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VOIVOD Launch New Video For “Fix My Heart

VOIVOD line-up:
(From left to right on studio photo by Catherine Deslauriers)
Michel “Away” Langevin – Drums
Dominic “Rocky” Laroche – Bass
Daniel “Chewy” Mongrain – Guitar
Denis “Snake” Bélanger – Vocals

Photo by Catherine Deslauriers

Watch “Fix My Heart (2023 Version)” HERE

Canadian sci-fi metal innovators VOIVOD are celebrating 40 eventful years of existence in 2023 with a special Anniversary studio album entitled Morgöth Tales, released worldwide now via Century Media Records.

VOIVOD has launched a new video directed by Above The Void / for the track “Fix My Heart (2023 Version)”, which can be seen here:

VOIVOD guitarist Daniel “Chewy” Mongrain checked in with the following comment: “It’s always the highlight of our live show when the audience claps with big smiles all round. To me it’s about keeping hope and focus towards a better future, moving on, leaving the past behind and exploring new worlds within. “I’m not afraid to live”.”

VOIVOD previously launched the following videos for the “Morgöth Tales” release:
“Morgöth Tales” (Official Video):
“Nuage Fractal (2023 Version)” (Lyric Video):
“Thrashing Rage” (Live At Rock Hard Festival 2023):

Once more recorded and mixed by Francis Perron at RadicArt Studio, mastered by Maor Appelbaum and produced by VOIVOD, Morgöth Talesincludes fresh studio (re-)recordings by the band’s current line-up of 9 especially selected, not-so-obvious picks from the band’s hyper-classy and extremely diverse back catalogue (between 1984 and 2003) as well as a brand-new song in the album’s title-track, “Morgöth Tales”.

The cover artwork for Morgöth Tales was once again created by VOIVOD drummer Michel “Away” Langevin and this is the complete track-listing for this special 40th Anniversary release:

VOIVOD – “Morgöth Tales”

VOIVOD – Morgöth Tales
Condemned To The Gallows (2023 Version) [Originally on Metal Massacre V Compilation, 1984]
Thrashing Rage (2023 Version) [Originally on “Rrröööaaarrr”, 1986]
Killing Technology (2023 Version) [Originally on “Killing Technology”, 1987]
Macrosolutions To Megaproblems (2023 Version) [Originally on“Dimension Hatröss”, 1988]
Pre-Ignition (2023 Version) [Originally on “Nothingface”, 1989]
Nuage Fractal (2023 Version) [Originally on “Angel Rat”, 1991]
Fix My Heart (2023 Version) [Originally on “The Outer Limits”, 1993]
Rise (2023 Version, feat. Eric Forrest) [Originally on “Phobos”, 1997]
Rebel Robot (2023 Version, feat. Jason Newsted) [Originally on “Voivod”, 2003]
Morgöth Tales [New Song]

The Ltd. CD Jewelcase in O-Card and Digital Album formats will also come with a cover version of the Public Image Ltd. track “Home” as bonus.

The LP format will come on 180g vinyl and with a 4page LP-Booklet in the following variants:

  • Black LP – Unlimited
  • White LP – Ltd. 800x copies (Canada &
  • Transparent Green LP – Ltd. 300x copies (
  • Red LP – Ltd. 300x copies (VOIVOD outlets)

The album’s pre-order begins today and is available here: VOIVOD are set to return to Europe as part of their 40th Anniversary celebration again in August for a run of shows, commencing with an appearance at Germany’s legendary Wacken Open Air festival on August 5th, 2021. Make sure not to miss them on the upcoming shows:

VOIVOD – Live 2023/2024:

Sept. 7, 2023 – São Paulo (Brazil) – Septembro Negro Festival / Pre-Festa
Sept. 15, 2023 – Quebec City, QC (Canada) – Envol et Macadam Festival
Sept. 21, 2023 – New Richmond, QC (Canada) – Salle De Spectacles Régionale Desjardins
Sept. 22, 2023 – Gaspé, QC (Canada) – Centre de Création Diffusion
Sept. 23, 2023 – Rimouski, QC (Canada) – Salle Desjardins-Telus
Dec. 16, 2023 – Laval, QC (Canada) – Place Bell
Feb. 23, 2024 – Joliette, QC (Canada) – Centre Culturel Desjardins
Feb. 24, 2024 – Saint-Hyacinthe, QC (Canada) – Centre Des Arts Juliette-Lassonde

