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DIRTY SHIRT Shares Concert Video From Pol’and’Rock, Tour Dates To Support New Album “Get Your Dose Now!”

Top L to R: Vlad Toca (drums), Pal Novelli (bass), Dan Petean (guitars), Cristian Balanean (guitars)
Bottom L to R: Cosmin Nechita (violin), Robert Rusz (vocals), Dan Rini Craciun (vocals), Mihai Tivadar (keyboards, guitars)
Photo Credit – Vladut Ciprian

After performing at Pol’and’Rock back in 2021, Transylvanian FolkCore Orchestra Dirty Shirt was requested back to play the main stage on the 2022 edition after winning the fan-voted Golden Spinning Top festival contest. To date, this was the largest audience that Dirty Shirt has performed for, with an estimated 50k in attendance, according to festival organizers.

Today, the band is sharing the full concert video from the festival, which can be viewed at

And if you like what you see and hear from the live video, new and old fans alike will be happy to hear that the band will be touring in 2023 for the second part of the Get Your Dose Now Tour, with shows already announced in Romania, Poland, France, and UK (dates listed below).

Dirty Shirt‘s sixth album “Get Your Dose Now!” (released April 1, 2022) is a shorter nine-track album, with a little more than 30 minutes, but Dirty Shirt maintains that the listening experience will be very intense, as they combine many influences, and the songs change constantly with complex orchestrations. It was produced by Mihai Tivadar, mixed and mastered by Adrian Bila Uritescu and the album artwork was done by Lia Cucuianu.

Dirty Shirt brings a truly unique live experience, huge energy, huge emotions, and fun, with a scaling lineup based on the performance, which adds a lot of authenticities and a great live sound.

Recommended for anyone looking for something interesting and lively, Dirty Shirt is for fans of Twelve Foot Ninja, Dubioza Kolektiv, and Eluveitie.

The album “Get Your Dose Now!” is available on all digital platforms at

Music Video – “Dope-A-Min” –

Music Video – “Hot for Summer” –

Dirty Shirt at Hellfest 2022 (France) –

Tour Dates:
Feb 24 – BUCURESTI (RO) – Quantic – Freak Show 10 Years
Feb 25 – BRASOV (RO) – Reduta – Freak Show 10 Years
Mar 10 – CLUJ NAPOCA (RO) – Form Space – Freak Show 10 years
Mar 21 – LES 2 ALPES (FR) – Snow Fest
Mar 22 – CHAMBÉRY (FR) – Brin de Zinc
Mar 23 – GRENOBLE (FR) – Ampérage
Mar 25 – MARSEILLE (FR) – Le Molotov
Mar 27 – VAL THORENS (FR) – Snow Fest
April 28 – TORUŃ (PL) – Od Nowa – w/ Łydka Grubasa
April 29 – POZNAN (PL) – Tama- w/ Łydka Grubasa
May 2 – WROCLAW (PK) – Majówka Festival
May 5 – ARAD (RO) – Club Flex
May 6 – TIMISOARA (RO) – Faber – Freak Show 10 years
Jun 10 – GALATI (RO) – Versus Pub
Jun 17 – LOTRIOARA (RO) – Sasha’h Bike Festival
Jun 23 – SUMMER CAMP BREZOI (RO) – Bikers For Humanity
Jul 21 – BECLEAN (RO) – Festivalul Celtic Transilvania
Aug 11 – CORBII DE PIATRA (RO) – Stonebird Festival
Oct 7 – LONDON (UK) – The Garage

About The Band:

Dirty Shirt is a top Romanian crossover folkcore metal band, winner of second place at the international final of Wacken Metal Battle 2014 and of several awards at Metalhead Awards and Maximum Rock Awards. The band’s unique style derives from mixing the heavy sound of modern rock/metal with the festive ambiance of East-European traditional music, the eclecticism of world music (country, reggae, and tribal rhythms), the electro sound of industrial music, the energy of hardcore, and the groove of funk. It’s not surprising to find great appreciation for Dirty Shirt albums in hundreds of reviews all over the world, including in well-respected magazines such as Metal Hammer (DE, HU), Rock Hard – (DE, FR, SLK), Metalsucks – USA, Hard Rock Mag – FR, Terrorizer – UK, etc.

For more info:

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Streaming Now! Saudi One Man Prog DUSK’s New Album “Spectrums”

Saudi Arabia’s one-man prog metal unit DUSK (from the mind of Meshari Sangora) offers up the new album “Spectrums” and ahead of its official release on Friday, February 17th, fans can listen to the album in full via TheProgSpace HERE.

I’m very happy and excited to present my album to the world! It’s going to be an epic journey playing this album to fans all over the world! and because I wanted to make it a complete professional release, I’m releasing a vinyl press for it and video content to give that extra enjoyment out of the record and the people who got it and supported me throughout the ride.” adds DUSK.

Once a college DJ in UAE, that time in his life lead to his rediscovery of all forms of metal and was just the beginning of creating his own music as a self-taught musician and producer. “Spectrums” is DUSK‘s first full-length to follow two previously released EPs “To Where I Belong” (2021) and “Ascension” (2020) along with multiple stand-alone singles that were used to introduce the project’s music to the world in 2020.

The new album features multipleguests such as Saudi musicians Khalid C (Entropia) and Abdulrahman Elghazali (who was a guest on EP ‘To Where I Belong”) along with international artists such as Aron Harris of the New York death metal based band Solemn Vision and the great Jaani Peuhu, previously known as a member of Swallow The Sun and his current band Ianai. Featuring 12 tracks, “Spectrums” is a multi-lingual expression with various songs sung by its contributors in English, German, Finnish, and Arabic.

DUSK created the new album to be listened to as Side A and Side B. The first half of the album (Side A) is aggressively sounding, and more guitar-focused and has a build-up of more hostility to each track while the listener moves forward. The second half (Side B) aims for a new sound fromDUSK infusing more of the electric/EDM-ish sound where it’s more focused and digitized sounding and widely more appealing to the non-metal listener, all while keeping the same aggression level building up with each track.

