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Icelandic Death Metal Squad DEVINE DEFILEMENT Release ‘Age of Atrocities’

Photo Credit: Einar Jarl
Ingólfur Ólafsson (Vocals)
Guðmundur Hermann Lárusson (Guitar)
Arek Alenjikov (Bass & backing vocals)
Sigurjón Óli Gunnarsson (Guitar)
Stefán Friðriksson (Drums)
Freyr Hreinsson (Vocals)

Reykjavík (IS) – Icelandic Death Metal squad Devine Defilement have released sophomore album, Age of Atrocities, on Rising Nemesis Records! The album is streaming in its entirety and can be purchased at:

The theme of Age of Atrocitiesreflects the atrocities of mankind throughout the ages and pinpoints the brutality and insanity of the human being. The album packs a healthy dose of technicality, guttural vocals, and blasting drums, all mixed with infectious grooves and slams.

“An album in which almost all facets of death metal find a place. Varied carnage of the highest order!” (9/10)

– Undergrounded

“Devine Defilement keeps a classic feel and rawness to their music that fans of death metal will love, but mixes in modern styles to create a fresh take.”

– The Metalverse

The band has released a whopping five official videos for tracks from the album, which are available below!

“Byzantine Blinding”


“Embedded in Filth”

S.C.U (ft. Trausti from False Majesty & Floor from Korpse)

“Malformed Grin”

Track Listing:

1. Summoning
2. The Wolf of Bedburg (ft. Steinar Ólafsson)
3. Byzantine Blinding
4. Malformed Grin
5. Labyrinth of Disfigurement
6. All Rise
7. S.C.U (ft. Trausti from False Majesty & Floor from Korpse)
8. Betrothed to Blasphemy
9. Embedded in Filth
10. Wraith
11. SIC (Slipknot Cover)

Mixed and Recorded by Sigurjon Oli Liquid Slam Studios.

Mastered by Floor at GLDCHN Studios.

Artwork by Freyr Hreinsson.


The slam crew of Devine Defilementhas been on the forefront of the Icelandic death metal scene for the past few years. Pulling influences from a variety of death metal sub-genres they have concocted a brutal cocktail of groove, slams, blasts and ferocity that has made them a force to be reckoned with! Armed with the release of their sophomore album Age of Atrocities, they are poised to deliver a punishing 2024 for everyone who heeds their call.

Devine Defilement Spotify

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VALE OF PNATH Release “Silent Prayers” Video

Band Photo Credit: Michelle Nisbit 

Denver (CO) – The official video for “Silent Prayers,” the third single from forthcoming Vale of Pnath album, Between The Worlds of Life and Death, is out now! Take the plunge at

Vale of Pnath will release highly anticipated new album Between The Worlds of Life and Death on CD, vinyl, and digital formats May 24 via

Willowtip Records Pre-order Here And At The Willowtip Store Here

The band released the following statement concerning the new album:

“It’s been 5 years since our last release, Accursed. The EP really was a new avenue for the band as we leaned further toward a more blackened approach stylistically. Having more of a tech death background, this EP was a way to lead our fans into the next era. Between The Worlds of Life and Death is an album that really is just a continuation of what we started with Accursed. It captures the band’s core sound, but also brings a newer and bold take on this brand of metal. We want this to be the most approachable album we have made for metal fans. We want people to put this on and be sucked in immediately, yet keep coming back for more.” 

Album Cover: Zac Shiffer

Track Listing:

1. The Forgotten Path (Intro)
2. Silent Prayers
3. Soul Offering
4. Shadow
5. Uncertain Tomorrow
6. Beneath Ashen Skies
7. No Return, No Regret
8. Echoes Of The Past (Interlude)
9. Burning Light [Video]

Vale of Pnath are on the road in the U.S. this month with co-headliners Abigail Williams and special guests Summoning The Lich!

