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Billy Morrison & Ozzy Osbourne: A Dynamic Collaboration for ‘Crack Cocaine’

Image: Crack Cocaine – musicvideo [YouTube]

Billy Idol guitarist Billy Morrison unveiled ‘Crack Cocaine’, the latest single from his upcoming third solo album, ‘The Morrison Project’. For this track, Morrison teamed up with none other than the Black Sabbath icon Ozzy Osbourne.

Last Friday, Billy Idol guitarist Billy Morrison unveiled ‘Crack Cocaine’, the latest single from his upcoming third solo album, ‘The Morrison Project’. For this track, Morrison teamed up with none other than the Black Sabbath icon Ozzy Osbourne.

Contrary to what the provocative title might suggest, the song has nothing to do with crack or cocaine, but is entirely about how certain relationships can also feel like an addiction, as Morrison explained to Metal Hammer UK.

‘Crack Cocaine’ impresses with strong riffs, dynamic melodies, and a dark theme, complemented by Ozzy’s iconic vocals, delivering the classic Ozzy sound we all know and love.

Watch the music video for “Crack Cocaine” here:


“Fingers of Fury: The Eccentric Evolution of Ozzy’s Guitar Heroes”

Getty Images

Written By Sebastian Melmoth

From Rhoads to Wylde, a story of Ozzy’s leading men. A riotous romp through guitarist lore and six string shenanigans. The legendary tale of Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarists unfold like a rock ‘n’ roll rollercoaster ride through the archives of heavy metal history through frets and fables.

Enter the realm of rock and roll royalty, where the enigmatic figure of Ozzy Osbourne reigns supreme. With a very distinctive sound of double vocal heard ’round the globe, Osbourne has unleashed over 100 million records upon eager ears, leaving a trail of metal mayhem in his wake, both solo and as the wild frontman of Black Sabbath.

But rewind the tape to the swinging ’60s, where our story begins. In a dark and smoky club, a young Osbourne takes the stage, belting out tunes with Rare Breed alongside the bass wizard Geezer Butler. Though their time together was short-lived, fate had other plans. In a cosmic twist of destiny, Osbourne, Butler, and a couple of other musical misfits unite to form the legendary Black Sabbath in 1969, with Tony Iommi’s downtuned riffs and Bill Ward’s thunderous beats completing the lineup.

And thus, the saga of heavy metal’s pioneers is born. With Sabbath’s earth-shattering sound, they lay the foundation for a genre that would shake the very foundations of music itself, forever enshrining their place in rock history.

In 1979, Sharon Osbourne bravely donned her managerial cape and took on the Herculean task of wrangling the wild force that is Ozzy. Little did she know, she was about to embark on a ride through the tumultuous world of rock ‘n’ roll.

Fast forward a decade, and things take a turn for the chaotic. Ozzy finds himself booted unceremoniously from thy sacred halls of Black Sabbath, courtesy of his old pals and their concerns about his affinity for, shall we say, recreational substances. But fear not, for where there’s a will, there’s Sharon. In a tale fit for a rock opera, she swoops in like a guardian angel, rescuing Ozzy from the clutches of his hideaway, where he’d been living it up for a solid three months.

Not content with just being a savior, Sharon adorns her manager cap and takes the reins of Ozzy’s career. Oh, what a tangled web of rock ‘n’ roll drama!

Ozzy Osbourne is fresh off the Black Sabbath carousel with Tony Iommi, who’s guitar infused soulful, blues-solos with ominous, minor-key riffing essence of rock ‘n’ roll decides he needs a new axe-slinger. So, he rings up some guitar gods like Gary Moore and George Lynch, but it’s like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Then enters Randy Rhoads, the maestro of metal, who alongside Ozzy, cooks up a storm of pop infused rock and roll darkness with a side of neoclassical fireworks!

Randy Rhoads (1979-1982) Randy Rhoads and Ozzy Osbourne’s fates were sealed together, their partnership forever etched in rock history. In a whirlwind of creativity, Rhoads, a guitar virtuoso of petite stature but monumental talent, catapulted Osbourne from the shadows of ’70s rock into the blazing spotlight of ’80s heavy metal. With a fusion of infectious melodies and breathtaking neoclassical prowess showcased in albums like Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman, Rhoads emerged as a formidable force, solidifying his place as one of the era’s most influential guitarists.

