CASKET ROBBERY Hitting The Road This Spring; Announce Appearance at Milwaukee Metal Fest

Casket Robbery is:

Megan Orvold-Scheider – Vocals
Cory Scheider – Guitars
Troy Powell – Guitars
Bryan Bykowski – Bass
Erik Schultek – Drums

Midwest death machine CASKET ROBBERY is set to embark upon a lengthy tour across the US in support of their latest album, Rituals of Death. The band has also been added to the newly revived Milwaukee Metal Fest.

The first leg of the tour, dubbed “The No Survivors Tour,” will see CASKET ROBBERY perform alongside The Convalescence and Ignominious. These dates are followed by the “Midwest Decimation Tour” that puts the band in the headlining spot with direct support from Illusion of Fate.

Rituals of Death was released November 11 on Blood Blast Distribution.

Order the album at: and merch bundles) (digital)

Emerging from the darkest and most desolate areas of the Midwest, CASKET ROBBERY creates its own signature style of death metal by infusing horror and occult themes. Their trademark huge riffs and unstoppable grooves create the unrelenting, brutally catchy, and eerie sound that only CASKET ROBBERY is known for. Death metal with a wink.

CASKET ROBBERY’s intense, high-energy shows have quickly surfaced a die-hard following. They continue to show a relentless work ethic and dedication to their fanbase. After the release of their debut album CASKET ROBBERY has toured the United States continually, hitting large festivals like Full Terror Assault and Milwaukee Summerfest. CASKET ROBBERY has shared the stage with Cannibal Corpse, Jungle Rot, Psycroptic, Immolation, and more.

Your unrelenting nightmare has just begun.

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DEIQUISITOR’s Apotheosis
Out Now

From beyond the confines of measurable knowledge, Apotheosis has arrived. Fast, brutal, and unearthly 90s-inspired death metal, the fourth full-length from Denmark’s DEIQUISITOR is out now on Extremely Rotten Productions and Night Shroud Records.

Comprised of veterans of the Danish scene, Apotheosis includes nine new songs recorded at Phlegm Studios in Lejre and mixed and mastered by Greg Wilkinson of Earhammer Productions. Continuing the band’s occult-driven cosmic journey, Apotheosis takes the DEIQUISITOR brand of death metal without losing the uncompromising fist-to-the-face approach heard on previous albums. Apotheosis dwells on occult science, ancient mysteries, and apocalyptic themes.

Download the album at

Apotheosis is available on vinyl, CD, and cassette via Extremely Rotten Productions and Night Shroud Records.

Stream Apotheosis on Spotify.

Striving for Destruction
The Eyes of Worms
Reflected by the Void
Atomic Assassins
Praise the Lord

DEIQUISITOR was formed in 2013 by Henrik B.C and Thomas F.J, both of whom spent time in several Order of the Nonagram bands such as BLODFEST and WOLFSLAIR. The duo has returned to its roots in old-school death metal. Those familiar with Henrik and Thomas’ work in the Danish underground scene will recognize elements of the part appearing in their new material. DEIQUISITOR is fast-paced, aggressive, and atmospheric death metal influenced heavily by the sound and style of bands who ruled the genre in the early 90s.

Drums: Henrik B.C
Guitar and vocals: Thomas F.J
Bass and vocals:Daniel A

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Kansas City’s HELLEVATE Release New EP “The Purpose is Cruelty”

The fires of thrash metal are burning white-hot in 2023 with the release of The Purpose is Cruelty, the new EP from Kansas City’s HELLEVATE.

The Purpose of Cruelty features five aggressive tracks of classic speed/thrash metal with a modern attack. A violent hybrid of East Coast and Bay Area thrash, the EP shows why HELLEVATE has been called “a new hope for thrash” (All Around Metal).

Download The Purpose is Cruelty at

Stream the EP on SpotifyApple Music, and Amazon Music.