Tickets Are Available Here

5/10 Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506
5/11 Birmingham, AL @ LCY
5/13 Austin, TX @ Come and Take it Live
5/14 Houston, TX @ Secret Group
5/15 Fort Worth, TX @ Haltom Theater
5/17 Colorado Springs, CO @ The Black Sheep*
5/18 Denver, CO @ The Marquis Theater*
5/20 Phoenix, AZ @ The Underground*
5/21 Las Vegas, NV @ The Usual Place*
5/22 San Diego, CA @ Brick by Brick*
5/23 San Luis Obispo, CA @ Humdinger Brewing*
5/24 Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction*
5/25 San Fransisco, CA @ Neck of the Woods*
5/26 Sacramento, CA @ Harlow’s*

*Dates with Summoning the Lich

Tour Poster Design: Zac Shiffer

Guest Appearances:

Michael Wilson – Guest solo in “No Return, No Regret.”

Donny Burbage (Cradle of Filth, Aether Realm) – Guest solo (#2) in “Shadow” and in “Soul Offering.”  

Miles Dimitri Baker (Interloper) – Guest solo in “Beneath Ashen Skies.” 

Matthew Brown (Demon King) – Guest solo (#1) in “Shadow.”

Christian Muenzner (Necrophagist, Obscura, Alkaloid) – Guest solo in “Uncertain Tomorrow.”

Album Credits:

Bass on all tracks performed by Ken Scorceron.

“The Forgotten Path” & “Echoes of the Past” composed by Wayne Ingram (Wilderun).

Cello performed by Christopher Edward Brown,  

Drum tracking By Robert Velazquez Swanson / Mayhemness Recording Studio.

All music composed by Vance Valenzuela, Ken Sarafin and Ken Scorceron. 

Produced by Ken Scorceron.

Mixed and Mastered by Ken Scorceron.

Additional editing: Samuel Bassani, Tom Connolly.

Follow Vale of Pnath Online:

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LanzerRath Post Full Stream of “Nebular Collapse: The Dissolution of Order and Meaning”

LanzerRath is:
I – Lyrics, Vocals
II – Music, Vocals, Production
III – Vocals
III I – Vocals
III II – Art, Design
III III – Vocals, Mellotron
III III I – Vocals

The full 20-minute version of the new song from black metal horde LanzerRath is now streaming.

“Nebular Collapse: The Dissolution of Order and Meaning” is a 20-minute journey into darkness that can be found on the band’s split release with Shroud of Despondency, out May 10 on Northern Spire Productions.

LanzerRath’s “I” comments on the song, “The song is a cosmic odyssey that traverses the depths of nihilism and the search for meaning in a universe indifferent to our existence. With a backdrop of the sun’s enduring flame and the decay of mortal coils, the lyrics challenge us to find significance in the fleeting moments of life.

“It’s a journey through time, space, and consciousness, where the ultimate liberation lies in embracing the cosmic explosion—the final release from the erosion of eternity. This song is not just a musical piece; it’s a philosophical inquiry into the essence of being, a tesseract of thought nestled in the infinite expanse of oblivion.”

The split is now streaming in its entirety via Metal Insider. Listen now at this location.

Order the split now at

In 2018, founding members “I” and “II” created LanzerRath. A grassroots vision that pays homage to pioneers of black metal through four albums of pure energy and raw emotion. Now in 2024, LanzerRath brings us their magnum opus on cosmic nihilism.

Using their signature metal maelstrom to convey the insignificance of human life among the vast vacuum, ensorcelled by chaos, LanzerRath delivers it all. Compelling atmospherics, aggressive riffing, blast beats, and scathing vocals produce a uniquely dynamic soundscape. With themes of madness, misery, and mystery propagating their almost Lovecraftian universe. If that wasn’t enough, they’ve also paired up with the northern black metal act Shroud of Despondency to round out the split.