Tragedy strikes when Rhoads was killed in a plane crash on March 19, 1982, at the age of 25 leaving Ozzy in a state of deep mourning as the duo had develop a close friendship. The singer paused his Diary of a Madman tour for two weeks following Rhoads’ death. Ozzy then began searching for a replacement.

The trek resumed on April 1 1982 with former Gillan guitarist Bernie Torme and he takes a stab at it. Bernie had to learn Osbourne and Black Sabbath material with only a week’s notice. After other big name players like Gary Moore and (allegedly) Michael Schenker turned down the gig Torme couldn’t fill Rhoads’ shoes. It wasnt really happening. Let’s just say it’s like asking a cat to bark. Then Night Ranger guitarist Brad Gillis (1982) steps in to complete the Diary of a Madman tour. In an interview with Guitar World in 2021, Gillis called his first night of the tour a “horrendous experience.” He said Osbourne didn’t even show up to soundcheck, and the guitarist botched part of “Revelation (Mother Earth),” which earned him a solemn pep talk from Osbourne’s wife and manager, Sharon but not before getting a stern warning: “Don’t fuck this up, Bradley!”

Enter Jake E. Lee, (1982-1987) the man with the plan and the licks to match previously from Rough Cutt and Ratt. With him, Ozzy finds his mojo again, churning out hits like “Bark at the Moon” and “The Ultimate Sin.” But hold onto your hats, folks, because here comes hurricane Zakk Wylde (1987-1992, 1995, 1998, 2001-2009, 2017-present) the wild man with a guitar and a heart of gold. He sticks around longer than a bad habit.

A flood of hopeful guitarists bombarded Ozzy with audition tapes, each vying to fill Jake E. Lee’s shoes. Yet, fate intervened when Ozzy blindly plucked a tape from his bag, sealing the deal with Zakk Wylde in one fell swoop. Wylde’s baptism by fire came at Wormwood Scrubs Prison, where he belted out his first chords for Osbourne, a mere 20 years young.

Since that momentous debut, Wylde has embarked on three significant tours with Osbourne, sprinkled with session gigs and spontaneous performances, earning him the title of Ozzy’s most enduring guitarist and side kick. His unmistakable, wah-drenched solos reverberate through the halls of albums like “No Rest for the Wicked,” “No More Tears,” and “Black Rain,” showcasing his virtuosity across decades of musical evolution.

Reflecting on their bond, Wylde mused to Metal Hammer in 2022, revealing a relationship that transcends mere music. “I’m Ozzy’s right-hand man,” he declared proudly. “Whether it’s tuning guitars, fetching groceries or feeding the dogs while they are out of town, I’m there. “Need milk? Consider it done.”

Then there’s former David Lee Roth guitarist Joe Holmes (1995-2001) who steps in during Ozzy’s retirement hiatus, bringing a touch of Rhoads’ spirit back to the stage. He worked with Ozzy during Ozzmosis and the aptly titled Retirement Sucks Tour. Although Wylde played on Ozzmosis, an informal Guns N’ Roses audition kept him from touring. Interesting enough, Joe Holmes took guitar lessons from Randy Rhoads as a teenager. Holmes left Osbourne’s band in 2001 during the sessions for Down to Earth, for which he co-wrote three songs: “That I Never Had,” “Junkie” and “Can You Hear Them?” You can listen to his playing on the 1996 Beavis and Butt-Head Do America track “Walk on Water,” as well as a live version of “Perry Mason” that first appeared on the 1997 Ozzfest Live compilation.

And let’s not forget Jerry Cantrell (2004-2005) who joins the fray for a hot minute, adding some grunge flavor to the mix before heading back to his Chains. Cantrell played on two solo albums along side Wylde, (2001’s Down to Earth and 2007’s Black Rain), Osbourne released the 2005 covers LP Under Cover, the bulk of which previously appeared on the Prince of Darkness box set released earlier that year. Despite this all star studded band including Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell, Faith No More drummer Mike Bordin and the Cult bassist Chris Wyse the album didnt do very well and received lukewarm reviews.