The Purpose is Cruelty


Buried Under Mistakes

Die or Be Killed

(No) Further Action is Required

Playing melodic thrash metal with a mixture of extreme and power metal thrown in to keep listeners on their toes, HELLEVATE draws from across the spectrum of sounds to forge the most potent of heavy metal. The band was formed in the late 2000s by guitarist Dan Whitmer, and while it has experienced several lineup changes, the band has found its superior form with the addition of Zack Burke, Joshua Cole, RJ Whitmer, and new singer Robert Browne.

HELLEVATE’s debut was released in 2012 and followed up in 2014 with the EP Kill Confirmed and the album Weapons Against Their Will in 2016. Singles “Last of the Fell” and “Krampusnacht” were released in 2018 and 2019, respectively. The band’s new EP, The Purpose Is Cruelty, is the culmination of the work the band has put in up to this point. Packed with riffs across a spectrum of sounds and the razor-sharp vocals of Robert, HELLEVATE seeks to make a statement with the release.

The band has established itself by sharing the bill with many nationally touring bands, including Exodus, Kreator, Accept, Overkill, Destruction, Ghoul, Venom Inc., and Danzig, just to name a few. With a great lineup and a bright future ahead of them, HELLEVATE continues to grow as a musical force in the metal world, and intends to dominate and annihilate for many years to come.


Vocals: Robert Browne

Guitars: Dan “Danowar” Whitmer 

Guitars: Josh “The Boss” Cole 

Bass: Zack “The Ripper” Burke 

Drums: RJ “The Machine Gun” Whitmer

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THE HUMAN RACE IS FILTH Releasing ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ Album on March 10

Death Grind rabble The Human Race Is Filth will release new album Cognitive Dissonance on March 10. The album’s first single, “Propagating Technology,” is available now at:

Sonic violence abounds, as The Human Race Is Filthchurn out a new slab of death-grinding disorientation. And that’s just the music. Lyrically, the band is back at it with straight-to-the-point content covering topics like mental health, socioeconomic injustice, technology, personal struggle, and privilege. No quarter, no reprieve, no place to hide. Time to duck and cover.

In the band’s own words:

“We wrote this album from August to November 2021 and were really going for straight out Death Grind with a touch of d-beat and Hardcore mixed in. We wanted dirtier guitar and bass tones, more aggressive drums, and more extreme vocals compared to the first three releases and we believe we accomplished those things on this release.”

FFO: Insect Warfare / Vermin Womb/ Obituary / Nails / Extreme Noise Terror 


Track Listing:

1. Life Of Tyrants

2. Apes With Christ

3. Electronic Caterpillars

4. Bastardized

5. Cloaked In Shame

6. Hopes Wavered

7. Propagating Technology

8. Vomiting Strings Of Human Decay

9. Tribal Injections Of Division

Notes on the Recording Sessions:

Recorded at The Kaleidoscope Lancaster PA November/December 2022.

Engineered and Mixed by Ben Roth. 

Mastered by Joel Grind from Toxic Holocaust (mastered Power Trip/Lord Dying/Toxic Holocaust/Poison Idea/Coliseum/ & more).

Vocalist Kasey had his Son (toddler) speak in the beginning of “Life of Tyrants.”

There was a noise track recorded on every song throughout the entire recording, sometimes prominent in mix, sometimes faint.

Had an issue with the bass guitar day of recording and was lent a bass from Kuyler from the band SLEEPSCULPTOR (Mathcore Psychos on Silent Pendulum Records) at the last minute, literally the day the bass tracks were laid down!

Artwork by All4Band Design


Paul Folk – Guitar / Noise

Kasey Harrison – Vocals / Bass

Brett Rebman – Drums


Formed as a duo in 2017 by Kasey Harrison and Paul Folk, both played in numerous bands together. The goal was to write and release some extreme music and play some gigs. After three releases, their friend Brett Rebman joined up on drums in 2021. The Human Race Is Filthwas shut down during the pandemic having to cancel and not able to play any shows like everyone else.

Kasey Harrison – some past/current bands – Police State (power Violence), Bittered (metalcore/grind), Mans Plague (Grind), A.P.E. (sludge).

Paul Folk – some past/current bands include – Exterminance (MD Death metal – currently active),Police State (power Violence), Bittered (metalcore/grind), Mans Plague (Grind), A.P.E. (sludge).