And more international dates to be announced soon…

“Morgöth Tales” succeeds VOIVOD’s 15th (!) much acclaimed and Juno Awards winning studio album “Synchro Anarchy”, which entered sales charts upon release in early 2022 as follows: Germany # 7 (!), Switzerland # 64, Austria # 67, The Netherlands # 88, Belgium # 129, UK (Rock & Metal) # 7, Canada (Hard Music) # 2, USA Current Hard Music # 8, USA Top New Artist # 11, USA Heatseekers # 56 and USA Current Album # 67. VOIVOD also released the special “Ultraman – EP” in late 2022, which contains a highly original tribute to the “Ultraman” TV series theme.

Check out VOIVOD’s “Synchro Anarchy” album via the previously released videos here:
“Planet Eaters”:
“Synchro Anarchy”:
“Sleeves Off”:
“Quest For Nothing”:
You can still order “Synchro Anarchy” here:
The “Ultraman – EP” is also still available here:

And stay connected for further details on “Morgöth Tales” and more VOIVOD news coming soon…

VOIVOD online:


Metal Lair Reviews Marduk’s New Album Memento Mori

Daniel Rostén (Vocals)
Morgan Hakansson (Guitar)
Devo Andersson (Bass)
Simon Schilling (Drums)

In the eerie stillness of a moonless night, a chilling revelation began to creep over those gathered by the old, decrepit necropolis. The air grew heavy with a sense of foreboding doom. The words of an ancient, cryptic song echoed through the tombstones, like a sinister incantation. Shadows danced ominously, and the world seemed to shift. The realization struck like a dagger to the heart: Life resembled not a ticking timepiece but an ever-depleting sandglass. The atmosphere grew tense, as if Death himself were watching, playing a macabre game with the living. A blade drawn across the throat, a grotesque test of fate. Life slipped away through a sinister portal. In this cursed place, all certainty crumbled. Hopeless and helpless, they gazed upon the haunting expanse, as if staring into the abyss itself. The soil beneath them whispered of impending darkness, while the spectral flames revealed a truth long buried that no one can escape

The band proudly presents their latest single “Shovel Beats Sceptre,” off MARDUK’s 15th studio album, set to be unleashed on September 1st via Century Media Records offering a spellbinding glimpse into their forthcoming album.

Renowned icons of the pure black metal realm, Sweden’s Marduk have consistently traversed the tumultuous path of their genre, standing as both doyen’s and figures occasionally shrouded in controversy since their inception in 1990. Their fifteenth studio offering arrives as the audacious “Memento Mori.”

Marduk’s enduring forte has always been their unrefined, unwavering potency and unbridled wrath, the very foundation of their musical identity. Beyond the breakneck tempos and venomous guitar leads lies a belligerent, warlike spirit that barely abides by containment; their inherent violence is an insatiable element of their chaos.

Mortuus, known by his given name Daniel Rostén, remains the sole constant member since 1990, asserting that this new album both reflects their roots and takes bold strides forward. In essence, Memento Mori embodies unadulterated Marduk, an unrelenting onslaught of black metal that pushes the boundaries of extremity in every conceivable manner. Tracks like “Blood of the Funeral,” “Shovel Beats Sceptre,” and “Red Tree of Blood” epitomize the quintessential Marduk experience. While it may occasionally evoke a sense of familiarity, it must never be underestimated or taken for granted. The chaos within is meticulously structured, propelling the entire album with a sense of purpose and visceral energy that defines both the band and their craft. Time signatures shift, and a relentless sense of urgency propels tempos against a relentless onslaught of guitars and Mortuus’ ever-present antagonistic vocals.

The mechanical procession of the closing track, “As We Are,” heralds the resurgence of their industrial edge, a facet always welcomed by their fanbase. Coldly calculated, unapologetically confrontational, and dripping with hostile intent, “Memento Mori” is quintessential Marduk—an unyielding, merciless, and formidable force. It represents a menacing, thunderous return!

The renowned Swedish black metal band MARDUK is back with a new release entitled Memento Mori. Today, MARDUK release the video for their latest single “Shovel Beats Sceptre”.