But wait, there’s more! Gus G (2009-2017) takes the reins for a while, proving he’s got the chops to keep up with the the godfather of heavy metal. Osbourne announced he was parting ways with Wylde in 2009, telling Classic Rock that he “felt like his stuff was beginning to sound like Black Label Society.” The maestro rose to the challenge of stepping into Wylde’s shoes, delivering a feast of robust riffs and lightning-speed solos on 2010’s “Scream.” His scorching fretwork, particularly on the lead single “Let Me Hear You Scream,” captivated audiences with its raw intensity. G continued to grace Osbourne’s stage until 2017, when the singer revealed Wylde’s triumphant return yet again.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier, along comes Andrew Watt (2020-2022) and his band of merry men, including Slash, Tom Morello, and Eric Clapton, turning Ozzy’s sound into an auditory smorgasbord!

In a bold move, Osbourne decided to shake things up for his 2020 release, “Ordinary Man,” joining forces with the dynamic producer and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Watt. Known for his diverse portfolio spanning from Justin Bieber to Miley Cyrus and Post Malone, Watt brought a fresh perspective to the table. Not content with just producing, Watt also lent his skills on the guitar for the majority of the album, infusing it with his signature sound. He also dialed up some heavy hitters like Slash and Tom Morello, who jumped at the chance to contribute their magic to the mix.

Fast forward to 2022, and Osbourne’s musical adventure continues with “Patient Number 9,” once again under the guidance of Watt’s production. This time, the roster of talent reaches even greater heights, boasting legends like Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton alongside the return of Zakk Wylde. But the pièce de résistance? A groundbreaking collaboration with none other than Osbourne’s old mate, Tony Iommi, marking a historic moment in the Ozzy’s solo career.

So there you have it, folks, a brief albeit epic tale of Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarists – a journey filled with highs, lows, and enough rock ‘n’ roll antics to make even Keith Richards blush!


POWERWOLF Honors OZZY OSBOURNE’s 75th Birthday by Covering Legendary Hit “Bark At The Moon”!

Photo Credit: Matteo vDiva Fabbiani

Attila Dorn – vocals
Falk Maria Schlegel – organ
Charles Greywolf – guitar
Matthew Greywolf – guitar
Roel van Helden – drums

POWERWOLF Honors OZZY OSBOURNE’s 75th Birthday by Covering Legendary Hit “Bark At The Moon”

Watch the Official Lyric Video HERE

Get Your Tickets to POWERWOLF’s Biggest Tour Ever, the Wolfsnächte 2024 Tour, Now!

Yesterday, December 3, POWERWOLF honored the 75th birthday of the Prince of Darkness himself, the legendary Ozzy Osbourne, by releasing a cover of one of the Black Sabbath vocalist’s most famous solo tracks, “Bark At The Moon”! The title track of Ozzy’s celebrated 1983 album, Bark At The Moon, is an immortal classic, and the wolves’ cover of the song is performed in true POWERWOLF style while fully respecting the original version. The cover arrives with an accompanying official lyric video.

Watch the Official Lyric Video for “Bark At The Moon” HERE:

POWERWOLF are undoubtedly one of the most celebrated and successful heavy metal bands of the last decade. Multiple #1 album chart entries, gold and platinum records, huge sold-out arena shows, as well as headline slots at the biggest festivals have paved their way. In less than 20 years of band history, POWERWOLF has made it to the very highest league of heavy metal.

POWERWOLF has conquered countless stages at the world’s biggest summer festivals, and their last Wolfsnächte headline tours (2019, 2022), as well as their highly anticipated North American debut in early 2023, were almost completely sold out – resulting in a massive triumph. They have performed headlining sets at Wacken and Summer Breeze, as well as held premium slots at genre festival giants such as Hellfest, Graspop, Masters of Rock and many more, captivating enormous audiences. No other German metal band has been able to write a success story even remotely comparable in recent years!

POWERWOLF Wolfsnächte 2024:
w/ HammerFall, Wind Rose
04.10.24 DE – Hamburg / Barclays Arena
05.10.24 NL – Amsterdam / AFAS Live
06.10.24 BE – Antwerp / Lotto Arena
10.10.24 LU – Esch Sur Alzette / Rockhal
11.10.24 DE – Stuttgart / Schleyerhalle
12.10.24 DE – Frankfurt / Festhalle
14.10.24 IT – Milan / Alcatraz
16.10.24 CH – Zürich / The Hall
17.10.24 FR – Paris / Zenith
18.10.24 DE – Oberhausen / Rudolf Weber Arena
19.10.24 DE – Berlin / Velodrom
21.10.24 PL – Krakow / Tauron Arena
22.10.24 HU – Budapest / MVM Dome
23.10.24 AT – Vienna / Gasometer
25.10.24 DE – Munich / Olympiahalle
26.10.24 CZ – Prague / Sportovni Hala Fortuna

Tickets are now on sale via all known ticket agencies.

