“Body Void Unleashes Raw Power with ‘Cop Show’ Lyric Video Depicting Police Brutality” Via Prosthetic Records

Photographer credit: Skyler Williams

Willow Ryan (guitar, bass, synths, vocals)
Janys-Iren Faughn (electronics, samples, live bass)
Edward Holgerson (drums)

Emerging like a tempest from the digital depths of New England’s avant-garde soundscape, Body Void, a formidable doom trio hailing from the Bay Area, unveils its masterpiece, “Cop Show.” This captivating composition serves as the second ethereal offering from their forthcoming opus, “Atrocity Machine,” slated for release on the hallowed date of October 13th, courtesy of the venerable Prosthetic Records.

In a brilliant symphony of apocalyptic reverie, “Cop Show” draws inspiration from the sacred annals of the 1987 sci-fi opus, ‘RoboCop.’ This haunting opus artfully dissects the unsettling spectacle wherein police violence, rather than yielding to the clarion call of abolition or reform, has morphed into a grotesque form of entertainment. A confluence of Paul Verhoeven’s surreal dystopian vision and the band’s artistic prowess breathes life into this cataclysmic anthem.

The aural architecture interlaced by Body Void is nothing short of a relentless, sonic juggernaut—an unforgiving gauntlet of auditory gravitas. With each resonating note, they forge a savage tempest of unprecedented proportions. Their signature sludge-laden, droning doom finds new horizons, fueled by the eclectic influences of Killing Joke and Wolf Eyes. This metamorphosis yields a harrowing soundscape akin to a cyberpunk nightmare.

“As Atrocity Machine unfolds, it unveils a remarkable evolution and descent into the darkest abyss of musicianship, crafting oppressive symphonies that defy convention.” The transformation is undeniable. Atrocity Machine stands as the zenith of their artistic journey, a testament to their creative prowess. With each tantalizing glimpse we’ve been granted thus far, it becomes evident that this odyssey promises a roller coaster ride through the chronicles of metal brutality. A cataclysm poised to leave an indelible mark on musical history. Brace yourselves, for Body Void’s “Atrocity Machine” beckons a promising voyage into uncharted musical territory.

BODY VOID has shared a new track, titled Cop Show, alongside an accompanying music video. Cop Show is the second single to be taken from the New England, Bay Area based doom trio’s upcoming fourth album, Atrocity Machine, which is due for release via Prosthetic Records on October 13. The song sees BODY VOID pulling influence from the dystopian sci-fi film Robocop, and serves as a critique on police violence.

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Speaking on the single, Willow Ryan (guitar, bass, synths, vocals) comments: “Cop Show lyrically might be the most specific on the album. It focuses on the way in which police violence, in place of abolition or even just reform, we’ve turned killings and assaults into a spectacle to be consumed and entertained by. Paul Verhoven’s brand of dystopian absurdity was a big influence on Atrocity Machine as a whole, but especially on this song with Robocop.”

BODY VOID‘s morose view of the world hasn’t lightened any since the release of 2021’s critically acclaimed Bury Me Beneath This Rotting Earth, although Atrocity Machine embraces absurdity on a new level. The subject matter in hand takes stock of the oppressive systems and societal functions that continually degrade the lives of millions as they passively become a cog in the very machine that subjugates them. Police violence is the thematic centre of the unravelling horror on Atrocity Machine, highlighted specifically on the track Cop Show which details the commercialisation of fear and violence being turned into a spectacle.

The grotesque reality of living in a capitalist landscape, with the value of human life decreasing daily provides infinite fuel for anxiety and trauma. The lurid tones of modern day news media are the backdrop to an Akira-inspired encounter with divine violence, Atrocity Machine offers a cosmic view of living under such systems of oppression. Specifically that the status quo can’t last forever; a self-destructive society will indeed eventually destroy itself.

The suffocating nature of oppression seeps into the sound of Atrocity Machine too. Although still a doom band at its core, BODY VOID in 2023 has expanded to incorporate dexterous layers of synths, samples and noise that makes their industrial-sludge sonic emissions an asphyxiating listening experience. The band credit producer Ben Greenberg (Portrayal of Guilt, VR Sex, Soft Kill) with bringing their electronic elements into a cohesive sound that embraces heaviness and claustrophobic chaos in equal measure.

Artwork is thematically on point – inspired by Tetsuo: The Iron Man (a person becoming a machine) – and created by Ethan Lee McCarthy. Marking a shift from their previously black-and-white-only artwork, Atrocity Machine is both visually and sonically drawing a line in the sand, delineating the beginning of a new chapter for BODY VOID.

Atrocity Machine tracklist:
1. Microwave
2. Human Greenhouse
3. Flesh Market
4. Cop Show
5. Divine Violence
6. Atrocity Machine



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Enter The Dark World Of DEAD FIELDS of WOOLWICH With Their Video “I’ve Made It To Hell” Off Self-Titled Debut Album

Dead Fields of Woolwich is:
Kye Bell (All Instruments and songwriting)
Alyssa Boere (Vocals)

Dead Fields Of Woolwich has its beginnings going back to the autumn of 2020 in North Bay, Ontario, Canada when multi-instrumentalist Kye Bell (Withing Nostalgia, Falamh) created a gloomy, doom metal project focused on dreary lyrics and a gothic-laden sound. Now, the band, though still considered a solo project at heart, has grown from an individual entity to a dark twosome with the addition of Alyssa Broere for session vocals and the upcoming release of the self-titled debut album. Thus, far they have released two videos and are following them up with “I’ve Made It To Hell”, which Bell comments on:

“I chose this one to showcase as the single for the album because it has a great dirgy riff until it hits a catchy chorus. Probably more simple than other songs but packs a great punch with its contrasting riffs of heavy and catchy especially as the last chorus comes around. This one deals with the idea of transitioning to the afterlife and being stuck there. I took the phrase “let me know when you’ve made it there safe” and applied it to the afterlife.”

Dead Fields Of Woolwich hopes that their initial offering will be met with praise and excitement. According to Bell, it was very fulfilling to create an album that is truly his own and he hopes there is a positive reception to the gothic elements fused with the heavy doom. His love of gothic culture is interwoven in all of his songs to deliver a feeling of something haunting and heavy.

“I’ve Made It To Hell” is faster than the other six tracks on the album and is an excellent introduction to the dark and at times, bleak record. Its themes focus on acceptance of death and personal struggles from within and also touch on dark romanticism and twisted love all while trudging along with heaviness and memorable hooks.

Melodic and melancholic, it is recommended for fans of Paradise Lost, Type O Negative, and Katatonia.

Watch and listen to the music video for “I’ve Made It To Hell” via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.

The self-titled album is due out on July 28th, 2023, and is available for pre-order on Spotify

Track Listing:
1. To Those Who Flower in Darkness – 4:43
2. Midnight In The Garden Of Earthly Delights – 6:42
3. Winters For Poets – 5:04
4. Casualties of Circumstance – 8:23
5. 31 Days For 31 Curses – 8:24
6. I’ve Made It To Hell – 6:28
Album Length: 39:47

More info: |