Brett Rebman- some past/current bands include Punctual (punk Hardcore) – Phlegm (PA – grindcore) –Gangrenous Flesh Consumption (slam – currently active) and more.

The Human Race Is Filth has played a lot of shows, mostly on the East Coast of the United States and some shows in Canada (Ontario / Quebec). Current plans are playing shows and weekend warrior stuff in the Spring with the new release and tour in the Summer (US/Canada for sure – Worldwide if opportunity presents itself).

The Human Race Is Filth Website

THRIF on YouTube

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Heavy Metal Trio MORTALUS To Release Sophomore Album We Are Human On February 24

Photo Credit: C.MAC Photography


Michelle Gann – Vocals and Guitar
Bryan Bedgood – Bass and Vocals
Patrick Mahoney – Drums and Percussion

MORTALUS is equal parts classic and modern, heavy and melodic, power and finesse, focused and loose. We Are Human is a showcase of all parts. It has been a whirlwind since the last album was released. Impactful events such as a global pandemic, political and worldwide turmoil, addiction, inequality and prejudice, losing family members, decayed friendships, and re-evaluation of one’s own perspective all went into the making of We Are Human. The band takes its craft very seriously, but by the time the album closes, the listener will know that they still like to have a little fun while
they’re at it.

FFO:  Anthrax, D.R.I.,  Evergrey, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica, Nightwish, Slayer 



Heavy Metal. It’s a term used to describe a genre of music that, in the 21st century, is as expansive as an ocean, with as many subgenre titles as there are species and all the seas. For Mortalus, their brand of metal is an ocean that can be deep and dark, pristine and beautiful, or full on, hull-crushing fury. 

The members of Mortalus are students of their craft, striving to be always at the top of their game. Being described as “modern old school” isn’t much of a stretch. The influences are vast expanses, ranging from the obvious, like “The Big Four,” Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, to Evergrey, D.R.I., Nightwish,
and Toto.

The three metalheads of Mortalus wear the title as a badge of honor. Fronted by the Cat 5 hurricane known as “Metal” Michelle Gann, she would be impressive enough as a lead vocalist if not for her beautifully intense guitar skills. Bassist and vocalist Bryan “Bedrock” Bedgood brings in a quirky, melodic style to the ocean bed low end. Drummer Patrick “Gumbo” Mahoney possesses battleship power and intensity behind the kit. Long time a quartet, Mortalus has since become a trio, writing and recording music filled with passion, melody, and yes, power.

Artwork by

Track Listing:

1.Battle Born
2.The FiXX
4.Intended Victims
5. Dearest FriEND
6. Blood Red Sunset
7. We Are Human
8. Danger Zone
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UNFATHOMABLE RUINATION Release New Single “The Defying Symphony of Universal Dissonance”


Mallika Sundaramurthy - Vocals
Daniel Herrera- Guitars
Ross Piazza- Guitars
Jake Law- Bass
Doug Anderson- Drums

UNFATHOMABLE RUINATION has released their new single “The Defying Symphony of Universal Dissonance.” Their first track with new vocalist Mallika Sundaramurthy (ex-Abnormality) signifies a new era for the band and their brand of technical brutal death metal without boundaries.

“The Defying Symphony of Universal Dissonance” sets a scene of cosmic horror and pure devastation. An unspeakable horror arises from inter-dimensional time and space to wreak havoc upon humanity, leaving fire and ash in its wake.

Stream “The Defying Symphony of Universal Dissonance” now on SpotifyApple Music, and Amazon Music.

The song was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Sam Turbitt at Ritual Studios, with vocals recorded by Tonda Smrčka at Seabeast Production.

UNFATHOMABLE RUINATION recently released the official music video for “The Defying Symphony of Universal Dissonance.” Stream the video at this location.