“I wanted to bring more to the table and make this album a possible gateway to new audiences and perhaps fans from both sides, the metal heads & the non-metal listeners. I think all people who enjoy music will be interested in it, with all that has been added and all the different genres mixed in. What I’m trying to do with this record is to make everyone experience their own feelings and their own journey, the topics for this project are big and very stretched, some of the topics deal with real issues like betrayal and disposition, Love, Hate, and Hope.” says DUSK.

The album was fully written & recorded at DUSK‘s studio with the mixing and mastering done by Tom Haberland of Crushing Waves Studio. Album artwork created by Giannis Nakos from Remedy Studios.

“Spectrums” is recommended for fans of Currents, Born of Osiris, Novelists, and Deftones, along with everything under the vein of progressive metal, metalcore, and djent.

Digital album order and stream at

Lyric Video – “Lethal Perspectives ft. Aron Harris” –

Music Video – “Karma” ft. Moe Steiger” –

Track Listing:
1. The World We Used To Know ft. Abzy & Khalid C – 5:42
2. Digging Deeper ft. Alex Hamilton – 4:05
3. Breath In, Breath Out ft. Adnan – 4:20
4. Hatred ft. Alex Hamilton – 3:12
5. Lethal Perspectives ft. Aron Harris – 3:02
6. Agnes Of Rome ft. Abzy – 5:00
7. Burning In My Mind ft. Moe Steiger – 3:31
8. Karma Will Find You ft. Moe Steiger – 4:19
9. Someone To Trust ft. Jon Thomas – 3:38
10. Only You ft. Jaani Peuhu – 5:39
11. Celestials ft. Iman Ahmed & Abudlrahman Elghazali – 4:37
12. Absence Of Full (Album Outro) – 2:18
Album Length: 50:00

For more info:

About Album Guests: Abzy, Khalid C, Alex Hamilton, Adnan, Aron Harris, Moe Steiger, Jon Thomas, Jaani Peuhu, Iman Ahmed, Abdulrahman Elghazali

ABZY is a Self-taught singer-songwriter who started in 2007 Located In Kuwait city. Band (WAZIN), SOLO Project (SARAI)

Khalid C is an electric guitar player located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and is one of the founders of the band Entropia along with his new rock solo project Astrofrog.

Adnan Mryhi is a singer and a Twitch streamer located In Dubai, UAE, Adnan also helped and still helping to build the Metal Scene in the UAE since 2006. Solo Project (Unmuted)

Alex Hamilton is a Canadian musician who operates Nova Nine Productions and offers session musician services, mixing/ mastering, and recording. His band is Wazmo.

Aron Harris also known as AceSirBell is the vocalist for the band Solemn Vision and the band telochvovin666 and the founder of Visionary Booking, a booking company focused on helping out-of-town bands break into NYC, and build lasting connections through different scenes.

Jaani Peuhu is a Finnish musician, producer and songwriter. Jaani has worked with artists like Before the Dawn, Swallow The Sun, To/Die/For, Thunderstone, Wiidakko and Anna Eriksson. More info –

Iman Ahmed is an Arab/British singer and bass player who is the founder of Unicorn Squad – a global music community for unsigned artists and bands within the rock/ metal/alternative scene.

Abdulrahman Elghazali is an electric guitar player located in Riyadh, Suadi Arabia, previously featured on the “To Where I Belong EP” and a guitar player for the local thrash metal band Dune.

Moe Steiger is a session vocalist located in Germany. Editing and mixing engineer.

Jon Thomas is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and session musician based in Canada.

Jonathan Hammond has solo projects Dark Horse and Thrifted Souls.

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Extreme Metal Music Out Now! One Man Black Metal TRYGLAV’s New Album “The Ritual” New Music Video For Title Track

Croatian one-man black metal band Tryglav‘s second full-length “The Ritual” is now available as of February 17th, 2023 via Extreme Metal Music, a subsidiary of Rockshots Records.

Tryglav‘s sound is aggressive, melodic, modern, and emotionally epic black metal, and fans of the first album “Night of Whispering Souls” will notice a maturity in sound and lyrics on this new record. The story concept of “The Ritual” takes place in the 17th century, Tryglav explains further:

“On a dark stormy night, a dying man sighed his last breath. Nothing his parents could do to save his life. A Plague Doctor was called. Four of them showed up, taking the dead body with them. The family knew that they would never see him again. What they didn’t know was that he would come back, in an unimaginable way..”

All the music on “The Ritual”was written by founder Boris Behara with vocals entrusted to vocalist Callum Wright along with mixing and mastering by producer Rocco Pezzin. The songs on the forthcoming album began their journey in 2018 as part of Behara’s love for black metal and horror imagery. After many re-compositions and re-arrangements along with interruptions from the world Covid pandemic and his personal health with two open heart surgeries, “The Ritual”now sees it arrival.

From its opening title track with lots of tempo changes, and tons of riffs and melodies, Tryglavwanted a perfect start for the album that’s right in your face! to his personal favourite song of the album “Vengeance”, epic with nice melodies, extreme speed, and drum patterns that really stand out, fans new and old will feel the extreme musical sentiment Tryglav presents in his new offering.

Tryglav adds:

“This album has seen so many difficulties, but finally, after three long years, it’s here! I hope fans will enjoy it just as much as I created it! If they liked my first album ‘Night of Whispering Souls’ they’ll definitely like this one too. The formula didn’t change too much. It’s a black metal album full of different influences. The melody is still the central part of it.”

Tryglav is recommended for fans of Dark Funeral, Dissection, and Uada.

“The Ritual” is available at the following links – Digital, CD, and Vinyl:


“The Ritual” – Music Video –

“The Evocation” – Lyric Video –

“The Vengeance” – Visualizer –

Track Listing:
I The Ritual – 5:26
II The Evocation – 3:51
III The Plague – 5:08
IV The Repentance – 4:15
V The Redemption – 3:18
VI The Vision – 5:44
VII The Vengeance – 4:11
Album Length: 31:56

For more info:

“Tryglav’s debut album is a must to have 8,5/10” – Metalwave

“It’s thanks to artist like this,that the black flame will keep burn 8/10” – Blackmetalistkrieg

“Headbanging can begin 9/10” – Hellfire-magazin

“Congrats for taking me back to nightfall’s glorious days 4,3/5” – Metaljacket Magazine

“A very great sounding,aggressive and melodic black metal solo project 8/10” – Occultblackmetalzine

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Exitus Stratagem Records – AITTALA Unveil a Quentin Tarantino Inspired Story Video for Their Song “War of Attrition” + Tour Dates (FL, GA)

L-R – AITTALA – Gary ‘Smith’ Zeus (Drums), Eric Aittala (Guitar/Vox), Ali Lugo (Bass)
Photo Credit – Formont Photography

Offering up a unique, progressive, and memorable sound with traditional heavy metal, sludge, and doom at its core, North Carolina’s Aittala unleashed its sixth full-length album “Live to Regret” this past November via Exitus Stratagem Records. Lyrically, the album chronicles a chaotic period of time for members of the band personally as well as the global events happening in parallel.