Shroud Of Despondency/LanzerRath Split Tracklist:
Shroud Of Despondency:
1. The Source of Multiversal Degradation
2. Celestial Venom
3. Nebular Collapse: The Dissolution of Order and Meaning

Stream previous LanzerRath releaseson Spotify.

Northern Spire Productions


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GHOST ON MARS Album Out of Time and Space Available Now on Willowtip!

Band Photo Credit: Sara Sangermano

Moreno Sangermano: Lead and backing vocals.
Fabio Valentini: Rhythm, clean and classic guitars.
Andrea Mataloni: Rhythm, lead and clean guitars.
Valerio Lippera: Bass.
Andrea Alberati: Drums.

Rome (IT) – Out of Time and Space, the new album from Italian Progressive Metal quintet Ghost on Mars, is out now on CD and digital formats via Willowtip Records! Coinciding with the release is the official video for album opener, “Beyond The Mist,” which is available here:

Click below to purchase and/or stream Out of Time and Space.

Willowtip Records

“These Italians have created something monstrous, simply great!” 

– (9.5/10)

“A remarkable debut album!”

– (9/10)

“Out Of Time And Space is an impressive debut.”

– Heavy Music Headquarters

“Passionate Prog Metal by this up-and-coming Italian group.”

– Ghost Cult

Ghost on Mars combines dark and melancholic atmospheres with metal traditions, recreating their personal approach to prog metal. The songs are inspired by films, books and stories belonging to the science fiction and horror cultures: The Mist, They Live, The Revenant, I Robot, Dylan Dog, Rec, Arrival…

FFO: Pain of Salvation, Leprous, Katatonia, Evergrey, The Contortionist and Soen

Album art by Simon Bossert

Track Listing:

1. Beyond the Mist
2. Quarantine
3. They
4. Carbon Skin
5. Nocturnal
6. That Time I Saw The Moon
7. Under a Crescent Moon
8. Back from the Dead
9. Back to Life
10. Lost Signal


Out of Time and Space was produced by Ghost on Mars.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex Di Nunzio (Francesco Di Giacomo, Astra) at NMG Recording Studios in 2022 and 2023.

Ghost on Mars on YouTube

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AEOLIAN Share New Song – “The Miracle”

Dani Pérez – Vocals
Raúl Morán – Guitars & Trombones
Gabi Escalas – Guitars
Leoben Conoy – Bass
Pedro Martínez – Drums

Melodic death metallers AEOLIAN are now streaming “The Miracle,” the new single off the band’s forthcoming new album, Echoes of the Future.

Check out the lyric video for “The Miracle”

Stream the song

Listen to the album’s first single “Hominis Obscura” here.

Echoes of the Future closes a trilogy that began with The Silent Witness, which explored the greatness and resilience of nature and the danger to which we submit its fragile balance, and the band’s second release The Negationist, developed in a present-day in which we refuse to see how the human being has affected and threatened that balance.

On Echoes of the Future AEOLIAN embarks on a journey through the next centuries and puts us in the shoes of our counterparts from a not-so-distant future who will guide us on a journey through the difficulties and great dilemmas of humanity to survive on an increasingly inhospitable planet.

Echoes of the Future was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound studio.

Black Lion Records will release Echoes of the Future on November 10. Pre-order the album

1 – Hominis Obscura
2 – Dreams or Reality
3 – The Miracle
4 – Her Grief
5 – Like a Blackened Sun
6 – Into the Flames
7 – Lords of Greed
8 – Echoes of the Future
9 – Chronicles of the Fall

Guests musicians:

Piano on “Her Grief” by Valentín Moldovan

Trumpets on “Echoes of the Future” by Jaume Blàzquez Bonnín

Speakers on Wastelands by Lea Tasala, Justus Toivonen, Katharina Suckfüll and Tony Christopher Martinson

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Melodic Metal Project ELEMENT OF FATE Streaming “Dreamfall” Single


Carol Phillips: Vocals, Lyrics
Scott Loose: Guitars, Bass, Keys, Drum Programing

“Dreamfall” will be available on all digital platforms on August 25 through Bravemusic.