 “Unfathomable Ruination is possibly the best band in these times within UK Brutal Death Metal.” – Dargedik Rock Metal Webzine

“Dark, sharp and uncompromising technical death metal that will grab your head and spine!” – Deadly Storm Zine

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SAMTAR Set to Release “Shadow of the King’s Charade”

Alternative one-man band SAMTAR will release its newest endeavor, Shadow of the King’s Charade, on January 13. Comprised of 13 wildly imaginative compositions, the album stands out as an artistic, genre-blurring journey through the multiverse. 

Stream the album track “You Bleed” on Spotify.

Shadow of the King’s Charade was written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by SAMTAR. Additional bass tracks on tracks “Wild Boys” and “You Bleed” performed by Jamie Giesen.

Album artwork by Colin Bolger (

1) The Shadow From My Dreams
2) Cool to Me
3) Echoes From Across The Sea
4) The Horror Within
5) The Man
6) The Fool
7)You Bleed
8) She Will Have Her Revenge
9) River Spirit
10) Wild Boys
11) Lost Vision
12) Her Shadow
13) Town of Forgotten Souls

SAMTAR, music-obsessed virtuoso, plies his craft with an unrepentent vigor and passion. Navigating the forests of genre, SAMTAR follows a path to sounds unknown by combining style and influence from all sources. Sam chose to eschew chasing promotions and focus instead on loving his life through creating music, exploring the outdoors, and translating the ethereal into song. The music Sam creates is human and close, it has a momentum of its own and entreats the listener to be a traveler along the journey to their own peace. 

SAMTAR grew up on the likes of System of a Down, The Black Dahlia Murder, Opeth, Sonata Arctica, Muse, Jimi Hendrix, Sublime, and Nirvana. Now he unites these divergent influences with driving bass lines, hook-heavy guitar melodies, powerful vocals, and a healthy dose of synthesizers. He notes some of his biggest vocal influences being from artists like Mike Patton (Mr. Bungle/Faith No More), and Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica). He also takes inspiration from sci-fi/fantasy films and literature.

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Gatekeeper – ‘From Western Shores’ Out March 24th Via Cruz Del Sur Music

Vancouver (BC) – Canadian Epic/Melodic Heavy Metal heroes Gatekeeper will release From Western Shores – their first full-length album in five years – March 24, 2023 on Cruz Del Sur Music.

From Western Shores is a captivating eight-song journey that redefines epic, melodic heavy metal!

Jeff Black relocated Gatekeeper from Edmonton, Alberta, to Vancouver in 2014. Black’s East Vancouver locale finds him 30 minutes away from beaches, mountains and incredible woodlands. He attests to Vancouver’s “boundless quality” that makes inspiration come easy — he is surrounded by nature, after all. But Vancouver’s enduring beauty has a double meaning for Black and Gatekeeper. It is here where their career took off, beginning with 2018’s heralded East of Sunfull-length and the 2019 Grey Maiden EP, planting them firmly in the middle of the thriving underground melodic metal scene. It was only fitting, then, that their latest studio foray bears the title of From Western Shores as an homage to their home province.

Change has been afoot in the Gatekeeper camp since East of Sun. Guitarist Adam Bergen replaced Kenny Kroecher in 2019 and lead singer Tyler “Tex” Anderson supplanted Jean-Pierre Abboud in early 2022. (The band is rounded out by bassist David Messier and drummer Tommy Tro.) These moves strengthened Gatekeeper’s lineup and enabled Black to harness the talents of its newest members to pick up where the band left off with East of Sun. From Western Shores is populated with eight new razor-sharp songs in execution and production, thanks to the band cutting guitars, bass and vocals at Black’s Vancouver home studio. Drums were laid down at Little Red Sounds Studios in Westminster, British Columbia with Michael Kraushaar. And the highly in-demand Arthur Rizk (Cavalera Conspiracy, Kreator, Sonja) handled mixing duties.

Anderson undertook the daunting task of writing most of the lyrics and melodies on From Western Shores. He delivers with sharp, passionate vocals that delve into topics like pulp fantasy, mythology and fantasy. “Exiled King” details Harald Hardrada, the last Viking king of Norway, while “From Western Shores” and “Keepers of the Gate” are autobiographical and dedicated to Gatekeeper’s devoted fanbase. Any way you slice it, Anderson’s charisma and vocal prowess should easily help Gatekeeper navigate the treacherous singer-switch terrain that has befallen far lesser bands.