Today, in support of the full-length, Aittala is unveiling their next music video for the track“War of Attrition”; a Quentin Tarantino-inspired story video where the hunter unsuspectedly becomes the victim.

Watch “War of Attrition” via its video premiere on Invisible Oranges HERE

Aittala‘s latest album “Live to Regret” has eleven tracks, each defying the limits of genre rules. There is the thrash-inspired track “Cannibals” that confronts the tightening grip of governmental monitoring and control. The sludgy “Big Brother” – is about the devolution/zombification of the human race due to technology. The smoky stoner infused “Never Forget” talks about dealing with a toxic person along with many more.

Band founder Eric Aittala adds:

“I wrote this album during a chaotic time in my life. Not only was it during the height of the lockdowns of the pandemic, but I was also in a very chaotic relationship. That chaos fueled my creativity both musically and lyrically. I was constantly walking on an uncertain tightrope and I never knew was going to break. We hope the fans feel the same pleasure, pain, chaos, and passion that I was going through and infused into the songs when they listen to the album and singles.”

Fans can expect more music in the works, and there are no plans to stop writing and releasing new material. An eclectic mix of metal, “Live to Regret” is recommended for fans of Baroness, Crowbar, and Katatonia.

“Live to Regret” was released (Nov 7, 2022) by Exitus Stratagem Records and was produced by Eric Aittala and John E. Wooten IV, who also mixed the record along with mastering by Dave Harris at Studio B Mastering. Album artwork by Mariano Pugliese.

Album order:

In additional news, Aittala will be doing a mini tour during March 2023 in Florida and Georgia (dates listed below).

Tour Dates:
March 1 – Rain Dogs – Jacksonville, FL
March 2 – Propaganda – Lake Worth, FL
March 3 – Uncle Lous – Orlando, FL
March 4 – Sweetwater Bar and Grill – Duluth, GA

Track Listing:
1. Live to Regret – 2:49
2. Collateral Damage – 3:22
3. War of Attrition – 3:18
4. Saint – 3:35
5. Cannibals – 3:56
6. Betrayed – 3:26
7. Big Brother – 4:45
8. Dancing with Disaster – 3:35
9. Never Forget – 3:36
10. Well Enough Alone – 5:03
11. Juliet (2022) – 5:24
Album Length: 42:56

Aittala is:
Gary ‘Smith’ Zeus (Drums)
Eric Aittala (Guitar/Vox)
Ali Lugo (Bass) 

For more info:

About: The music of AITTALA (pronounced ‘EYE-tah-la’) crosses many metal genres; it’s hard to put it into just one category. The sound infuses elements of classic heavy metal, doom, progressive, power, thrash, and hard rock with lyrics drawing inspiration from the darker side of the human condition. The AITTALA sound has been cited for being unique which is no easy feat in the metal genre.

The first version of AITTALA was formed in 1991 while Eric Aittala was living in Holland. With fellow American Tim on vocals and Dutch bandmates Ed (drums) and Jon (bass), the band became a staple of the Dutch metal scene.

With the release of the 3-song EP ‘Selling Heaven’ in summer of 1993, AITTALA opened for such bands as THE GATHERING and SADIST. Unfortunately, as the demo started to create a buzz in the underground European metal scene, Eric had to return to the US and disbanded AITTALA.

Over the next decade or so, Eric played in numerous bands (TRIBE, MAGNETHEAD, DWELL) and lost focus on AITTALA.

Near the end of the 00’s, Eric decided it was time to refocus his efforts on the AITTALA brand. From 2009 to 2016, AITTALA released 4 full-length albums: ‘Bed of Thorns’ (2009), ‘Haunt Your Flesh’ (2011), ‘Effigy’ (2014) and ‘American Nightmare’ (2016). Each album showcasing a natural progression of song writing and lyrical content but retaining the core AITTALA sound and evolving it.

In 2019, AITTALA signed with Curtain Call Records and released the band’s fifth full-length album ‘False Pretenses’. It was ten brand new songs that not only continued the song writing evolution of heavier but catchy songs, but also sonically. AITTALA used an entirely different approach for the recording, mixing and mastering to create the best AITTALA album to date.

The current lineup of AITTALA consists of Gary ‘Zeus’ Smith (THE FIFTH, ex-MR BLACKWELL) on drums and Ali Lugo (ex-AGE OF DESPAIR) on bass.

They continue to write, record and tour to bring AITTALA to the masses with plans in 2022 to unleash their sixth studio album entitled “Live To Regret” to be released by label Exitus Stratagem Records.

“Aittala Offer Powerful Pandemic Post-Mortem on ‘Live to Regret’… Stick it on a playlist with Apostle of Solitude, Crowbar, Famyne, and Paradise Lost, with a dash of Slayer for good measure.” – Doomed and Stoned

“One of the best albums for 2022” – 666MrDoom YouYube Channel

“This platter is heavy melodic ear candy that drips with deep and mesmeric face-melting tones and grinding rhythms.” (Live to Regret) – The Metal Gods Meltdown

“The band’s sound is difficult to pigeonhole because they incorporate a variety of styles. The common element in all the songs is the potent groove. On tracks like “Black Coffin” and “Afterthought” stoner/doom is at the forefront, while songs such as “Disowned” have a more traditional metal vibe. There are progressive influences on “How Much Longer,” while the closer “Debt” is a piano based ballad. Even with so many disparate styles, Aittala bring everything together into a cohesive whole.” – Heavy Music Headquarters

“I would describe them as an eclectic Doom Metal band, although their sound is a bit tough to define. That’s ultimately a good thing though, and I enjoy the refreshment of something different. My only major complaint is that on some songs, the vocals and lyrics are so drawn out that they become a little boring and you end up waiting a bit for something cool to happen. The good news is something cool usually does end up happening” – Metal-Temple 

“In the metal world, bands can start to sound the same and Aittala steps outside of the box. With clear crisp vocals, grinding rhythms and well executed leads, this band is definitely in a league of their own.” – The Metal Channel

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Rockshots Records – Out Now! Australia’s NOTHING SACRED EP “Leviathan”

Out now! Australia’s Nothing Sacred unleash their new EP “Leviathan” via Rockshots Records to follow their first album in 30 years entitled “No Gods” released in 2021. 