  • Ltd. Deluxe Gatefold Ultra Clear-Black Splatter Vinyl With Alternative Cover Artwork (Incl. LP-Booklet, Art-Print & Poster) (Limited to 2,000 copies / All Outlets)
  • Red Gatefold Vinyl (Limited to 300 copies / Available at Century Media Shop)
  • White Gatefold Vinyl (Limited to 500 copies / Available via Century Media Shop)
  • Golden Gatefold Vinyl
    (Limited to 500 copies / Available at Levykauppa ÄX, Bengans, Supreme Chaos)
  • Silver Gatefold Vinyl (Limited to 500 copies / Available at EMP & Nuclear Blast)
  • Black Gatefold Vinyl (All Outlets)
  • CD Mediabook (All Outlets)

Commenting on the album, MARDUK frontman Daniel Rostén shares:
“Memento Mori is, all at once, a bold leap forward, a calculated sidestep, and a wistful backward glance. Meaning, we have broken new ground without forgetting our legacy or the journey that brought us to this point.”

Pre-Order Memento Mori Here:

Commenting on the album, MARDUK frontman Daniel Rostén shares:
“Memento Mori is, all at once, a bold leap forward, a calculated sidestep, and a wistful backward glance. Meaning, we have broken new ground without forgetting our legacy or the journey that brought us to this point.”

MARDUK online:

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Lorna Shore celebrates 2-year anniversary of ‘…And I Return to Nothingness’ EP with new video for “Of The Abyss,” Plus Tour Dates

Photo credit: Mike Elliott (@mpelliott)

Lorna Shore line-up:
Michael Yager – bass
Adam De Micco – guitar
Will Ramos – vocals
Austin Archey – drums
Andrew O’Connor – guitar

Lorna Shore celebrates 2-year anniversary of ‘…And I Return to Nothingness’ EP with new video for “Of The Abyss”; new vinyl and merch available now; North American tour with Mastodon, Gojira to kick off next week

Two years ago, Lorna Shoreunleashed their groundbreaking …And I Return to Nothingness EP – which features the smash-hit “To The Hellfire” (currently at 17M+ views on YouTube, 38M+ streams on Spotify). To celebrate this anniversary, the band has dropped a new video for EP-track “Of The Abyss” (produced by Loki Films) – seen here:

Adam De Micco (guitar) comments: “I don’t think anyone of us could predict what the EP would have done for this band as well as us as individuals. Those three songs allowed us to do things we would have only dreamed of. We are extremely grateful for everything that came from this EP and want to celebrate its anniversary. Thank you for finding yourself in this body of work the way we have. Thank you for everything.”

Since this EP, Lorna Shore has continued to take the music world by storm – most recently by appearing at some of the biggest festivals across Europe, before they kick-off the second-leg of their North American tour with metal heavyweights Mastodonand Gojira next week (see below for all dates).

“The Mega-Monsters Tour 2023” (leg two)
w/ Mastodon & Gojira + special guests Lorna Shore
Aug. 9, 2023 – Cincinnati, OH @ MegaCorp Pavilion
Aug. 10, 2023 – Cleveland, OH @ Jacob’s Pavilion at Nautica
Aug. 11, 2023 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE Outdoors
Aug. 12, 2023 – New York, NY @ Coney Island Amphitheater
Aug. 13, 2023 – Syracuse, NY @ Upstate Medical Arena at OneCenter
Aug. 15, 2023 – Detroit, MI @ Masonic Temple
Aug. 16, 2023 – Toronto, ON @ Budweiser Stage
Aug. 18, 2023 – Laval, QC @ Place Bell
Aug. 19, 2023 – Portland, ME @ Cross Insurance Arena
Aug. 20, 2023 – Boston, MA @ MGM Music Hall at Fenway
Aug. 21, 2023 – Boston, MA @ MGM Music Hall at Fenway
Aug. 23, 2023 – Milwaukee, WI @ BMO Pavilion
Aug. 25, 2023 – Hammond, IN @ Horseshoe Hammond Casino
Aug. 26, 2023 – Omaha, NE @ Westfair Amphitheater
Aug. 27, 2023 – Waite Park, MN @ The Ledge Amphitheater
Aug. 29, 2023 – St. Louis, MO @ The Factory
Aug. 30, 2023 – Kansas City, MO @ Azura Amphitheater
Sept. 1, 2023 – Salt Lake City, UT @ USANA Amphitheater
Sept. 2, 2023 – Denver, CO @ Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater

Lorna Shore USA headliner
w/ The Acacia Strain, I Am
Sept. 3, 2023 – Wichita, KS @ Temple Live
Sept. 5, 2023 – Huntsville, AL @ Mars Music Hall
Sept. 6, 2023 – Chattanooga, TN @ The Signal
Sept. 7, 2023 – Greenville, SC @ The Foundry at Judson Mill
Sept. 8, 2023 – Alton, VA @ Blue Ridge Rock Festival

“The Pain Remains European Tour 2023”
w/ Lorna Shore + Rivers of Nihil, Ingested, Distant
Nov. 5, 2023 – Den Bosch (NL) @ The Rock Circus
Nov. 6, 2023 – Hamburg (DE) @ Edel Optics Arena – Venue Upgrade
Nov. 7, 2023 – Gothenburg (SE) @ Gothenburg Studios
Nov. 9, 2023 – Helsinki (FI) @ Ice Hall – Venue Upgrade
Nov. 10, 2023 – Tampere (FI) @ Pakkahuone – SOLD OUT!
Nov. 12, 2023 – Stockholm (SE) @ Fryshuset Klubben
Nov. 13, 2023 – Copenhagen (DK) @ Amager Bio – SOLD OUT!
Nov. 14, 2023 – Hannover (DE) @ Capitol
Nov. 16, 2023 – Berlin (DE) @ Astra
Nov. 17, 2023 – Dresden (DE) @ Ballsportarena
Nov. 18, 2023 – Warsaw (PL) @ Progresja
Nov. 19, 2023 – Prague (CZ) @ Roxy
Nov. 20, 2023 – Budapest (HU) @ Barba Negra
Nov. 22, 2023 – Vienna (AT) @ Gasometer – Venue Upgrade
Nov. 23, 2023 – München (DE) @ Zenith – 2nd Venue Upgrade
Nov. 24, 2023 – Milan (IT) @ Alcatraz
Nov. 25, 2023 – Pratteln (CH) @ Z7
Nov. 26, 2023 – Brussels (BE) @ AB
Nov. 28, 2023 – Birmingham (UK) @ O2 Academy
Nov. 29, 2023 – Leeds (UK) @ O2 Academy
Nov. 30, 2023 – London (UK) @ o2 Forum Kentish Town – SOLD OUT!
Dec. 2, 2023 – Manchester (UK) @ Academy 1 – SOLD OUT!
Dec. 3, 2023 – Glasgow (UK) @ Barrowlands – Venue Upgrade
Dec. 4, 2023 – Cardiff (UK) @ Great Hall
Dec. 6, 2023 – Paris (FR) @ Bataclan
Dec. 7, 2023 – Wiesbaden (DE) @ Schlachthof
Dec. 8, 2023 – Oberhausen (DE) @ Turbinenhalle

Buy or stream …And I Return to Nothingness now at: Lorna Shore’s latest album – 2022’s critically acclaimed Pain Remains – can also be purchased and streamed at:

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Eyehategod announces “30 Years of Take as Needed for Pain” USA tour with Goatwhore

Eyehategod line-up:
Mike IX Williams – vocals
Jimmy Bower – guitar
Gary Mader – bass
Aaron Hill – drums

This Spring, Eyehategodwill hit the road in the USA for their “30 Years of Take as Needed for Pain” tour, featuring Goatwhore as support! Kicking off April 8th, the trek also makes a stop at the annual Decibel Metal & Beer Fest in Philadelphia, PA – where Eyehategod will performTake as Needed for Pain in its entirety.

See below for all dates!