POWERWOLF is a name that instantly brings tears of joy to the eyes of metal fans worldwide. The story of the frontrunners of today’s German metal scene, which began in 2004, only knows one direction: ever upwards! It may seem like something out of a fairytale, but it is the result of embodying the highest quality in the heavy metal universe. Outstanding album productions, bombastic live shows and the tireless drive for perfection on and behind the stage as well as the perfect integration of new developments are representative of this exceptional band.

POWERWOLF boast a remarkable collection of Gold and Platinum awards, with many of their albums – including a live streaming event – landing at the top of the Official German album charts, where they remained in the top 100 for months. In 2018, they achieved Gold status in the Czech Republic for the first time with their album Blessed & Possessed, while both its direct predecessors, Preachers Of The Night (2013) and the subsequent masterpiece The Sacrament Of Sin (2018), as well as the groundbreaking streaming event The Monumental Mass: A Cinematic Metal Event (2022), entered the Official German Album Charts at #1. In addition, the thrilling DVD, The Metal Mass (2016), secured the #1 spot on the German DVD charts, as well as #4 on the album charts. The new studio album, Call Of The Wild, entered the album charts at #2 and remained there for 17 (!) weeks, while the hit single “Dancing With The Dead” added another entry to their collection of Platinum records. The Best Of album, Best Of The Blessed (2020), also successfully entered the German charts at #2, while the special album, Interludium, reached #3.

Over the course of their career, the band has not only fascinated metal fans, but has also won over international press and critics. Countless cover stories in the most important magazines, critics’ awards such as the Metal Hammer Award, and effusive album and concert reviews underpin POWERWOLF‘s outstanding international status.

With the current studio album, Call Of The Wild, the special album, Interludium, and the upcoming Wolfsnächte Tour 2024 with support from HammerFall and Wind Rose, as well as a new studio album in 2024, it is clear that the metal world continues to be under the spell of the Wolfpack. POWERWOLF‘s holy mass in the name of heavy metal is unstoppable!


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Unreleased OZZFEST Documentary ‘We Sold Our Souls For Rock ‘N’ Roll’ To Be Screened In Los Angeles

Penelope Spheeris‘s unreleased Ozzfestdocumentary “We Sold Our Souls For Rock ‘N’ Roll” will be screened at the David Geffen Theater in Los Angeles, California on Friday, August 18 at 7:30 p.m. PT.

The 90-minute film, which was shot in the late 1990s, includes interviews and live footage with SLIPKNOT, STATIC-X and SYSTEM OF A DOWN, along with plenty of backstage action. The is also a lot of focus on BLACK SABBATH as Ozzfest1999 was billed as the band’s final-ever performance in the United States.

Tickets for the screening are available for purchase at

“We Sold Our Souls For Rock ‘N’ Roll” was screened at a number of film festivals more than 20 years ago but has never seen wide release after being held up in what has been reported as “music copyright issues.”

Back in 2008, Sharon Osbourne commented on the status of “We Sold Our Souls For Rock ‘N’ Roll” in response to an article that was posted on Todd Martens“Extended Play” blog on the Los Angeles Times web site. At the time, she wrote in an e-mail: “We would love for ‘We Sold Our Souls for Rock ‘n’ Roll’ to eventually be released. We didn’t invest over a million dollars in the movie to keep it locked away. In reality, we were unable to secure the necessary music licensing and talent releases from all of the bands that participated in the documentary. We needed a substantial amount of money to secure these releases so as a business proposition it just didn’t make sense to pour even more money into the project. We all tried to find an independent backer to come in, but were unable to find anyone.

“As far as not allowing Penelope Spheeris to show the documentary at film festivals, please see below the list of festivals where I know that the film was shown (and there may have been more).