“The 2021 album “No Gods” was well received so we were keen to get back into the studio and follow up as quickly as possible. The new release is another mix of new tracks and older tracks that builds on what we did with “No Gods”. We think it takes things a step forward – Sacred fans will find plenty to enjoy.” adds the band.

Fans of Nothing Sacred will notice on the band’s forthcoming EP “Leviathan”that there has been a lineup change that now sees the return of Chris Stark taking the reins as lead vocalist, replacing James Davies. Stark had previously sung with the band for a number of years and has now returned in time to lay down the vocal tracks for their next monster.

The EP “Leviathan” has plenty of riffs, killer solos, and big melodies from vocalist Chris Stark. The EP also includes the song “Sudden Death”, a thrashy unreleased track that was a mainstay during the band’s live gigs in the mid-’80s plus re-recordings of a few tracks from the band’s first album “Let Us Prey” and two new songs. All the new songs were written in group sessions with everyone jamming, throwing around riffs and arrangements into the mix. Overall, the EP is a blend of old and new, and something they could get done without a follow-up taking too long.

Album order –

Digital –

Music Video – “Leviathan” –

Music Video – “Drone” –

Track Listing:
1. Leviathan – 3:27
2. Drone – 4:35
3. Guardian – 3:40
4. SirMegma – 3:02
5. Sudden Death – 2:29
6. DroneTrance – 4:33
EP Length: 21:49

Nothing Sacred is:
Stu Bedford – Guitar
Chris Stark – Vocals
Karl Lean – Bass
Sham – Drums
George Larin – Guitar

For more info: | | |

About: Conceived in Melbourne in 1983, Nothing Sacred went on hiatus for two decades. During the 80s, the heavy metal band unleashed their EP “Deathwish”, which catapulted them as one of the most sought-after pit makers with the record’s title track becoming a classic within the Australian metal scene. Three years later in 1988, Nothing Sacred unleashed the full-length entitled “Let Us Prey” on Cleopatra Records. Unfortunately a year after that LP’s release, the band disbanded in 1989. Lead guitarist Mark Woolley, bassist Karl Lean, and drummer Sham went on to contribute to Hobbs’ Angel of Death‘s early work in the late 1980s. Woolley also appeared on Hobbs’ first self-titled album in 1988. Vocalist Mick Burnham later joined the short-lived Melbourne band Seizure in 1993.

Although their tenure was short-lived, Nothing Sacred still remains an underground metal phenomenon in Australia. Songs from the Deathwish EP still get airplay on several Australian metal radio programs.

In 2012, Nothing Sacred performed a series of 30th anniversary shows with Ross Percy (Ion Drive, Little House Godz) joining George Larin on guitar that included a support slot for the ex-Iron Maiden vocalist’s Paul Di’AnnoP/Blaze Bayley Australian tour. Despite the success, the band agreed not to continue and returned to retirement.

In 2015, the band decided to re-activate with a lineup of Sham, Karl Lean, George Larin, Ross Percy, and new vocalist Chris Stark. A slot on Melbourne’s Brewtality Metal Festival received positive reviews before the band embarked on a short tour of Japan (That footage was released in 2021 as a part of a 3 disc boxset), which inspired them to continue and lead the band to headline day one of the Steel Assassins Festival in Sydney.

Line-up changes again slowed the band, James Davies was recruited for vocals along with Stu Bedford on guitar. From there, the band spent most of 2019 and 2020 writing and recording, what was their first full-length in over 30 years. Entitled “No Gods”, the record witnessed Nothing Sacred‘s resurrection to the metal world. The album peaked on the Australian iTunes metal charts in October 2021 at #4 along with metal media outlets giving multiple praising reviews.

Now ready to follow up “No Gods”, Nothing Sacred has gone through another lineup change swapping singer James Davies out with the return of Chris Stark. Chris had sung with the band previously for a number of years and has now returned in time to lay the vocal tracks down on their next release “Leviathan” set for release in February 2023 via Rockshots Records.

Australian iTunes charts, October 2021. No Gods #4 in the Metal charts.

“The highly infectious intensity this album began with has not diminished in any way shape or form. And if you ask me – the thirty-year wait for a new album has been well and truly worth it.” – Metal Roos – 4.5 / 5 – No Gods

“Dramatic speed changes with a dense rhythm section. Powerful vocals with that speed metal scream added to the top. They are definitely very good at what they do.” – Metal Epidemic – 4 / 5 – No Gods

“Excellent production but above all the perfect rhythmic synchrony between the powerful riffs and the war machine called Sham behind the skins … A record for those who inevitably feel strong and ready to never back down. A great Job.” – Metal Wave (Italy) – No Gods

“ ‘No Gods’ is full of dark, yet energetic riffs with a vocal style that is easy to understand yet doesn’t sound whiny or too dramatically sorrowful.” –

“In their decades amiss from the public NOTHING SACRED has managed to keep under wraps a form that manages to sound contemporary yet as well offers the classical indulgences of Thrash roots.” – Metal Temple

“Time may have marched on, but with ‘No Gods’, the band pick up almost exactly where they left off 30 years ago … there is a lot of quality here and a real chemistry bubbling beneath that surface.” – Metal Digest

“Overall, if you are a fan of US power metal, more melodic thrash metal and, of course, power-thrash, you should check this album out” – Metal Music Archives – 4 / 5 – No Gods

“This new album, “No Gods” is a culmination of musical experience and renewed energy … a band who have nothing to prove and are just enjoying the creativity.” – UK Thrasher

“If you ever come across this EP (“Deathwish”) , do not hesitate to get it! It’s essential listening for lovers of obscure old school metal.” – Encyclopedia Metallum

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Out Now! Multi-Instrumentalist MATT MILLER’s Remastered Album “Decrepit Shed”

Matt Miller – Photo Credit – Luna Rose Wolf

Two years almost to the day, Akademia-Award-winning producer, engineer, and songwriting shredder Matt Miller unveils the remastered version of his first full-length of originals entitled “Decrepit Shed” viaBlood Blast Distribution (powered by Nuclear Blast & Believe Digital. Decrepit Shed” was originally recorded at the peak of Covid-19 lockdowns and released in February 2021. The re-release was freshly remastered by Matt Miller himself.