Ultimately, From Western Shores doubles down on the elements that have made Gatekeeper an international standout. The heavy metal parts are more heavy metal; the epic parts are more epic and the sad parts — as Black carefully puts it — are “sad as fuck.” It reinforces the notion that Gatekeeper is a melting pot of styles unlike very few within the melodic metal scene.

Armed with a new singer and eight indomitable metal anthems, Gatekeeper storms into 2023 poised to continue to fly the Canadian metal flag with honor and pride. Best of all, From Western Shoresproves that few can match Gatekeeper when it comes to epic heavy metal.



Vinyl LP Coke Green (LMT 100):

Vinyl LP Swamp Green (LMT 200):

Vinyl LP Sea Blue (LMT 200):

Vinyl LP Black:



Tyler “Tex” Anderson – Vocals
Jeff Black – Rhythm Guitar
Adam Bergen – Lead Guitar
David Messier – Bass
Tommy Tro – Drums

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Australian Heavy Rock Trio JUPITER ZEUS Return with “Frequency Prison”


Jeremy Graham - Bass
Aaron Smith - Drums
Simon Staltari - Vocals/guitars

Heavy rock veterans, JUPITER ZEUS, from Perth Western Australia will release their third album titled Frequency Prison on January 31. 

With each release, JUPITER ZEUS has added another piece to its unique puzzle. Their first EP, 2011’s Green Mosquito, introduced the band in a 13-minute flurry of deeply melodic, groove-heavy rock. Its follow-up, 2014’s On Earth expanded these foundations into an album of mammoth proportions. Eyes On The Prize (2017) brought further expansion still, pushing the band’s mutation of psychedelic doom to new heights. Their most recent release Central Ave (2020) is regarded as the band’s rawest and heaviest record to date, until now. Like with Central Ave,Frequency Prison again revisits the band’s ’90s heritage in much-loved death metal pioneers Nebula with a heavier musical direction. Massive riffs, entwined with ethereal vocals and passing guttural/growl vocal deliveries are openly displayed.

The opening track “Silent Screams” is one of the highlights of the album featuring a haunting piano intro with trademark bone-crunching Sabbath-esque grooves. The title track “Frequency Prison” exemplifies the band’s love of the power of the slow groove. And, needless to say, the record is overflowing with the truest trademark of JUPITER ZEUS: riffs combined with large slabs of stoner rock and doom-infused melancholy. The closing track “Chaos Reigns Supreme” is stripped back, with only acoustic guitar and the unmistakable baritone vocals of singer Simon Staltari at play. Lyrically, this song speaks of the current upheaval that the world is experiencing today. This is the dominant theme that permeates throughout the record.

As a body of work, the fourteen tracks could be regarded as a double album, quite audacious in today’s musical landscape, with the ever-shrinking attention spans of music consumers becoming the norm. The complex spectrum of ideas is itself the definitive sound of JUPITER ZEUS – captured in all its glory. As a band, they never tread the same ground twice, though they have always sounded like themselves. This is the true mark of originality, where familiarity and strangeness collide. Carrying the torch lit decades ago as younger men, Frequency Prison is the perfect snapshot of a time and place JUPITER ZEUS visited on their grand journey into the vast universe of heavy music.

1) Silent Screams
2) Dystopia Nightmares
3) Stationary
4) Dangerous Freedom
5) No Where To Play
6) Plandemic
7) Falling Down
8) Mark Passio
9) It's Not Happening
10) Written Off
11) Scientism
12) Frequency Prison
13) Merciful Father
14) Chaos Rain Supreme

Jupiter Zeus on Spotify

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Czech Republic Prog Black Metal / Post-Rock Band HEIDEN’S Album Andzjel Out Now!