* Sundance Film Festival (2001)
* SXSW Film Festival (2001)
* Melbourne International Film Festival(2001)
* Sydney Film Festival (2001)
* Singapore International Film Festival(2001)
* Silver Lake Film Festival (2001)
* Chicago Underground Film Festival(2001)
* San Francisco Independent Film Festival (2002)
* Boston Underground Film Festival(2002)

“I also arranged for two industry screenings in Los Angeles and London that I totally financed at great expense in an attempt to find a distributor for the film.

“Tell me, what sense does it make for us to invest one million dollars in a film to let it sit? I truly wish that Penelope had found us an independent backer so we could have finished the project. Let her find us a backer to complete the project and we’ll do it.”

When it was first screened in 2001, “We Sold Our Souls For Rock ‘N’ Roll” won “Most Popular Documentary” at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

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Ozzy Osbourne Cancels Power Trip, Shares Health Update

Ozzy Osbourne signs copies of his album ‘Patient Number 9’ at Fingerprints Music on September 10, 2022 in Long Beach, California. (CREDIT: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

The “Ozzman” was set to perform in Indio, California this October alongside headliners Metallica, AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses. He later shared that he wasn’t ready to perform due to health issues.

“Unfortunately, my body is telling me that I’m just not ready yet and I am much too proud to have the first show that I do in nearly five years be half-assed,” Osbourne wrote in the statement.

Speaking to his co-host, Billy Morrison, on SiriusXM’s Ozzy Speaks, Osbourne shared that he had recently had a blood clot filter removed from one of his arteries.

“When I had the blood clots in my legs, they put a filter in your artery to stop the blood clots going to your heart and your brain,” Osbourne shared. “It sounds worse than it is.”

He continued: “So, on Monday, I went to have it removed. The blood clots have jammed you all up. It’s just disappointment after disappointment. Just get this thing fucking done so I can go get on with my life.”

Osbourne also reflected on his struggle over his ability to produce a vein for medical procedures, adding: “So, they put a thing down there in my neck, straight down to my groin, Yeah, but they can’t even find a vein on me.”

Judas Priest are now scheduled to take Osbourne’s place at Power Trip on Saturday, October 7.

He had announced his retirement from touring on February 1, calling off his European and UK tour dates in the process. His retirement announcement came following a fall at his Los Angeles home which required neck surgery.

“I’m absolutely blown away,” said the Black Sabbath frontman, who performed at the closing ceremony (via BBC). “Thank you for all your votes. And Birmingham forever,” he added.

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Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC and Iron Maiden Rumored To Headline This Year’s POWER TRIP Festival

AC/DCMETALLICAIRON MAIDEN and OZZY OSBOURNEare the rumored headliners for the 2023 edition of the Power Trip festival. Also expected to appear at the event is TOOL.

According to The Scenestar, the Goldenvoice-produced three-day festival will take place Friday, October 6 to Sunday, October 8 at the Empire Polo Club In Indio, California and will “feature legendary rock heavy performers from the 1970s and 1980s.”

The full festival lineup and further details will be officially revealed on Thursday, March 30, at 7 a.m.

Earlier today, AC/DCMETALLICAIRON MAIDENOZZY OSBOURNE and TOOL all shared a similar teaser videos for this week’s announcement, with the logos of the five bands featured in each respective clip.

METALLICA previously performed at the Empire Polo Grounds in 2011 as part of the West Coast installment of the “Big Four” event, also featuring ANTHRAX, MEGADETH and SLAYER.

The similarly named Desert Tripfestival was held in 2016 and featured performances by THE ROLLING STONESBob DylanPaul McCartneyNeil YoungRoger Waters and THE WHO. That event was reportedly the single most lucrative music festival in American history, having grossed $160 million.

Passes for this year’s Power Trip will go on sale next week.

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It would seem that despite his best efforts through numerous surgeries, treatments and rehab, the crippling injuries sustained from an accident Ozzy was in four years ago has proven to take a great toll on his health and recovery. The rocker can no longer tour extensively as he’s rendered too physically weak.

The legendary Black Sabbath frontman, now 74, can no longer do the miles, though his singing voice is “fine.”

“This is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to share with my loyal fans,” he writes on social media. “As you may all know, four years ago, this month, I had a major accident, where I damaged my spine.”