“Dreamfall is our third single release, and is a song that speaks to the heart of anyone who has ever chased a dream. It’s about finding the light in the darkness. When your soul feels hopeless and broken, and life seems impossible to endure, when you feel like you just can’t go on anymore. It’s about believing in yourself, and overcoming the fears, doubts and the negativity that can stop you from reaching your full potential. The song lyrics are a reflection of my own journey, and fighting these inner demons.”

– Carol Phillips Element of Fate primarily draw influence from traditional metal bands, but leverage modern recording techniques to craft their unique sound. The music varies from high-energy thrashing to melodic and groovy, and the lyrics explore a range of fantasy-laden, mystical, and sci-fi storylines. Carol’s dynamic voice, paired with Scott’s passion for writing guitar riffs, creates a textured fusion of metallic and dream-like soundscapes. All of the music and releases are accompanied by Carol’s original artwork, which creates an even more immersive experience for the listener.

Credits: All music recorded at House Nine, and mixed/mastered by John Mario at JBG Records. Copyright 2023.

Individual Bios:

Carol Phillips is a fantasy artist and illustrator based in Portland, Oregon. She is a classically trained vocalist who began studying voice at age 13. She is primarily a lover of rock and heavy metal, but also enjoys singing many other styles of music. Her training and varied inspirations have allowed her to develop a very dynamic vocal range and tonality. Carol’s desire to explore all of the sounds and textures of the voice enables her to uniquely convey a story, and to emotionally connect with the listener. Element of Fate is her first foray into the world of songwriting and recording—merging her creative passion for both art and music, and fulfilling a life-long passion.

Scott Loose is a Washington, DC-based guitarist/musician and recording artist who has been writing music and playing in various rock/metal bands since the early 1990s. He has appeared on over 20 recordings, and has toured throughout the United States and Europe. Scott is also a founding member of the Bravemusic record label, whose motto is to create music “without boundaries” ( Scott is best known for his work with As the Sea Parts, Brave, Day of Departure, Stellar Death, and While Heaven Wept.

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MOSAIC WINDOW Sign With Willowtip Records; ‘Plight of Acceptance’ Reissue Coming This Fall

THE MOSAIC WINDOW is: A.S.B – All Instruments, Vocals, Programming

Melodic death/black metal solo act THE MOSAIC WINDOW has inked a deal with Willowtip Records that will see the re-release of the band’s debut full-length, Plight of Acceptance.

Originally released digitally by the band in June of this year, Plight of Acceptance made waves throughout the extreme metal community, leading to the deal with Willowtip Records.

THE MOSAIC WINDOW mastermind A.S.B comments, “I am incredibly grateful that Plight of Acceptance has reached so many people and unbelievably stoked that Willowtip has decided to re-release the album and sign the band. There’s no way in hell I ever saw this coming. In general, this album was difficult for me to write and record, since I still felt raw and vulnerable from the deaths of my father and grandmother. I’m just glad I was able to push through and finish the damn thing. It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. The catharsis was so rewarding, it led me to immediately start writing new songs the day after the release. I can’t wait for folks to hear what’s coming next. It’s going to be sick, haunted, and unhinged.”

Willowtip Records will release Plight of Acceptance on CD and vinyl formats on November 10. Pre-order the album at and

Stream Plight of Acceptance on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Plight of Acceptance was mixed and mastered by Damien Herring. The album artwork features “Le Desespoir,” a painting by early 19th-century French artist Marcel Roux.

Track listing:
1) Comatic Burial
2) The Haunting That Follows
3) Demon
4) Furnace
5) Spiritual Intoxication
6) Nails of Holy Origin
7) Consumed by a Thought

THE MOSAIC WINDOW was formed in September 2021, nearly five years after A.S.B.’s last musical endeavor. Years of depression and anxiety, exacerbated by the pandemic and the deaths of his father and grandmother, led A.S.B. down a darkened path that could only be relieved by channeling the emotional turmoil through artistic expression, specifically in the form of black metal. This grief, anger, and confusion led to the creation of the Hollow EP.