Eyehategod “30 Years of Take as Needed for Pain” tour dates
w/ Goatwhore
April 8, 2023 – Atlanta, GA @ Boggs
April 9, 2023 – Tampa, FL @ Brass Mug
April 10, 2023 – Charleston, SC @ Trolley Pub
April 11, 2023 – Greensboro, NC @ Hangar 1819
April 12, 2023 – Chesapeake, VA @ Riffhouse
April 13, 2023 – Brooklyn, NY @ Monarch
April 14, 2023 – Portland, ME @ Genos
April 15, 2023 – Philadelphia, PA @ Fillmore / Decibel Metal & Beer Fest ***
April 16, 2023 – Boston, MA @ Middle East
April 17, 2023 – Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar
April 18, 2023 – Detroit, MI @ Sanctuary
April 19, 2023 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Smalls
April 20, 2023 – Columbus, OH @ Ace of Cups
April 21, 2023 – Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle ***
April 22, 2023 – Indianapolis, IN @ Black Circle Brewing
April 23, 2023 – St. Paul, MN @ Turf Club
April 24, 2023 – Bloomington, IL @ Nightshop
April 25, 2023 – Iowa City, IA @ Wildwood
April 26, 2023 – Lincoln, NE @ Royal Grove
April 27, 2023 – St. Louis, MO @ Red Flag
April 28, 2023 – Little Rock, AR @ Rev Room
April 29, 2023 – Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves
April 30, 2023 – Tulsa, OK @ Rabbit Hole ***
***=no Goatwhore

In 2021, Eyehategodreleased their latest album, A History of Nomadic Behavior – their first full-length in 7 years! – to critical acclaim, with media declaring, “Eyehategod is back in a big way”(Blabbermouth). A reflection of the chaos and euphoria the band experienced over recent years, crossed with the political turmoil, pandemic terror and remorseless hypocrisy of modern times, A History of Nomadic Behavior is a blowtorch-distortion and blues-saturated combination of mostly mid-paced songs pierced with scarring pain and disconsolate fury. As Kerrang! writes, “This record is as much a celebration as it is a continuation of the band’s journey. Despite all they’ve been through they’ve come back swinging, a true testament to the age old philosophy of ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ – in [Eyehategod’s] case what doesn’t kill you makes you more pissed off.”

Purchase and stream A History of Nomadic Behavior here:

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Suicide Silence Drop “Dying Life” Video — WATCH



SUICIDE SILENCE have shared the video for new single “Dying Life.” Watch it here

The track appears on their seventh album Remember… You Must Die via Century Media on March 10. Pre-order it here.

“Our environment is enveloped in death and constant change, as is the vessel we live in,” the band says. “‘Dying Life’ comes from a place of complete and utter pain before the world around us comes to an inevitable end and we can do nothing but watch and let it happen — there in the dark, under a dying sun.”

Remember… You Must Die was produced and mixed by Taylor Young (NAILS, Xibalba, Vitriol). For the artwork, the band enlisted renowned Necrosurrealist artist David Van Gough to visualize the concept.

You Must Die”    
Capable of Violence (N.F.W.)
“Fucked For Life”    
“Kill Forever”    
“God Be Damned”    
Alter of Self”    
“Endless Dark”
“The Third Death”    
“Be Deceived”    
“Dying Life”
“Full Void”

The album will be available in the following formats.

*Ltd. Deluxe CD Digipak incl. Coin
*Standard CD Jewelcase
*Black LP
*500x transp. orange-black marbled LP at CM Distro Wholesale EU, and Kings Road Merch
*300x transp. red LP at EMP
*300x white LP at UK outlets and Impericon
*500x bright gold-deep blood red splattered LP at Kings Road Merch
*Ultra clear LP at US outlets
*500x black ice LP at US Indie outlets
*Digital album

Suicide Silence will also embark on the Chaos & Carnage 2023 tour in April. It’s a co-headline run with Dying Fetus, with support from Born of Osiris, Aborted, Sanguisugabogg, Crown Magnetar, and Slay Squad.

“We are stoked to be returning to this year’s Chaos & Carnage,” says singer Eddie Hermida. “We had so much fun last year that we decided to come back again with our brothers in Dying Fetus! This year’s lineup is pure devastation so come party with us.”

All dates are below. Get tickets here.