After three operations, stem cell surgeries, cutting-edge procedures and grueling therapy sessions, Ozzy admits he’s “not physically capable” of completing his upcoming European/U.K. tour dates, “as I know I couldn’t deal with the travel required.

“Never would I have imagined that my touring days would have ended this way. My team is currently coming up with ideas for where I will be able to perform without having to travel from city to city and country to country.”

With his concession, Ozzy calls time on his No More Tours 2 final tour of the U.K. and Europe, which had been pushed back due to his health issues and COVID.

Though it’s the end of the road for the legendary British rocker, he hasn’t ruled out performing, so long as travel isn’t required.

“My team is currently coming up with ideas for where I will be able to perform without having to travel from city to city and country to country.

His injury dates back to 2019, when the singer, who is also battling Parkinson’s disease, had surgery to repair an older injury he sustained during a 2003 ATV accident. A fall at home in 2019 complicated matters by dislodging metal rods surgically implanted in Ozzy’s body after the ATV accident, resulting in 15 screws being placed in his back.

Last year, he went under the knife for a vitally important procedure that wife/manager Sharon Osbourne said could determine his future.

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This year’s Ozzfest will be a virtual event. Ozzy Osbourne will be headlining and legendary punk-metal band MOTÖRHEAD who’ve been absent since frontman Lemmy Kilmister died back in 2015, will be performing.

After announcing last month that the once-annual event will be returning at the Metaverse Music Festival in the Decentraland virtual world from November 10th-13th, the lineup has now been formally revealed. Ozzfest 2022 will have sets by Megadeth, Black Label Society, Skid Row, and Britof.

Decentraland, the world’s largest user-owned and operated virtual social world, has announced the sophomore edition of Metaverse Music Festival(MVMF),including confirmed talent, new types of metaverse experiences, and more. This year, MVMF returns bigger and bolder from November 10-13 with 100 confirmed artists (more to come) across uniquely curated community genre stages, and with newly-created, Web3-enabled, immersive music experiences. Presented by digital asset platform Kraken, MVMF is free for all to attend, no VR, ticket or headset required.


Ozzy Osbourne, NOTHING FEELS RIGHT Featuring Zakk Wylde

Ozzy Osbourne has released the third installment, “Nothing Feels Right”, from his new album Patient Number 9 which will arrive this Friday, September 9 and features his longtime guitarist Zakk Wylde.

Its a soulful ballad thats reminiscent of 80’s Ozzy meets Black Sabbath. The song is somber poetry of deep inner vision. It speaks volume’s of what Ozzy has been living with the past few years written in cryptic lyrics.

Ozzy has since undergone major surgery and is in hight spirits and is doing quite well. He and his wife Sharon are moving back to the UK and will begin production on a new BBC reality show Home To Roost. Ozzy will also be performing at halftime of the Los Angeles Rams season opener on Thursday, September 8 at SoFi Stadium. The performance comes on the eve of the release of Osbourne’s new PATIENT NUMBER 9 album out September 9 on Epic.

Ozzy will be at a special in-store appearance and signing at Fingerprints Music in Long Beach, California on Saturday, September 10, the day after the LP’s release. Attendees will need to pre-order a copy of “Patient Number 9” to attend the event as Ozzy will only be signing copies of the new album. In order to sign as many copies as possible, the new album will be the only item signed. Masks will be required for all attendees and no photos with Ozzy will be permitted. Click here to reserve your copy.

Lyrics For Nothing Feels Right

Count the seconds, catch my breath
Feelings come and go again
Count my blessings, hope they hear me too, too
Trapped inside this spider web
Scared of life and scared of death
Trapped inside these walls I built of doom, doomWon’t you let me, won’t you let me through? (Ah-ah-ah-ah)
Don’t regret me even when I doI’ve been calling out for someone
Mouth around the gun
Nothing feels right
Nothing feels right
All the pain gets trapped in my lungs
Drowning in my blood
Nothing feels right
Nothing feels right