Written and recorded by himself over a weekend, Hollow was a cathartic release for A.S.B. and the return to creating extreme music was something he had been missing for years. Thus, shortly after the release of Hollow, A.S.B. quickly began to write what would become THE MOSAIC WINDOW’s debut album, Plight of Acceptance.

The album took the majority of 2022 to write and record, as its themes are far deeper and darker than its predecessor. Additionally, A.S.B. focused more on songwriting, with cautious intention in every riff, transition, and lyric. Plight of Acceptancealso features the presence of Damian Herring (Horrendous) for the final mix and master.


CASKET ROBBERY Hitting The Road This Spring; Announce Appearance at Milwaukee Metal Fest

Casket Robbery is:

Megan Orvold-Scheider – Vocals
Cory Scheider – Guitars
Troy Powell – Guitars
Bryan Bykowski – Bass
Erik Schultek – Drums

Midwest death machine CASKET ROBBERY is set to embark upon a lengthy tour across the US in support of their latest album, Rituals of Death. The band has also been added to the newly revived Milwaukee Metal Fest.

The first leg of the tour, dubbed “The No Survivors Tour,” will see CASKET ROBBERY perform alongside The Convalescence and Ignominious. These dates are followed by the “Midwest Decimation Tour” that puts the band in the headlining spot with direct support from Illusion of Fate.

Rituals of Death was released November 11 on Blood Blast Distribution.

Order the album at: and merch bundles) (digital)

Emerging from the darkest and most desolate areas of the Midwest, CASKET ROBBERY creates its own signature style of death metal by infusing horror and occult themes. Their trademark huge riffs and unstoppable grooves create the unrelenting, brutally catchy, and eerie sound that only CASKET ROBBERY is known for. Death metal with a wink.

CASKET ROBBERY’s intense, high-energy shows have quickly surfaced a die-hard following. They continue to show a relentless work ethic and dedication to their fanbase. After the release of their debut album CASKET ROBBERY has toured the United States continually, hitting large festivals like Full Terror Assault and Milwaukee Summerfest. CASKET ROBBERY has shared the stage with Cannibal Corpse, Jungle Rot, Psycroptic, Immolation, and more.

Your unrelenting nightmare has just begun.

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DEIQUISITOR’s Apotheosis
Out Now

From beyond the confines of measurable knowledge, Apotheosis has arrived. Fast, brutal, and unearthly 90s-inspired death metal, the fourth full-length from Denmark’s DEIQUISITOR is out now on Extremely Rotten Productions and Night Shroud Records.

Comprised of veterans of the Danish scene, Apotheosis includes nine new songs recorded at Phlegm Studios in Lejre and mixed and mastered by Greg Wilkinson of Earhammer Productions. Continuing the band’s occult-driven cosmic journey, Apotheosis takes the DEIQUISITOR brand of death metal without losing the uncompromising fist-to-the-face approach heard on previous albums. Apotheosis dwells on occult science, ancient mysteries, and apocalyptic themes.

Download the album at

Apotheosis is available on vinyl, CD, and cassette via Extremely Rotten Productions and Night Shroud Records.

Stream Apotheosis on Spotify.

Striving for Destruction
The Eyes of Worms
Reflected by the Void
Atomic Assassins
Praise the Lord

DEIQUISITOR was formed in 2013 by Henrik B.C and Thomas F.J, both of whom spent time in several Order of the Nonagram bands such as BLODFEST and WOLFSLAIR. The duo has returned to its roots in old-school death metal. Those familiar with Henrik and Thomas’ work in the Danish underground scene will recognize elements of the part appearing in their new material. DEIQUISITOR is fast-paced, aggressive, and atmospheric death metal influenced heavily by the sound and style of bands who ruled the genre in the early 90s.