“The original release of Decrepit Shed was extremely ambitious while still full of nuance and depth. Like standing back and viewing a painting to see the bigger picture I felt that the smallest details which gave Decrepit Shed its foundation were somewhat obscured. The remastered version brings all these small but crucial pieces into focus and takes an already exciting listening experience to another level. The remastered version of Decrepit Shed takes an extremely strong 2-dimensional album and brings it into a 3-dimensional world.” says Miller.

Soaring, crushing, ferocious, emotive, and relentless, are words that strongly describe“Decrepit Shed”. The album has a lot to offer from various metal sub-genres and encompasses the best elements of technical guitar playing while still having well-written songs.

“Decrepit Shed” is now available as of February 3, 2023 on digital platforms at the following links:

(Spotify, Apple Music) –

Bandcamp –

Step into the Light – Guitar Playthrough –

Fans can also check out Matt Miller‘s his latest instrumental album “Monument of Velocity”released this past July, which also took him on the CYBER SHRED TOUR with Rings of Saturn, Extortionist, Distinguisher, and Voraath.

Containing eight tracks full of technical and progressive metal eliciting feelings of suspense, and tension while being fun, melodic, and brutally heavy, Monument of Velocity” was well received by fans, especially those into bands such as Jeff Loomis, Necrophagist, Dragon Force and Obscura. Can listen to the album at

Track Listing:
1. Through the Doorway (1:38)
2. Step into the Light (2:55)
3. Smoldering Ruin (2:33)
4. Skynet Sonata (4:32)
5. Downward and Onward (3:39)
6. Noise Shaping (4:44)
7. Meddling of Wizards (3:07)
8. Tension and Release (4:31)
Album Length: 26:04

Album Credits:
All music written by Matt Miller
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, and Produced by Matt Miller at The Kill Box 2021 Album art by Hand Rot Art
Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, and Programming by Matt Miller
Remastered 2022 by Matt Miller at the Kill Box

For more info:

Matt Miller is endorsed by:
Kahler USA
EMG Pickups
GHS Strings
Stevens Cables and Effects Pedals

Booking – Extreme Management Group
Mark Kloeppel – emg.markkloeppel[@]gmail[.]com

Akademia-Award-winning producer, engineer, and songwriter MATT MILLER side-steps these industry achievements to embark on something deeply introspective and personal; a transcendent, reactionary and vile personage embodying soaring progressive melodies and captivating crushing rhythms which engulf the listener in black clouds of desperation and shimmering hope.

Drawing upon the gut-wrenching timed-precision of European death metal stalwarts NECROPHAGIST and SPAWN OF POSSESSION, MATT MILLER progressively blends this approach with deep synthetic and symphonic atmospheres like that of DEVIN TOWNSEND, often arriving at surprisingly emotive and heart-clenching metallic passages like that of RIVERS OF NIHIL.

Calling upon other single-member death metal projects such as PUTRID PILE or INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY, the live performance can best be described as a reclaiming and repainting of the earth by a relentlessly sweeping and deranged berzerker appealing to the vast minions of the extreme music. The combination of elements within MATT MILLER distills the traditions of the international metal realm, the progressive atmospheres of modernity, and reactions to a vile world into a single unrelenting persona of despair and vengeance.

MATT MILLER’s first self-produced instrumental EP came in 2017, drawing on influences from classic metal bands such as MEGADETH and IRON MAIDEN to shredders like YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and PAUL GILBERT, while combining a technical death metal approach to create a maximum intensity music with a frenetic and frantic feel and ferocious atmosphere. Since then, and a few releases into this brief career, MATT MILLER boasts 12,000 consistent monthly listeners on Spotify before hitting the international touring circuit. This was garnered from his 2017 EP, the 2021 self-released ‘Decrepit Shed’ LP, the ‘Reekomposer/Decomposer’ covers double LP, as well as the ‘8E’s’ 1980’s themed covers LP.

In 2022 Matt released the formidable original instrumental LP Monument of Velocity on Blood Blast Distribution. Matt also toured supporting Rings of Saturn on the CYBER SHRED TOUR 2022. 29 shows encompassing the continental United States. Matt has released the cover LP Only What the Light Allows through Blood Blast Distribution as well.

Matt Miller hails from the rain soaked northern Oregon Coast; influenced by the natural foreboding environment. Moving into the present, MATT MILLER has joined up with Extreme Management Group to spread a singularly relentless auditory mind-bend.

Music News

Rockshots Records – France’s Manigance Unveil “All Your Excesses” Off English Version of New Album “The Shadows Ball (Les Bal Des Ombres)” Out Feb 2023

France’s Manigance will be releasing an English version of their latest album “The Shadows Ball (Les Bal Des Ombres)” on February 24th, 2023 via Rockshots Records. The original francophone version was released on March 18, 2022.

Today, the band presents their next single “All Your Excesses”, a song that denounces the behaviours and human activities that lead to the progressive and rapid destruction of our environment, our planet. 

“All our excesses have serious consequences. It’s our responsibility to change,” says Carine Pinto (vocals/lyrics)

François Merle (guitar) adds: 

“This is the most complicated piece in terms of rhythm. The bass/drums part is very precise and an acoustic guitar solo brings a Hispanic touch. The vocals on the chorus are particularly high and very metal.”

Listen to “All Your Excesses” at the following links:

Visualizer –

Digital –

What started out as a cover band to doing full fledge originals and being garnered “Best French Group of 2003” by Hard Rock Magazine and triumphing on the stage at Hellfest (Live video), “The Shadows Ball” is the band’s eighth studio album and first to be sung in English by new vocalist Carine Pinto who replaced Didier Delsaux in 2018. The band made the decision to do English songs as they wanted to make their music more accessible to foreign audiences in preparation for their 2023 European tour with Rhapsody of Fire in March.