4/7 — Fort Worth, TX — Ridglea Theater 
4/8 — San Antonio, TX — Vibes Event Center 
4/9 — Houston, TX — Warehouse Live 
4/11 — Atlanta, GA — The Masquerade — Heaven
4/13 — New York, NY — Palladium Times Square 
4/14 — Sayreville, NJ — Starland Ballroom
4/15 — Hartford, CT — Webster Theater 
4/16 — Reading, PA — Reverb 
4/18 — Pittsburgh, PA — Mountain View Amphitheatre
4/19 — Cleveland, OH — Agora Theatre 
4/20 — Covington, KY — Madison Theater 
4/21 — Pontiac, MI — The Crofoot 
4/22 — Joliet, IL — The Forge 
4/24 — Denver, CO — Ogden Theatre 
4/26 — Las Vegas, NV — House of Blues 
4/27 — Mesa, AZ — The Nile
4/28 — Los Angeles, CA — The Belasco
4/29 — Berkeley, CA — UC Theatre 
4/30 — Anaheim, CA — House of Blues

5/20— Daytona Beach, FL — Welcome To Rockville
7/13 — Cadott, WI — Rock Fest

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Distant drops new single/video feat. Will Ramos of Lorna Shore: “Heritage”; new album out Friday (Feb. 10th) via Century Media Records!

Photo credit: Luca Roman

This Friday (February 10th), Distant – the multinational down-tempo/deathcore juggernaut from Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and the Slovak Republic – will release their third full-length, Heritage, via Century Media Records. For a preview of Heritage, the new single/video for the title track – feat. Lorna Shore’s Will Ramos! – can be seen here:

Distant comments: “‘Heritage’, the title track from the newest Distantalbum, is a playful and colorful track featuring Will Ramos from Lorna Shore.

“‘Heritage’ is a breathtakingly heavy track yet still emotional, with a huge chorus and pace to last you for days, showcasing the diversity of our Dutch/Slovak collective! 

“At last, the father and son cross blades; during this exhausting battle, they remember the times forgotten as the clash of their blades sparks new light and brings up the twisted revelation of this catastrophic deception.”

The videos for the previously released singles can be viewed below: 

–“Argent Justice” (feat. 16 vocalists from Suicide Silence, Emmure, Bodysnatcher, Angelmaker, Cabal, Crown Magnetar, Paleface and more!):


–“Human Scum”:

–“Orphan Of Blight”: 

Pre-order Heritage now at: – where the record is available in the following formats:

–Ltd. CD Digipak 

–Black LP             

–Transp. red LP available from CM Distro Wholesale EU, and USA outlets (limited to 500 copies)

–White LP available from CM Distro Wholesale EU and (limited to 300 copies)

–White-red marbled LP available from Distant (limited to 500 copies)

–Digital album    

Distant has become one of the prominent faces of European Deathcore. Melding together brutal death metal, slam, noise and beatdown with a hyper-dissonant orchestra of impending doom, they’ve come eons since their origins as metalcore obsessed friends in Rotterdam and Bratislava. Heritage, the quintet’s Century Media debut and third installment of bone crushing, thick-as-concrete heaviness, takes their trademark “Downtempo/Deathcore” and pushes it into the red. “It’s low and slow,”smirks vocalist Alan Grnja, describing the band’s sound. “Musically, lyrically, we try to travel the uncharted and come up with something you can only call Distant.”

Produced by the band’s guitarist Nouri Yetgin and Within Destructionguitarist Howard Fang plus co-producer Simone Pietroforte, Heritage is Distant’s coming of age and reckoning moment. “This is the perfectDistant record,” says Alan. “I want it to be a genre-defining album in the same way ‘The Cleansing’ was for Suicide Silence – I would say this album is for us.”

Cover Artwork by: Pedro Sena (logo and additional artwork by: Alan Grnja)

Heritage track-listing:
1. Acid Rain
2. Paradigm Shift
3. Born Of Blood
4. The Grief Manifest
5. Exofilth
6. Argent Justice
7. The Gnostic Uprising
8. A Sentence To Suffer
9. Human Scum
10. Heritage
11. Orphan Of Blight
12. Plaguebreeder

Next month, Distant will join Bodysnatcher, Angelmaker, and Paleface (all guests on “Argent Justice”!) for a tour across the USA. See below for all dates!