Drums: Henrik B.C
Guitar and vocals: Thomas F.J
Bass and vocals:Daniel A

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Kansas City’s HELLEVATE Release New EP “The Purpose is Cruelty”

The fires of thrash metal are burning white-hot in 2023 with the release of The Purpose is Cruelty, the new EP from Kansas City’s HELLEVATE.

The Purpose of Cruelty features five aggressive tracks of classic speed/thrash metal with a modern attack. A violent hybrid of East Coast and Bay Area thrash, the EP shows why HELLEVATE has been called “a new hope for thrash” (All Around Metal).

Download The Purpose is Cruelty at

Stream the EP on SpotifyApple Music, and Amazon Music.


The Purpose is Cruelty


Buried Under Mistakes

Die or Be Killed

(No) Further Action is Required

Playing melodic thrash metal with a mixture of extreme and power metal thrown in to keep listeners on their toes, HELLEVATE draws from across the spectrum of sounds to forge the most potent of heavy metal. The band was formed in the late 2000s by guitarist Dan Whitmer, and while it has experienced several lineup changes, the band has found its superior form with the addition of Zack Burke, Joshua Cole, RJ Whitmer, and new singer Robert Browne.

HELLEVATE’s debut was released in 2012 and followed up in 2014 with the EP Kill Confirmed and the album Weapons Against Their Will in 2016. Singles “Last of the Fell” and “Krampusnacht” were released in 2018 and 2019, respectively. The band’s new EP, The Purpose Is Cruelty, is the culmination of the work the band has put in up to this point. Packed with riffs across a spectrum of sounds and the razor-sharp vocals of Robert, HELLEVATE seeks to make a statement with the release.

The band has established itself by sharing the bill with many nationally touring bands, including Exodus, Kreator, Accept, Overkill, Destruction, Ghoul, Venom Inc., and Danzig, just to name a few. With a great lineup and a bright future ahead of them, HELLEVATE continues to grow as a musical force in the metal world, and intends to dominate and annihilate for many years to come.


Vocals: Robert Browne

Guitars: Dan “Danowar” Whitmer 

Guitars: Josh “The Boss” Cole 

Bass: Zack “The Ripper” Burke 

Drums: RJ “The Machine Gun” Whitmer

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THE HUMAN RACE IS FILTH Releasing ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ Album on March 10

Death Grind rabble The Human Race Is Filth will release new album Cognitive Dissonance on March 10. The album’s first single, “Propagating Technology,” is available now at:

Sonic violence abounds, as The Human Race Is Filthchurn out a new slab of death-grinding disorientation. And that’s just the music. Lyrically, the band is back at it with straight-to-the-point content covering topics like mental health, socioeconomic injustice, technology, personal struggle, and privilege. No quarter, no reprieve, no place to hide. Time to duck and cover.

In the band’s own words:

“We wrote this album from August to November 2021 and were really going for straight out Death Grind with a touch of d-beat and Hardcore mixed in. We wanted dirtier guitar and bass tones, more aggressive drums, and more extreme vocals compared to the first three releases and we believe we accomplished those things on this release.”

FFO: Insect Warfare / Vermin Womb/ Obituary / Nails / Extreme Noise Terror 


Track Listing:

1. Life Of Tyrants

2. Apes With Christ

3. Electronic Caterpillars

4. Bastardized

5. Cloaked In Shame

6. Hopes Wavered

7. Propagating Technology

8. Vomiting Strings Of Human Decay

9. Tribal Injections Of Division

Notes on the Recording Sessions:

Recorded at The Kaleidoscope Lancaster PA November/December 2022.

Engineered and Mixed by Ben Roth. 

Mastered by Joel Grind from Toxic Holocaust (mastered Power Trip/Lord Dying/Toxic Holocaust/Poison Idea/Coliseum/ & more).