“This album contains different songs from the Manigance standards. We have shortened the songs and worked on the arrangements. We think we can play a lot of these songs in our shows. It’s a sign that the fans should enjoy these songs. They are adapted to be played live. We have evolved in our writing process. The songs are still very rich, but the structure is simpler. We also listen to the latest productions to offer a modern album with a current sound.” adds guitarist François Merle.

The new album features twelve tracks that are inspired by Pinto’s lyrics from personal and intimate emotions, but also can relate to most listeners, from the betrayal of a friend, the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral (Paris – France), climate change, violence against the LBGT community, confinement during COVID, and domestic violence.

“The Shadows Ball” is recommended for fans of heavy metal and bands like Battle Beast and Accept.

Album pre-save –

CD pre-order –

Music Video – “The Shadows Ball” –

Track Listing:
1. Odyssey – 1:23
2. Cold Blood – 4:24
3. All Your Excesses – 4:28
4. End of Lock Up – 4:26
5. The Shadows Ball – 5:14
6. Death Warrant – 4:01
7. High Treason – 4:48
8. Eternity – 4:36
9. At Gates of Memory – 4:42
10. In Spite of Everything – 4:42
11. Dawn of The New Fight – 4:49
12. Forgotten Survivor – 4:34
Album Length: 52:12

For more info:

Music News

Rockshots Records – The “Bandits” Are Coming! BAD BONES New Album “Hasta El Final!” Out March 2023

Photo Credit – Federica Bagagiolo – Hellucination Photography

Rockshots Records is proud to announce their signing of dirty rockers Bad Bones for the release of their sixth album“Hasta El Final!” on March 17th, 2023.

Influenced by NWOBHM to the LA street rock scene, Bad Bones was formed in 2007. The band has made a name for themselves with tours across Europe along with making the move from Italy to LA in 2009 to make a foothold in the USA until returning to their home country in 2010. Over the years, the band has consistently toured the USA and Europe with appearances at events such as the Hollywood Rock Convention, Italian Gods of Metal, and Metalitalia Festival along with supporting bands like Steel Panther, Hardcore Superstar, Crucified Barbara, Entombed, Gotthard, Crazy Lixx, Strana Officina and more.

True Metal Magazine named “Bad Bones” the Best Hard Rock band of the year for 2010 along with Metal Hammer Italy awarding “Demolition Derby” the Best Album of The Year for 2016.

A musical amalgamation of blues, punk, classic rock, and heavy metal, Bad Bones’ latest offering “Hasta El Final!” is a powerful record, that shakes your bones and must be listened to in one go, in its entirety, just like taking a shot of whiskey, throw it down and then enjoy it while it warms your guts.

“Hasta El Final! hits you like a punch in the face, we thought it like this, compact and powerful, we didn’t use samples, nor quantized/triggered fake drums, everything was played live, even the overdubs were kept to a minimum, and we wanted to keep the fierce spirit of our first albums.” adds the band.

Making uncompromising rock that is meant to be loud in volume and make ya sweat in the pit, Bad Bones give listeners classic old-school rock n’ roll fun. Their lyrics reflect the things they see and hear, from memories, and life experiences, but also from movies or places they’ve been, there have many sources of inspiration that fans can clearly relate to.

Today, they share the first single “Bandits”, a song that hammers fast, between Motorhead and Iron Maiden, to sum up street life and bad intentions in the alleys of a big city.

Listen to “Bandits”

Album pre-order –

Track Listing:
1. Bandits – 3:13
2. Behind The Liar’s Eyes – 3:58
3. Rattlesnake – 3:54
4. Wanderers & Saints – 3:43
5. Sand On My Teeth – 3:58
6. Libertad – 4:45
7. To Kill Somebody – 3:33
8. Home – 2:14
Album Length: 29:21

Album Credits:
Recorded @ Rima Maia Studio – Dronero ( CN) – December 2022 by Riccardo Paravicini
Produced by Bad Bones
Mix & Mastering by Riccardo Parravicini @ Rima Maia Studio
Words : Steve Balocco
Music : Bad Bones
Cover Artwork: Christian Wallin
Dedicated to the memory of Andrea “Benny” Bernini a true rocker! Miss ya!

Bad Bones is:
Mekk Borra – Vocals & Guitars
Steve Balocco – Bass & Vocals
Lele Balocco – Drums

2009 – Smalltown Brawlers (Red Pony Records)
2010 – A Family Affair ( Nadir Music)
2012 – Snakes And Bones (Bagana Records)
2016 – Demolition Derby (Sliptrick Records)
2018 – High Rollers (Sliptrick Records)
2023 – Hasta El Final! (Rockshots Records)

For more info: | | |

“Rough, Rude, dirty… simply irresistible!!! Bad Bones know how to Rock !!” – Metal Maniac

“Bad Bones are on a mission for the god of rock’n’roll!”

“Bad Bones have harnessed all the great sounds of the 80’s and brought it into the present. These guys just have that element that instantly grabs people and gets you going. They have the high gain distorted guitar sound with catchy riffs full of hard rock and blues. The leads are flashy and tight as well. They have a great rhythm section and every song is packed full of melody. They have a sound that is reminiscent of Trixter, Whitesnake, Def Leppard and Mr. Big, This album is 100% awesome form start to finish. Demolition Derby is already top of my play list and with one listen it will be on the top of yours. “The Dirty Room – USA)

“Bad Bones liefert sauber eingespielten, klassischen Hardrock amerikanischer Art. Knackige Gitarren, solider halbhoher Gesang, satter Groove und dieser nicht unerhebliche 80er-Touch sorgen für Stimmung sowie Gefühlswallungen in Richtung Sunset Strip. Man kann die Herren getrost zwischen rockigen Trixter, Hardline, Firehouse und Whitesnake platzieren – und selbst dann findet sich immer noch die eine oder andere Truppe, die man ebenfalls mit dem Stil der Italiener in Verbindung bringen könnte” – Classic Rock Deutschland

” … Over the years, the Bad Bones have become the nicest thing of hard rock of our country” – Simone Sacco – Metal Hammer Italy