Distant tour dates
w/ Bodysnatcher, Angelmaker, Paleface
Mar. 1, 2023 – West Palm, FL – Respectables
Mar. 2, 2023 – Orlando, FL – The Abbey
Mar. 3, 2023 – Atlanta, GA – Masquerade
Mar. 4, 2023 – Greensboro, NC – Hangar 1819
Mar. 5, 2023 – Nashville, TN – The End (low tickets)
Mar. 6, 2023 – St. Louis, MO – Red Flag
Mar. 7, 2023 – Kansas City, MO – The Rino
Mar. 8, 2023 – Oklahoma City, OK – 89th St. (low tickets)
Mar. 9, 2023 – Dallas, TX. – Trees
Mar. 10, 2023 – San Antonio, TX – The Rock Box
Mar. 11, 2023 – Houston, TX – Warehouse Live
Mar. 13, 2023 – Mesa, AZ – Nile Underground
Mar. 14, 2023 – Anaheim, CA – Chain Reaction (sold-out)
Mar. 15, 2023 – Fresno, CA – Strummers
Mar. 16, 2023 – Roseville, CA – Goldfields
Mar. 17, 2023 – San Francisco, CA – Neck Of The Woods
Mar. 18, 2023 – Las Vegas, NV – American Legion Post 8
Mar. 19, 2023 – Salt Lake City, UT – The Complex
Mar. 20, 2023 – Denver, CO – HQ
Mar. 21, 2023 – Omaha, NE – 1867 Bar
Mar. 22, 2023 – Chicago, IL – Subterranean (sold-out)
Mar. 23, 2023 – Detroit, MI – Sanctuary (sold-out)
Mar. 24, 2023 – Cleveland, OH – The Winchester (low tickets)
Mar. 25, 2023 – Pittsburgh, PA – Preserving Underground
Mar. 26, 2023 – Mechanicsburg, PA – Lovedraft’s
Mar. 27, 2023 – Brooklyn, NY – The Brooklyn Monarch
Mar. 28, 2023 – Hartford, CT – Webster Underground
Mar. 29, 2023 – Worcester, MA – The Palladium

Music News

Predatory Void drops standalone single and video, struggling

Single Artwork by: Sven Harambašić

Predatory Void comments: “‘*(struggling..)’ is about how we slowly begin to decay from the inside, trapped in a flesh prison, experiencing pain and longing for a release. Physical agony follows, amplifying despair and misery, and there is no escape.”

Photo Credit: Tetiana Malezhyk / Yoss Photography

Having recently announced their signing to Century Media Records, with a debut album on the way, Predatory Void are now giving fans a new standalone single: “*(struggling..)”. Stream the track here; the video (by Jeroen Mylle, and shot in the workshop of painter and visual artist Sven Verhaege) can be viewed @ 9AM PT//12PM ET//6PM CET later today here: – featuring make-up by Tine Josephy, concept by Lina R. and Maria Ovejero, plus mask by Maria Ovejero.

Predatory Void live:
Apr. 20-23, 2023 – Tilburg (NL) – Roadburn Festival

Predatory Void came to be when guitarist Lennart Bossu (Amenra, Oathbreaker) found himself writing material that wasn’t really suited for Amenra. Lennart gathered a group of likeminded people living in the area of Ghent (BE) – including the versatile vocalist and tattoo artist Lina R – and soon after, the band was born, with Tim De Gieter (bass; Amenra, Doodseskader, Much Luv Studio), Thijs De Cloedt (guitar; Cobra The Impaler, ex-Aborted), and Vincent Verstrepen (drums). Predatory Void played their first show at the renowned Soulcrusher Festival (NL) alongside artists such as Ihsahn, Envy, Cave In and Heriot, creating a buzz within the scene. With an album’s worth of material already written, they signed to Century Media Records for their worldwide debut.

With this signing news,Predatory Void revealed their plans to perform said debut record – Seven Keys to the Discomfort of Being – in full at Roadburn Festival 2023. The band comments: “We feel privileged to be granted the opportunity to present our debut album, ‘Seven Keys to the Discomfort of Being’, in its entirety at Roadburn, one of the institutions that set the standard in the world of underground heavy music. The album contains some things that will be difficult to recreate live elsewhere, so this will definitely be a unique occasion. It will also be one of our very first live shows ever, so we can’t imagine a better and more exciting start for a new band.”

Stay tuned for more news about Seven Keys to the Discomfort of Being coming soon…

Predatory Void online: