NS – Gus’ Pub
Oct 26 – Sherbrooke, QC – Le Murdoch
Oct 28 – Guelph, ON – ONYX Night Club
Oct 29 – Peterborough, ON – Erben
Oct 31 – Toronto, ON – Tail Of The Junction
Nov 1 – Hamilton, ON – Vertagogo
Nov 3 – Chatham, ON – USB (Ultimate Sports Bar)
Nov 4 – Barrie, ON – The Queens
Nov 5 – London, ON – Grogette’s Living Room
Nov 8 – North Bay, ON – The Fraser
Nov 11 – Thunder Bay, ON – Black Pirates Pub
Nov 15 – Winnipeg, MB – Bulldog Event Centre
Nov 16 – Portage La Prairie, MB – TBD
Nov 17 – Brandon, MB – TBD
Nov 18 – Saskatoon, SK – Black Cat Tavern

Track Listing:
1. Medusa (8:25)
2. The Dead And Soon To Be (5:54)
3. Block Out The Sun (4:24)
4. Path To Self Destruction (6:40)
5. Crossroads (9:35)
6. From The Ashes (5:14)
7. Shores Of War (5:49)
8. Purgatory (6:00)
9. Into The Woods (6:33)
Album Length: 58:39

Album Lineup:
Alex Rye – Lead Vocals
Brodie Bauer – Guitar, Vocals
Brendan Meilleur – Drums, Vocals
Aaron Winklmeier – Bass, Vocals

Fall of Earth is:
Live Lineup
Alex Rye – Lead Vocals
Brendan Meilleur – Drums, Vocals
Brody Bauer – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Matthew Lindholm – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Myles Packer – Bass, Vocals

For more info: | | |


Fall of Earth, based in Edmonton, Alberta, is a Hybrid Metal band. They are led by the growls, screams, and soaring clean vocals of Inuit frontman Alex Rye, who captivates every audience member with his energy and showmanship. The flying fingers of axe slinger Brody Bauer produce a dizzying array of sounds that regularly elicit screams of rapture from the audience. The progressive and primal low end is provided by bass wielder Myles Packer and Brendan Meilleur brings the elite combination of high-energy drum fills and expressive grooves, all while contributing vocal harmonies. Fall of Earth has recently added Rhythm guitar player, Matt Lindholm, who adds skill and dynamic to the band. Collectively, the members of Fall Of Earth possess the highest levels of musicianship while never forgetting to put on the exceptional live show the band has become known for delivering. It’s more than a rock show, it’s an experience!

Fall Of Earth is a play on words that reflects their core belief that the world is experiencing a multitude of issues including climate change, war, and mass extinctions that are leading us all to a darker place as a society. The band hopes to use the power of music to help the world recover.

2023 has been a busy year so far with both a Western and Eastern Canada tour, the release of their sophomore album titled “From The Ashes” featuring 9 tracks that definitely hook the listeners, the release of their single “Block Out The Sun” to radio, supported by a lyric video, Lyric Video release for “Different Breed” and Full Video Release for “From The Ashes”. With a few festivals during the summer and back on the road for a 3-month Cross-Canada Tour in September, Fall of Earth is building its momentum and fans everywhere.

“Fresh Tracks: Fall of Earth offers a smorgasboard of metal on From the Ashes… What if a band took numerous metal genres and combined them to form a monstrous kaiju ? This is the modus operandi of Edmonton’s Fall of Earth. Known more succinctly as “hybrid metal,” Fall of Earth’s sound encompasses death, thrash, progressive, metalcore; you name it, they have it cranked to 11″ – Edmonton Journal

“From the Ashes is an impressive album that showcases Fall of Earth’s growth as musicians and their ability to create powerful, impactful music. The band’s unique sound and technical skill are on full display, and Rye’s vocals are a standout feature throughout the album. From the Ashes is a must-listen for any Metal fan, and Fall of Earth is a band to keep an eye on in the future. Look for them on tour in Canada and many other places.” – Metal Express Radio

“A young and rising Canadian Progressive Death Metal and Metalcore act will attack your senses mercilessly with their incendiary and very personal sophomore album.” – The Headbanging Moose

“A young and rising band from Edmonton kicked some ass armed with their Progressive Death Metal and Metalcore where rock will never die in Toronto last night…. if they’re playing in your city anytime soon don’t miss the chance to watch one of the most promising names from the Canadian Prairies.” – Headbanging Moose (Live Review – June 18, 2023 – Toronto – The Rockpile)