Music News

LUNAR Announces Progressive New Album “The Illusionist” And Single “Juggling Chainsaws” Ft. Obscura’s Christian Münzner

Track Listing:
1. Prestidigitation – 6:16
2. The Illusionist – 10:04
3. Showtime – 3:45
4. Worship The Sun – 5:23
5. Turn Off The World – 7:14
6. Disassembled – 5:53
7. Juggling Chainsaws – 7:30
8. For My Next Trick – 3:57
9 . Now You See Me – 8:39
Album Length: 58:46

Album Credits:
– Album Produced by: Alex Bosson
– Album Mixed by: Linus Coreliusson
– Album Mastered by: Jens Bogren
– Album artwork by: Travis Smith
– Album layout / design by: Brian Lewis
– Member of ASCAP

Recording Lineup:
Drums & Percussion – Alex Bosson
(Music – Track 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8,9) (Lyrics – Track 2, 3, 5, 6,9)
Guitars – Balmore Lemus
(Music – Track 4) (Lyrics – Track 4, 7
Bass – Ryan Price (Music – Track 8)
Keyboards & Synthesizers – Alex Nasla
Lead Vocals – Chandler Mogel
Growl Vocals – Brian Lewis
Clarinet – Gleb Kanasevich (Track 1)
Saxophone – Patrick Corona (Track 2)
Flute & Saxophone – Jørgen Munkeby (Track 6)
Violin & Viola – Ben Karas (Track 9)
Additional Guitar Solo – Andy Gillion (Track 2)
Additional Guitar Solo – Taylor Washington (Track 3)
Additional Guitar Solo – Sam Vallen (Track 5)
Additional Guitar Solo – Christian Münzner (Track 7)

LUNAR Announces Progressive New Album “The Illusionist” And Single “Juggling Chainsaws” Ft. Obscura’s Christian Münzner

ft. members from Witherfall, Helion Prime, Planeswalker, Novareign. Mokili, Nordic Frost, Outloud, Double Vision

Album Guests Jørgen Munkeby (Shining), Christian Münzner (Obscura), Andy Gillion (Mors Principium Est),
Taylor Washington (Paladin), Sam Vallen (Caligula’s Horse), Ben Karas (Thank You Scientist), Gleb Kanasevich, Patrick Corona

Top – L- R – Ryan Price – Bass, Alex Nasla – Keyboards & Synthesizers, Chandler Mogel – Lead Vocals
Bottom – L – R – Alex Bosson – Drums & Percussion, Brian Lewis – Growl Vocals, Balmore Lemus – Guitars

Hailing from Sacramento, USA, Lunar is a progressive metal band that was founded in 2013 by longtime friends Alex Bosson (drums/percussion) (Helion Prime) and Ryan Erwin (guitar/vocals) (who passed away unexpectedly in 2018). The two together wrote the style of music that was always in their hearts: genre-defiant and free of restrictive influence over three albums. With the unexpected death of Ryan Erwin, band co-founder Alex Bosson continues the next chapter of Lunar with friends in Witherfall, Novareign. Mokili, Nordic Frost, Outloud, and Double Vision for the release of this year’s “The Illusionist”,the fourth album from the band. Optimistically, Bosson quotes that this album is likely to be the fan favorite, being the best they’ve done, with strong songwriting, and production; and songs that all sound different, but remain cohesive. The introduction to the album lies with the single “Juggling Chainsaws” featuring Obscura’s Christian Münzner, which Bosson explains:

“We want to come out of the gate swinging with this one. This is likely the most chaotic, most technical and heaviest song we’ve ever done in a lot of ways. There’s more musical complexity, including an incredible guest guitar solo from Christian Münzner. Lyrically, it conveys the character’s feeling of completely losing control. Constantly trying to juggle the chainsaws of life and keep them all in the air without something terrible happening.”

Listen to“Juggling Chainsaws” ft. Obscura’s Christian Münzner via its premiere on Metal-Rules HERE

Proggy and crazy, the Dream Theater and Haken influences are evident in this song. As for the album, is it a concept album that tells the story of a magician that questions his entire life’s work. He’s spent his entire life devoting himself to his craft and now he questions if it was worth it. Musically the album goes through many stages as the character does on this journey of himself. There are songs that are angry, songs that are confused, songs that are depressed, and everywhere in between.

recommended for fans of Opeth, Katatonia, and Haken, The nine-track album “The Illusionist” is being released on March 3, 2023, via Saibot Reign Records and can be pre-ordered via

For more info:| | |

Music News

APOLLO Launches Deathcore Take On The Classic Tale Of Dante In “A Divine Comedy”

L-R – Kyle Prusky (Guitars, Bass), Adrian Parcioaga (Vocals)

Apollo is the solo side project of one Kyle Prusky who brought in the expertise of Adrian Parcioaga to create an enthusiastic, heavy, and memorable concept EP revolving around the classic story of Dante and his descent into hell. “A Divine Comedy” takes the listener on a cathartic journey through breakdowns, growls, and aggressive riffs. Prusky shares his thoughts on the release:

“This EP has been in the works for a long time, and I could not be happier with the result. This EP is for those who have ever doubted themselves, have fallen apart to the demons in their head, felt like giving up, and needed guidance. Don’t give up. Keep fighting. Keep climbing. Trust the ones who stick by your side. Eventually, you’ll find your path. Every single choice, every note, and vocal take was absolutely deliberate and meant to evoke a specific response. Throughout the journey, the listener will be presented with soaring melodic solos, somber but beautiful keys that guide the self to introspection, crushingly heavy 8-string guitars, pounding drums, and vocals that dance with the music like a soliloquy to an audience of one.”

The concept record contains 5 tracks, each one a chapter following Dante’s descent into hell. It is a journey that has its ups and downs; you feel the weight of what Dante is going through; the aggression, uncertainty, unknown, and mystery. Don’t forget an unrelenting progression that crescendos into epic highs, straight down to epic lows.

According to Parcioaga “A Divine Comedy” is a progressive death metal opera, unabashedly dynamic and ever-shifting; and Apollo is an expression and extension of whatever comes to Kyle Prusky’s brilliant mind, regardless of genre. The EP was produced, mixed, and mastered by Prusky, with assistance from Parcioaga who also did the cover artwork. It is recommended for fans of Between the Buried and Me, The Contortionist, and Spiritbox.

Listen to the EP in full via its premiere on TheCirclePit –

Track Listing:
I: Dark Woods – 3:59
II: Abandon All Hope – 6:19
III: Interlude – 1:19
IV: Deeper, Darker – 6:22
V: Ascendance – 6:56
EP Length: 24:56

EP Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: Kyle Prusky, Adrian Parcioaga
• All songs written by: Kyle Prusky, Adrian Parcioaga
• Produced by: Kyle Prusky, Adrian Parcioaga
• Mixed by: Kyle Prusky
• Mastered by: Kyle Prusky
• EP Artwork by: Adrian Parcioaga

EP Band Lineup:
Kyle Prusky – Guitars, Bass
Adrian Parcioaga – Vocals
Alex Rudinger – Programmed Drums
Layne Murdoch – Solo Guitar (tracks 1, 2, 3, 4)
Lucas de la Rosa – Keys (tracks 1, 2, 3, 4)

For more info: ||

Music News

ARMSTRONG METALFEST Announces Early Bird Tickets – July 14-15 – Armstrong, BC, Canada

Watch the official video recap of AMF 2019 here.
(video created by Mayne Brand Productions)

AMF Spotify Playlist 2022 Lineup here.

Canada’s mountain-shaking extreme music festival Armstrong MetalFest is kicking off early bird weekend passes for the 2023 edition being held on July 14th and 15th at the Hassen Arena in Armstrong, BC.

Tickets are available at

Prices are as follows:

Early bird $139.99 (Jan 18 to Feb 28 (only 150 available) 

Pre-sales $179.99 (Mar 1 to July 12) 

Door sales weekend pass $219.99 

One day admission $119.99

After their most successful event to date in 2022, which saw the festival’s highest attendance on record along with marking AMF‘s return after a two-year hiatus due to the Covid pandemic, the 2023 edition promises to be an eclectic earth-shaking lineup with bands from across Canada and beyond. (lineup to be announced at a later date)

Hosted in British Columbia’s Okanagan valley with the Canadian Rockies as a specular backdrop, the 2022 gathering of metalheads witnessed Spokane, WA deathcore titans ENTERPRISE EARTH headline the festival along with Vancouver’s cult-loved pyro maniacs ZIMMERS HOLE and progressive death kings NECK of THE WOODS. AMF also presented a very special performance from Kelowna’s OMNIA NIHIL (formerly Apollyon) in memory of beloved vocalist Matt Depper who suddenly passed away this past January. A total of 28 bands from across Western Canada and the USA fueled the moshpit for much-needed music therapy.

Festival co-organizers Jesse Valtsar adds:

“Mark it down on the calendar, we have huge plans to make 2023 the biggest event to date! With the success of 2022, we are going to continue the momentum right into next year! We are planning out our headliners and dreaming up new ways to make Metalfest the best!” 

Since 2009 (minus pause years 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid pandemic), West Metal Entertainment and Armstrong Metalfest have not only fostered the talent of hundreds of local bands, but have imported well-known, international acts to the quiet, little Canadian town of Armstrong, British Columbia.

Each year up to 700 metalheads from Canada and the USA descend into the picturesque Okanagan Valley and under the blistering sun they spend three days camping, taking in over 30 bands, participating in wrestling events, scavenger hunts, and catching up with their metal family.

The festival has seen such renowned headliners as Kataklysm, Cattle Decapitation, Archspire, Nekrogoblikon, and Beyond Creation as well as emerging artists from across North America. At the end of the revelry, the festival disappears without a trace, leaving the landscape as pristine as it has always been.

West Metal Entertainment is a non-profit society that not only puts on Armstrong Metal Festival every year in Armstrong, B.C., but gives bands opportunities to play different venues throughout the region including all-ages shows, to encourage musical passion in kids as well as adults.

For more info:

Music News

Rockshots Records – Out Now! Finnish Rockers LEAFLET’s New Album “Something Beyond”

Out now via Rockshots Records, Finnish rockers LEAFLET release their sophomore album “Something Beyond”.

Formed in 2013, LEAFLET is a four-piece hard rock band from Turku, Finland. Their music can be described as metal-infused American-style hard rock and while you might hear echoes of bands like Alter Bridge or Shinedown they have their own unique Nordic flavour. In 2019, LEAFLET released “Johnny Two-Face” as a single through VR Label Finland followed by an ambitious music video shot in both Turku, Finland, and Tokyo, Japan. After a couple of years of silence due to the pandemic, the band is now back with their second album “Something Beyond”, sounding stronger than ever.

“With this album, we have tried to refine our sound further to something that can be more easily identified as LEAFLET instead of our influences. The album is full of catchy metal-influenced rock tunes that would fit perfectly in the heavy rotation of every rock radio station. The album has a lot of variety within the songs and we got a diverse selection of singles as well. Three very different singles trying to represent the entire album as well as possible. As singles, we got one heavy and hard-hitting tune, one straightforward and super catchy tune, and one fast-paced in-your-face type of tune. You should check out them all to see what you think!” says the band.

Recommended for fans of Alter Bridge, Shinedown, Five Finger Death Punch, Mustach, and Shiraz Lane, “Something Beyond” is now available as of January 20, 2023 at the following links:

CD –

Digital –

Leaflet has performed on Finnish festivals such as Kuopiorock and Saaristo Open Air along with touring across their home country to support their debut album. They also spent time on the road in the Baltics with Willie & the Goodsouls in 2018 again playing clubs and festivals.

Music Videos:

“Gonna Do It” – Music Video:

“Resonate” – Music Video –

Track Listing:
1. Gonna Do It – 4:12
2. Resonate – 3:40
3. Alone Alive – 3:50
4. Earth – 3:54
5. Johnny Two-Face – 4:01
6. Tattoos of Life – 3:43
7. Shades of Black – 2:55
8. Someone Somewhere – 3:51
9. Something Beyond – 4:48
Album Length: 34:59


Jaakko Leaflet – lead vocals & guitar

Antti Kallio – guitar & backing vocals

Fabian Korsström – bass & backing vocals

Pekka Jokela – drums

For more info:
Spotify –