Vocalist Kasey had his Son (toddler) speak in the beginning of “Life of Tyrants.”

There was a noise track recorded on every song throughout the entire recording, sometimes prominent in mix, sometimes faint.

Had an issue with the bass guitar day of recording and was lent a bass from Kuyler from the band SLEEPSCULPTOR (Mathcore Psychos on Silent Pendulum Records) at the last minute, literally the day the bass tracks were laid down!

Artwork by All4Band Design


Paul Folk – Guitar / Noise

Kasey Harrison – Vocals / Bass

Brett Rebman – Drums


Formed as a duo in 2017 by Kasey Harrison and Paul Folk, both played in numerous bands together. The goal was to write and release some extreme music and play some gigs. After three releases, their friend Brett Rebman joined up on drums in 2021. The Human Race Is Filthwas shut down during the pandemic having to cancel and not able to play any shows like everyone else.

Kasey Harrison – some past/current bands – Police State (power Violence), Bittered (metalcore/grind), Mans Plague (Grind), A.P.E. (sludge).

Paul Folk – some past/current bands include – Exterminance (MD Death metal – currently active),Police State (power Violence), Bittered (metalcore/grind), Mans Plague (Grind), A.P.E. (sludge).

Brett Rebman- some past/current bands include Punctual (punk Hardcore) – Phlegm (PA – grindcore) –Gangrenous Flesh Consumption (slam – currently active) and more.

The Human Race Is Filth has played a lot of shows, mostly on the East Coast of the United States and some shows in Canada (Ontario / Quebec). Current plans are playing shows and weekend warrior stuff in the Spring with the new release and tour in the Summer (US/Canada for sure – Worldwide if opportunity presents itself).

The Human Race Is Filth Website

THRIF on YouTube

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Heavy Metal Trio MORTALUS To Release Sophomore Album We Are Human On February 24

Photo Credit: C.MAC Photography


Michelle Gann – Vocals and Guitar
Bryan Bedgood – Bass and Vocals
Patrick Mahoney – Drums and Percussion

MORTALUS is equal parts classic and modern, heavy and melodic, power and finesse, focused and loose. We Are Human is a showcase of all parts. It has been a whirlwind since the last album was released. Impactful events such as a global pandemic, political and worldwide turmoil, addiction, inequality and prejudice, losing family members, decayed friendships, and re-evaluation of one’s own perspective all went into the making of We Are Human. The band takes its craft very seriously, but by the time the album closes, the listener will know that they still like to have a little fun while
they’re at it.

FFO:  Anthrax, D.R.I.,  Evergrey, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica, Nightwish, Slayer 



Heavy Metal. It’s a term used to describe a genre of music that, in the 21st century, is as expansive as an ocean, with as many subgenre titles as there are species and all the seas. For Mortalus, their brand of metal is an ocean that can be deep and dark, pristine and beautiful, or full on, hull-crushing fury. 

The members of Mortalus are students of their craft, striving to be always at the top of their game. Being described as “modern old school” isn’t much of a stretch. The influences are vast expanses, ranging from the obvious, like “The Big Four,” Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, to Evergrey, D.R.I., Nightwish,
and Toto.

The three metalheads of Mortalus wear the title as a badge of honor. Fronted by the Cat 5 hurricane known as “Metal” Michelle Gann, she would be impressive enough as a lead vocalist if not for her beautifully intense guitar skills. Bassist and vocalist Bryan “Bedrock” Bedgood brings in a quirky, melodic style to the ocean bed low end. Drummer Patrick “Gumbo” Mahoney possesses battleship power and intensity behind the kit. Long time a quartet, Mortalus has since become a trio, writing and recording music filled with passion, melody, and yes, power.

Artwork by

Track Listing:

1.Battle Born
2.The FiXX
4.Intended Victims
5. Dearest FriEND
6. Blood Red Sunset
7. We Are Human
8. Danger Zone