“Whether you see them on stage on the screen, Fall of Earth is truly a force of nature and if you’re looking for one of Canada’s next big metal bands right before they blow up, look no further!” – Dropout Ent. (Live Review – Toronto – June 2023)

“It is an extreme variety of the form we get here, and one that at the core level is defined by seamless transitions between extreme metal, thrash metal and power metal. But in between we also get quirkier parts more aligned with progressive metal, and more interestingly from a progressive point of view we also get a liberal array of acoustic and semi-acoustic passages and interludes with a more delicate and atmospheric laden style, form and orientation. The vocals come with the same amount of versatility, with harsh and melodic lead vocals being the main forms used. A production to seek out by those with an interest in a powerful and vibrant variety of extreme progressive metal expanded with a liberal array of delicate and atmospheric laden interludes.” – Progressor

“Progressive metal, with a bit of a tech death thing going on. clean and harsh vox. cool stuff” – WORT 89.9 FM (Madison, WI)

“The nine songs present some real diversity in the genre by embracing several different approaches” – Metal Temple

Music News

Canadian Thrashers HYPERIA Announces New Album “The Serpent’s Cycle” w/ Lyric Video For Single “Prophet Of Deceit”

L-R – Colin Ryley – Guitars, Marlee Ryley – Vocals, Ryan Idris – Drums, Jon Power – Bass
Photo Credit – Caitlin Delaplace

Hyperia is a Canadian melodic thrash metal band known for wailing vocals, shredding guitars, and fast, heavy drums. Formed in 2018, Hyperia combines elements of aggressive thrash with intricate guitar melodies alongside a wide variety of vocal styles, which have been showcased on an EP and two albums thus far, with the third full-length slated for release this November. The first single off “The Serpent’s Cycle” is the blistering “Prophet Of Deceit”, which takes a more serious tone than the other tracks on the album. The band comments:

“This track brings us back into a serious mood, it is a quite melodic and technical song starting off with blistering guitar into a full-force attack of drums. The working title for this song was “Shredlord Supreme”, which should give you an idea of what to expect. This song is about the problems we have with certain members of society and gaslighting. It’s a hard-hitting track that is full of energy throughout.”

This album “The Serpent’s Cycle” has a wide variety of riffs, ones that will remind listeners of the 80s and also ones that usher in the new era of modern thrash. Song order was intentionally chosen to ensure that each song is given its space between different songs and makes the album continue feeling fresh throughout. Hyperia expects “The Serpent’s Cycle” to be received very well by fans as everyone who has heard it so far agrees it’s by far the best album they’ve made. It has all the usual elements of a Hyperia album, just amplified and refined. They think it’s a huge step up from their previous releases and hope the reception for it proves that.

The melodic and aggressive 11-track album that included a cover of Heart‘s “Crazy On You” comes out on November 17, 2023, and is a perfect mix of old-school sensibilities and modern experimentation. It is recommended for fans of Exmortus, Municipal Waste, and Havok.

Watch and listen to “Prophet Of Deceit” via its premiere on Bravewords HERE.

“The Serpent’s Cycle” is due out on November 17, 2023 and is available for pre-order at

Track Listing:
1. Ego Trip (4:41)
2. Automatic Thrash Machine (4:02)
3. Prophet of Deceit (4:16)
4. Psychosomatic (4:29)
5. The Serpent’s Cycle (5:04)
6. Trapped in Time (3:58)
7. Spirit Bandit (4:04)
8. Eye for an Eye ( 4:47)
9. Binge & Surge (3:44)
10. Deathbringer (5:31)
11. Crazy On You [Heart Cover] (5:03)
Album Length: 49:41

Album Credits:
– All songs performed by: Hyperia
– All songs written by: Colin Ryley, except Trapped in Time co-written with David Kupisz
– All lyrics by: Marlee Ryley
– Mixed by: Colin Ryley
– Mastered by: Mika Jussila
– Member of SOCAN
– Canadian Content MAPL

For more info:

“If you prefer your metal loud, dark and just a touch campy (and who doesn’t?), then Calgary-turned-Vancouver rockers Hyperia are planning to deliver with Silhouettes of Horror, the follow-up to 2020’s equally furious and equally fun Insanitorium. First single “Operation Midnight” is an unrelenting barrage of riffage held down by Marlee Ryley’s throat-blistering vocals.” – Exclaim! – One of Exclaim!’s most anticipated albums of 2022

“With their second album Silhouettes Of Horror, Canadian thrashers Hyperia doubled down on the most ferocious elements of their sound to achieve a sound that owed more than a passing nod to Tetonic thrashers Kreator or Destruction. The fact vocalist Marlee Ryley can deliver blackened snarls with as much gusto as trad-metal histrionics helped them stand out from the crowd, firmly establishing Hyperia as promising up-and-comers in the wide world of thrash. RH” – Metal Hammer – The top 10 best thrash metal albums of 2022

“Recent Calgary-to-Vancouver transplants Hyperia are all about thrashing in a style inherent to ’80s basketball shoes, shredded denim, battle jackets and those studded gauntlets that may look cool, but are likely more responsible for forearm rashes than being a gateway to one-night stands. Imagine classic Megadeth, “Toxic Waltz”-era Exodus, Annihilator and Anthrax alongside Exmortus, Havok, Warbringer, Violator, Crisix and others with a new-school take on an old-school sound.” – Decibel Mag

“Energetic, melodic, fast, psychotic, and dynamic are just some of the elements that make Silhouettes of Horror an album that old and new fans of thrash, NWoBHM, and power metal will appreciate. The band even included a cover homage of Abba’s Gimme Gimme Gimme.” – Sentinel Daily

“All in all, Silhouettes of Horror gave me what I want for from a modern melodic thrash album. It’s fun, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it’s got cool stories to tell.” – Angry Metal Guy

Music News

Rockshots Records – TakaLaiton Shares “Do or Die” Drum Playthrough + New Album “Mindfection” Out Now!

Unleashing their debut thrash feast “Mindfection” produced by Teemu Aalto (Omnium Gatherum, Insomnium) this past July via Rockshots Records, TakaLaiton are all “Do or Die” and want to show you how with their latest drum playthrough from Joona Juntunen via its premiere on Sick Drummer Magazine HERE.

“Fast, heavy, and angry track of virtue signaling people who are ready to sell their principles just to be known as a good person even though they are just as bad as the next one,” adds Juntunen.

Hailing from Finland’s far north, TakaLaiton garners a powerful melodic groove thrash-influenced attitude that is best seen in their super-energetic live shows that have always left fans with a sore neck and bruises from the moshpit. With a risk-taking thrash-fueled demeanor, TakaLaiton superbly blends fast-paced energy, and a bone-crushing groove, with melodies that can only be inspired by the dark, depressing, and frigid far-north. Not to mention the band’s lyrical onslaught, sung in both Finnish and English. Since their inception, the band has covered a lot of territories while on tour, bringing their rowdy stage presence to the Scandinavian regions, the rest of Europe, and Asian continents.

TakaLaiton has a “break the rules, exceed all limits” approach, as their name suggests; deriving from a Finnish baseball term for “swing the ball over the borders”. With that fierce frame of mind, the band has won “Heavy Metal Heart 11” a National Music Contest in Finland; and is ready to follow up their 2019 double EP “SisuKastraatio I & II” with 2023’s “Mindfection”, their first full-length that is based on today’s society, where we as people do everything to be a part of it and what’s sickening to the band is that people are ready to do anything in the name of couple minutes of fame. This album is based on this sick way our world has come to be.

“We are absolutely psyched about the album release and the fact it’s coming through Rockshots Records! We spent literally everything we had when it came to effort on this album and the final result turned out to be magnificent with the producer Teemu Aalto. We think this will be the album that the TakaLaiton fans will consider a classic in the future. The well-known crushing sound and the rage are in there with the heartwarming melodies, which TakaLaiton fans are familiar with.” comments the band.

TakaLaiton‘s new album“Mindfection” was released on July 28th, 2023 and is available at the following links:

Album CD –

Album Digital –

Music Video – “Rip N’ Burn” –

Music Video – “Get What You Asked For” –

Visualizer – “Mies Miestä Vastaan” –

Track Listing:
1 – Rip ‘n Burn – 3:20
2 – Do Or Die – 3:35
3 – Get What You Asked For – 4:25
4 – Hopeareunus – 4:45
5 – Ambassador of Revenge – 3:00
6 – Mies Miestä Vastaan – 4:21
7 – Reborn – 3:47
8 – Arkajalka – 3:01
9 – Destination… Termination – 4:27
10 – Mindfection – 7:02
Album Length: 41:47

More info: | | | |

Music News

Brazil’s AS THE PALACES BURN “Into Emotions w/ New Music Video Off New Album “Drowning Into Shadows” Out Oct 2023 Via Rockshots Records

In the dynamic landscape of Brazilian heavy metal, the band “As The Palaces Burn” has carved a distinctive niche with their balanced fusion of aggression and technical finesse. Drawing from a diverse spectrum of influences encompassing traditional Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, and nuanced hints of Progressive and Modern Metal, the band’s sonic identity is as diverse as it is powerful.