Band members
Einsk – drums
Kverd – vocals, guitars, lyrics
Tom – guitars
Werlinga – keysBand members

Band: Heiden
Country: Czech Republic
Album: Andzjel
Genre: Prog Black Metal / Post-Rock
Label: Magick Disk Musick
Release date: November 11th, 2022

With the release of the new album Andzjel, Heidenexpands the perspectives of their audience base through dark, elegant and atmospherically authentic music. After 2 experimental rock albums, HEIDEN returns to the dark-metal expression and take it to the next level in their discography. Seven songs, thematically set in the inhospitable beauty of the White Carpathians, offer an insight into the souls of the local people, sharing the soil, blood, healing and knowledge passed down through generations. The phenomenon of Žítková goddesses, which the postwar totalitarian regime permanently eradicated.

Heiden started up in 2003 as Pagan black metal project founded by Kverd & Varnag. Along with the development of the line-up, the band’s musical intention developed, and a gradual shift from black metal to post metal and post rock can be traced across the recordings. Completely different than most of the bands in the genres, HEIDEN solitary wanders accross the genres and inspirations.

– The ninth album in the 20 years history of the band
– Winner of the Anděl Award for the best Hard and Heavy album in 2011 (Czech Grammy)
– Winner of the Britva Awards for the best metal album in 2011 and 2013 (CZ metal critics award)

The main recording session was engineered by Pavel Hlavica and Petr Nejezchleba in SHAARK Studio.

The album was mixed and mastered by Karl Daniel Lidén in Tri-Lamb studio, Sweden in May 2022.

Nevěřím těm očím
V hodině vlka
Musím ti tolik říct
Sviť měsíčku, jasno
Běsů se nezbavíš
Patřím sem

Follow Heiden:

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Spider Mother Earth’s Album ‘Insights of Prophecy’ Now Out!

Spider Mother Earth journey began in 2017, in Lisbon (Portugal) with the creation of the first compositions of the themes, combined with the roots and musical influences, faithful and passionate of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal of the golden years, making these styles, the main base/influence on the instrumental, but with my personal vision and expression.

The lyrics are mainly directed to positive, towards the mental well-being of the Human Being, among multiple concepts that I like and see myself as philosophy, spirituality and my personal vision, about society and the implanted system.

Spider Mother Earth is a solo project, with the aspect and component of adaptation very present in the vibe of a band, composed by Carlos Falé.

As a result of his study and acquired experience, developed over the years, both in the studio and on stage, he became a multi-instrumentalist, composer, lyricist and vocalist.

Until the present date, it has materialized and accomplish:

In 2020, in Slovenia, the demo album, titled Always Phoenix, came out.
In 2022, in Slovenia, the album entitled Insights of Prophecy came out.

For you, who are reading now:
The dream commands life,
Life is a journey made of choices,
The path of your destiny depends on you.

Follow Spider Mother Earth:

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Blackened/Dissonant Death Metal Trio MITHRIDATUM Premiere “Mournful Glow”

Blackened/Dissonant Death Metal trio MITHRIDATUM have partnered with No Clean Singing for the premiere of “Mournful Glow,” the second single from forthcoming debut album Harrowing. The song will be available on all digital platforms on January 6. Stream it now at the link below!

Featuring former members of Abhorrentand The Faceless, MITHRIDATUM will release Harrowing on CD, vinyl, and digital formats February 3, 2023 on Willowtip Records.

In the band’s own words:

“Through mercurial waves beneath the moon’s mournful glow, a trinity of incarnate beings that embody Mithridatum have conjured forth the entity known as Harrowing, an auditory pilgrimage traversing a gloomscape leaden with dissonance, despondency, isolation, entropy… into the abyss.

The name Mithridatumrefers to the practice of achieving immunity against poisoning through self-administered, sub-lethal doses. The allegory is inescapable in its illustration of the unrelenting immiseration all incarnate beings must endure, willing or unwilling.”




Track Listing:

1. Sojourn

2. Silhouette

3. Mournful Glow

4. Lower Power

5. The Passageway


Covert art by The Blazing Seer

Logo by Christophe Szpajdel

Vocals recorded with Matt Very

Mixed and mastered by Michael Garrison


Lyle Cooper – Guitar / Bass / Drums

Geoff Ficco – Vocals

Marlon Friday – Guitar

Willowtip on Spotify