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Category 7: Heavy Metal Supergroup Reveals “Mousetrap” Video And Single

Photo by Rob Shotwell

Eponymous Debut Nears Release Via Metal Blade Records

Watch / stream CATEGORY 7’s “Mousetrap ” HERE

Mousetrap” is the latest single from CATEGORY 7, the heavy metal supergroup featuring the iconic lineup of John Bush (Armored SaintAnthrax), Mike Orlando (Adrenaline MobSonic UniverseNoturnall), Phil Demmel (Machine HeadKerry KingVio-Lence), Jack Gibson (Exodus), and Jason Bittner (Shadows FallOverkill). The track comes courtesy of the band’s self-titled debut full-length, set for release on July 26th through Metal Blade Records.

Named after the numerical designation for the most powerful windstorms, CATEGORY 7 came together from a batch of musicians who strived to play music they loved and weren’t hearing elsewhere and wanted to do so with bandmates they enjoyed being with. The result is sonically rewarding and lives up to the storied histories of its members. Meticulously structured songs skillfully balance thrash beats, NWOBHM-inspired rhythms, a punk metal attitude, and ferocious dual guitar work ultimately establishing an eclectic musical backdrop for vocalist John Bush’s instantly identifiable vocals.

The band has already earned perhaps the most honorable of accolades from Metallica‘s James Hetfield who added the band’s last single, “Exhausted” to the the playlist of Metallica‘s official podcast, The Metallica Report.

It’s all about big verses and big songs, and it has a lot of the elements we’ve explored in our other bands,” notes guitarist and main songwriter Mike Orlando.

I think the sound of this band really comes down to the odd connection that all of us have,” adds Bittner. “We’ve known each other for years as friends and peers. And we’ve all looked up to each other and know that one day we’d have to work together. It’s taken almost two decades for that to happen, but lo-and-behold, once it did there was no stopping us.”

In advance of the record’s official unveiling, today the band presents a video for third single, “Mousetrap.”

Comments Bush, “The music for this one felt like a mysterious caper to me. I drew inspiration from The Three Musketeers where a police tactic was used to apprehend someone who went to the residence of a person who was previously arrested. The whole thing feels like a black and white movie with scenes of entrapment, interrogation, and a corrupt warden. Even though it feels like something old, it also feels like it could be applied to what is happening in our modern justice system. Round and round we go.”

Watch CATEGORY 7‘s video for “Mousetrap” at THIS LOCATION.

Watch CATEGORY 7’s previously released video for “In Stitches” HERE and “Exhausted” HERE.

Category 7 was produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Orlando at Sonic Stomp Studios with art and layout by Carlos Fides at Artside Studio (AngraEvergreyKamelot). The record will be available on CD and digital formats as well as vinyl in the following color variants:

Storm Surge (US + EU)
Sable Smoke (EU – Ltd. 300)

Find pre-orders at:

John Bush – vocals
Phil Demmel – guitar
Mike Orlando – guitar
Jack Gibson – bass
Jason Bittner – drums