Signing with Rockshots Records, the band is presenting their new album“Drowning Into Shadows” to follow their EPs “Offer To The Gods” (2022), “All the Evil” (2020), and 2019 debut full-length “End’evour”. Those releases pushed forward the band’s growing recognition in their home country along with earning them nominations from Roadie Crew Magazine’s “Best of the Year” awards in both 2019 and 2020.

The band’s new offering “Drowning Into Shadows” features their lead single “Into Emotions” to set the tone for the epic 9-track modern metal album that encapsulates their journey and growth.

“Immerse yourself in the chaos of ‘Into Emotions,’ where life’s cycle converges with relentless circles. As the symphony climaxes, a world veiled by deception and enmity unravels, daring you to stand resolute against the fall. This metal masterpiece beckons As The Palaces Burn fans to witness its raw energy, culminating in an electrifying video that mirrors the music’s intensity. Engulfed by shadows, yet emerging stronger, the song’s journey is a testament to perseverance against despair, echoing on and on, an unyielding tribute to resilience.” adds guitarist Diego Bittencourt.

Listen to “Into Emotions” at the following links:

Music Video

Spotify –

“Drowning Into Shadows” is a mesmerizing second full-length that will be a blazing odyssey through a sonic realm of pure metal mastery. With production helmed by Adair Daufembach and co-produced by Gilson Naspolini at IMGN Studios in Brazil, and then masterfully mixed and mastered by Adair Daufembach at Daufembach Studios in the heart of Los Angeles, the album’s sound is an intoxicating brew of power and precision.

Under the musical visionary and guitarist Diego Bittencourt’s guidance, who crafted all the music and lyrics with a fierce passion, the album emerges as a testament to the band’s indomitable spirit. Alyson Garcia’s vocals pierce through the melodies like a sonic battlecry, while André Schneider’s bass sets the foundation for the musical onslaught. Diego Bittencourt, also lending his commanding vocals, showcases his prowess on guitars that ignite the soul of the album, while Gilson Naspolini’s drums provide the heart-pounding pulse that propels the tracks into pure metal euphoria.

The highlights are “For The Weak”, “Into Emotions” and the last single, “Obbey”. The album is also graced by the captivating track “Some Of Them Died”, a tribute to metal legends that have left an indelible mark on the genre’s landscape. The song is a homage to icons like Children Of Bodom, Nevermore, Dio, Van Halen, Rush, Pantera, Slayer, Death, and Depeche Mode, woven into the very fabric of As The Palaces Burn‘s essence.

The album’s intense artwork by Carlos Fides and the band’s own captivating photo by Eduardo Köenig serve as visual preludes to the sonic journey within. “Drowning Into Shadows” beckons all metal enthusiasts to immerse themselves in its relentless rhythms, soaring melodies, and an unrelenting spirit that resonates through each note. As The Palaces Burn has undoubtedly crafted a masterpiece that stands as a shining testament to the might of heavy metal.

With their music resonating across digital platforms, As The Palaces Burnbeckons fans of diverse metal flavors to experience their unique fusion. As they continue to evolve and make their mark on the Brazilian metal scene, their story unfolds with a promising horizon ahead.

Mandatory listening for fans of In Flames, Soilwork, Avatar, and Evergrey, As The Palaces Burn’s new album “Drowning Into Shadows” due out on October 31st, 2023 via Rockshots Records is available for pre-order at and digital pre-save –

Track Listing:
1. Lord Underrated – 3:49
2. The Hive – 3:28
3. Obey – 3:57
4. As Deep As A River – 4:13
5. Into Emotions – 3:49
6. For The Weak – 4:11
7. Last Ride – 3:44
8. As The Palaces Burn – 2:57
9. Some of Them Died – 8:38
Album Length: 38:51

For more info: |