01. “Patient Number 9” (feat. Jeff Beck)
02. “Immortal” (feat. Mike McCready)
03. “Parasite” (feat. Zakk Wylde)
04. “No Escape From Now” (feat. Tony Iommi)
05. “One Of Those Days” (feat. Eric Clapton)
06. “A Thousand Shades” (feat. Jeff Beck)
07. “Mr. Darkness” (feat. Zakk Wylde)
08. “Nothing Feels Right” (feat. Zakk Wylde)
09. “Evil Shuffle” (feat. Zakk Wylde)
10. “Degradation Rules” (feat. Tony Iommi)
11. “Dead And Gone”
12. “God Only Knows”
13. “Darkside Blues”

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Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne Return To Reality

Kelly Osbourne, Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon OsbourneJON KOPALOFF/GETTY IMAGES

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne will be in their own UK reality show, “Coming Home To Roost’ 20 years after they and their family left the U.K. for Hollywood. They will produce ten half-hour episodes for BBC. The show will document Ozzy and Sharon’s journey home alongside Kelly and Jack’s efforts to support them, as the couple attempt to re-start their lives in rural Buckinghamshire.

The series will take in Sharon’s 70th birthday, Kelly’s soon-to-be-born baby, Ozzy’s tour and the move back to Britain, according to the producers.

“I’m delighted that the Osbournes will be sharing this next chapter in their lives with BBC viewers in what promises to be a funny, moving and honest insight into their new life in the U.K.,” Clare Sillery, head of commissioning, documentaries, said in a statement. 

The original MTV reality series “The Osbournes “ with rocker Ozzy and his wife/manager and their children — helped to launch the Hollywood careers of Sharon, Jack and Kelly.


British Politicians Urge The Queen To Honour Black Sabbath for Their Services To Metal

Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi played together for the first time since 2017, at the Alexander Stadium

A group of Birmingham MPs are calling for Black Sabbath to be honoured for their services to music.

They have written to the Queen asking for her “immediate attention.”

Black Sabbath was formed in 1968 by vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, guitarist Tony Iommi, drummer Bill Ward and bassist Geezer Butler.

The singer and lead guitarist made a surprise appearance together at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony. Iommi and Osbourne performed their classic hit Paranoid, for the first time together since 2017.

An honorary bench sits on Black Sabbath Bridge over the canal in Broad Street, Birmingham

Signatories to the letter from the cross-bench group of MPs also include the Labour leader of Birmingham City Council, Ian Ward, and deputy leader Brigid Jones.

Khalid Mahmood, Labour MP for Birmingham Perry Barr, has also started a petition calling for the band to be recognised for their services to music and the city of Birmingham.


Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi Reunite on ‘Degradation Rules’

Two of Black Sabbath’s alumni, Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi — have reunited for “Degradation Rules.” The track features Iommi’s signature doom riffs while the Prince of Darkness sings about “asphyxiation, masturbation, degradation rules” and even plays a little harmonica. The track will appear on the upcoming album, Patient Number 9, due Sept. 9. The LP’s title track, featuring a guest appearance by legendary guitarist Jeff Beck, was made available last month. Artist and comic book creator Todd McFarlane directed the music video for the song.

Track Listing:

01. Patient Number 9 (feat. Jeff Beck)
02. Immortal (feat. Mike McCready)
03. Parasite (feat. Zakk Wylde)
04. No Escape From Now (feat. Tony Iommi)
05. One Of Those Days (feat. Eric Clapton)
06. A Thousand Shades (feat. Jeff Beck)
07. Mr. Darkness (feat. Zakk Wylde)
08. Nothing Feels Right (feat. Zakk Wylde)
09. Evil Shuffle (feat. Zakk Wylde)
10. Degradation Rules (feat. Tony Iommi)
11. Dead And Gone
12. God Only Knows
13. Darkside Blues

“The song is about a mental institution,” Ozzy said in an interview with Sirius XM. In the track, Osbourne sings: “When they call your name, better run and hide / Tell you you’re insane, you believe their lies / I’m not getting out, no I’m not getting out alive / I’m not getting out, ’cause I’m patient number 9.”

Regarding Beck‘s contribution to the song, Ozzy said: “Having someone like Jeff Beck play on my album is just incredible, a total honor. There’s no other guitar player that plays like him and his solo on ‘Patient Number 9’ is just jaw-dropping.”

As for his renewed collaboration with Iommi, Ozzy said: “It was really great working with Tony. He’s the riff master. No one can touch him in that respect. I only wish we had these songs for BLACK SABBATH‘s ’13’ album.”