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Atrocifer’s New Hard Hitting Rock Track Debuts During Lizard Queen Demo

The Day is Dull Artwork By Joe Evin

Joe Evin of the band Atrocifer teases clip of “The Day is Dull.” from the up- coming EP Devour The Yellow Heart while demoing the Lizard Queen guitar pedal. Here’s what he had to say about it.

Here is my unconventional demo of the lizard queen! Here I am showcasing how I used the Lizard Queen in my signal chain for my upcoming release “The Day Is Dull” which drops June 2nd!

Thank you to the JHS Pedals crew, Daniel Danger, and Mike Matthews of EHX for creating such an awesome concept and bringing it to life!

Purchase The Lizard Queen Here:


Recorded by Joe Evin at MT Minds Recording Studio in Palm Beach, Florida

Atrocifer is a progressive rock solo act out of West Palm Beach, Florida. All music for Devour The Yellow Heart was written and recorded by Joe Evin. ‘The Day is Dull’ will debut June 2nd.